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Emma The days are cold now, with the mark of winter upon them. Grey clouds hover above, looming with the threat of rain or snow. It's hard to tell, with the hour growing late one can only guess at this point.

Being that it is cold and late, Jack's Bistro ia fairly busy. Along with a football game being on, many of the patrons seem to be fans of the said game. There is hooting and hollering, and food and drink being flowing. The place is warm, and seem to be in good spirits.

As for Emma, she found a table, at her side is her massive beast of a dog Shaemus - who is eating a bowl of cookes ground beef. For herself, she has a bowl of stew, and a cup of Guiness. There is a closed book on the table, one of her medical text books, and a bag hanging off the back of her char from shopping earlier. Like the rest, the Scottish lass is watching the game, and cheering for her team, which is England
Bob With the weather being what it is, Bob's need to find a warm place to eat takes him inside the bistro. There's an inquisitive look about him as he scans the joint, taking in the other patrons, such as the giant pooch, as he heads towards the bar. Said pooch's owner catches his attention, or her book does, and Bob slows a little to get a better look at it. The young lady gets a friendly enough looking glance as the older man gives her a smile, "Hey. Just noticed your reading material." His voice is gruff, but not unfriendly, and his accent is east coast American, "I don't mean to bother you, but I'm kind of in the medical field."
James Scott It's that time again, Football at Jack's. James is back out in his England jersey, though this time it's partially covered by a jacket out of necessity. Last time he was here wearing this jersey he still had both of his eyes and a few less tattoos. Like Bob he also notices the large dog and it's owner.

Rather than come up and try to strike up a conversation he heads straight for the large black thing eating next to Emma, dropping down to a knee he ruffles his ear's. "Long time no see Shaemus, how's it going buddy?"

Emma also gets a warm smile, "Good to see you out and about Emma. How're you doing?"
Emma Shaemus stops eating and goes to drink some water. This place does seem to accept animals - or at least, hers, via permission from the owner. He does a giant dog yawn and then goes back to eating. Idly, a delicate hand moves to pat her pet on the head, as Emma usea the other to take a bite of her stew. Grey-green eyes would of spotted Bob briefly when he came in but with such an interest in the game, they would return there. Sipping from her Guiness she would regard Bob in her typical shy way, a shy smile and look to the book. "Aye, I -- I am as well. What do ya do?" Curious, a hand motions to one of the chairs at her table. "Pl - please, join me."

Then James is here, giving attention to Shaemus who, with meaty breath and a wet face goes to lick him happily. "'ello, James." She says to her friend with a soft laugh. "Aye.. feelin' better. Join us, if ya will. I need my cheerin' buddy n'all." As she too is an England fan
Bob As someone approaches, Bob turns to give them a nod of greetings and a friendly sounding "Yo." Emma's invitation elicits a smile from him and he starts to pull out a chair, "Thank you." And getting a hand ready should the others need to shake it, "Name's Bob." He settles into his seat, giving a television a look without too much interest, before continuing conversation, "I'm a combat medic. Most of my medical experience is emergency trauma stuff, but I've done some limited primary care type stuff in the field." Another smile appears as he asks, "How about you? That's not light reading there."
James Scott James gives Shaemus a few more pats before he joins Emma and Bob in the booth. "My girlfriend may or may not show up. She had a long day, but I figured I'd come down and catch at least some of the game with everyone." The teen reaches up to rub at the back of his neck before nodding at Bob.

"I'm James. I'm not so much in the medical field as in the getting medical treatment field." He rests his elbows on the table, attention turning to watch England play.
Emma Grey-green eyes watch Bob as he sits, Shaemus greets him with a sniff and then returns to his food. As for his master, well she looks down to the book and then back up, grinning a little more now. For once, there is someone around who she can talk medicine too. The lass puts a delicate hand on the book and slides it over. "I -- I got similar, ya'know. A'lotta work in trauma'n emegency, considerin' that bein' my - my focus, or internal. But I've been involved in emergency an' trauma for a while now myself."

