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Vivienne The bar is dark and full of people, all walks of life can be found here. Several brawny men are crowded in at the bar, drinking heavily and trying to impress a couple of blonde French women in the corner.
Vivienne is sitting at the end of the bar, legs crossed as she sips from a tall glass of something dark, pink and frothy. She holds up a hand, a finger raised, as she calls for another drink. She turns her seat around and idly people watches as she nibbles on a bar pretzel, an amused smirk on her face.
James Scott "See those guys over there?" James asks Vivienne, pointing over to where the big men are gathered around the women. "Beat their asses back before I lost my eye." He wobbles a bit then motions the bartender over to get him another shot before turning over towards the group and raising a hand to his mouth, "Ta mere suce le penis d'animaux pour l'argent!"
Vivienne Vivienne turns her stool, gazing over to where James is pointing. "Before?" She asks, grinning up at James, turning to gesture to the bartender to make it a double. The outburst of French from James makes her double over laughing. A hand covering her mouth to try to drown out the sound. The brawny men turn at the shout and one of them jerks a chin towards James. "You want trouble?" Vivienne clears her throat and motions for the man to sit back down, picking up one of the shots that are placed in front of James.
James Scott "Yeah, before." James nods at Vivienne, taking the shot he ordered. Then the guys are actually dumb enough to say something back, so that's where his attention turns for the moment.

"Me?" has asks, a grin creeping across his features. "I was looking for it, but I haven't found it yet." There's a flash behind his eye, the teen may not be as drunk as he's acting. "I don't suppose one of you nice ladies know where it is?"
Vivienne Vivienne takes her shot and she rests her chin on her palm as she watches the macho posturing. The brawny men look pissed off at the snarky comment from James and move towards him, a nasty look on their faces. Vivienne glances over at James and frowns. "Didn't you just get *out* of trouble a few days ago?" She asks, shaking her head slowly back and forth.
Benny Benny is one of those people from all walks of life, well actually he's Canadian but that should count for something, right? He's dressed is casual clothes, a black Belstaff jacket, a grey graphic t-shirt with the batman symbol on front, blue designer jeans and white stan smith adidas sneakers. He decied to head to Jack's to get some food, it doesn't really matter what time of day it is well because he's always hungry.

The asian walks in through the front doors, glancing around and spots the brawny men who seem to be glaring over at two people who are seated near the end of the bar. His gaze follows the rather angry looking men's and he blinks when he spots a familiar face, James's face and it's a face he knows all too well. "James?" He blinks, getting the distinct vibe that this could be the wrong place and wrong time to come in here.

The testosterone is thick in the air, so he waves a hand as he passes between the big jocks. Uh oh, he seems to recognize some of these guys himself and he tries to turn the other cheek so to speak as he walks towards the end of the bar where Vivienne and James are seated. "I hope you aren't starting trouble, again? Poor Jack nealry had a heart attack last time there was a bar fight here." He sighs softly and then nods politely to Vivienne, giving her a shy smile. "Hi." He then looks over at the bartender and waves him over. "I'll have a pint of Kilkenny please. Thanks, friend." He then leans his arm on the bar, glancing back over to the pissed off group of muscular dudes. "I knew I should have listened to Admiral Akbar..."
James Scott "Oh, hey Benny." James waves over at Benny, he isn't taking the situation seriously at all. "I just wanted to see if they remembered the last time I kicked their asses, guess they don't." He looks back at the men and shoots them a vicious grin. "That or maybe they're showing off trying to get laid. I don't really know."

"So, which one is it?"
Vivienne Vivienne returns Benny's smile and says, "Hey." before she picks her drink back up and takes another sip. She turns away from the brawny jerks and focuses her attention on James. "I don't want to get kicked out of this place, it has good food." She warns, her lower lip poking out in a mock pout.
Benny "What? Those aren't the same guys from the last time we were in here are they?" Benny replies to James, trying hard not to glance back in the direction of the brawny folk in case they mistake his actions as provoking them. He shakes his head and chuckles softly when James comments about the men's posturing trying to get them laid.

