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Bob It's a nice enough day to be out on deck, the weather not too bitterly cold and the sky mostly clear. There's some hustle and bustle aboard the ship's deck as sailors run around doing whatever boat things keep them busy. Bob is out there in his FBC fatigues, keeping an eye on things. Or maybe he's just trying to figure out what's going on. He certainly does not look like he's in his element as he leans against a rail, out of the way of most of the traffic as sailors hustle and bustle around him.
Vivienne Vivienne has returned to the Liberty and since she's restless she has decided to indulge in some physical training. She jogs along the deck, people watching while she moves, a grin on her face. She spots Bob and skids to a stop, watching him at the railing for a minute before she decides to approach. She walks up and gives him a light tap on the shoulder. "Hey, how you doing?"
Esa Esa had dug out a lawn chair and set it up near the command tower and out of traffic; facing out toward the ocean for now as the aircrafts were not drilling at this point of time. He wore a Hawaiian long sleeved shirt and khaki pants. Over the shirt he wore a heavier coat that laid open with sunglasses on. He watched the sea quietly until Vivienne and Bob came into view.
Bob Upon feeling someone touch him, Bob turns to look at Vivienne and cracks a smile, not moving from where he's got his lean on, "Yo. I'm chillin'." And a little further explanation, "Did some PT, showered and shaved, grabbed breakfast and now I'm waiting to be told what to do." Then a chin lift, "How about you?" Out of the corner of his eye he spots Esa beyond Vivienne and says, "I know that guy, I think. You know that guy?"
Vivienne Vivienne glances over her shoulder and her gaze lands on Esa, a grin curving her lips upward. "Yeah, I've met him a time or two, briefly." She says, her lips pursed as she considers his outfit. "That might be the guy I tripped over on one of my first days here." She glances back at Bob then. "I came back because occasionally it's probably a good idea for me to make an appearance, but I'll be heading back into Paris soon."
Esa Esa leaned over to grab his pina colada and stood up and made way toward the pair. Sipping on the drink, he smiles gently to Vivienne and Bob; saying "Hello you two... Wonderful weather isn't it?" He inquires calmly.
Bob "I like the city a lot, but I feel like I gotta be around here, too," Bob explains to her. "At least until I'm on everyone's radar and I know the training schedule." As Esa approaches Bob gives him a wave from his spot on the rail, "Yeah man. How's it going?" Moving as little as possible he points towards Esa's drink, "Does the Navy serve those? I couldn't find them in the chow hall."
Vivienne Vivienne glances between the pair, and she scratches at her nose. "We have a chow hall here?" She asks, her eyes lighting up. "What kind of food they serve there? I've been sneaking in food for a while now." She turns to Esa and she reaches out to poke his drink. "What the hell is this?"
Esa Glancing to his drink as Vivie pokes at it, Esa says "Pina Colada of my own making." Taking a long sip from his drink before shaking his shakes his head at Bob's inquiry "and Nope. I have a private stash hidden aboard the ship." He notes with a small smile. Looking to Vivienne "Not sure, honestly. Kind of done the same. Army fed us rations when we were in the field. Never had the pleasure to eat aboard a naval vessel yet." He notes calmly.
Bob "Yeah. It's below decks somewhere," Bob says with a gesture towards the rest of the ship. "There's signs for it and any of the sailors can tell you if you get turned around." He explains further, "For breakfast chow they've got eggs, bacon, toast. Usual stuff. Lunch and dinner vary every day, but I think I saw that today is soul food." When Esa mentions Army rations Bob grins at him, "You should try the chow here. It's a hell of a lot better than field chow and MREs. Almost makes me wish I'd been a squid." A brief pause. "Almost."
Vivienne "Yeah but the food in Paris.." Vivienne says softly, closing her eyes for a moment as she has a vivid daydream about a chocolate croissant. When she opens her eyes she pats her stomach and grins. "Bad for the figure, good for ..well just about everything else. I need to get more PT in or I'm gonna turn into a chubby little ball." She glances around the deck, notes the people walking around doing their jobs and her voice lowers a bit. "I wouldn't let anyone else know you're drinking a Pina Colada, or they're gonna try to yoink your stash when you're not in your bunk."
Esa Esa grins at bob slightly "We played 'swap the MRE' day just prior to departure into the field. Poor new grunts would end up with the Shitiest of meals." He chuckles softly on that before hmming. "I did not have a choice in the matter." He replies lightly "Otherwise, I would not have joined." He adds honestly and sucks down a bit more of the Pina colada. "Though, I must admit my time serving hasn't been dull." One of the non-coms casually walks by and spots Esa. Turning from Vivienne as she speaks, Esa pulls out a small, eight oz bottle of something in French, and palms it to the NCO before turning back around and putting something his jacket; a wry smirk on his face. Glancing to Bob "If you need anything from the mainland, let me know."
Bob "Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the local cuisine, but I'm still surprised by how good Navy food is," Bob says to Vivienne with a shrug. Esa's comment about swap the MRE has Bob chuckling, putting on a big grin. "I will, but I'm there as often as I can be, myself. Been enjoying the good wines, not that I can tell good from bad, and fancy desserts and stuff. It's the best place I've ever gotten stationed. Even better than Fort Sam."
Vivienne Vivienne eyes Esa and watches him pass off a drink, which causes her to roll her eyes and smirk. She folds her arms over her chest and says. "You two have obviously been around the block, I have no clue what to make of any of this." She gestures to the ship at large and shrugs. "First time on a big boat like this though, and I'm enjoying that when I'm aboard." She quirks an eyebrow and tries to look interested. "So uh, what should I expect if we have to move out for something?"
