Umbrella Surveillance System
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Albert Wesker A brilliant full moon casts silvery cascades across the dark water cut by the USS Liberty, the aircraft carrier that serves as the F.B.C.'s mobile headquarters casting long shadows across decks and ocean alike as the vessel cruises inexorably towards the group's next port of call; from one mission, on to the next, back home... then do it all twice more. It's not a life of leisure.

Case in point: Caldwell and Winters are rounded up from wherever they may be on this ship this fine late night (most likely sleeping!) and escorted to an impromptu meeting with the Colonel.

His testimony integral in the chargest that stuck to any number of Umbrella employees and executives in the wake of Raccoon City, his experience with and understanding of the B.O.W. menace, his decorated service record-- Wesker was a shoo-in to head the revamp of the F.B.C.. Many of the current staff and soldiery, handpicked by the heroic commander.

It's a level of control on quiet display as the pair are led to the Captain's stateroom, adjacent the nigh-abandoned bridge. Several men on guard give the aide and his escorts a knowing smile alongside the periodic salute. The corridor to the Colonel's office is empty save a solitary, loyal guard. Several of the security personnel on shift provide further assurances the meeting will not be interrupted.

Wesker sits within his spartan but stylish office behind a darkly finished cherrywood desk, sorting several files. When the pair are shown in (and the door shut behind them), he all too casually activates a signal jammer placed on his desk, overpowering any number of surveillance options in their vicinity.

To the Colonel, it's just another day at the office.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is busy escorted under the full moon to Wesker's office. He has his pants on his head like some kind of crude bunny ears and a t-shirt on his legs. These articles of clothing would sadly not be worn again, Caldwell quickly tries to redress himself as he notices he dun goofed and quickly changes positions of the pants and t-shirt. Thankfully he was wearing boxers or this would be a gruesome sight for everyone. William enters the room with his escorts and then promptly offers a tired salute accompanied with a yawn..suddenly..signal jammer? "Are we in trouble, Wesker, sir?" he asks.
Cecily      It's a surprise to Cecily, being roused without an alarm or a mission call. She blinks, gathering her wits, and pulling on her fatigues and boots and making adjustments as quick as she can to look at least halfway presentable. She hurries along with her escort, glancing at the familiar face of a former RCPD member in William. But she stays silent when they enter the office and are sealed in alone, she blinks at Wesker. "Colonel...?" she asks softly, sharing similar concerns with William as she gives a more crisp but also tired salute.
Albert Wesker Wesker could care less how presentable either Cecily or William happen to be, though he himself is crisply pressed even at this late hour. He's dressed in his greyish F.B.C. fatigues, pinned with his rank insignia and nametag, a pair of dark shades covering his eyes. As is more or less inevitable these days, twin shoulder holsters conceal a pistol and a magnum revolver.

"We're all in trouble." The Colonel ominously, but entirely matter-of-factly acknowledges. "Humor me; what do you identify as the core problem in Umbrella's philosophy?" The lithe, statuesque blonde leans forward, his expression all but unreadable behind stoicism and sunglasses.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell finally manages to dress himself appropriately , at least somewhat. He's nowhere near as uniform as Wesker is. "Why are we in trouble, sir?" he blinks and scratches his chin for a moment "From what I understand, Umbrella is a bioterrorist organization concerned only with destroying mankind. I joined to stop bioterrorism and make the world a better place, sir. Umbrella also as a whole, is the reason why the world is going to hell in a handbasket."
Cecily     "Umbrella, sir?" Cecily asks, blinking again. She stays silent momentarily, and looks to Caldwell when he speaks, then back to Wesker. "...core problem of their philosophy...? Possibly driven by greed with no particular care for collateral damage and loss of life. They're just that... bio-terrorists. I'm afraid I don't know too terribly much about them, however..." she says, speaking honestly and quietly, hands clasped behind her back.
Albert Wesker A slight, only mildly amused smile spreads on Wesker's features at the answers. "Certainly good and proper answers the organization would be glad to hear. But Umbrella aren't simple terrorists. Winters glances closer to the mark on that one-- it's avarice, ambition, the ever-present arms race. At the end of the day, they're in the business of war; of ever deadlier weapons and deployment thereof."