"Oh James, you never cease to amaze me sometimes. So uh, how are you doing?" He then takes out his wallet, paying for his drink when the bartender pours him his Kilkenny Irish cream ale pint. "Thanks buddy. Keep the change." He then raises his glass in a toast towards both James and Vivienne, "Cheers." Then takes a small sip, getting some of that cream foam on his upper lip. He blinks at his rudeness and then turns to Vivienne, looking rather sheepish. "Oh, sorry I'm Benny by the way." He extends his hand towards the lady for a hand shake if she accepts it.
James Scott "Two out of three. Enough to know better." James gives a small shrug. "Regardless, Vivienne doesn't want me to fight, so you guys can scamper off, alright?" He leans over to press a quick peck to the woman's mock pout, but he doesn't turn his back to the guys. He does prop his elbows up on the bar, just in case they don't go quietly.

"So, what've you been up to, Benny? Anything interesting?" He places a single finger atop the shot glass sat next to him, idly moving it around in small circles. Anybody that's ever fought more than one person at a time could likely tell what he had in mind for the little thing. Like Riddick with his tea cup.
Vivienne Vivienne takes Benny's hand and shakes it, an easy grin on her face. "Nice to meet you." She goes quiet and after James gives her a peck on the lips she turns towards the bar and lets the men talk as she sips at her strawberry sunrise and shoves another pretzel in her mouth.
Benny Benny nods when James tells him that two of those meatheads are the one's they had a run in with three of four months ago during that unfortunate bar fight incident. "Yeah, well they should know better and I doubt they will try something now that both of us are here." He takes another sip from his pint, then turns around leaning his back against the bar. "Nah, nothing too interesting. But maybe when you are free later, I'd like to discuss some stuff with ya." He glances at the shot glass you are moving around with your finger, furrowing his brow slightly and then moves his hand over the shot glass, gesturing that he won't be needing to use that in such a way.

He then nods politely to Vivienne, smiling softly. "Nice to meet you as well, miss Vivienne." He heard James say her name and addresses her as such with his polite Canadian accent.
James Scott "Oh, sorry. I really should have introduced you guys." James flashes the pair a polite smile as the trio does, surprisingly, back down. "Vivienne, this is Benny. He's one of the people I survived Raccoon with. He also arrested me a while before that." He gestures over between the two.

"And Benny, this is Vivienne. I met her outside my apartment building not too long after I got shot in the face in the catacombs. She's pretty cool." In case he couldn't tell from him kissing her earlier. "Hopefully you've got something good. Like where I can find my father. If I could I'd like to get my hands on him before we have to nuke Paris too."
Vivienne Vivienne winks at James before she turns to smile at Benny again. "Was he misbehaving back then too?" She asks, an amused look on her face. She grins over at James and wrinkles her nose. "Yeah, he was yelling at me as I walked into this very Bistro, it was pretty memorable." She jokes, shrugging. She gets a slightly pained look on her face at the mention of nuking Paris, but she hides it behind her glass as she takes another drink.
Benny "Yeah, I used to be a cop in Raccoon City but that seems like it was a long time ago now." Benny replies with a slight sigh but he does have a polite small smile on his lips. "Yeah, James was a bit of a trouble maker back in the day but he's matured a bit since then." He grins slightly now and takes another sip from his pint. He does notice the look James gives the brawny trio and glances towards them when they turn their backs to go about their business after deciding it just isn't worth it.

"He nods at Vivienne's comments and then blinks when James talks about his father, then avoiding nuking Paris. "Uh, say what now?" He turns his full attention towards James, the jovial mood that he was in when he came in to grab a pint is now gone and it is no joking matter when someone talks about Raccoon City all over again but this time in the current city you are in.
James Scott "Was just trying to sell some weed. Glad I didn't have anything on me." James couldn't exactly say the same thing at this moment. "I damn near stuck Buck in the face that night. If I hadn't just been shot I probably would have."