Eyes flicker to the game a second, the other team nearly scored! Releasing the breath she held and sighing in relief double take is given to James. "Ya - ya got a girlfriend? Good on ya." Says the Scottish lass, with her thick Scottish accent, happy for her friend.

"Oh bloody'ell England! That was a - a easy shot!" Because they missred an open net.
Bob "Nice to meet you James. You gotta work on avoiding having to visit medical professionals," Bob says as he begins settling back and starting to look comfortable, letting a hand drift towards the dog so he can get a good sniff of him. He takes the medical textbook and looks at it, opening it up and looking through it, seemingly only half paying attention to it while he talks, "Nice. It's my bread and butter, of course, but what made you get into it? It's a tough field."
Vivienne Vivienne walks into Jacks, on the prowl for food, but seems to have found football instead. She'll still find food, a woman on a mission never gives up. Her eyes scan the crowds and she sees a few familiar faces as she makes her way up to place an order. She picks up her plate and elects to sit at the bar for now, tucking into her sandwich like she hasn't had a meal in a few days.
James Scott "Good to meet you." James says with a nod. He opens his mouth to say something else, but spots Vivienne as she enters and heads to the bar. "One second and I'll be right back."

The teen pushes up out of the booth and heads over to the bar. Quietly he creeps up behind the other woman and wraps his arms around her waist. "Hey there." he greets with a grin, hoping she doesn't hit him in the face.
Emma There is another sip of her Guiness, and Emma frowns, just a little. "I -- I wanted ta be a pediatrician, like mama." Eyes drift off a second, recalling the once path she walked. "But ah.. life, happened. An' I found tha path I'm on now, done my fair share of trauma work'n all, but I..I wanted ta be a full doctor, an' I be nearin' that."

When England scores she cheers, and even Shaemus woofs, and then goes back to sniffing Bob. "Dun - dun mind him, he's a friendly creature." There is a smile, her dog always wishing to meet new people.

When James excuses himself, the red head gives a quick nod and looks to Bob again. "Wh - what got'ya inta that field?"
Bob "Not too late to get into pediatric medicine," Bob says to Emma, looking at her eyes as she drifts. He takes a moment to formulate his next comment, "You seem very young to be anywhere near a doctorate, if you don't mind me sayin' so." And then he's giving Shaemus a pat and a scratch and an affectionate, "Nice poochie." And then he's replying to Emma's comment, "I was an infantryman until a rough deployment to Afghanistan. My platoon medic got killed and when I reenlisted I decided to try to take his place." A shrug of his shoulders, "Not that you can replace someone, but I'm a pretty smart guy and I thought I could do the job pretty well." There's a pause and a moment to swallow, "I don't suck at it."
Vivienne Vivienne turns her head to the side, an easy grin on her face as she raises her chin to greet James. She holds up her ham and cheese sandwich and quirks an eyebrow. "Want a bite?" She asks, taking another bite herself. After she's chewed she gives James a quick kiss and then focuses on the television for a moment, whooping as a goal is scored.

