Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's late now, well past dinner. And cold, it gets so very cold at night. At least the sky is clear, which is an upside as it makes things brighter, with all the stars and glow from the moon.

Right now, Emma is in her room. She missed dinner, wasn't hungry. The lass has been uneasy, tired, and hurt. Sure the wounds are healing but the true emotional ones are still there. She is pacing back and forth, handa in her hair, looking at the closet and all her clothes, which seems to represent her mind, which is a chaotic mess.
Hunter Something had been bothering her since the night of the bomb. Emma had been there, but she had looked roughed up, like she had been attacked by something. That didn't sit well with Hunter, and even after that, she needed to know if Emma was alright after the blast. Then again, she didn't want to deal with goung through the security, and the front door, and waiting in the lobby to be attended to... it was way too fancy and it was a waste of time. What was a better way? Sneaking in, of course.

That was how Hunter found herself scaling the side of a mansion in Paris. Wild. For once she felt in her element; climbing, running, jumping, shimmying along edges... it was about all she really excelled at. The heavy weight of the gun Poncho had given her was apparant at her waist, hidden by her hoodie for now, but it didn't seem to impede her climb at all. Now... if she remembered correctly, Emma's room was somewhere up here. All she had to do was count the windows...

Outside one of the big windows of Emma's room, there was a soft sound, as if something was knocking at the glass. Hunter didn't wait for Emma to open the window; it was cold out here and the climb had numbed her fingers. Instead of waiting, the impatient youth swung the window open (thankfully it wasn't locked).

"Emma, I wanted to see if you were--" Hunter began, but didn't get to finish. The perfect climb was ruined when her sneaker caught the edge of the windowsill on the way in, and Hunter literally tumbled through the window to land in a heap on Emma's floor. "...ow."
Emma Turning away from the closed Emma would go to the full length mirror she has. Stepping right up to it, a hand runs over those fadin scars, the healing split lip. And her eyes, looking in the mirror these days, hurt. She didn't see herself.

The sound by the window draws her attention, and then suddenly Hunter is there. Jumping from fright that fades quick as her friend comes in, yet falls right to the ground. With a gasp, the lass hurries forward to go help her fellow ginger up. "Oy, Hu - Hunter, yer mad climbin' 'round in this weather, ya must be freezin'." The chair nearby has a blanket on it, that is grabbed and draped over the parkor girl.
Hunter Well this was embarrassing. She had made it past mansion security only to fall on her face at the finish line. Not only that, but right in front of Emma, too. The auburn haired youth groaned, not out of pain, but sheer embarassment. She let Emma help her up but was not expecting the blanket that was draped over her. Emma really was a sweetheart, wasn't she?

"What a holy show..." she mumbled to herself before quickly looking up. "Nah, I'm fine, I came over t'make sure you were okay!" Her gaze turned serious. "Before the bomb, yer lip was cut an' there was scratches. Wot happened? Who do I have t'clobber?"
Emma Emma would make sure that Hunter is warm before letting go of the blanket. It can be seen in her eyes that the lass is on the verge of a break, that her soul is ready to release. It just needs that push.

"Yer - yer unable ta do that." Her words are heavy, strained. "Ya can't fight tha inhuman 'lone." Then she turns and runs a hand through her long red hair, looking in the mirror again. "I dun want someone diein' cuz of me."
Hunter Hunter's jaw clenched. Inhuman, eh? Like the B.O.W that Poncho had followed into the catacombs from the Umbrella facility... exactly what the old man was helping her be able to overcome. The teenager pulled the hood down to reveal her face. It was much the same as before, but her eyes were tired with the hintings of dark circles beneath them. Oh, as well as the bruised cut on her forehead at the right of her hairline.

"I'm workin' on it." The teenager pulled up her hoodie to reveal what looked like some kind of armoured bodysuit underneath, as well as... was that a comically large revolver attached to her waist? Yes. Yes it was. Crazy old men giving teenagers guns, what was the world coming to?

