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James Scott A lot of positives in Paris came with their own unique downsides. Public drinking meant that occasionally people tended to act up. Occasional mistakes were made, some were more severe than others. James and Vivienne had gone out to grab coffee and decided that the best thing to go with that would be crepes. On the way out they ran into a touch of trouble, or rather trouble decided to grope Vivienne.

"The fuck do you think you're doing?" A rather irritated James shouts, giving the apparent leader of the dumbass brigade a rough shove. The man in question towered over the teenager, and apparently the height and muscle difference caused him to look down on James, because he just sneered and spat out an insult in French.

The giant, aptly named Hugo, swings on James, a left straight brushing past his head, but his savate kick connecting firmly with the teen's midsection. But rather than panic James brings his guard up and starts weaving. Hugo takes a slight step back, trying to get a bead on where his target it.

But it's too late, when he hesitates James dashes in still weaving he unleashes a flurry of blow, fist slamming into Hugo's ribs, the first strike cracking his several of his left, the second cracking several of his right, the third blow breaks nine and eight. As the giant's head is thrown back in pain the teen finishes it off with a vicious right to the jaw. This was the technique made famous by Jack Dempsey, the Dempsey Roll.
Bob Another night on the town for Bob, out and about to take in some sites and enjoy some exotic French cuisine. He's on his way towards a cafe somebody recommended when a scuffle catches his attention and he notes with a sigh that he recognises two of the people involved. Sighing, he takes one last look around and jogs that way to see if his new acquaintances might need a hand. But by the time he makes it over the brawl seems to be over, at least the biggest guy is down. "Yo!" Bob calls out when he gets there, ready to break things up if it looks like they'll start again.
Vivienne Vivienne opens her mouth to spit out an irritated curse in French but James beats her to the punch, literally. She takes her hand away from her concealed sheath and her brow furrows. When she finally decides to push between the fight to break it up, suddenly it's over. She moves to check on the giant, after a cursory glance shows that James is on his feet and mobile still. She pulls out a phone, makes a call and then walks over to James. "You all right, babe?"
James Scott Hugo is down and the crowd has scattered for now. The giant is unconscious, blood drips from his mouth where he's lost teeth, and his breathing is labored, likely because of the broken ribs.

