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Emma It's a cold day, the wind has a chill to it, one that can hit the bones. At least it is clear, the sky an endless blue and the sun like a warm orb, a warmth one would wish reached Paris.

With the cold, the Eiffle Tower isn't overly busy. Sure there are tourists, and locals. But one can get around easily and enjoy the sights.

Emma is one of the people here. Luckily a small cart has been set up offering hot drinks and some snacks. For her, she has a cup of tea, and is standing by a ledge, arms resting on the rail, sipping some tea and letting her mind wander. The nap earlier helped to clear her mind some.
Esa One could say there was a clear difference between North American cold and European cold; North America was somewhat colder hat Europe; to Esa cold was, well cold. He brought the jacket around his waist as he zipped it up; grumbling slightly as he came out of the taxi. Sighing, he took in the Eiffel tower and smiled warmly at its awe and beautiful. In all, coming here was worth it. Walking up to the tower, he spotted a cart selling hot drinks and proceeded over to it to order. He looks to Emma and smiles "Why if it isn't the soon-to-be-Doctor" He says warmly to her. "How are you?" he adds.
Emma Her long red hair dances around her some as the breeze catches it, eyes are distant with thought. Idly the lass sips from her tea, enjoying the warmth, thinking back to her home in Scotland. A voice draws her from that memory, the voise if Esa.

"'ello." Greets the red head, in her shy sweet way. "I - I am well 'nough, thank ya. Got a nap in, that helped. Yerself?"
Esa "Hot chocolate, tall please." Esa says to the vendor and slides some Franc over, adding "And whatever she is having." Glancing to Emma, he smiles gently "My treat. I'm good, I saw Norte Dame and the Pantheon.. beautiful places; thank-you for the suggestion."
Emma Standing and half turning, resting her hip against the rail Emma looks a touch surprised as he gets her a drink. "Th - thank ya." Says the lass softly, giving a shy thankful smile.

For a moment that grey-green gaze looks out over Paris, marking where places are, seeing people busy driving, basically living life. Sipping from that cup of tea, yet again Esa ia regarded. "Glad ya - ya liked them. Did ya do a tour at all? I find their English ones nat as interestin' as French, myself. Which is sad."
Esa "I know a little French." Esa replies "So I took the French tour." He chuckles quietly "Though.. I only understood about half of what they said." He notes as he takes the hot chocolate and drinks from "Woo, that's good." He mutters before looking back to Emma "So, how long have you been in Paris?" He inquires, making his way to a bench.
Emma "Oy, well if ya wanna know it all from - from French let me know, I'll be happy ta explain." She gives him a small smile, and then sips her tea. "I've been here for.. eight months or more, started school as soon as I got here. An' what brings ya ta Paris again? Work?"
Esa "Well, a private tutoring lesson alongside history would be nice." Esa replies softly as he turns his head around to look over his shoulder and smiles at her. Looking ahead again, he turns and sits on the bench and looks at her "Been her a while, a few months I think. And yes, work; and now vacation before heading back."
Emma "I can do that, I learned plenty in my time here." Emma is, a brain, a nerdy girl in some ways, so this idea is appealing.

As he talks of work, the lass nods her head and sips from her tea, but also appers curious. "Ya - ya mentioned that earlier, aye?" For a second she also lookz thoughtful, earlier with having just come off shift, she was tired. "Then wh - what do ya do for work'n all? Ya goin' some place for vacation or hanging' round here?"
Esa "I test the network security of various firms that were hired by. I also assist a government program with data mining and research into .. nefarious things." Esa replies softly as he drinks the hot chocolate. "Mostly boring, but .. it does bring me to beautiful places." He notes with a smile "And people, it would seem." He adds. "And this was my vacation. Probably here for a few more days, then heading back to America.. I think."
Emma Emma lifts a brow, did he suggest..? Well, cheeks redden a touch, the lass looks down shyly and nods a touch. Poor girl, so shy. After a second eyes return to Esa, moving up from the metal structure they were locked upon moments ago.

"I -- I got a friend, who does IT work, yer likely ta like 'em, I should introduce ya two sometime. Computer stuff goes right over my - my head, it's amazin' my phone is still goin' ta be honest."
Esa Esa watches her quietly as a gently smile touches his face as he found her shyness rather cute. Looking from her to the tower, he nods "Well, if you need some computer assistance and he is unavailable, I'd be willing to help you out." He notes softly "Say, trade for teaching me more French and history?" He notes before leaning back against the bench.
Emma "Aye, sounds - sounds good." Emma says, with a bit of a laugh, returning her gaze to the metal floor they stand on. Idly a hand tucks some hair behind her ear.

