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Vivienne Vivienne is dressed in something casual , a book gripped tightly in her hand, as she walks along the river. The weather is nice and mild and a few people are out and about, taking advantage of it. A nice breeze kicks up, swirling around the light amount of fog that has managed to gather around the river.

Vivienne's eyes are constantly moving, looking for familiar and unfamiliar faces. She spots Isabel and automatically changes her vector, walking over to the other woman with a smile on her face.

"Been a while." Vivienne says, as she walks up her hand raised and waving. "How are you?"
Isabel Isabel herself is standing on the walkway, hands resting on the rail as she cools down from jogging. She's dressed in a light gray fleece hoodie, trimmed in pink stripes down the arm, matching sweatpants, and almost-new pink running shoes, trimmed in white.
She looks up in surprise as a familiar voice calls to her. "Viv? Oh, wow... it's good to see you!" she says, a smile splitting her face. "I'm good, I think... it's hard to say after the news today. I hope you're doing okay?" she asks, a little concerned. After all, the last time she saw Vivienne was in a hospital room after a bombing they'd both survived.
Vivienne "I'm doing pretty good." Vivienne assures Isabel, moving to lean against the rail next to her friend. "There was news today?" Her brow furrows and she frowns. She always misses something when she's on the Liberty. She gazes out at the river, and then she holds out her wrist, free of its brace. "I'm doing well, keeping busy and trying to stay safe. Apparently Chris thinks that 'I need to stay aboard the Liberty.'" She says the last few words in a gruff affected voice.
"How about you though, have you been doing okay?" Vivienne asks, glancing over to smile at Isobel.
Isabel "The Umbrella headquarters in town was bombed last night," Isabel replies, nodding towards the pall of smoke on the horizon from still-smoldering fires in the area. "I went down to look earlier; the area's been quarantined for some distance around. Evidently someone remembered Raccoon City." She shivers faintly at the memory.
The mention of Chris has her blushing faintly, which she tries to cover by looking at Viv's wrist. "Oh, that looks a lot better than it did. Has it been giving you any trouble? I'm okay, mostly. I started jogging again last week, so I'm still trying to get back to the level I was at before."
Vivienne "Bombed?" Vivienne repeats, the color draining from her skin. She glances over in the indicated direction and she looks even more troubled, her arms folding over her chest. She drags her attention back to Isabel when the woman mentions her wrist and she looks down at it and then shrugs. "It gets sore when it's about to rain, but nothing earth shattering." She grins and shrugs a shoulder. "I've been keeping busy, mostly, I made a new friend actually. You might have heard of him...his name is James."
Isabel "James... I think I've met him, but it was some time back," Isabel admits, frowning as she tries to place the name. "I didn't get much more than a name at the time."
She grimaces in sympathy, seeing Viv go pale at the mention of that word. "It was a big one. The news said it made a real mess out of the surrounding blocks. I guess that's the smoke. But it's the quarantine zome that scares me: God only knows what Umbrella had in there."
Vivienne "Well.." Vivienne murmurs, her hand moving to pat the gun concealed on her person. "I'm sure the right people are keeping two eyes no the situation, and I can add two more." She leans over and bumps shoulders with Isabel, grinning over at her. "One of these days, Isabel, we need to have a girls day out, with no talk of bombs or ..anything that could end up bad. Sometimes you need a day like that, and I know for sure that I could use one." She cants her head slightly and offers Isabel a grin. "How about you?"
Isabel "I hope..." Isabel murmurs, shivering. She blinks in surprise as Viv leans close, but she can't help but smile faintly, hopefully, at the mention of a stress-free day. "I think I could, actually."
Vivienne "I was actually thinking of booking a day in one of those spas that I've heard so much about." Vivienne says, gazing out at the river. "I never had the resources to go do something like that before, and I guess I'm making up for lost time." She gestures toward some buildings in the distance. "I actually never thought I would ever be in Paris, but now I'm here so I need to take advantage."
Isabel "I never really thought about that," Isabel confesses. "I guess because I can't read the signs. Even the book's not much help." She slips her uPhone from her hoodie pocket, frowning at the display. "It's a beautiful city, but trying to get anything done is such a pain..."