"Y'realize yer more'n likely t'save someone's life than be the cause o' their death, right? Yer not a smart med folk for nothin', Emma."
Emma There is a bit of a frown, seems these days nobody is immune to danger. Emma heads over to her closet, and pulls out an armoured body suit of her own, and then when it's put back, pulls out from a drawer, two guns, both pistols. They are then put back, yet it's done with a slightly unhappy edge, because the idea of carrying weapons isn't her thing. After that, the red head will sit down on the edge of the bed, hands on her lap, eyes sunken as well. "I - I just don't wanna cause anyone ta - ta get hurt." She seems oh so worried about that.

"Yer - yer hurt, Hunter, was that after tha bomb went off? Need me ta look at it?"
Hunter The teenager brushed at the cut lightly, flashing Emma a lopsided but toothy grin. "Nah, ain't that bad. After the bomb went off, the shockwave set me and a dumpster up on a blind date is all." A little joke to lighten the mood, that was good, right? As Emma showed her the different armour and weapons, Hunter nodded. Offhandedly she wondered if life would ever be the same after this. Bioterrorism seemed so commonplace now, it was like this generations' Nuclear warfare, the technological marvel that shook the world. Glazed eyes suddenly snapped back to reality.

Hunter walked towards the bed that Emma sat on and crouched down in front of her so she could see the red-head's face. "Was it a B.O.W that did this...?" The teenager gestured to Emma's face. "I heard there were some riots goin' on as well. Seems nowhere is safe now." The youth said darkly.
Emma Emma cringes a little, that must of hurt, being tossed into a dumpster. Still she frowns, watching Hunter with concern in those big grey-green eyes. Until she is crouched before her. Now, there is a hard sense of reality in her eyes, and unable to look at her friend those eyes look away, out the window. "Yes." Says the red head, in a simply yet heavy way. There is a shaky breath. "Ya - ya don't need ta be burdened by me, Hunter, ya got enough goin' on."
Hunter Burden? The teenager physically laughed, one loud and harsh guffaw. "Y'aint no burden, Emma! Hell, yer less of a burden than I am! Y'got medical knowledge, y'can really help people, yeah? I'm a street kid with no relevent skills an' apparently a death wish. But listen..." She offered a bit of a smile before continuing. "One thing I've learned from comin' here is that all y'can do is yer best. Do what y'can do, an' don't focus on what y'can't do. If y'focus on that, yah've already lost."

The crazy youth patted Emma's shoulder encouragingly. "I know that B.O.Ws got out o' the lab before the blast. I plan on at least tryin' t'hunt 'em down. Might get killed, might not, don't know 'til I try. I know I'm good at findin' things, best of all trouble, so I might as well put my talents t'use. Can I count on yah t'patch me up when I innevitably get an arm ripped off're somethin'?" She chuckled, clearly it was a joke... but anything could happen.
Emma "Yer - yer goin' after -it-?!" Emma exclaims, taking that information with a shock, because, it is just that. 'No - no, not from tha Umbrella buildin'. I found a lab, went by myself one night, got taken in by zombies, an' then it came and I had ta run for my life." The memory shakes her. "Yer - yer nat to go alone, ya'hear? I wanna be with ya on this, no dispute! Plus if yer hurt, ya need me there." Yeah, she won't let her friend get hurt alone. Hopefully that doesn't happen. Also, did she just say she went some place super dangerous, alone, at night?! Crazy girl!

Then, it's as if Hunter started to nudge those flood gates open, Emma looks down and shakes her head a bit, sniffling, trying to hold back some tears. "Ya -- no, I -" Words are hard to form. A -lot- has happened in a short amount of time.
Hunter A huge smile spread across her face at Emma's reaction. "Haha! Y'see yer reaction right there, jus' then, Emma?" Hunter reached out and, with one finger, gently bopped the smarter girl's nose. "All I hear y'talk about is how y'don't wanna be a burden, or how y'aren't very helpful but look! Look at what y'just said!"