But James is fine, it's like that vicious kick he took was a scratch in comparison. "Yeah, I'm alright. But more importantly, are you alright?" He presses a kiss to her cheek before nodding over at Bob. "Alright, let's make tracks. Last thing we need is to have to explain to the cops what happened."
Bob After a moment of looking at the unconscious asshole, Bob pulls him onto his side into the recovery position to make sure the guy doesn't choke on his own blood. But it's not his first rodeo, either, and with a bit of a smile he gives James a nod and says, "Yeah. Best get out of here before you guys gotta spend the night in a French jail." Rising to his feet he gestures with his arm in an 'after you' type motion. "Nice to see you guys again, though."
Vivienne Vivienne nods and then she squints up at James. "I'm fine, and I probably could have handled that so that we won't need cops, nor the ambulance I called." She kisses James on the mouth to take the sting out of her words. Spotting Bob she wrinkles her nose and sighs, before turning to the cafe. Biting back the retort that's on the tip of her tongue she tows James towards the cafe.
James Scott "Well, I was gonna give him a stern talking to. But he swung first." James doesn't deny the fact that he's in the wrong though. "And I'd be the one that had to take a few hours out to sit in a cell." He moves to follow after Vivienne, heading towards the cafe.
Bob "As long as nobody got too messed up, I think it'll work out," Bob says as he, too, heads towards the cafe. He hooks a thumb at the unconscious fellow, "He'll need some dental work, but I'm sure his self esteem is probably almost as bad." With his brow furrowing he asks, "So what was that about? If you don't mind me asking."
Vivienne Vivienne walks into the cafe, still pulling on James, who might seem bemused by the tow. She lets go of his hand once they're safely inside and gently pushes him into a chair, shaking her head. "You sure you're not hurt?" She asks James, walking backwards slowly to the counter. Crepes are nice but the chocolate cake here is sinful, and she orders a large slice. "You stay there." She says, pointing at James. "Tell me what you want and I'll bring it to you." She adds two cups of coffee to the order she's building, giving a considering look to a small bowl of sugar dusted fruit.
James Scott "Yeah, worst case it'll bruise up tomorrow." James assures Vivienne. "And since we just ate earlier I'll take the cafe gourmand." He fishes his wallet out and passes a handful of bills over to Vivienne so she can go order. Only then does he turn his attention back to Bob. "Guy had been drinking, decided to pick a fight with me. Guess they found out he wasn't as bad ass as he thought." That, or they're regrouping to jump the trio when they leave.
Bob "Just a dumb hothead, then? That macho crap is so damn stupid," Bob says to James with a shake of his head. Heading for the counter himself, Bob gives the sweets a look before licking his lips. After he finishes ogling his potential snacks he says to Vivienne, "I'll take a look at him if you talk him into letting me. I don't suck at my job." If she doesn't order the fruit, though, Bob will, staring hungrily at the grub again.
Vivienne Vivienne glances back at James and she sighs softly before she turns back and nods at Bob. "I'll talk him into it." She mutters, passing on the fruit for now. The large slice of cake is enough. She adds the cafe gourmand to the order and after paying walks back towards the table. She sets down the food and drinks and eyes James. "I'm glad you're okay, and since you're won't mind if Bob takes a look at you, right?" She quirks an eyebrow as she takes a seat, unzippnig the front of her hoodie. She crosses her legs and like a heathen American she adds a lot of sugar and cream to her coffee.
James Scott "Sure, like I said, should just bruise up." James goes about unbuttoning his shirt so he can open it in the front. Aside from the numerous bullet marks and bite scars, he appears to be mostly fine. Aside from a blossoming bruise and some unrelated scratches and scrapes. He could probably use a few stitches, but those wounds look old. "And thanks for grabbing the coffee for me babe. Sorry if I embarrassed you any out there."
Bob After a moment to place his own order, ending up with a cup of coffee and two plates, including the fruit, Bob strolls back towards the table with the other two. He sets down his stuff and takes a look at James. "I'm going to poke and prod a little bit, you tell me when it hurts," Bob tells the other guy before going ahead and doing so, not being at all gentle when he handles the dude's torso.
Vivienne Dark gray eyes watch James over the rim of a cup as Vivienne drowns a tart reply in her coffee cup. She sets the cup down and after some consideration, speaks up. "This isn't the first time I've encountered some drunk jackasses in Paris, it's not me who's embarassed, but maybe the police force in this city should be." She settles back in her chair her eyes on the two as Bob works. Satisfied that things are well taken care of, she picks up her fork and takes the first bite of her chocolate cake, her eyes closing as the creamy confection makes contact with her tongue.
James Scott "Me either. Though I usually don't get hit as much." James says, his nose curling slightly as Bob pokes around a laceration. "I'm fine for the most part, all that's got me down right now is some old injuries. But you can just slap a bandaid or something over that."
Bob "Son, you're all kinds of messed up," Bob tells James with a deep frown on his face as he starts to get to work. "You not have health insurance, or something? I could spend a couple hours on you, cleaning and suturing these wounds." He looks over at Vivienne and his frown, if anything, gets deeper. Still, he jokes, "I'm sure you can take care of yourself, those poor bastards."
Vivienne A flash of worry can be seen on Vivienne's face before she aims a smile at Bob and shrugs a shoulder. "I was told that shooting people was a no no, and that I should behave my sweet ass, lest I find myself confined to the Liberty." She glances towards the door as the red and blues start to flash and she pulls out her phone again, checking it briefly before she takes another bite of her cake. Her gaze gets pulled back to Bob and James , the latter in patricular, and a frown forms. "Why didn't you tell me that you were still this beat up?" She says, her voice quiet.
James Scott "Because my doctor has been busy. Well, I've been busy. I was gonna swing by and let Emma stitch me back up, but you know what happened last time I went to the doctor." James rubs at the back of his neck. "But I'm not that roughed up, I still feel fine." He doesn't seem to be suffering from any of those injuries, at least not at the moment. He just might be stronger than your average human.
Bob Whatever you might say about him Bob does not, in fact, suck at his job. He's got James' wounds looking a little less awful as he speaks to Vivienne, "I don't do a lot of fist fighting any more. I used to be young, dumb and full of..." Bob stops himself and takes a little break from working on James to grab his coffee and take a sip. "You're a tough son of a bitch, kid," is Bob's way to compliment James' ability to deal with injuries.
Vivienne Vivienne doesn't look the least bit mollified by the explination that she's been given but for right now she's focusing on her chocolate cake. Once it's finished though, and it only takes about three more bites, she smirks at Bob. "Yeah, I don't fist fight either, but those other two things you said are pretty accurate." She quips, pushing her plate away. "The last time I tried to hit someone I broke two fingers in my left hand, so ..yeah." She folds her arms over her chest and stews, running over a few things in her head.
James Scott "Only because I've almost died so many times." James says quietly. When Vivienne mentions the last time she hit somebody he winces. "That settles it Vivi, I'm gonna teach you how to brawl. Though I hope it's a skill you won't ever need." It is a useful one to know though.
Bob "I'm sure you could find a trainer on the ship if you wanted to learn combatives, too," Bob says, nodding along with James as finishes his poking and prodding and wipes off his hands on a napkin. "After all, if you want to do something you might as well source multiple instructors. Take what works, leave the rest." Settling back in his seat he grabs a fork and grabs a bite, chewing slowly to savor the flavor.
Vivienne "Nah, if I want someone taken care of, they'll be taken care of before it ever comes to a fist fight." Vivienne states, and she looks fairly serious. "I may not be able to punch, but please believe me when I say if someone gets into my personal space, and someone doesn't jump in to do something about it..." She eyes James as she says that part. "..then I can handle myself." She huffs out an irritated breath and when the lights outside start to fade off she checks her phone one more time. "I've been on my own since I was twelve, I figured out self defense pretty quickly. You wouldn't believe how grabby some assholes can be when they offer you a ride and then expect something for it."
James Scott "Oh believe me baby girl, I know you can take care of yourself. Really I was just seeing if you wanted to start working out with me. Be nice to have somebody to hit the gym with that isn't the grim reaper." Surely he doesn't mean the Umbrella operative that's spoken of in stories to scare fledgling soldiers.
Bob "Lotta assholes out there," Bob says as a way of agreeing with Vivienne as he plows through his snacks, taking a sip of coffee every few bites to wash things down. "Can't hurt to learn how to throw a punch, though." He shrugs his shoulders, "Or don't. You're not one of the dumb young men I'm used to working with, after all." A big grin. Then he looks over at James for a second, brow furrowing, looking thoughtful for a second. Until he sticks a fork full of food in his face.
Vivienne "I do the basics." Vivienne answers, nodding at Bob. "We all did, for PT at least." She folds her arms over her chest and bites on her bottom lip. She looks troubled still as she gets to her feet and walks back to the counter.
James Scott James takes a sip of his coffee, nodding as Vivienne answers. "Yeah, sometimes it's easier to work through things with your fists." The teen puts his mug down and raises his hands, which calloused and covered in small scars. "Think every life lesson I've learned has been with my fists. Know my mother didn't teach me shit."