Vivienne "I speak enough French to get by, but ..everywhere I go I just ask if someone speaks English." Vivienne says, giggling softly. "I don't know, sometimes I think I should go back home, and that none of this is meant for me." She gazes over at Isabel and wrinkles her nose. "It's so alive here though, and everyone back in the states are still kind of shell shocked." Out of the blue, Vivienne blurts out. "Where were you raised?"
Isabel "I do that, too; I /don't/ speak enough French to get by," Isabel replies, giving Vivienne a nose-wrinkling grin even as her cheeks pinken embarrassedly. "At least folks are patient with me, most of the time. I like this city for that, and... well, yeah. It's a really alive, beautiful place."
She blushes at the sudden question. "Colorado," she replies after a moment. "Mumford, originally, but my last address was in Raccoon City."
Beat. "So, where are you from, Viv?"
Vivienne "Dunno." Vivienne answers, smiling over at Isabel. "I saw a birth certificate once, before my Mom left and it said..uh..Denver." She shrugs and runs her fingers along the railing. "Been nearly everywhere though, got up to some..trouble." She admits, glancing away from Isabel. "But I can't complain because the trouble I got into ended up getting me a job so..I'm not going to complain."
"If you want, I can help you out and maybe teach you a smattering of French. I know most of the dirty and bad words, but a few more important ones."
Isabel "Well... I got into some trouble recently, but it wasn't my fault," Isabel confesses. "Pity it didn't get me a job. I could use one. I'm glad yours turned out better in the end!"
She has to laugh, when Vivienne mentions her own knowledge of French. "Somehow everyone always learns the bad words first. I'd be glad to listen, if we could start with the important ones. Somehow I have a feeling that being able to ask where the bathroom is will help me more than knowing when someone's calling me a bitch."
Vivienne "Well.." Vivienne giggles and then she stands up straight, facing Isabel. "Just say this a few times.." She takes a deep breath and after she runs her bottom lip between her teeth she says. "O se trouvent les toilettes?" Her voice is soft, lyrical and sounds as if she has been practicing. "It's one of the first things I learned, because I was sick and tired of having to gesture at my snatch and mime that I had to pee." She grins, turning after her demonstration to lean back against the railing.
Isabel "O say true-vent les toilettes?" Isabel repeats, her accent giving her a little trouble on the words. She says it twice more, getting it right the third time, smiling a little at her accomplishment. She even gets the lip-bite right! "Thanks! I know I'll have to use that one."
She chuckles at a memory. "I can relate to that problem. The first time I couldn't find a bathroom, I ran into this grumpy guy in a shop. Even the phrasebook wouldn't work... I guess he didn't like my accent. He only got it when I gritted my teeth and started pulling my jeans down. I think he was hoping I'd take myself and my problem elsewhere, but then I started embarrassing him in front of his customers. And myself, but at that point I was well past caring."
Vivienne "Well when you have to go, you have to go!" Vivienne says, shrugging a shoulder. "When I first got here and I had to go I'd just say toilettes, to anyone who would listen and eventually they'd point me in the right direction." She sighs and goes quiet, obviously thinking about some things. "So you're going to stay around Paris then?"
Isabel "I'm not sure, honestly. It's an interesting place, but I think I have a mental block when it comes to the language," Isabel confesses. "I'd probably get it eventually, but I'm guessing it'd take years. I'd run out of money before I could speak well enough to get a job in this town."
She looks out at the river. "I've thought about going back home, but I don't think my folks are cool with that..."
Vivienne "Well maybe if I can help, you can stay." Vivienne says, smiling over at Isabel. "I would be kind of sad if you went back home, to be honest. I'm terrible at making friends with girls." She frowns and then touches her shoulder before she gasps. "My backpack!" She gazes around the area, her eyes wild as she tries to figure out where she put it. "I had it..I..had..when did I have it last?" She runs a hand through her hair, obviously distressed. "I had a French guide in it I was going to give to you, oh no.."
Isabel "Well..." Isabel's troubled look at Vivienne vanishes when the other girl suddenly recalls an important piece of personal baggage. "Oh! Oh... I don't see any loose backpacks..." she murmurs, turning away from the river and looking around. "What does it look like? Maybe we can backtrack and find it."
