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Esa On the south of the Seine, scene appears quiet for the day; the wind blowing in gently from the north-east with scattering clouds over a clear sky. The air is a bit chilly and damp as the crowd of people move along and the streets are packed once more with car for their early morning commute to work. For his part, Esa is settled at a park bench, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a panini breakfast sandwich.
Emma Emma is coming off work. The night before the lass had been called in, the hospital needing staff. Now done, and needing to unwind she walks, with a dancers grace. Clothing had been swapped out for darn blue scrubs. A warm jacket is worn, and her hair has been pulled back into a loose bun, with a pencil. A pair of aviator sunglasses are worn, and in her ears are ear buds, seems she is listening to mucic and humming while idly walking.
Bob The day being as pretty as it is, Bob's out and about, enjoying the sights of the city before he needs to really buckle down and get to work. There's a cup of coffee in his hand as he strolls along, sipping and people watching. And it's one of those people who seems to catch his eye. When he sees Emma he catches himself smiling and makes his way in her direction, lifting his cup in greeting. Though he is quite close to Esa as he does so, so it might no be immediately obvious to whom he's directing the action.
Esa Esa sips on the coffee and frowns a little at the cold. Settling the cup on the ground next to the bench, the young man casually zips up his jacket and takes a moment to look around. He spots Emma and smiles gently to her before continuing his casual glancing at those coming and going and promptly takes a bit of his sandwich.
Emma Hands are in her coat pockets, eyes appear a little tired. It was a long night, yet that is part of her job. Long hours. Pulling a hand from her pocket, it's made into a fist and brought up to mask a yawn. A shiver follows that. Catching Bob from the corner of her eye, her head turns, along with her direction - which is now towards him. "'ello," The Scottish lass says, in her thick Scottish accent. "How - how are ya?"

As Esa was also in that direction, the smile her way was caught. Shy by nature, the red hed returns it with a shy yet kind smile of her own. "'ello, as - as well." She greets to Esa.
Bob "Yo," Bob grins at Emma, a certain lightness in his gruff voice. "I'm doing well. Got some time to kill today." Then his chin lifts and he asks, "How about you?" He takes a quick sip of his coffee and offers the cup to her, "You want a sip? It's a little chilly out here." The other fellow Emma spoke to gets a nod from Bob and a polite, "How's it going?"
Esa "Hello ma'am.. or more, Doctor or .. perhaps nurse?" Comes the thick American accent response from Esa. Glancing to Bob, he nods "Pretty good thus far." He replies, picking up his coffee once more and drinks from it.
Emma Emma nods to Bob when he says he is doing well, and lifts a delicate hand in polite decline of the drink. "If - if I have another, I'll be to wired an' not sleep at all." There is a soft laugh. "But thank ya, appreciate tha offer. "An I fine, long night, but that's part of tha job." Following that is a tired shrug.

Grey-green eyes then move to Esa, with a smirk. "Workin' ta be a - a doctor, just Emma for now, though. Nice ta - ta meet ya."
Bob "Another American? Nice," Bob replies to Esa, his own accent very East Coast American. "I feel like an asshole when I try speaking French, I'm so bad at it." As Emma explains how she doesn't need coffee, Bob takes another sip, "No worries. I know where you're coming from, but I'm enough of a caffeine addict I can drink a cup of joe and rack right out." He waves a hand to dismiss himself, kinda, "How was work? Anything interesting?"
Esa Glancing to Bob, Esa nods slightly "Ah, yes. Born in the heartland, but raised in New York." He replies cordially with a gentle smile. before looking toward Emma. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Emma." Esa replies kindly as sets the sandwich in the container and wipes his hands on his jeans. Standing, he says to both casually "Names Esa Collins." He notes as he closes the container and slides it into a backpack, eyes on them both as he does so.
Emma "Yer lucky, more than a cup an' I'm buzzed." She chuckles and lifts a brow. "I - I speak french, if yer needin' anythin' let me know." Work, well there is a pause, she looks down and rubs the back of her neck. "Busy. Family got inta a car crash with tha semi, head on. Parents didn' make it, their four year old'n newborn did. But are in ICU." Such sadness in that sweet tone of hers.

