Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's yet another cold night. With a clear sky and a bright crescent moon. If one were outside they could feel winter is nearing.

At this late hour, the chateau is fairly quiet. The staff are asleep, as are those that live here - well, likely, anyway. One could easily assume.

Emma is awake. She wasn't sleeping well. First the lass went to the kitchen, grabbed a bowl of cereal then went to the living room, left the lights off and turned on the television. It's there she sits, in her pajamas, shorts and a off the shoulder top, cross legged with bed head and a bowl of cereal in her hands. Every now and then the movie she is watching is laughed at softly.

Shaemus is on the floor at her feet, sprawled out and sleeping contently.
Markus Berger Another person who apparently can't sleep is Markus who right about now is lurking around the building clad in some shorts and a tanktop as he finds his way to the living room to find Emma sitting there. After all, not much else he can without running into the risk of waking someone up. "Can't sleep either?"
Emma Sleepily Emma lifts the spoon to take a bite, that's when Markus enters. Tired grey-green eyes move to him, then spoon is put back down with a small shrug. She moves over so he can sit too. "Aye, nightmares." There is a frown. "Co - come watch tv? Good movie on. Super Troopers." Then there is a bite of her cereal
Markus Berger With a shrug Markus just lazily sits down on the couch near Emma. "Not surprised, honestly. I'm pretty much running around with wracked nerves all day and I'm used to everything by now." With that said he looks towards the tv to watch the movie. "I really need to get myself some movies for freetime."
Emma "Ya?" Emma asks, looking his way a moment and then back to the movie, laughing at one of the parts and taking a bite of her cereal. Shaemus doesn't stir, he seems to be comfortable and happily dreaming - which one can tell by how his tail seems to wag happily. His master yawns, the back of her hand used to stifle it. "Ma - maybe I need a stiff drink ta sleep." It's an idle though, and yet again her eyes move to Markus. "Ya - ya need more fun, ya know." There is another laugh. "Oy I keep havin' people tell me that too. But it's true, ya do, guess we all do."
Markus Berger "I guess at this point I'm beyond the point of having enough fun without freaking out all day. I mean, what does it say about me that my everday clothes are bulletproof... and my new coat has holsters for firearms sewn into the inside?" With that said Markus briefly shuts up and stares at the screen with a unreadable look on his face. "Okay, I now officialy miss my movie collection. I envy Benny now, he managed to save his stuff before it blew up."
Emma "Mi - might say yer a lil' paranoid." Emma admits, gently, looking to the movie again and eats her cereal. "I - I can't blame ya, though, given all we been through." A pause, eyes drift to the bits of cereal floating in her bowl of milk. "I got a ton of information on Umbrella, I need ya ta look through. I am not so good on virology. An there are tons of stuff on what their creatin'." Yes, how did she get info like this!
Markus Berger The doctor himself doesn't care about the how that much right now as he glances back to Emma. "So, what do you have? Hopefully anything I don't know yet and have told Redfield allready. That guy is in dire need of information all day."
Emma Brows lift, Emma looks to Markus, spoon left in the bowl. "I ain't gonn tell'n show ya anythin' if yer spreadin' information ta people I don't know. I don't know tha guy, can't trust 'em. An, I didn't risk my life goin' inta a silo with a lab an run from a no-eyed-brain-thing ta not have a part in puttin' it ta use."
Markus Berger A sigh is the very first response Emma gets from Markus as he rolls his eyes. "Chris Redfield. Member of the BSAA. International Anti-Bioterrorism unit. Survivor of Raccoon City. Former S.T.A.R.S member. Brother of Claire Redfield, one of the more well known TerraSave members, who as he told me apparently has been kidnapped by Umbrella. Has a grudge against Umbrella worse than either of us. Anyway... where were you and what have you been up to? Also, I hope you had at least a gun with you since that description sounds awfully familiar."
Emma Emma doesn't seem to impressed with this verbal resume Markus is giving. She shrugs a bit. "Yer sayin' that? Archene 'an you are tha most paranoid guys. Ya just - just talked 'bout bullet proof clothin' an pockets for weapons. That's a big level of mistrust an I'm ta trust some guy ya know?" Her look is pointed.

