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James Scott

It had been a little while since James had been to the Cafe. It was raining back then, he'd just come back from an important meeting. It was where he first really got to talk to Vivienne. Things are different now, but somehow the same.

This time the meeting was with Wesker, the threat of rain hung overhead, but the teen doesn't seem to mind. Likely because this time Vivienne is with him, his hand in her's, until he lets go to hold the door open for her.
Vivienne Vivienne smiles at James as she walks through the door to the Cafe. She glances around the area, a frown on her face as they make their way to the counter, on her guard now more than she's probably been anytime in the recent past.

She leans against the counter, her eyes on the menu. "So what do you want to get?" She asks, glancing at James briefly.
James Scott "I'm thinking tarte tatin aux pommes caramelisees." James says, following behind Vivienne. Once he again he doesn't have to look at the menu, this place was a regular stop once upon a time. "What would you like?" He reaches over to rub at the small of her back. "Everything's gonna be alright."
Vivienne "Anything with chocolate will be fine." Vivienne says, her thoughts ahead of her stomach, for once. "You say that.." She says, glancing over her shoulder at James. "..but all of this seems .." She lets her sentence trail off and she shakes her head. "Let's just enjoy the food for right now." She bites down on her lip and manages a grin. "Is this one of our dates?"
James Scott "That's later tonight. Something fun to lighten the mood." James leans over to press a kiss to Vivienne's shoulder. He waves the waiter over and offers them a warm smile, conversing quietly in French he orders one 'Tarte tatin aux pommes caramelisees' and one 'Mousse au chocolat'.
Vivienne "Tonight?" Vivienne blinks at James and then her surprised expression melds into a warm smile. "We're going somewhere?" She asks, pursing her lips as she gives him a considering look. "Can I have a hint?"
James Scott "Someplace wet." James replies. He sits up straight, elbows resting on the counter for the moment. "Don't suppose you had much time to learn to dance, did you?" He turns around in his seat slightly so he can face Vivienne while they speak.
Vivienne "No." Vivienne says, glancing away briefly, a frown on her face. "Can't swim either, if that's.." She folds her hands in her lap and gazes down at them. "Sorry." She says softly, sounding embarassed. "I hope it doesn't ruin what you have planned." She says to James.
James Scott "Don't worry, we aren't going swimming. And I'll lead, all you have to do is follow. You can even step on my toes if you want." James reaches over and gives Vivienne's hand a supportive squeeze. "If you don't have fun there, we'll go do something else."
Vivienne "Okay." Vivienne says, gazing up at James, trying to smile again. "So uhm..obviously we won't be able to discuss what happened at home. Or here, but we're going to have to discuss it eventually." She glances over towards the counter, hoping for the food to show up soon. "I guess I have a few things to tell you."
James Scott "Babe, you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to. I trust you." James gives her hand a small pat before bringing it back over to his own lap. "So, if it's something you want to wait a little bit on, then you can. Don't have to rush into things on my account."
Vivienne "It's not that I don't want to tell you." Vivienne says, shrugging a shoulder diffidently. "It's more that I'm afraid that if I do, you'll think of me differently." She pushes the sugar in the middle of the table around, her nose wrinkled. "That would be upsetting to me, that's all."
James Scott "Hey, you're my girl, right?" James asks Vivienne. "Then you should know that there's not really anything you could have to tell me that would make me think of your differently. I've done too much shit to judge anybody."
Vivienne "I am your girl, that's not going to change." Vivienne says, frowning slightly. "Unless you want it to." She sits on her hands for a moment, to keep herself from nibbling on her nails. "We should talk about this stuff though, people can try to use secrets to turn us against each other. If we already know, they're ..not going to be able to do that."
James Scott "Fair enough. I've killed people before the outbreak. Drug dealers for the most part. I was a real piece of shit back in the day." James looks away from Vivienne as he shares that. Nowadays he only kills criminals. "I don't do that shit any more. It's not something I'm proud of, that's for sure."
Vivienne Vivienne scoots closer to James and lowers her voice. "I uhm, I learned how to use a gun when I was sixteen." She says, folding her hands and sighing. "I uhm..fell into a bad crowd and I was being paid money to take out some people. I figured that since I didn't know them that it wasn't a big deal. I got arrested though.." She glances up at James. "Wesker made me a deal." She glances towards the counter again. "So I didn't go to jail."
James Scott "Damn, no wonder we get along so well." James presses a kiss to Vivienne's lips when she glances up at him. "Well I'm glad you're here now." He turns around and takes a bite from his apple tart. "I ordered you the chocolate mousse because it's good as fuck."
Vivienne Vivienne picks up a spoon and digs into her food, not saying anything while she eats. She seems to be going over something in her head and as she takes another spoonfull of mousse she finally says. "I'm glad I'm here too." She turns her spoon over in her bowl. "How long now do you think your penthouse has been bugged?"
James Scott "Probably long enough that there's a person who gets paid to listen to us have sex." James can't help but chuckle, embarrassing as the thought may be. "But we haven't said anything aside from the other night with Benny." He eats another bite then lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "Can't be helped."
Vivienne "I suppose not, and we can't pretend that we know, can we even be sure who set that up?" Vivienne says, frowning. "Should we just continue on as we have been?"
James Scott "What I plan on doing. Best if they don't know we know." James decides. "What do you think we should do?" He reaches his free hand over and rests it on her knee.
Vivienne "I'm not sure. I'm okay with anything as long as we're together. Maybe you could tell me how I should dress for later?" Vivienne asks, giving James a wry grin. "Surprises are all well and good, but I'm not sure if this is appropriate." She gestures down at her clothes.
James Scott "Well, I actually got a dress sent over to our place." James gives Vivienne's knee a squeeze before he goes back to eating once more, finishing off what little bit he had left. "Figured you were saying you might want to get one the other day, so I went ahead and ordered something."
Vivienne "You ordered me a dress?" Vivienne says, her eyes lighting as she leans over to kiss James on the cheek. "That was incredibly sweet of you, and I think I'll make it up to you later. What kind of dress?"
James Scott "Something black and slinky. Figured it'd be nice for when we go out." James digs his wallet out and pulls out the cash needed to pay for everything. "Especially if we're going dancing."
Vivienne Vivienne gets to her feet and gazes at James. "Even if I step all over your feet?" She says playfully, moving to walk close to him. "Because I'm going to, not on purpose, mind you." She impulsively gives the taller man a hug, stopping her her tracks while she does it. "Thank you."
James Scott "It's not a problem babe." James wraps Vivienne up, returning the hug. "I don't mind at all, we've all gotta start somewhere."
Vivienne "Are we going home to get ready?" Vivienne asks, smiling over at James as she walks. She glances around the area briefly, trying to pay attention to her surroundings.
James Scott "Yeah, let's go." James takes Vivienne's hand in his own as they walk.