Not being American, but clearly Scottish their talk goes over her head, a little. Though some locations are known. "Nice ta - ta meet ya, Esa. No work taday or are - are ya workin' later too?" There is a curious tilt of her head.
Bob "Bob Delgado, from the Philly area originally," the older man says as he shifts his coffee cup to his left hand and offers his right for a shake. "I'll have to get your number so I can hit you up, then. I'm sure I'll need a hand," he replies to Emma, putting on a big grin. As she explains the accident he grows more serious and nods solemnly, "Tough situation. Kids getting hurt always messes me up."
Esa Esa face saddens a bit as she spoke of her overnight work. Looking to Bob, he shook the man's hand with his right hand smiling. "Pleasure." He replies before looking slightly to Emma "Vacation mostly. I work for a firm company and check for security holes; that was originally why I was here in Paris. Now.. It's to enjoy it while I can before I head home." Glancing to his watch, he sighs "Though I suppose I should get going. Bus to catch, sites to see.." he replies, picking up his backpack and coffee. "Take care, Bob and Emma." He smiles lightly before turning to head off.
Emma Esa seems to be taking his leave, and thusly, is given a shy smile and a wave. "En - enjoy! I suggest tha pantheon, an Notre Dame." Having lived here a while, the lass knows the sights. "Have a good day!"

Bob is regarded again. "Aye I - I can teach ya french if ya want too, handy to know." But she frowns a little, nodding. "It is.. hard, with kids, aye. Tha son, tha four year old, had a hard time. I sang him ta sleep, stayed by his side a while."
Bob "Nice to meet you, too," Bob tells Esa before taking back his hand so he can wrap both around his cup of coffee and take a long drink from it. "You have fun out here. It's a hell of a city, from what I've seen." Back to Emma he nods, "I'd like that. I've been practicing a little, but I still suck at it." And onto the kids again he starts to frown, "I don't blame you. It's good of you to stay with the kid. They need that sometimes."
Emma "Well I'd be more than happy ta - ta teach ya, may need ta be at tha hospital sometimes." Because that a where she works.

"I tried ta do what I could for him, an' - an' I know he liked me there, it'll be hard ta explain that his parents are not comin' back. I made sure ta be there when they explain it, as he seemed ta really connect with me."
Bob "I'll put in some of my free time there, if they'll let me. I'm a nationally registered EMT in the states and paramedic in Florida so I might be able to do some volunteering there to help me keep in practice," Bob says to Emma with a nod and an explanation.

He reaches to pat her on the shoulder, moving slowly so she can stop him if she needs to, "I've been there before. I'm just glad for his sake that he had someone caring to help him figure things out. I'm just about complete crap when it comes to bedside manner."
Emma "If - if yer wantin', extra hands are always good ta have. An', I can teach ya French too. Hard ta work there an' not know it."

There is no stopping him from patting her shoulder, he gets a thankful smile. "Aye, I like tha be there for my patients an' stuff, but some have a bad bed side manner an' are great doctors."
Bob "Yeah," Bob says with a nod, then a smile. "I'd like to give it a shot. Once I get settled in to my unit, of course." Because work is still work. "So I never did find out from you what exactly you do. Are you a doctor or a med student?" he asks by way of changing subjects to something a little less serious.
Emma "Gettin' used ta yer unit is good too." Emma nods a little. "Oh, med student. But I work as an intern too."
Bob "It's important for me to know my guys. Not just their medical records but their military capabilities and personalities to make sure we're a cohesive team," Bob explains as he fnishes off his drink and shakes the cup from side to side to make sure there's nothing left. And then he nods his head up and down a couple of times, "Okay. Thought you were young to be a doctor, but I don't like to make a lot of assumptions."
Emma "Al - always good ta know yer team, helps keep ya'll safe." Emma nods a little, agreeing. There is another yawn, masked with her hand. "Not a full doctor yet, hopin' soon." More and more the lass looks tired. "Sorry ta - ta bail, but I need ta head home an' nap, I may pass out where I stand. It was nice seein' ya again, Bob. We'll talk soon I'm sure." A few steps back, with a smile, there is a quick wave before she heads home