Then his attention turns over to Benny, "What now? I'm looking for him. I /was/ digging around in Umbrella's files, but they caught me and sent some people over to my place to terminate my contract. They really should have known better. I'd probably be crashing over at the Chateau if the security services hadn't shown up and cleared up the confusion."
Vivienne Vivienne folds her arms over her chest and sighs softly. "Looks like our fun night out is coming to an end." She says quietly, sliding off of her barstool. She shoves her hand in her back pocket, pulls out a few bills and tosses them on the bar. She glances between the pair and taps the side of her nose. "We should probably talk about all of this somewhere a little more private." She blinks at James, her brow furrowing slightly.
Benny Benny blinks again as James continues to talk about his father and digging around Umbrella's files. "Woah...they tried to um," Then he looks confused when you mention security services clearing this up. "Wait? You lost me there."

But then he turns to Vivienne, seeing her getting off the barstool and paying her tab. "Oh, uh...I didn't mean to ruin the mood." Benny replies looking a tad sheepish again and rubs the back of his neck as she indicates they should leave to discuss this in private. He tries to gulp down his pint but he's having some problems and then his face gets all red of a sudden. He's probably a light weight of a drinker because he's starting to look a bit tipsy now, from half a pint!
James Scott James takes Vivienne's cash up and hands it back over to her, fishing his wallet out and tossing down what they owe plus a tip. "I've got us covered." he shoots a wink her way before looking back over at Benny, "Oh, Emma didn't tell you? Good on her."

He reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. "Guess we probably should. Can go up to the pool if you guys want." he throws out, perhaps realizing at this point he's said too much.
Vivienne "We should go somewhere else." Vivienne says, nodding slowly. "Doesn't matter to me where we go, as long as it's quiet and we won't be overheard." She props her hands on her hips and grins at Benny. "No need to apologize, this kind of shit happens sometimes."
Benny Benny can't finish the rest of his pint so he just leaves it on the bar, nodding to the two of you. "Okay." He notices that James doesn't look too comfortable with what he just said aloud to him but the cat is out of the bag now. Not like Benny is some super secret agent or anything. He's just an easy drunk.
James Scott "You know, I dunno. Who knows, if I tell Benny I could have some shit to deal with. What'd you say you were doing now, IT work?" James turns his gaze onto Benny, squinting slightly. "How do you go from wor- wait a minute." The teen reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose.
Vivienne Vivienne shakes her head and gestures towards the door, her nose wrinkling slightly. "Not here." She repeats, picking up her coat and finishing her drink. She smiles over at Benny and then gazes at James. "So where are we going?" She asks quietly.
Benny Benny nods at James, his face still red from drinking that half-pint so quickly and he hiccups. "Yup, I never knew that building my own computers, tinkering with fire walls and teaching myself C++ code as a hobby would land me a good job." There was always a nerdy side to this ex-cop that a lot of people didn't know about, well he wasn't exactly that shy about letting people knew he collected comics and played online video games, as well as teaching martial arts classes in his spare time. He glances at Vivienne as she picks up her coat and finishes her drink.
James Scott "Sorry Viv, had a little bit to drink." James flashes Vivienne an apologetic smile and starts walking towards the door. "We're gonna go to the third best view in the city. C'mon, follow me." As he walks past Viv he gives her hand a gentle squeeze, another apology. "Thankfully it's right up the road."
Vivienne Vivienne is silent on the walk to the Penthouse, her mind on a few different things. When James squeezes her hand she smiles up at him. "Hey, we'll figure it out later, you know?" She murmurs, trying to keep that comment for his ears only. She sets her coat down and walks over near the edge of the pool and gazes down to the street below, almost as if she's looking for something or someone. Shrugging she turns and walks over to the sitting area, curling up on one of the comfortable chairs.
Benny Benny follows the two of you in relative silence, trying his darndest to will himself sober by breathing in lots of fresh air while he walks. Some Kungfu master he is, when he almost gets KO'ed by a half pint of Kilkenny Cream Ale. Everyone has a kryptonite, his just happens to be that asian gene of lacking the enzymes to properly break down alcohol in the bloodstream before it goes straight to his brain. When he finally arrives to the top of James's swanky penthouse roof, he leaves the two of you to give you some privacy if required and looks over towards Paris from this vantage point, the 3rd best view according to James. Taking the time to appreciate the view and seems lost in thought.
James Scott "So, mister Benjamin, what did you have to tell me?" James asks, following Vivienne over to take a seat in one of the chairs. "Also, don't have a helicopter pad put on your roof. You're asking for trouble." He grabs the box out from under his chair and leans back, reaching over to give Vivienne's knee a light squeeze.
Vivienne Vivienne glances over to the helicoptor pad and then she shifts on her chair, moving to get to her feet. "Hey, if you want, I can go make some food or something. Give you two a little privacy." She says, biting down on her bottom lip. "Maybe some coffee too." She notes, giving Benny a brief intent stare. She glances over at James and smiles. "Whatcha hungry for handsome?"
Benny "Coffee sounds wonderful, thanks." Benny replies to Vivienne and gives her a shy smile. Turning to James now, he walks over towards the man who is still very much a teenager in his eyes but I guess when you wear an eyepatch, missing half an ear and suddenly became a lot bigger over a short period of time it does somewhat change his perspective a little from that kid he hauled to jail for possession misdemeanor. "I came here to ask for your help, James. Emma, she found something...she's been doing her own investigations as I'm sure you are aware." He sighs softly, "She's always getting herself in trouble but this time at least I was able to find out about it." He then lowers his voice as he draws closer to James. "Remmeber that shit we had to deal with at the Water Treatment plant? She found one of those things and we need your help to go deal with it." He is sure that James will know what he is talking about.
James Scott "Oh fuck, one of those bastards?" James remembers having Buck save his ass back there like it was yesterday. "Yeah, can't have that getting out, no telling how many people it would kill." The teen leans back with a sigh, his gaze shifting skywards.

