Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jill Valentine Jill had made her way from Jack's Bar at a drunken pace to the motel which happened to be conveniently located near the center of the city as well. Who needed a car when Raccoon City had been built so conveniently.
    Was that part of it all? Her thoughts began to wander towards the conspiracy that was afoot in Raccoon City. The formerly idyllic city becoming a living nightmare for the young woman as she watched friends disappear and things beyond her scope come to light.
    Jill knocked on the door loudly to Daryl's room while calling out loudly.
Daryl Dixon Daryl had been picking up work at a repair yard not far away. He'd been catching a ride with some of the other guys to and from and they were good enough people that he didn't mind being around them. Hang around in one spot long enough and you're bound to meet a few people you can associate with that don't make you ill.

Arriving back at the motel lot, Daryl grabbed his jacket and hopped out of the back of the truck. The truck idled and one of the guys was hanging partway out the passenger window and he nodded toward Daryl's motel room door. "They're just clawin' to get at you, ain't they, Dix?" He gave Daryl a big toothy grin and spit out some chewing tabacco.

Daryl was putting his jacket on, when he heard that comment and looked over to see Jill there, slamming on his door. Daryl muttered something and then looked back to the truck and he tossed the guy a wrench he'd had in his jacket. "Get outta here, ya degenerate." Daryl said back at him.

With a bout of laughter coming out of the truck, the vehicle pulled away and went on down the road... Daryl, walked toward his motel room. "Hey." He said, standing behind Jill now a few feet away.
Jill Valentine Jill had continued to bang on the door, in the midst of slamming her fist on it again without noticing the ruckus she was causing even as Daryl was on his way over. Wrapping one arm around her chest she shivered beginning to question her choice of attire for the night.

She nearly jumped when Daryl appeared a few feet behind her so casually, "Holy shit! Don't sneak up on people like that, you nearly gave me a heart attack." Looking around nervously, especially after the tossed wrench she asked, "Can we go inside? It's freezing out here."
Daryl Dixon Daryl huffed out a small snort of a laugh at her reaction to him appearing behind her. He eyed her attire over now that she was a lot closer and he shook his head. "How the hell did you end up here dressed up like that?" He asked her, looking around and not seeing any kind of yuppie sports car or nothing like he'd expect Jill to own/operate.

He stepped past her, carrying his work gear in his left arm and hand, then went to unlock the door with his right. A moment later and he showed it open and stepped back, allowing her to go inside.
Jill Valentine Jill didn't even own a car, it saved her money and considering how efficient Raccoon City had been laid out, it suited her just fine. She was also environmentally conscious, far more then she would ever let anyone know which made the events in Raccoon City right now all the more disturbing.

"I was at the bar, getting drunk, like you're supposed to when everything's gone to shit." At least she wasn't an entirely sloppy drunk and aside from needing to lean on the doorframe before being able to walk in she seemed mostly? Okay.

"But I could ask you the same thing!" She didn't though, she just walked in and collapsed on the bed, staring up at the ceiling before asking, "Have you ever checked to see if this place is bugged?" Drunk and paranoid crazy. Every man's dream.
Daryl Dixon Daryl walked into the room after her and he shut the door with his work boot that was caked in dried up mud. He walked over to the small table and psuhed some of the trash off of it onto the floor while sliding his toolcase and spare flannel shirt onto the table instead. "Whats gone to shit?" He asked her in a gruff disbelieving voice.

He turned around then, righted himself up and pulled his jacket off then draped it back over the chair and sat down to start to remove his boots, right one first. His eyes looked up then and he glanced around the room after she asked the drunken paranoid question. "Poor sonovabitch that has to listen to that bug has a worse job than me. Thats for sure." He quietly said back to the party girl, tugging his shoe off and setting it under the table before going after the other one.
Jill Valentine "The whole city." Jill closed her eyes as she spoke, gulping down something unpleasant, "When you went into the mountains with us, I found a mission log from the Umbrella Corporation.. when you were whacking off to that high-tech gun."

Rolling over on to her side she pulled her legs up to her stomach, "It was all like my friend Chris said. They're doing experiments out here, not just on animals but people to."

She paused for a moment, adding to the crazy, "They probably caused this warm weather with the government or something to make it easier to keep us in with the floods." Entirely untrue but paranoia was a bitch.
Daryl Dixon Daryl pulled his other boot off and then leaned back in his chair as he stared at her while she said all of this. He didn't seem to know what to think as he was quiet for several seconds afterward. "Sounds like a bunch of horseshit." He said then as he stood up and padded his way across the room toward the bathroom door where he went inside and closed it, save for a small crack of space.