The youth sat next to Emma on the bed and wrapped an arm around Emma's shoulders. "Y'just jumped at the chance t'face danger 'cause I said I was gonna do somethin' dumb. The person y'think you are would never do that. Y'know who would though?" The size of Hunter's smile was large and, for the first time, genuine. "Emma would. Emma the doctor. Emma the sweetheart. Emma the one who's always worried 'bout other people b'fore herself." After a few moments to let that sink in, Zoey gently squeezed Emma's shoulder. "I reckon yer the most human of all o' us."
Emma In a way, Emma knows what Hunter is saying is true. But her soul doesn't really connect to it right now, lost in the woods and unable to find her way out, that's how the Scottish lass feels. When Hunter puts her arm around her, there is a tremble of her shoulders, followed by more sniffles. "Ya - ya say that, but I dun feel it." Whispers the med student, quickly bringing a hand up to her face to wipe away a tear before it's seen - likely, it will be, because another one is following that just as quickly. "I feel so - so disconnected from myself, ya'know? Like I'm lost, an' all this horror, it's drownin' me. You say that but I dun see it. I've.. done dangerous things, an been reminded of how lonely I feel, an' just.. a mess, a mess. Within, an' out." There is a sob. "I feel like I've been lettin' people down too."
Hunter Oh gosh, now there were tears. Watching Emma cry was like witnessing a puppy getting kicked, it was just one of those inherant terrible things. "H-Hey now..." She said weakly. When people were crying, Hunter was usually very awkward and not the greatest choice at comforting them. But it was Emma, and Emma was her friend, right? She had to try.

Gently, Hunter took one of Emma's hands in her own and squeezed it. "I know nothin' I say can really erase whatever horrors yah've seen, Emma, but here's a trick I use when I feel like I'm drowning. Jus' follow along, okay?" Hunter took a deep breath. "Close yer eyes and take a breath, okay? Now... Think of a horror yah've seen. A B.O.W, a terrorist, anythin'." Hunter paused and offered Emma's hand another squeeze. "It looks bad, yeah? Now... think of someone who fights those things. Archene. James. Chris. Hell, even that ol' fart with the Poncho. Fer every bad thing, there are multiple good things tryin' to combat it. I dunno about you, but I can count more folks fightin' the good fight than I can people out t'wreck everyone's lives. That's the key. People? Inherently they're good. Some are assholes, but even the assholes can do good things. The ones who do bad have a fuck tonne o' people like you an' I t'deal with. And frankly, I don't envy 'em."

It was a simple tactic of numbers. It helped calm her knowing that for every evil in the world, there was more than one force fighting to right that wrong. It meant that there was still hope for mankind as a whole.
Emma Thankful for the support, Emma manages a small smile to Hunter and shows her thankfulness with a squeeze of her hand in return, nodding and listening along to what she has to say. It makes sense, yet the flood gates being opened means there is a stream of tears down those freckled cheeks. "Yer - yer right," Mutters the lass between sobs, they are coming harder now, it's that release she has been needing but totally avoided and ran from. She is great with helping others, but seems to need to work on herself right now. "I - I just, there is so much, I kept pushin' an' pushin' to just, avoid tha hell. I know there are good, plenty o' good out there, but -" Her head lowers some. "I tried ta - ta be stronger than I was, I guess. And it's like life had ta keep pushin' me, stupid bloody life." The last part is said with a touch of humour. "Th - thank ya, Hunter, for bein' here, I don't feel so alone right now."
Hunter Hunter nodded and did not move to wipe her tears away. "When my ol' man was around, he told me there ain't no shame in cryin'. In fact, I think it's better for yah if y'do cry so... jus' let it out, okay? I won't tell a soul, promise." That toothy wolfish grin was back. "Everyone will still know yah as hard-hittin', no bullshittin', hard-as-a-rock Emma, master o' Medicine and merciful saint o' kickin' ass an' bein' brave."