"I didn't wanna impose while you were visiting your friends. " She says quietly, shrugging a shoulder. "Besides, we both know that when I'm eating, I'm not fit company for anyone with manners." A cheeky grin follows that statement.
James Scott "Nah, I'm still full from earlier." James quickly returns the kiss. "I don't know the guy, he just showed up. Emma and I go way back to before the Raccoon outbreak though. Broke my heart a few times before I met you too." His shoulders come up in a slight shrug. "C'mon, you should go meet her and Shaemus." He beckons her to follow after him, leading back over to the booth.
Emma Emma is lost here, because why she changed her path is easy, but explaining it, not so much. "I -- I had friends, get hurt ya see, an' it was durin' a time of chaos an' danger. That changed me, opened my eyes. While I love kids, it isn't for me anymore." Her tone is gentle, and soft, true to her nature and being, that gentle sweetness. She lifts her glasso Guiness and shrugs a little, and grins as Bob and Shaemus seem to be getting along. With that comes a laugh. "That - that is handy, ya'know, bein' good at it. I am too." A pause, her head tilts a little, eyes move to James and the woman he is with then back to her table-mate. "Yer enlisted then?"
Bob After flagging over a server Bob manages to place an order and soon has beer in front of him, food on the way and a brief smile on his face until he hears Emma's story. His head nods a couple of times, "I feel like we're a little bit the same, then. Didn't know what we were made to do until it was too late, so to speak." He sips his beer thoughtfully, continuing to give affection to Shaemus. "I'm in the F.B.C. now, as a matter of fact. I got recruited out of the Rangers after Raccoon City." And a bit further explanation, "Started off training medics, but I had to get back to the action so I transferred to field operations."
Vivienne Vivienne gazes longingly at the other half of her sandwich, but curiousity and the prospect of meeting new people (and dogs) propels her to her feet. She follows behind James and when they get to the table her eyes light up at the sight of the large dog. She carefully holds out her hand for Shaemus to sniff as she smiles at Emma and Bob. Once she's satisfied that her hand isn't getting bitten off she focuses her attention on the people. "Evening." She says, holding out a hand for Emma to shake first before reaching over to offer the same to Bob. She spots the fatigues on Bob and offers a slight grin. "I'll probably be seeing you on the Liberty at some point."
James Scott "Seems like there's nothing but soldiers out here." James' nose wrinkles slightly, a hand returning to rub at the back of his neck. "But, Emma this is my girlfriend Vivienne." he introduces before turning to look at Vivienne, "And Vivienne this is Emma. Like I said earlier, I survived Raccoon with her, Benny, Archene, and Markus."
Emma Emma would of ordered another Guiness. Luckily being Scottish means that she can hold her drink. To regard Bob again there is a slow nod, a hand tucking some red hair behind her ear. "Aye seems - seems like we do." She gives him a smile and then lifts a brow, scratching the tip of her nose with a freckled finger. "Yer - yer FBC too then? Are yer lot multiplin'? I like workin' in tha field too."

When Vivienne approachs her grey-green gaze settles on the woman. The smile given is kind, yet shy. A delicate hand would go to return the shake, her own grip perfectly balanced. "Ni - nice ta meet ya. Please join us." There is still room at the table. Shaemuas goes to greet her to, via sniffing.

What the lass had tried to tip-toe around James right out talks about. Racoon. Eyes go from him to Bob, she isn't sure if he knows anything about it. But if so, that would explain her career change and everything.
Bob "Yo, Bob Delgado. It's good to start hanging out with coworkers outside the office," the older fellow tells Vivienne as he gives her a friendly grin and a firm handshake. "What do you do?" James' little show of distaste, or whatever it is, doesn't seem to phase Bob any, "Mostly us FBC guys, right? The Commission is a lot bigger than I thought it was when I first joined." Emma seems a little reticent to speak of the incident so Bob doesn't press, "Yeah. Figured I'd be ideal to take on biological terrorism with my practice taking on the other kind. And we're doing a bunch of recruiting lately."
Vivienne Vivienne smirks over at James and sticks out her tongue briefly. "Nothing wrong with that, you should feel safe." She quips before turning to smile at Emma. "Pleasure to meet you Emma, I've heard a lot about you." She takes a seat, sliding into the booth and crossing her legs. "Thanks for the invite, it's kind of you." She gazes at Bob for a minute or two and then she shrugs. "Vivienne Leigh." She introduces herself, nodding at her new coworker. "I shoot things, mostly." She says, her teeth pulling at her bottom lip as she tries not to grin. "Wish I could say that I'm a good little soldier, but I'm new to military procedure."
James Scott "Hoss Delgado, spectral exterminator." James squeezes in next to Vivienne. "Oh, I feel super safe." Though, he could be a touch on edge because of recent events. The last thing he needed was Umbrella /and/ Wesker sending people out to tail him. "You been on any missions that put you up against the products of biological terrorism?" the teen asks quietly. "Ever seen a licker or a tyrant up close? Once watched a tyrant walk through an entire clip and rip a man in half."
Emma "Ya - ya have?" Emma sounds stunned, and quietly shoots James a questioning glance.