"I'll eat when he leaves babe, I'm going to smoke right now though." As he speaks he does pop the lid off of that box, and the overpowering smell of marijuana is released out to assault those who don't partake. He looks back down over at Benny, "It's a good thing we've all gotten stronger since then. Well, most of us. Emma is just better at patching us up now."
Vivienne "I'll be right back then, with two cups of coffee." Vivienne says, padding towards the exit back into the penthouse.
Benny "Yeah, that crazy brain gecko thing that french kisses you to death." Benny says in a hushed tone even after Vivienne has left the room to get coffee. Yup, he remembers the water treatment plant alright, he can never forget that day and he's got the scars to prove it. "That was one of the craziest days I've ever had in my life...and that, what did you call it, Nemesis? Had that freaking minigun and nearly killed us if it wasn't for Archene and Wesker." There is a little smirk on his face as he remembers throwing a smoke bomb and hookshoting up the stairs for his dramatic escape. "I still have nightmares about it, but hey we lived and yeah, Emma is doing better." He steps away from you when you light up your doobie, he's allergic to second hand smoke of any kind and he starts coughing a little, covering his mouth with his hand as he walks to the edge of the railing on the rooftop. "Thanks for agreeing to help. It means a lot and the more help we can get, the better. I was hoping to round up the old gang, but it is hard since everyone is so busy." He then glances back towards you, "I'm happy for you. Got this nice place and found a nice girl."
James Scott "I never would have guessed Wesker was Umbrella back then. Makes you wonder if they had anything to do with S.T.A.R.S being formed. They could have trained you guys for the sole purpose of collecting combat data against Nemesis." James muses quietly, tossing some bud into his grinder and breaking it down so he can roll it up. "Vivienne is pretty damn cool. If I'm lucky she'll still put up with my shit long after I find a new place."
Benny Benny blinks, "Wesker? Umbrella? Woah...those are pretty serious accusations." He slaps his fist into the palm of his hand for emphasis. "Do you have any proof of this? I mean, what you just said is that Wesker is a traitor and he formed S.T.A.R.S. as a test for that crazy freak Umbrella monster!?" He turns, leaning against the railing and watches you as you roll the joint. "Fuck, if that's true he's like the commanding officer of that special counter-bioterrorist unit, FAB, FDA, FCB or whatever the hell they are called."
James Scott "Is he? Oh that's fucking priceless." James chuckles quietly, breaking out a cigar to roll up a blunt. "He's mentioned a few times in my father's notes. I didn't find any files on him while I was digging, but that's probably because they're locked behind an even tighter security clearance. But, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Wesker is just as scary as I am."
Vivienne "It's the FBC." Vivienne says, stepping back onto the roof with a tray in her hands. She sets it on the table, handing off a cup of coffee to Benny before she retakes her vacated seat. She crosses her legs and leans forward, snagging her own mug before she gazes at James and adds. "If you've got any proof of that, I'd be interested in seeing it."
Benny "Damn, this is hard to believe...but Wesker was with us at the Water Treatment plant? He's the one that killed Nemesis...doesn't make any sense." Benny's brow furrows as he tries to figure this all out and then blinks, when Vivienne comes back with the drinks, correcting him on what that unit is called. "Oh, FBC...I think that's right, what does that stand for again? Oh and how do you know this? You military?" He then accepts the coffee cup that she gives him with both hands, giving her a slight bow of his head as it is a show of respect in Chinese culture. "Thanks Vivienne." He then glances between James and Vivienne, when she asks for the same proof that he was asking for just moments earlier.
James Scott "Thank you." James shoots Vivienne a warm smile. "And the only thing I have that mentions his involvement is my father's notebook, and it's got some stuff in it that relates to the Progenitor virus. Then again, I also don't have any proof that the notebook is real, so he'd squeeze out of it and I'd probably get myself in more trouble. Don't think they know I actually have his research, and if that's the case I'd like to keep it that way."