Vivienne "Well it's not on the Liberty, or I'd have seen it before I left." Vivienne says, turning in a circle. "I..might have left it in the cathedral, or.." Her jaw drops and she swears aloud. "I left it in the Penthouse, I was..half asleep when I left and I just ..I didn't pick it up." She frowns and folds her arms over her chest. "I hope he didn't toss it out, it's not much to look at but it's my stuff."
Isabel "Oh, dear..." Isabel's hand finds Vivienne's almost by instinct, squeezing reassuringly. "Well, no time like the present to find out. Let's go!"
She doesn't take that first step yet, though. "Oh... whose penthouse is it?"
Vivienne "James Scott.." Vivienne says, moving to follow Isabel. She stares around the still slightly unfamiliar city. "I can't remember exactly where it is, I think he met me the last time we.." She glances at the bistro. "I'm pretty sure it's near there." She says, poiting towards Jack's. "Oh Isabel, what if he threw it away, I was supposed to make him breakfast and I slipped out on him."
Isabel "Well, backpacks are hard to fit into most indoor trash cans..." Isabel says, frowning thoughtfully. "So there's hope!" she adds, brightening instantly. Nerd sympathy is go! "Do you know the address? I've never actually seen James's place. We met outside town."
Vivienne "No, I don't know his address, unfortunately." Vivienne says, trying to find another point of reference as she walks a slowly with Isabel. "If I had a phone I'd call him, but, I lost mine overboard last week." She blushes as she says it, and then squints at another imposing set of buildings. "It can't be too far from here."
Isabel Isabel looks around, starting with the bistro and working her way in a circle. "Does anything look familiar?"
Phone? When Vivienne's head turns away again, Isabel slips something from her pocket, slyly lifting it up so her friend will be staring straight at it when she turns back. Her own uPhone, unlocked and ready to dial.
Vivienne Vivienne stares at the bistro, obvious concern for her things warring with wanting to get a drink and a sandwich. When she turns towards Isabel again she spots the phone and after she jumps up and down she rushes over to Isabel and stares at the phone. "Oh dear.." She finally says, before she bends over laughing. "I don't have his number, it was on my phone." She continues to giggle, shaking her head, completely amused. "I swear, if my head wasn't attached.."
Isabel Isabel blinks... and slowly dissolves into giggles herself, hugging Vivienne just to hold them both up. "Oh, fudge... I don't think we're going to find this penthouse, are we?"
Vivienne Silence descends as both women giggle themselves out and a faint gunshot can be heard nearby. Vivienne's face takes on a wary cast and her eyes sweep the area, trying to ascertain where the noise originated from. "Did you hear that?" She whispers to Isabel, one arm still wrapped around Isabel's waist.
Isabel Isabel nods. "Gunshot, totally," she murmurs, shifting a little in Vivienne's grip to look around. "Maybe from inside... it was pretty faint." She doesn't let go of the taller girl, one arm around Viv's back and the other around her waist, her phone still in her hand.
Vivienne Vivienne stares at one of the buildings a thoughtful look on her face. "It was close." She frowns and glances towards the quarantine area. "Do you think that..something has happened?" She looks slightly out of her depth, and afraid, her age showing itself. "What should we do?" She asks, glancing around to see if the conversation or the noise has alarmed anyone else.
Isabel "Gunshots in Paris... good chance," Isabel replies, a little shakily, finally bringing her phone down to look at it. "I don't know the phone number for the police here. Even if I did, what could I tell them, and how?"
She puts the phone back into her pocket. "Let's find someone and tell them there's shooting going on. At least they might know who to call and can tell them what's happening." After Raccoon City, the younger girl has learned to shove her fears aside and function, at least until things are over. She's scared, but she's coping.
Vivienne A set of windows above the young women explode outwards, the detonation noticed by a few people around them who pause and gasp pointing upwards. Vivienne instinctively ducks her head, and looking aggrieved, pulls out her service weapon. She briskly walks up to the building in question and swears in French when she yanks on the door and they remain closed. She gives the door a good kick and glances back at Isabel. "You find help, I'm going to try to get in." She says, giving the door another firm kick.
Isabel Pushing fear aside is a great survival technique, but even with that on her side, Isabel still shrieks in dismay and ducks when the sound of an explosion and glass breaking comes from overhead, and glass fragments patter down into the street. She steps back when Vivienne pulls away, blinking after her as her wits scramble to keep up. "Right!" she agrees, turning to run for help.