Then attention is on Bob. "Yer hirin'? I - I did consider joinin' tha FBC, I as much as tha others wanna fight, but I'm well, not so good with tha - tha fightin' part."
Bob "Shooting things is a valuable skill," Bob replies to Vivienne, not bothering to hide his own grin when he speaks with her. "I was an infantryman for a long time, so I'm pretty good at shootin' and at putting up with horrendous amounts of bee ess, if you need a buddy to go to for advice or to gripe with." Bob fixes his gaze on James and shakes his head, "Not yet. Just read the after action reviews and seen the footage, but if you've got practical experience I'd like to pick you brain some time. I'm not dumb enough to ignore a subject matter expert." With a look at Emma Bob gives a shrug, "I'm not a recruiter, but we're bringing in a bunch of new people. I'm sure they could train you to do the fighting stuff if you made it through the process."
Vivienne "Nothing bad." Vivienne assures Emma, shooting a distracted glance back at her sandwich as a server comes and cleans it up. She mutters 'drat' and turns back to the conversation as James starts talking about lickers and tyrants. She wrinkles her nose and shifts in her seat, pleased to feel that she didn't forget her gun when she left the house. She nods to Bob and quips. "I didn't want to shoot things, honestly. I was hoping for a job in diplomacy. I feel as if a lot of the worlds problems could be solved if everyone sat down and had a decent lunch." Having said that, her gaze settles on Emma and she tries to come up with another joke but can only manage. "I don't think anyone is good at the fighting part. It all gets too complicated."
James Scott "Yeah." James nods at Emma. "That period when I was out alone was rough." His gaze returns to Bob, arms crossing. "Lickers you go for the brain, if you can mask your scent, do that. They're blind. And you shoot a tyrant in the heart rather than the face. Unless it's not wearing a coat."

James fishes out a notebook from the interior pocket of his jacket and flips it open to a page that features a sketch of something that's roughly human, but has an oversized heart on it's right side, grotesque physical mutations, and vicious claws. "But maybe we should save this conversation for a different time. Preferably when Marcus isn't on the loose anymore."

"Oh yeah," he looks between Emma and Vivienne, "I found some old pictures of him." He flips back to the front of the journal and produces a couple of old pictures. Interestingly enough the man depicted there looks sort of like James.
Emma "I - I am a fair shot." Emma admits, becsuse she is. "But.. shootin' things that'r alive.." Trailing off there is a frown, and eyes look out the window briefly. The lass just can't bring herself to hurt, but can heal. Looking to Vivienne there is a small smile. "That's good ta hear." The food bit is noticed, and a mental note a taken. "Some tend ta like fightin'." She shrugs a little.

The openness James has on the Umbrella creations causes her jaw to tend some, but nothing is said of it. So leaning forward a little the picture looked at.
Bob "Good call on the diplomacy, but those who desire peace should prepare for war and all," Bob tells Vivienne with enough joviality in his voice that he might be joking. "Seriously, it's a good thing to practice. Just not on senior non commissioned officers, it just doesn't work."