He runs his tongue along the bit of cigar that isn't rolled before sticking it down onto itself. "Federal Bioterrorism Commission. He was with me the first time Nemesis showed up too. If it had been up to him I'd have died out there on that fire escape." He pops the lid back onto the box and takes his mug, looking over at Vivienne he adds, "You're the fucking best, you know that?"
Vivienne Vivienne sits back in her chair and grins at James. "I try, sometimes." She gazes at Benny and nods briefly. "Yeah, I uhm..I have a knack for getting myself into the thick of trouble, so I got sent here to sniff out something." She shrugs and takes a sip of the dark liquid in her mug. "I'm not going to say anything to anyone." She assures James. "I'm not so sure who the friendlies are anymore anyway, haven't been for a short while."
Benny Benny nods at Vivienne's answer and looks over at James. "Yeah, I see your point. I was a cop, so I know that isn't enough proof, certainly not in court and he could easily punch holes through the validity of the notes." When he hears Federal Bioterrorism Commission, he slaps his forehead lightly. "Duh, I should have known that and I think I heard it on the news a few times. I don't understand french well enough to watch local stuff but I watch Fox News, now and again for kicks. Stupidest news broadcast ever but if you filter out the bullshit, there is a grain of truth somewhere in the story." He then takes a sip from his cup of coffee and grins, "Tasty. What kind? French roast...can't quite nail down the exact flavors." He offers praise to Vivienne's coffee culinary skills.
James Scott "Not really any truth. There's a reason that it's an entertainment network and not a news network." James says of Faux News, wrinkling his nose slightly. He places the blunt between his lips and lights it up, leaning back to get comfortable he takes a sip of the coffee before exhaling the smoke. "Damn babe he's right. Your coffee always tastes so much better." he shoots her a wink. "Well, at the end of the day you can count on me being a friendly."
Vivienne "French roast, enough hazlenut to make it interesting." Vivienne answers, leaning forward to put her mug on the table. She glances away from the conversation, a troubled look on her face as she takes in the view, the smell of theh pool and the slight breeze. She glances back at James and instead of responding with words she reaches out and pats him on the knee. "I'll be honest, when they proposed this job opportunity to me, it sounded more cut and dry than it has been." She sighs and shakes her head.
Benny "Nice, well it is excellent and I'm going to have to ask for this next time I'm at a Cafe or at Jack's." Benny says to Vivienne, "I am thinking of adding some vanilla powder with a dash of soy milk for next time. I'm lactose intolerant but I like my coffee black too, so this is perfect." He then smirks at James's comments. "Yeah, I guess that is true about Fox. Man, I do miss some of those tv shows. They were stupid too but entertaining." He notices Vivienne's troubled look and then asks, "Oh? What did they say you were going to do? I mean, I just found out that my last job was possibly a sham, lead by a traitor who works for the very corporation that started this whole mess in the first place."
James Scott "Hey, regardless of what the group was inteded to be used for, you guys helped people. So it wasn't really a sham." James informs Benny with a firm nod, before also turning his attention to Vivienne. "That's how they get you. But I'll help you out as best I can, where I can. So you aren't alone, even if they'd prefer you are."
Vivienne "They had me sniffing out a lead about Las Islas del Paraiso, and ..well..I found what they were looking for." Vivienne says, gazing down at her knees. "The only reason I was ever approached in the first place is because of my background, and my knowledge of guns." She exhales out a sigh and smiles over at James. "Yeah, why do I get the feeling that you helping me out might cause a bit of a ruckus?" She gestures towards the stairs. "You don't need another repeat of what happened in your library a few days ago."
Benny "Los Viva loca parachutes?" Benny manages to butcher the name and he's pretty much sobered up so he can't even use alcohol as an excuse now. "Never heard of that place..." But then he feels kinda bad after he see's her reaction, "Oh...well, I'm sure they hired you for good reason." He has no clue who they are but it sounded like the best thing to say at the time. Ben, gives James a small nod. "Very true. We did help lots of people. Thanks for the reminder James." His eyes then follow Viv's gesture towards the stairs and asks. "Oh, is this in relation to that termination of your contract thing you were mentioning earlier?" He uses air quotes with his fingers as he says the words termination.
James Scott "Paradise islands. There's an old labratory there. I got a lead the other day that makes me think it may be where my father was working on the dirty bomb he detonated here not too long ago." James reaches over to give Vivienne's knee a squeeze. "It'd be worth it." He sets his coffee back on the table so he can smoke and keep one hand over on her knee.