She didn't remove her arm until she was sure Emma's tears had stopped. Sometimes people just needed someone to lean on in times of strife, and it looked like she was here at precisely the right time. "Aye, Life can be an assbag, can't it?"
Emma "Yer - yer right, I never had much shame over cryin' before." Emma says softly, while tears run down her cheeks. "An I guess that -- that, all that's gone on, has made me feel weaker'n all, seein' everyones pain and sufferin' made me want ta.. hide my own." The crying is good, it's releasing, it's -needed-, even if she tried to run for so long. There is a soft laugh, and a nod. "Aye life can -- can be, for sure.."
Hunter "There y'go. Get all o' them tears outtah yah. Yer not weaker, 'specially not compared t'the others. Well... okay maybe we're weaker than Poncho fart, but don't tell 'im I said that, alright? He'll never let me hear the end o' it." She could just see the man scowling at her in response in her mind, and she rolled her eyes but smiled.

"Ah-hah! I heard a laugh. You've reached level 2 o' cryin', in which the tears're runnin' out and have been replaced by giggles!"
Emma This makes Emma laugh all the more now, and even though there are tears, it's nice to laugh. "I -- I won't tell him nothin'." She replies, nodding a little to that. "Level - level two?" A pause. "I owe ya one, really, for - for bein' here an' dealin' with me."
Hunter Hunter physically (but lightly) smacked Emma in the back of the head, looking mock annoyed at her. "Ain't no such thing as 'dealin' with yah, Emma. We're buds. We're hangin' out, yeah? If we had pizza and a Nintendo, it'd be a party!"

She chuckled and finally removed her arm from around the medic's shoulders. She knew Emma could handle herself, sometimes more than most people she knew. "I'm glad yer okay. If y'ever need someone t'watch yer back, let me know. I'll pulverize anythin' before it can get t'yah!" The teenager made a fist and slammed it into the open palm of her other hand, threateningly. Well, as threateningly as a short teenager in a skeleton hoodie and a goofy grin on her face could be.
Emma Emma perks up a little - after laughing at the playful 'smack'. "I - I got a Nintendo." She motions to the cabinet which has her tv and laptop and stuff, the doors are closed, but it's in there. "An - an well, I'm sure there is pizza some place." She smiles, a little.

"I'm - I'm glad ya were here, too. It's nice ta - ta have someon' 'round. I've been doin' pretty good with pushin' people away, an' seeing them fuss'n worry over me." This makes her frown a little, with a small sniffle. A hand wipes away a runaway tear from her damp cheek, there is a bit more relaxation to her posture, well she sits properly, one can see in her shoulders, it's as if some weight has been taken off. "I'll let ya know if anyone ever tries'ta get their hands on me, so ya can. But make sure I'm there, so yer not to hurt an' I can patch ya up."
Hunter Hunter grinned, offering Emma a wink. "I don't mean to toot m'own horn, but I'm pretty boss at Mario." After a few moments, Hunter looked back at the window, and a hand fell to the lump that was the gun at her waist. This visit was a nice reprive from reality even for her. As much as she talked big to comfort Emma, she wasn't exactly the most stable person either. But she was working on it.

"I should head out. Don't worry, I ain't goin' after a monster. When I do, I'll make sure t'give yah a call. I'll also make sure the ol' man is there because holy shit, he's a murder machine."
Emma Emma smirks back at Hunter. "I am too. I named my horse Princess Peach." She says, as if that were a challenge! "Again, I owe ya, thank ya for bein' here. But go out tha front door, please. An take one of my winter jackets, I got a few, an' I know yer likely ta need one, in that least."
Hunter The teenager grinned and shook her head. "I'll be alright. Ain't no weather that can scare me off!" At the request to use the front door, Hunter sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "I GUESS I'll use the front door, if I have'ta." Hunter flashed Emma a thumbs up and a winning smile. "Give Shaemus a hug fer me, the big lug. I'll try t'visit more often. Y'know, now that I'm a famed monster hunter an' whatnot."

Hunter moved to the bedroom door, slipping out before peeking her head back in. "...Y'also might wanna lock yer windows. I can jus' pick the lock, but yer better off safe than sorry, yeah? Take care~" And with that Hunter was bounding down the stairs, passing the startled butler with a "Smell ya later!" and charging out the front door.