It occurs to the dark-haired girl just then that the one of them who speaks French is the one trying to kick down the door! She only gets a few steps, stopping and looking around, then hurrying for the Bistro. At least they speak English there!
Vivienne Vivienne slams a shoulder against the door, and it doesn't move an inch. She frowns at the door and when she give it another kick she realizes that it's been secured from the inside. She puts her gun back where she had it concealed and turns to go find Isabel. Every so often she turns and gazes at the building, but it has gone quiet, as if the ruckus never occured. "Isabel?" She calls out, stepping briefly inside the Bistro. "Isabel!?"
Isabel Inside the Bistro, the youngish guy behind the counter is talking to someone on the telephone, his voice tense and urgent, though his French is at least understandable. Isabel is in front of him, giving him a quick rundown of what they saw and heard.
After a moment and a final word, she hurries to join Vivienne at the door. "Thank goodness you're okay... Scott's calling the police," she says, nervously trying to smooth down her hair.
Vivienne Vivienne gestures outside of the Bistro. "It's like it just stopped." She says, gazing up at the window. She folds her arms over her chest and her hands randomly rub up and down, as if she's trying to get warm. "Something is going on." She murmurs, still distracted by the building. She glances back at Isabel, a frown on her face. "This is just.." She shakes her head and waits to see what happens next.
Isabel "Freaky? Scary? Disturbing? All Of The Above?" Isabel shivers. "I'm going with the last one." She honestly has no idea why she's more nervous about a random shooting and explosion, something that gets talked about on the news every day, than about a city full of undead that she survived. Maybe it's because the zombies never used guns or bombs, and were mostly stupid as dirt. She gives Vivienne a hug, as much because she needs it herself as because Vivienne does.
Vivienne Vivienne responds to the embrace, wrapping her arms around Isabel, a sniffle sounding in the quiet. "It's a shitty thing when you realize you were safer as a homeless vagrant than you are in the City of Light." Her eyes narrow slightly and she frowns. "Also, I feel about as useful as ..well, I don't feel useful at all."
Isabel "I just had to tell someone else to call the police because I don't speak their language," Isabel replies, hugging Vivienne a little tighter. "This is not gonna go down as one of my better moments, either. I just wish there was something I could /do/... and it sounds like you do, too."
Vivienne Vivienne sighs and smirks at Isabel. "I'm going to teach you all the French I know, and..then we'll ..go from there." She promises, chuckling softly.
James Scott It doesn't appear that the emergency services have any intention of arriving. But from the back of the emergency vehicle suspiciously waiting outside emerges one James Scott with a backpack slung over his right shoulder, the one that doesn't have any bloodstains.

"Damn faulty wiring." he sighs quietly, clearly not having noticed Vivienne or Isabel yet. "Can't believe I lost all those books."
Isabel "That would help a lot," Isabel murmurs, trying not to laugh. "Thanks. At least I'll be able to call 911 on my own in the future!"
She glances up, hearing someone muttering not too far away. There is, weirdly enough, only one emergency vehicle around right now, and it doesn't even have lights flashing. And she doesn't remember hearing a siren, either. But someone with a backpack is walking away from it. She pokes Viv's shoulder and points him out. "Is that James?"
Vivienne Vivienne turns around and then she darts out of the bistro, running towars James. "What happened?" She says when she skids to a stop closer to the bloodied man. Her jaw drops and her brow furrows as she reaches out towards him "Are you hurt?" She gestures towards the building. "What happened?" She repeats, looking slightly shell shocked.
James Scott "Oh, hey there." James turns to offer a warm smile. "Oh, you know. Some fucked wiring sparked. My library went up and some of the walls just fucking exploded. Got my arm good, but I'm more worried about all my books. I only managed to save yours."

Really it looks more like he got shot in the left arm, but he doesn't try to draw any more attention to it. Rather he slides the backpack off and hands it over. It wouldn't take much of a glance to notice that blood had recently been washed off his right arm, from the fist up to about the middle of his forearm. "Imagine my neighbors thought I was in a full blown firefight."