"They sent in mercenaries to kill me." James looks back over at Benny. "If I was still Raccoon James I'd be dead. Really helped me put in perspective just how much stronger I am today. I'd say I'm stronger right now than I was in the catacombs, and I hope that I can keep growing."
Vivienne "Still, you weren't in great shape when we found you." Vivienne says, frowning over at James. "I think we should try to keep a repeat of that on the backburner." She gazes over at Benny and chuckles softly, gesturing at him with her dominant hand. "See, you look like someone who could do my job better than I do it. I wasn't raised into it, I barely know the ropes. I just blend in easy when it's necessary and nobody looks at me and expects me to be military." She snorts out soft laughter, leaning forward to snag her mug again.
Benny "Damnit, umbrella has freaking labs everywhere and I guess might as well leave it up to the professionals to take those places out." Benny says in a rather dejected voice and sighs. When Viv tells him he could do a better job than she can, he gives her an incredulous look. "Who me? Nah, I'm more than content with just being safe behind a computer nowadays. But yeah, I don't think I would've pegged you as military at first blush." He then takes another sip of coffee and checks his watch. "Oh boy. I hate to sound like a nerd, but I have to get back to my hotel and get ready for a online team raid on my WoW game. Thanks for the company, the coffee and the updates." He really loves this coffee though, so he's going to blow on it so that it cools down enough that he can down it quickly. Can't let this go to waste. "So, James. I'll be in touch about that thing we were talking about and thanks again." He give Vivienne a polite bow of his head. "It was nice to meet you miss Vivienne and take care." He then takes little small sips of coffee as fast as he can.