James' words catch Bob's attention quite immediately. He's definitely paying attention. "I'll bear that in mind." Not knowing who Marcus is, Bob merely shrugs, "I'll buy you a beer whenever you're ready to talk. The more intel I've got, the better." With a nod at Emma, "I imagine so. You're still alive, after all, so you know how to survive." He reaches to pat her hand, "I've got your back if you need it. I have a lotta love for 'doc'."
Vivienne Vivienne leans close and gazes down at the pictures before she's distracted by Bob's words. She goes quiet, leaning back against the seat of the booth, scooting closer to James. She watches the activity around the table, and the television where the football game is still playing. It doesn't seem as if she has anything else to add to the conversation at the moment.
James Scott "Nah, I just need to watch what I say. Eyes and ears everywhere. But I figure that'll help you out when you have to go into the quarantine zone." James closes the journal and puts it back into his jacket pocket then wraps an arm around Vivienne. "I know I'm itching to get in there myself, see if I can find anything."
Emma A hand runs through her long red hair, Emma bites her lower lip and adds nothing, because eyes and ears are everywhere and she doesn't want to get attention on her. There is nothing to add till Bob reaches out and touches her hand. Cheeks redden a little, he is given a small shy smile. "Th - thank ya, that means a lot ta me, so ya know. A very brave offer."
Bob "I appreciate the heads' up," Bob tells James with a solid nod, starting to gnaw on his food before it gets too cold, taking his hand back from Emma's to manipulate his utensils. After a few bites he looks up at the young medical professional again and says, "No sweat. In the Army you don't call a medic 'doc' until they've proven themselves. I feel like you've probably seen stuff that nobody has any business dealing with."
Vivienne Something that James says makes Vivienne flush and she grins over at him. She clears her throat quietly and smiles over at Bob. "Met any other crew yet?" She asks, politiely keeping the questions short so the poor man can eat.
James Scott James gives Vivienne a squeeze as he nods at Bob. He apparently doesn't have anything else to say for the moment, rather he simply sits there and grinds his teeth. Clearly the teen is thinking about something that pisses him off.
Emma Cheeks redden anew, Emma blinks and looks down shyly, a hand tucking some of that red hair behind her ear. "Th -- thank ya, I take that as a giant compliment. An' I have, but did survive it, mostly." She smiles a little and looks back up to Bob quickly.

A second after eyes move to James and Vivienne. "Ja - James, ya'll wear yer teeth down."
Bob "Naw, I've got to report by midnight. Haven't had a chance to meet anybody but you," Bob tells Vivienne between bites. He's positively plowing through his meal, making short work of it. The other guy's silence doesn't worry Bob any and soon he's polished off his food. After wiping his mouth with a napkin he gives Emma a smile, "You're welcome. I'll have to ask you about your experiences some time, if that's okay. But not tonight, because your game is on and I don't want to be too big a distraction."
Vivienne Vivienne glances at James when Emma speaks up about teeth and she leans close to him and murmurs something soft near his ear. She glances back again towards the bar and then slides out of the booth, getting to her feet. "I'm going to go and use some considerable flattery and see if I can't get a replacement for my sandwich." She gives Emma a smile and says. "It was really nice to finally meet you, we should get together again sometime soon." A casual salute in Bob's direction and she says. "I'm sure I'll see you on the boat, if you meet a younger man with a coloring book...uhm..just know that we're not all dealing with our stress with crayola's." She grins at James and reaches out to graze his jaw with her fingertips before she turns to walk back to the bar.
James Scott "Yeah, sorry. Was thinking about my dad." James flashes an apologetic smile before looking up at Vivienne. "Just get it added to my tab babe, I'll pay for it on the way out." With her gone he leans forward and props his chin up onto his fist. "I should get a dog."
Emma "Aye a - another time works." Emma says to Bob, agreeing not so much because of the game but the massive amount of people. "I'm normally at tha - tha hospital." A wave is given to Vivienne, with a quick smile. "Nice ta meet ya."

Right then, her cell goes off. Lifting a finger to excuse herself the red head stands to take the call. The expression on her face says more than words, the lass seems unsettled. Flicking the phone shut and standing there a moment with a breath at last she goes to join the table.

"Yer in - in luck James I need ta go, work needs me. I'll bring ya more bakin' for it." Hurriedly the book is taken up, her coat put on, and some money tossed on the table. It's more than enough for hers, and will cover a chunk of the total bill.

"So - sorry ta dash, Bob. It was nice meetin' ya, I hope our paths cross soon." With a quick smile, one that doesn't hide her nerves James is addressed again. "I - I owe ya one+" And with a wave, she would hurry off to the hospital.
Bob "I'll catch you around, Leigh," Bob tells the young lady with a thumb's up. "And I'll take it easy on the guy with the coloring book. I've seen dudes do all kinds of whacky crap to keep themselves cool on deployments."

Looking over at James, Bob nods, "Dogs are good for you. Any kind you're looking into getting?" When Emma gets up and handles her phone call he politely ignores the conversation, but when she returns Bob gives her a smile again, "It was really nice to meet you, too. I'll look you up some time."