He sighs quietly as she gets up and walks to the counter. "She's a fine woman." he says, voice lowered so it's between Bob and himself. "I ain't been this happy in a minute. I hope the FBC knows just how good of a woman they picked up."
Bob "That's good. Can't go around having people in my outfit get their asses kicked all the time, makes us look bad," Bob jokes with Vivienne as he takes a little break from eating to wipe his mouth with a napkin. James' quiet tone is matched by Bob as he says, "She seems alright to me. I'll keep an eye on her if we're out on ops together." His cup of coffee comes up so he can take one last drink, polishing it off. "I'm sure she's pretty capable, though, if she got recruited."
Vivienne Vivienne, at this moment, is standing on her tiptoes, looking at something the woman at the counter is pointing out. The Barista holds up several different tea bags and quietly explains the difference in each brew as Vivi listens quietly. After a few minutes Vivienne points at one and a steaming mug is placed in front of her. She takes the proffered tea bag and drops it in the cup, sliding the Barista a large tip. She makes her way back to the table and sits down, crossing her legs again. She smiles at Bob. "So, is he going to live?"
James Scott "Be much appreciated." James says quietly, buttoning his shirt back up. The coffee does not go forgotten, with nothing left to really say he takes another sip before the brew gets cold. Vivienne gets a bright smile when she returns to the table, "Good news, doc said I was only dead on the inside."
Bob "He'll be fine, it'll just take some time," Bob tells Vivienne after a brief, almost imperceptible frown in James' direction. He then tells her, "Keep him out of fights for a while, if you can, though. Healing takes longer if you keep getting hurt." This last sentence may even be aimed James' way. The chuckle certainly is.
Vivienne "I'm not his keeper, just his girlfriend. Though he and I are gonna have words about that back home." Vivienne says, taking a sip of her tea. She tries to manage a smile for Bob sighs. "Thanks, I really appreciate you patching him up and.." She glances at the door and lowers her voice. "..not sticking around to tell the cops what happened."
James Scott "Yeah, I probably deserve them. Though we should probably hurry when we get done here. I bet Dempsey is losing his shit." James takes one more sip of his coffee before setting it aside. "And yeah, I really appreciate that shit. Doubt they'd have taken kindly to it, regardless of if he deserved it or not."
Bob "No sweat. We'll be friends sooner or later and I don't mind helping my pals out," Bob says to Vivienne before polishing off the last bite of his dessert, smiling back at her before chewing. More quietly, to avoid being overheard, he says, "I didn't see anything." With an easy, relaxed grace he leans back in his seat and takes a look around the cafe again.
Vivienne Vivienne gets to her feet and she puts the mug on the table after taking a last sip. "Thanks again, we'll have to talk again on the Liberty sometime." She says, gazing over at James with a smile. She holds her hand out for him to take and glances towards the door. "You're right, we should go check on the puppy." She grins at Bob and adds. "Be careful out there if you're staying out and about, looks like everyone is celebrating."
James Scott James rises to his feet and takes Vivienne's hand. "It was good seeing ya Bob, y'all take care." As if an afterthought he reaches down to take his mug back up and finish off the last of the coffee. He likely won't be sleeping much tonight.
Bob "I'll see you at work, I'm sure," Bob says to Vivienne with a big grin. "And I'll certainly try to be careful. I usually see things coming my way, more often than not." He lifts his jaw in James' direction, "Nice to see you, too, man." And with a wave to them both, "You guys take it easy. I'll catch you around."