Isabel "Gee, I wonder why..." Isabel intones with a knowing look at the dinstinctive gunshot wound. "Will you be okay? It looks like your place is seriously trashed," she adds, not without sympathy.
Vivienne Vivienne knows a gunshot wound and she shifts from foot to foot, clearly attempting not to say anything in the middle of the street. She takes the offered backpack and slings it over her shoulder. "Are you going to ..get that looked at?" She asks, gesturing towards the wound as she eyes James.
James Scott "Nah, I got it checked out already. I'll be fine in a week or so, I heal real quick." James says to Vivienne before looking over at Isabel. "I've got a hotel lined up for a few nights while the electricians come in and fix my wires. Just means I'll have to drink in a bar the next time a girl tells me she'll go out with me and then disappears." That seems oddly specific, but he doesn't give any indication that it's aimed at anybody in particular.
Isabel Isabel glances up at the now glass-free windows. "Better find a good place with decent rates. I'd say they'll be fixing more than your wiring," she says, grimacing faintly. "Definitely get breakfast included, with the food prices in this town."
She glances sidelong at Vivienne. "Maybe we should go someplace else to talk. This is kinda... public."
Vivienne "I didn't disappear on purpose." Vivienne hisses glancing around at the crowd of people walking by, a few stopping to stare at James. "She's right, we should go somewhere quieter, and you need to wrap that wound and change." She steps closer to James, lowers her voice and murmurs. "Will you let me explain, somewhere quieter? Please?"
James Scott "I didn't really have any way of knowing that." James says to Vivienne as he shrugs out of his overshirt, which gets promptly tossed into a nearby garbage can. "But I'm not a complete dick all the time, so I'll hear you out." It appears that the gunshot wounds did get bandaged up, he just made the mistake of wearing his ruined shirt out of the ambulance. "Lead the way."
Isabel Isabel grins wryly and steps out of the door into the Bistro. With a faint smile and a wave to Scott, the generous counterman and caller of local authorities, she gestures James and Vivienne inside. "Need me to go find you something to wear? I don't see /that/ sign, but I might just be missing it," she asks, referring to the old No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service standard.
Vivienne Vivienne glances over at James and she shrugs off her backpack, kneeling to pull out an overlarge shirt from her backpack. She frowns and hands it to James. "It's big on me, will probably fit you, and it'll do for now." She says, getting up and snagging the back as she leads the way to darker booth in the back. She glances over her shoulder as she drops her backpack near the both. "Either of you want anything?" She asks, gesturing towards the counter. "My treat."
James Scott "I'm sure they don't mind my tank top too much." James grins, shooting Isabel a wink. "Besides, me and Jack go way back, he used to card me all the time back home. Shit, I got bit by an infected dog outside his bar."

But when Vivienne offers him a shirt, the teen accepts it with a nod. "Thanks." he tugs it on with a slight wince then settles down in the dark booth with the women. "And I'm fine, but thanks." Truth be told he was planning dinner when those mercenaries attacked him.
Isabel With her gray, pink-trimmed sweats, Isabel isn't exactly the height of style herself, so she isn't criticizing. "Hope he remembers you," she says, taking the seat beside Vivienne if James doesn't claim it first. "Granted, the infected dog thing would be hard to forget, considering what all went with it."
The question is a good one: She hasn't eaten since breakfast. "I could use a sandwich and a Coke, I think. But I treat next time, Viv," she adds, no less gratefully for the matter of stubborn Western pride.
Vivienne Vivienne nods and turns to walk toward the counter, and when she gets there she leans in and has a long and quiet conversation with Scott. He pulls out a menu and she points to several things, glancing over her shoulder to make sure nobody has disappeared before she slides money across the counter to pay for what she's ordered. She holds up a finger towards the booth and takes a seat as she waits for the food.
James Scott "Between us, if any of those bioterrorism guys or another mercenary comes out, I'm gonna be pretty unhappy." James says quietly when Vivienne comes back, his smile fading to show just how tired he really is. "Though I'm not really in the best of moods right now as it is. I'm still mourning the loss of that Margaret Mitchell first edition." And all of his weed.
Isabel "Bioterrorism? Mercenaries?" Isabel blinks owlishly, her gaze switching from Vivienne's return to James. "Why have you got bioterrorism guys and mercenaries visiting you?"