"Oy, my - my friends lives in Detroit, so yer more likely ta - ta be able ta help me. But there be no need ta trade, ya see, I'm a bit of a nerd that way, or so my brothers tell me. Like ta learn, or, also because I love ta play Super Mario Brothers."
Esa "Really? Super Mario Brothers?" Esa laughs softly, his head nodding "Loved playing the first and third on the old NES system.. and then world on the Super NES." He chuckles and hmms fondly as he looks from her to the metal floor and leans forward a bit; hands bringing up the cup to drink from. "Though, admittedly.." He looks back to her, still hunched a bit. "I am a bigger fan of the Zelda series."
Emma "I like tha first'n third too!" Emma says, with a big smile. "I -- I recently spent tha night eatin' pizza drinkin' Guiness an' playin' tha third one." The red head nods a little to the comment of Zelda. "Aye, played that -- that often too, liked it. But not overly good at it for some reason."
Esa Esa grins "Then I guess I will need to teach you." He notes as the grin shifts to a soft, fond smile. "Hmm, and that sounds like an idea.. a gaming party with pizza and beer." He adds before taking a light sip of the hot chocolate.
Emma "Aye ya - ya will, I tend ta get turned 'round an' lost an' then I get annoyed." Emma laughs a little, looking to her tea, feeling the warmth against her hand. "That sounds like fun, I know I -- I could use some fun myself, work can get.. hard.."
Esa Smiling thoughtfully at the idea of them gaming, Esa nods softly before looking from her to his cup as well. Taking a sip, his head nodes once more. "Aye. Like you, my contract job can come with twelve hour shifts.. but they don't stop usually at four days." A frown, then a gentle shrug before looking back to her. "Though.. It'd be nice to do things.. fun things with someone.. See the sights, game.. movie.." A smile before turning a bit forward to drink more of the hot chocolate.
Emma "That'd be nice, ta have someone ta hang 'round with 'n all, play games and such. I know I work long hours to, but -- but many of my friends have moved on ta these big things." Because, being a doctor isn't? "But aye, nice ta do things. Fun things, outside of studyin', cuz I'm a bit of a nerd an' find that fun." She laughs softly.r
Esa Giving her a kind smile as he listens her, his head nods. "Well then.. we, uh.. we should exchange numbers and look into doing that sometime." He says lightly as he unzips his coat a little and takes a card from within. Printed on the card was his name and number and no other information. "My.. cell phone number." He notes lightly.
Emma Emma takes the number, innocently enough. She looks it over and pulls out her phone, going to put the number in then shoot him a text. It says 'Emma'. Looking up to Esa after he is given a smile. "Nice ta - ta have someone 'round who'd be inta playin' video games an' such. Though, ya need ta be friends with Shaemus too."
Esa "Oh?" Esa asks curiously as his phone buzzes and takes it out to note the text message before sliding it back in his pocket; his eyes going back to her quietly. "Who is that?" He inquires.
Emma     "Oh." Emma grins. "Sh -- Shaemus is my dog." A delicate hand comes out, showing how tall the dog must be. The dog damn near seems the size of a bear by the estimate she is giving. "He is - ia friendly, though, tends ta like everyone."
Esa Esa blinks at the size and eyes looking back to Emma, then the height. A long pause, slow nod "Wow." He finally exclaims, chuckling. "I love dogs and have seen some tall ones... But none that tall." He notes as he looks back to her "What species of dog is he?" He asks.
Emma "Yer - yer a dog lover too?" Emma asks, not hiding her surprise. "Newfoundler, that's his breed. He has been with me since he - he was a pup, he moved from Scotland ta Racoon ta here with me. I can't imagine life without him."
Esa "I am. We had a cocker spaniel growing up. Her name was pebbles." Esa notes, and pauses as a small shy grin crosses his face "I was five when I named her.. and Flintstones was the all the rage." He said chuckling. "Newfoundler.. Not sure I have seen that species before." He adds calmly. The wheel's churn slightly as his mind back peddles. "Er, you came from Racoon City?" He asks curiously.
Emma "Aww!" Emma says, it's a cute story. "I named mine after my - my grandpapa." But then, she is quiet. It didn't even hit her until he asked that she mentioned Racoon. Teeth take hold of her lower lip. "Aye I -- I did.." The red head admits, with a bit of a nod.
Esa Esa smiles softly "Well, Shaemus is a beautiful name for a dog and touching that you honored your grandfather in such a way." He notes gently. As her facial expression shifts, he notes that he may have hit a very touchy subject; or at least one that one tend to want to forget. Shifting a little he takes a sip of the hot chocolate and says "So, how about a movie sometime." He notes after a moment of silence and an attempt to shift the conversation away from Racoon City.
Emma "I was close with my grandpapa." Emma says softly, and is quiet then, not that she is ignoring his question to a movie, but the lass feela compelled to explain the hesitation. "R - Racoon is, well it depends on what ya believe, an' I know people listen." Slowly her grey-green eyes peer around them. "I guess I just.. don't wanna get in trouble."
Esa Listening quietly, Esa nods his head ever so slightly. Setting the cup down on the ground as it grew cold, he rubbed his hands together, then shifted a little to look at her; a hand gently reach out to touch her forearm. "I've heard the stories." He replies kindly "And.. That is, in part, what my government job is about; to research via data mining for information regarding bioweapons. That city changed the world... And I can only imagine what you went through." He replies gently, kindly. "And, if you wish to talk privately.. well, I am a great listener." He adds.
Emma Emma gives a thankful smile to him, for the support. A hand briefly pats his to further show her thanks. "I --" A pause, eyes look down. "I'll not burden ya with it." Yes, the lass always feels as if her issues are a burden to others. Running a hand through her hair, suddenly Emma stands and smiles. "Ya - ya ever see tha Pantheon an' Notre Dame from this high? Sorta amazing too."
Esa Once more listening, Esa smiles faintly at the patting, his head nodding. "Alright." He replies simply as he doesn't press. As she stands suddenly, Esa stands up as well and shook his head. "I have not had the opportunity." He replies kindly as the gentle warm smile crosses his face. "Though, I suppose if I did want to see it, I have good company to do it with." He adds in an obvious flirt.
Emma Emma, being the shy short, takes spot the obviousness of it. Her reaction is wide eyes, and a bit of red to her cheeks before turning to head across the tower, clearing her throat some. "Th -- that over Is tha Notre Dame, and there is the Pantheon."e
Esa Esa smiles softly at her shyness as he walks close to her. He listens quietly as they walk and as she explains the sites.