There's a momentary pause as Wesker considers one soldier, and then the other. "At the end of the day, -we're- in the business of war; of ever deadlier weapons and the deployment thereof. Our benefactors don't want these bioweapons squashed, simply controlled; perfected. But evolution is inherently chaotic."

Several of the gathered files are opened, and presented. Medical tests and analyses of Caldwell and Cecily's physical capabilities... and in the former's case, entirely unacceptable viral levels. These are adjacent to falsified tests that keep the pair under the radar, even here; records likely maintained by the Colonel's people in the labs.

"That presents a very personal problem for you both. As prototype weapons." Even if he did forge this particular pair himself; it's simply not relevant to the issue at hand.
Prestige William Caldwell William frowns "Business of war?" he blinks "They don't want bioweapons destroyed? Then what are we doing here? Is our entire goal a lie?! We're supposed to save lives, aren't we?!" he sighs and slumps down slightly. He was getting angrier and angrier but his rage was contained for the moment. "Wait...i'm a...weapon?" he asks. "That can't be right...I don't feel any different. This is a joke, right Wesker, sir? If I am a weapon, what am I supposed to do? Umbrella will want to experiment on me or something or kill me."
Cecily      "Prototype weapons?" Cecily asks, sounding a little less surprised, but a little more concerned. Her hands unclasp and she brings them around to her front, re-gripping them at her chest and staring down at the paperwork. "What do you need of me, Colonel? What does this mean for me? I know I won't turn into one of those... things... I wouldn't have gotten out of Raccoon City if I would've... but... what does this all mean then? And who are we going to war with?"
Albert Wesker "Less a lie than a partial truth." Wesker wagers with some authority on the subject. The Colonel frowns, pensive. "I'm sure either of you would be valuable to Umbrella. Winters has a hyper-active immune system that replicates tissue and battles infection at an uncanny rate. It's a mutation easily replicated and weaponized.. an experiment indeed. On top of that, perhaps even contributing to it, the various strains related to the T-Virus scarcely touch her." It's a circuitous way to avoid mentioning Progenitor; but the veteran operative has never been one to show his whole hand at once.

"What I can only reason to be a secondary infection during the Incident in Raccoon City, Caldwell, activated latent genetic markers that look to be both natural and engineered. Surely you've been ever-sharper, your limits expanding." Wesker smirks. "'Lucky'. You've survived some very precarious situations and debhiltating wounds, my friend."

The Colonel smoothly removes his shades and places them deftly atop the desk, "What I need from you both is simple. Your loyalty. Your help, when the time comes, to break this cycle, to turn a new breed of humanity into a new age for mankind."

Secondary inner lids on Wesker's eyes open horizontally in the proverbial blink of an eye, revealing multifaceted orbs of crimsons, golds, and blacks. The eyes of a preternatural predator. The Beast at the heart of the F.B.C. smiles slowly.

"It's the only way we'll survive what's coming. Now, more than ever, we need brotherhood."
Prestige William Caldwell William stares intently at Wesker, his anger becoming relevant "I would rather die then help Umbrella, sir." he says with confidence. He tilts his head slightly at Wesker and nods slowly "I guess...I've been getting stronger and stronger without doing much. I survived getting body smashed by a T-101 during that infected ship incident...But...Are you sure about this?" he stares in horror at Weskers new eyecolor "My loyalty and help? If it means helping people and saving mankind from Umbrella, i'm definately in, sir. I want to stop Umbrella more then anyone." he nods to Wesker again "I need to learn to control what's going on in my body..I've been feeling angry all the time for little to no reason..just wanting to get out my violence somehow. Is this a result of my infection, sir? Can you help me? All I want to do is help people, sir..but I feel like a freak now. Umbrella would probably weaponize me and sane people would probably shoot me if they found out what I was. What other choice do I have, really?"
Cecily      Cecily's fingers clench as her value to Umbrella is mentioned and she frowns. But she knows some of what Wesker says. Not all of it. SOme of it. William's particular oddities are news to her, however. She blinks, though, at the sudden reveal of those nigh-reptilian eyes, tensing suddenly and almost taking a half-step back. She hadn't known the man had his own... curiosities.

