Umbrella Surveillance System
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Benny After a hard days work, there is nothing better than going back to your hotel room and just chilling out with video games. Well, for Benny it is anyways since he's a secret agent for the D.S.O. and undercover at the moment in Paris as an IT guy for the American Embassey. It's a good cover for him, since he is a bonafide computer geek and comic book nerd, despite being an ex-police officer and formerly S.T.A.R.S. Charlie Team.

Junior Agent Chan, has recently found out quite a bit of intelligence about Umbrella Corporation and the sale of bioweapons on the black market to potential terrorists as well as other unscrupulous interested parties.

This is very disconcerting and after doing some surveillance on potential targets, he's finally returned to his hotel room for a late night's rest. He is still dressed in his civilian clothing, his belstaff jacket is hanging in the closet but he's got his gear still on, as he checks his laptop for new emails and is logged on to his World of Warcraft account to see if there are any raids going on before he retires for bed. He is in need of a shower though but that can wait, if a raid is going on right now that he can join in on.

"Damn, my gnome assassin is stuck on level 39 and I will never get to level 50 if work keeps getting in the way." Benny mutters to hiimself as he stretches his arms above his head, working the kinks out from sitting in one spot for so long watching people.
Monkey There is no knock at the door when a balding man in his mid forties enters into the room. Only the sound of the door unlocking. he doesn't move quickly of course, the man wearing nothing more than a leather jacket. In his hand is what appears to be a gun, of the long ass variety, pointed squarley at Benny as he enters.

"Bitches be still!" He'll shout out rather firmly as he steps closer. If Benny makes a move.. well.. he'll soon get a bullet in the leg. Wait no.. the balding man compresses th triger and fires off a bullet anyway, no doubt ripping into benny's flesh and leg. "Now.. be a good boy and hold still." He'll offer very simply as his brow lifts.

No doubt the computer game could wait as the older gentleman, with his thick detroit accent walks his way around the room, making his way over to the Television and looking it over.
Benny "What the fuck!?" Benny exclaims when the door opens rather unexpectedly and the bald man enters, shooting him in the leg before he can even react to it since he was caught off guard. He makes a mental note to make it a habit to put that chain up for extra security before his mind regiesters that he's got a gunshot wound in his leg - OWW!

Agent Chan, aka tech support IT guy Benny stumbles backwards from his computer desk when the bullet hits his leg, it was a grazing shot but still hurts like hell as he grabs a hold of the desk before falling over where his laptop is on. "You shot me? Fuck, that hurts and I think you got the wrong room buddy because Paris Hilton is staying at the hotel down the block. Do I look like I have a lot of cash and have big boobs?" He then falls to the ground, pretending to writhe on the ground more wounded than he is as he rolls towards his bed for cover.
Monkey The balding gentleman just lifts his left brow slightly before he shakes his head and walks over to the TV, looking it over before poking at the DVD player that undoubtly a hotel room in 2007 would have more often than not. He'll place a small disk inside, and turn to face Benny, no doubt still pointing the gun at the man, chuckling as he focuses on him, gun still pointed in his direction.

"You've fucked up kid." A distorted voice crosses the television screen then, with a man sitting in the shadow. "We here.. like to at least inform our.. interested followers and parties of the nature of their termination. Your's Benny, unfortunatley is coming more swiftly then you intended. My associate here will leave your severance package on the table. Let us hope your peers take this as an object lesson. Do not fuck with us."
Benny "I have no idea what you or that shadowy dude is talking about...what the fuck is this? Some LARP gone bad? I told you shits, that I ain't interested in joining the society for creative assholism or Scientology. You magic fucking underwear doesn't interest me and Aliens don't exist, well maybe in Area 51 and I've seen They Live a few dozen times, but Rowdy Piper took care of those bastards." Benny's imagination and movie quote references are endless it seems, he truly is a geek in the extreme sense of the word.

The gun being pointed at him, kinda sucks and he's trying to buy as much time as possible here to figure out what is going on. He's a Raccoon City survivor, seen shit that most people never will and lived to tell the tale. This spy shit just got real and he saw a fellow agent go through this once before but now it is his turn. He's truly pissed someone off through his investigations and he figures he must be on the right track. He pokes his head up just slightly from behind the bed, taking note of what he's seeing in front of his eyes. Both hands still gripping his leg like it's going to fall off with a grimaced expression on his face, but he's calm inside just putting on a show for now.
Monkey "Looks like you just attracted the wrong kind of attention." The man nearby the television says as he pulls out what appears to be a futuristic type of handgrenade, a small display placed at the top. Besides looking futuristic, the grenade also looks like it is of shoddy craftsmanship and frankly.. is plastic. Yet the older gentleman SELLS arming that shit as he shakes the grenade in his fingers as he moves.

He'll lift it to his face, slowly wrap his tongue around the pin, flip off the top container.. and the countdown timer begins. Which he will then slowly place on the dresser next to the television.... a timer of one minute slowly starting.

"Goodnight." He'll offer as he moves towards the doorway.. no doubt walking calmly and patiently to the elevator.. and leaving Benny to his possible fate.

The question now is.. how does Benny escape without attracting his assassins attention right away?
Benny Benny doesn't like being threatened, least of all by a plastic looking grenade with a timer on it by some bald dude, hitman reject and he now knows that this isn't just about a warning, this is probably a full on hit on his life which means he's really close to the truth. How exciting, well sorta except for them trying to kill him but still it's a good start of his secret agent life!

"Oh no you ain't male pattern baldness man!" He quickly springs up to his feet, moving extremely agile for a man who got shot in the leg and puts those Kungfu skills to use.

Leaping over the bed, he tries to first disarm the man of his weapon by kicking it out of his hands but the bald man's cat like reflexes are as fast as his own, so he manages to avoid his first attack. He quickly follows the kick up with two lightning fast punches, a left to the head and a right to the ribs. The hitman has some mad skills, dodging his left hook but isn't so lucky wit the right shortt hook to the ribs. He feels it connected solidly, hopefully he broke a rib or caused some internal injury.

But valour is not what the hitman is made of as he suddenly flees from the room, leaving Benny with a rather tough choice. Chase after the man and riks this grenade blowing up and hurting or killing innocent people or does he stay to try to disarm it or get it somewhere to safely let it detonatate. The hero inside of him, decides that Spider-Man's little voice in his head is right and he must try to save the innocent!
Monkey When Clarence gets a fist into him, the man will start to coug hup blood.. really that is just the sheer force of the attack, sure he dodged the first one but the second is just.. well it might break a bone or two and soon the man is scrambling back, gun still in hand as he turns to start to bolt!

Without a second thought his balding assassin is running.. no doubt leaving the grenade behind for Benny to leave.. the timer counting down now by about fifteen seconds..>

Leaving a good forty five seconds or so to come up with a better plan!
Benny Benny acts quickly, he opens the patio door, gently picks up the grenade, stepping onto the balcony, he looks around onto the street and around where the least likely amount of people are or if there is some water nearby that would be great. He checks the timer on the grenade, waits until there is about 3 seconds left on it and then hurls it with all his might up in the air and towards the area where when it detonates will cause the least amount of damage to property and people. "Please Buddah, if I ever needed your faith and luck to guide my hand this is the time." He really hopes this plan works.
Monkey No doubt, the grenade would fly, and in slow motion.. and just as it starts to fly away.. three seconds is not that long of a time. it explodes. the explosion might knock Benny on his ass and hurt him a bit more if he is unlucky, but at hte very least.. no oen would die.

The hotel company tough might have some complaints to levy!