"Governments don't do that kinda shit." He said from inside the bathroom, the sound of the shower turning on. "Not in reality they don't. Thats just the kinda shit you see on the tv, drummin' up ratings for shit tv shows."
Jill Valentine "It's not horseshit. I saw it in the book, not the weather stuff but the rest. Don't tell me you haven't seen anything strange?" Jill called out to the man heading into the bathroom. The sound of the shower she realized would probably drown her out a bit so she didn't call out further.

Instead she kept rocking back and forth on the bed until she realized she really had to throw up.

Daryl was in the bathroom though. Rather than puking immediately she did her best to hold it back, considering throwing up on the bed or making a run for the bathroom.
Daryl Dixon Daryl was only in the shower long enough to wash off and clean up some. Just about five minutes or so and he was out and the water was shut off. "Well if thats true, then I'm even more eager to get the fuck outta here." He said, rummaging around some in the bathroom until the door flung open and he walked out in a pair of track pants and a tshirt he'd gotten at Walmart.

"You got proof'a this?" He asked her. "Why ain't ya goin to the news then? Get some people in here to take care of---" He glared at her. "Are you about to puke on my bed?!" He said, stepping forward to whack her on the thigh. "Bathroom!" He shouted at her and pointed back at the open door.
Jill Valentine Jill didn't reply to Daryl immediately but she was scrambling off of the bed at the instructions given to her, the decision having been made. She wouldn't be seeing the scruffy redneck naked today, probably for the best!

Moving like a cheetah she bolted for the now open bathroom door, not closing it behind her as she began to vomit loudly, audibly and completely unattractively.

Most of it wasn't even hitting the toilet. It wasn't just alcohol either, it was onion rings, fries, and a burger plus the peanut butter and jilly sammich she had earlier.
Daryl Dixon Daryl watched her run toward the restroom and he shook his hiead. "Jesus, christ." He muttered under his breath, eyeballing his bed to make sure it was still clean he rolled himself onto it and then kicked his feet up.

When she started hacking up a lung he picked up his tv remote and flicked it on to the Wheel of Fortune. "Nasty." He said aloud, hearing her go. "Better clean up in there when you're done." And he lifted the tv remote up and laid his finger down on the Volume Up button. "God damn, police..." More muttering. Wheel of Fortune was now blaring loudly in the main room.
Jill Valentine Aside from the sounds of projectile vomiting and a long period of silence and Jill put toilet paper over everything there was not much of note going on in the bathroom. When she was done, she washed her face and stepped outside, CLOSING the door behind her, "You may not want to go back in there ever. It's a Biohazard."

Sitting back down on the bed, because it was the comfiest spot she looked at the spinning wheel of fortune before looking back away and looking towards Daryl intensely, "What do you think is going on here?"
Daryl Dixon "Thats what housekeeping is for." Daryl said to her when she re-emerged from the bathroom. He didn't look at her though due to a severe inborn level of disinterest in everyone. His eyes were on the tv and infact, he may not have even been fully awake until she sat down and he looked over at her and lifted a hand up to rub it over his face and forehead. "I think there's a drunk woman in my motel room, who just puked all over the floor and not in the shitter." IT seemed he was being a bit literal about her question.

He flipped the channel then past some cartoons and then landed on local news, waiting to see whatever the a-hole anchors were shoveling at the public now.
Jill Valentine Jill wrapped her arms around her chest, still shivering a bit as she glared laser beams at Daryl, "Oh, good observation Mister Holmes. I meant what you think is happening in the city? I don't know what little backwater part of the woods you're from but is this shit normal where you come from?" There was a fire in her eyes as she started to not only get riled up but mildly insulting.
Daryl Dixon "Atlanta." Daryl replied to her in-short, glancing over at her. "Just outside of. And now, this ain't normal." His eyes went back to the tv. "Nothin' about this damn city has been normal since I came over the mountains. I regret comin' here at all, in fact, and I look forward to gettin the hell outta here."

He glanced back at her. "As should you. If what you say is going on... is, going on? Turn the info over to the press." He motioned the remote toward the local news tv reporter talking about kittens. "Give them somethin' worthwhile to talk about. Then get the hell outta here yourself."
Jill Valentine "I'm scared. I tried to send word to the FBI, but I don't want to go missing like Chris and the others." Jill had gone from sitting to lying down, resting her head on the pillow, "It's too late anyways. You should have never come to Raccoon City, you're right to regret it. I wish I had never come here either."

A tear began to roll down her cheek and she closed her eyes, head burying into the pillow.

It was likely Daryl had a guest for the night.
Daryl Dixon Daryl continue to watch the news while she talked, it might look like he wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying. But a few seconds after she closed her eyes he suddenly glanced at her, looked away and then took one of the blankets that he'd brought in out of his truck and tossed it over her.

"Yeah well..." He muttered with a sigh. "Nothing can be done about it now. Just gotta look out for ourselves, as is." He started to slouch some then on his own two pillows, but continued to stare at the tv. He generally prefered to sleep with the tv on, if there was one near by anyway.