Esa Esa smiles at Vivienne as he says "Prior to this I was running operations across the globe that I can not talk about; so.. this is a luxury resort cruiser liner compare to what I've seen." He notes lightly before he leans against the railing. "As for expectations. Don't be up deck when they are running flight drills or operations. Shit gets loud and real fast. When we're sailing, verify with Watch to make sure it is safe to come on deck; if the waves are high, they could sweep you over board." Glancing to Bob, he hmms "Anything I miss?"
Bob "I haven't spent much time aboard ships, either, but it seems alright to me," Bob tells Vivienne. "If we have to move out?" He thinks for a second and then says, "Usually it's a lot of hustling real fast. You should just show up with everything on your packing list so you don't forget anything and don't get lost in the bustle." He presses his lips tightly together, "It's also a lot of 'hurry up and wait' going on, so be ready to sit on your ass and then find yourself running after the guy in front of you." He sticks a thumb out Esa's direction, "What he said goes, too. The ship stuff is mostly new to me, but I think that's the important crap."
Vivienne "I have my own orders at the moment, they keep me in Paris, so we'll see what happens." Vivienne says, glancing out at the water. She glances back at the men with a grin and folds her arms over her chest. "I guess we'll see what goes on. Right? Either of you met the boss yet?" She asks, her face settling into a mask of polite interest.
Esa Finishing the drink, Esa pouts and slow shakes his head "Nope." He replies calmly and sighs "And I do need to head back inside. People to visit, things to get.. A redhead to call." He note as he takes a step back. "Talk to you two later."
Bob "Haven't met him yet, unfortunately," Bob tells Vivienne with a shake of the head. Looking at Esa he gives the fellow a nod, "I'll catch you around. Good luck with that redhead." And a grin. Glancing back to Vivienne he says, "I still need to climb the Eiffel tower. I never get around to the touristy crap when I get somewhere so I'm going to try to knock it out now."
Vivienne "Visit the Notre Dame too, there are a few windows in there that are breathtaking." Vivienne says, but her face doesn't reflect her words. The frown on her face disappears as quickly as it was there and she shrugs a shoulder. "There is a lot to see, and you should get out there and take it in before we're shipped off."
Bob "Yeah?" Bob asks Vivienne curiously. "Anything I ought to know about it?" Because he's not completely imperceptive. And then he goes back to being his more jovial self, "Yeah. I got a tourist book to make sure I see all the good stuff. I'm trying to do a little of it every time I hit up the city to make sure I don't want to miss anything, you know?"
Vivienne "The North Rose Window, in the cathedral, it's beautiful." Vivienne says, smiling at Bob and nodding slowly. "You should make a point to step inside and see it if you can manage it." She gazes down at her watch and frowns. "I got so much to do, things to get together..people to talk to." She glances back up at Bob and grins slightly. "WHo else have you met since you've been here?"
Bob "I'll check it out. Not much into church, but I can't miss the architecture and all that crap, I guess," Bob grins, happy for some more advice on what to see. Then he shrugs his shoulders, "Not a whole lot of people, unfortunately. I'd like to meet more folks but I don't always know where to start, outside of whatever unit I'm in."
Vivienne "I'm not used to the whole unit thing." Vivienne says, folding her arms against a chill as the wind kicks up a bit. "I've always been more of a poking my nose in where it doesn't belong, and I've done that in Paris - for the most part. Had a lot of success with that." She lets her gaze settle on Bob for a moment before she adds. "You don't seem shy or anything, so I have faith you'll find your way around things. Just uh.." Her brow furrows slightly and her jaw shifts as she clenches her teeth briefly. "..just keep your eyes open and shit. Don't take everything at face value around here."
Bob "Is that so?" Bob lowers his voice when Vivienne gives her warning. "Thanks for the head's up." He even glances around for a second to make sure nobody's paying them too much mind, "You mind if I ask for specifics? I'm new to the whole mostly a civilian organization gig."
Vivienne Vivienne pulls her bottom lip between her teeth and she gazes down at the deck intently as she speaks. "You can ask for specifics, but it's probably best not to ask for it here." She says, before her demeanor shifts again and she looks up, forcing a smile on her face. "Maybe when we're out for a drink sometime, somewhere nice and rowdy." She says, jerking her chin up slightly.
Bob "Sounds like a plan," Bob says to Vivienne with a deep nod. His own smile goes on to match hers, "Yeah. We'll go tear up the town together some time. I'm getting a little old for it, but I should probably prove to you youngsters that I can still hang." He chuckles at his own little joke, "It's also part of unit cohesion to get tanked together sometimes."
Vivienne "I think after the last few times I've been out when booze has been involved I might have to be the sober sister." Vivienne says with a slightly rough laugh. "The men in Paris have a really odd ..idea of what it means when they buy a girl a drink." She sighs softly and shrugs. "I'm gonna head back to Paris, got a friend to look up, he's been missing and I'm kind of worried about him." She backs towards the exit to below deck. "When you're back in town, give me a call. I'm sure between James and I we can find a few places that tourists don't get to see very often, but are pretty damn interesting."
Bob "We'll try not to punch too many of them when we go out," Bob replies with a smile. Then he nods a couple of times, "If you need a hand just hit me up. I'm around and until I start working in earnest I'm mostly bored." And then another couple of nods, "I will. It'll be fun to track down some new places to see."