Nothing is said of the information yet, but there is an uneasy silence, the movie the only noise for a second. "I - I forgot it. I threw a pipe at it an' ran away though."
Markus Berger "Going by that logic I shouldn't trust anyone I know either. Not even Archene, Benny, James or you. Probably should start with that as well, huh?" The doctor just keeps looking at the tv, not saying anything for another short moment. "Next time, make sure you have something. The armory is open to you and James would likely kill me and everyone else if something happened to you."
Emma "Ya learned ta trust them. Different. An' we're nat in any life or death situation so we're not bein' forced either. If ya want him ta know, I'll tell him myself if ya wanna introduce us." She looks back to the tv and tilts her head a little. "I'd not worry 'bout James or anythin', or anyone." There is a pause. "Ya all worry 'bout me so much yet risk everythin' yerselfs. Why is it so different for me?"
Markus Berger The doctor just silently grumbles for a moment. "Allright, I'll introduce you once I contact him again. In all honesty, he is one of the few folks I actually trust without reservation aside from you, so I hope for the best. Just be warned, that guy is pretty damn serious. Not surprising considering his job." He shrugs again a bit before looking directly at Emma and giving her a wry look. "Well, you are the cute girl who everyone tries to keep out of trouble. Folks are convinced that you aren't a good fit for the trouble we get into considering that it usually involves firefights, zombies and mutants. If that is true or not I can't judge myself since I haven't seen you in action in quite a long while. So... yeah. Everyones developing a fullblown protector instinct when it comes to you. Not to mention that at least two people are head over heels for you to varying degrees."
Emma Now Emma smirks a little, chuckling a little too. "Yes, I know nothin' of what it's like ta be 'round serious work focused men. Totally un - unknown to me." Eyes fix on Markus a second with the joke, yet her eyes stay there as this little explanation is given. "Yeah I - I figured." But then he talks about two guys and she looka truly confused. "Two guys, which guys?"
Markus Berger "Well, on one hand is James. Going by what I managed to notice he thinks very highly of you... to the point that you being in any kind of trouble is guranteed to make him snap. Badly. The other one... would be me. Yes. Don't really want to talk about that bit..." At this point the doctors wry look made place for one that makes it clear that he probably would prefer to quickly sink into the floor right now instead of continuing to talk. At all.
Emma "Ah, yes, James." Emma nods slowly, suggesting she knew this already. "We talked'n all, I told him that I dun think he'll truly be happy till he is happy with himself, an' he needs that first." She shrugs. And then her eyes go wide, fixed on him. "Wh - what?" That, was totally unexpected.
Markus Berger Markus did expect that reaction, but that is still not nearly enough to enable him not to flinch at her reaction. "Well, yes. Since about the time we escaped from RC. I mean, you are the nicest person I know, intelligent, beautiful and the one person I trust the most. Not to mention... Well, you remember my whole speech about faith in humanity and all that."
Emma Her cheeks redden a little. Emma is a little speechless. "I - I had no idea." She blinks a little. "Ya - ya know, I've struggled ta - ta even consider romance since Racoon. I've always been afraid of it happenin' again."
Markus Berger Yep. Definitely wants to sink into the floor right now. The look on his face betrays everything. Also the fact that even he goes a bit red in the face. "You are not the only one in that case. Been worried that it would repeat itself, aside from worrying about your wellbeing, the wellbeing of our friends and me honestly expecting all the time that I would just end up shot on the open street one fine day. Didn't happen, so..." With that said Markus shrugs helplessly.
Emma Emma nods a little, looking down and tucking some hair behind her ear. She is partly speechless, her tired mind trying to work through this bit of information. "I'm very scared." Admits the lass, nervously rubbing the back of her neck. "Ev - evey time I think life is gettin' good it plummets, an with that Umbrella buildin' explodin' too." She shakes her head, just a little. "Maybe we're mad, ya know? Seein' things as excuses because it's easier."
Markus Berger "Likely the whole world has gone mad by now. The only relatively secure way for any of us to get on with our lives would be by moving to the middle of nowhere at this point. Maybe. I just don't know." Markus shrugs once again in a gesture of helplessness as he stands up. "I'll try to get some sleep, so... sleep well. Or try to. Hopefully." If she were to allow it he would give her a slight hug before heading off to wherever his room is.
Emma Emma nods a little, and goes to return the hug. "Sl - sleep well." She replies, watching him go and then looks down, then up to the tv as she falls to the side, grabs a pillow and lays there, not so much watching the movie but thinking.