    "Loyalty and brotherhood?" she asks. "...if.. this is to keep something like Raccoon City from happening again..." she nods sowly. "Just... there's certain people I don't want to leave behind. Well. Certain someone. Does.. everyone have a place in this.. 'new age'? I suppose I just don't want to lose what humanity I still have, Colonel. But I want to stop this sort of outbreak scenario from happening again. Too much loss of life, too much pain, for what?"
Albert Wesker "Raccoon City was not an isolated incident, but a harbinger. There is ample evidence of any number of smaller outbreaks prior; covered up or simply unknown. Now, the threat is known, but poorly understood." Wesker sighs slowly, steepling his fingers as he considers.

"The history of man is the history of war. At last humanity gained the capacity to unmake itself, and it still wasn't enough. I can't promise no other cities will fall before this is over; but I -can- guarantee there are those like us everywhere, prepared to fight to be more than a corrupt organization's weapon. This is about ascension; evolution. Something better for humanity-- not the bottom line or political interests of any one entity."
Prestige William Caldwell "So Umbrella has been doing this for god knows how long?" Caldwell asks, his untempered rage showing more and more through third-parties consisting of the virus inside him. He calms himself once more though, no need to make a scene where one wasn't needed. "If we can at least slow what Umbrella is doing down...i'm willing to help. If there are more like us, that means theres the potential for everyone to be apart of mankinds evolution? Right Wesker, sir? We don't have to leave anyone behind in a perfect world..right?" he looks down at Wesker with a smile that only a naive child can give..a child in a mans body. Given too much power too quickly. That was what William was, he wasn't a superhero, but he did want to help people like one. So Wesker was a good a start as any.
Cecily      Cecily's hands stay tight, but she nods, "I joined the PD to help people.. I joined the FBC to continue doing the same.. and I'll stand at your side, Colonel, if it means I can continue on this path... no matter what I... am or become.." she takes a breath and sighs it out. "If we can at least... lessen the effects of these incidents... or stop some from happening completely..." she nods, lips pressed thinly together.
Albert Wesker "Decades, at a minimum." Wesker confirms simply, nodding once to Caldwell. "And at this point, it's scarcely just Umbrella." By his own assertions, the US Government has their own designs on making use of such weapons. Then again, so does the Colonel-- along a somewhat different angle.

"Struggle is inherent in growth, and evolution." he informs William sympathetically, "But we will fight to stop this cycle of self-destruction while there is still something to save. And we will need both your friends. Keep your heads low, your ears open, Come to me first with anything unusual."
Prestige William Caldwell William nods "If we can at least get the ball rolling on stopping mankind from destroying itself i'm in. Just tell me what you need me to do, sir. You've never steered me wrong before, you've always been my idol." and that wasn't a lie either, Caldwell really looked up to Wesker for what a hero he was. "I want to save as many people as I can, sir. The less lives we lose the better." he gives a brief nod and smile to his new emperor- I mean boss "You got it, sir!"
Cecily      "We've been stopping terrorist cells from acquiring bioweapons... it really is much bigger than Umbrella now..." she sighs quietly. "I've never understood destructive tyrants. There'll be nothing left to rule over if you destroy everything..." she says with the shake of her head. "I'll do what I can to help. I'd like to know more about.. what's going on in me, too. What about the rest of the FBC, then?"
Albert Wesker "I can help you both find answers, and to take control of the potential within you. And many others." Wesker does offer freely, "But one thing at a time. If you're wondering if we're the only ones in the F.B.C.-- no." The sly smile hearkens back to his previous words. All in good time. "Do your duty, keep your head. We'll speak more soon."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell smiles back at Wesker "That sounds wonderful, sir, thank you." he nods to him happily "Glad to hear it, sir. I look forward to helping you save the world." and with that, he's off back to sleep!
Cecily      Cecily nods, "I'll keep following orders.. and doing what I can where I'm sent.." She lowers her arms and takes a more rigid stance before giving a salute. "...sir. Thank you. I look forward to being able to help further, when the time comes. Just let me know if there's anything more I can do for you, please." She lowers her arm and nods, slowly turning on her heel to leave, having more to think about now as well.