Vivienne Vivienne sets down two sandwiches, a coke and something that smells a bit like ginger ale. She slides into the booth next to Isabel and she spears James with a look. "I haven't called ..anyone like that." She says, picking up half of a ham and cheese sandwich. "Where are you going to be staying?" She asks, after she takes a bite, chews and swallows. "Probably best to have the whole disappearing conversation somewhere private, I think."
James Scott "I haven't had any issues with the bioterrorism guys. Aside from wanting to punch that Chase guy in his teeth." James says to Isabel with a shrug, leaving out the mercenaries all together. "And some hotel I've never been to. They wanted to give me a ride there, but I had them write the address down so I could just walk." He leans back in the booth and sighs quietly. Damn getting shot hurt. "With my luck it'll be nowhere near where we are now though."
Isabel "Thanks, Viv," Isabel says, accepting her own order a bit absently. Her attention is still on James. "I don't know anyone named Chase, I'm afraid. The world's a bit bioterror-crazy lately, though I don't blame them after what Umbrella did in Raccoon City. But seriously, mercenaries? Why are you getting house calls from those kind of people?"
Vivienne Since Isabel is asking the questions she wants the answers to, Vivienne just keeps her focus on her sandwich. She notes that he doesn't answer her question and she tries to ignore the slight sting she feels about that. She reaches out to pull her drink closer, taking a sip between bites.
James Scott "I haven't ran across any mercenaries yet. But with people setting off bombs in the city you can't be too careful." James reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. His attention does shift back over to Vivienne, "Hey. I feel like I should apologize in case I came across as a dick. Just got stitched up today, then my apartment caught fire. But.."

The teen slides out of the booth and walks over next to Vivienne, he drops his lips to her ear, and a hand to her thigh. Which would be really bad if he wasn't slipping her the aforementioned paper with the address of the hotel on it.

He then slides back in on his side and shoots over a wink.
Isabel "But if you've never run into any, why did you say /another/ mercenary?" Isabel asks, her sharp memory coming into play. She shoots a glance over at Vivienne, to see how she's taking this. Especially since Viv's blocking her way out of the booth.
Vivienne Vivienne slips the paper into her bookbag and glances over at Isabel. She offers the other woman a smile and then turns to gaze at James. "I'm sure that he's just tired, or.." She eyes his wounded arm. She raises both eyebrows briefly before she takes another bite of her sandwich. "I'll get some answers, later likely." She murmurs to Isabel, pointing to the sandwich she brought back for the other woman. "Should eat that before it gets cold."
James Scott "knew one. He was a real dick." James lifts his shoulders in a shrug, though that just causes another wince. His gaze moves back to Vivienne now. "Maybe. I'm more interested in you letting me know why you just up and left. I didn't even know until I went to bring you breakfast." While it may not show all that well on his face, it's clear from his voice that he felt like an idiot.
Isabel Isabel's eyes narrow just a tad at the thin explanation, but she shrugs it off as Viv points out that she's not eating. She goes quiet, taking her first bite of sandwich and letting Vivienne and James talk.
Vivienne "Well I was only planning on being gone for a little bit, back before you woke up. Then ..well.." Vivienne frowns and she takes another bite of her sandwich before she answers. "I was told that I couldn't see you again, and then..I got banished back to the Liberty by Chris, and then things started happening around here." She gestures outside. "I don't have a phone, never got your number and couldn't remember which building was yours. It's a pretty thin excuse, as excuses go, but it's all true. I'm sorry that I left without a word, I felt really bad afterwards."
James Scott James reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose as Isabel narrows her eyes at him. "What do you want me to say, a group of mercenaries raided my home. That I had to kill four armed men with my bare hands, dodge gunfire, then toss a flash bang to make it to the stairwell? I'm not Jason Bourne, and this isn't an action movie. If anything we're stuck in a George A. Romero film and it's sequel."

Vivienne gets a nod at her explination. "I know how work is. Sometimes I get called away for days at the time too. I know you wouldn't have left that backpack if it wasn't important. Why I made sure nothing happened to it."
Isabel Isabel rolls her eyes. "/You/ said it, not me. And frankly, we're running a little closer to action-movie reality lately than I'd like. How many monster-making companies get blown up in Romero movies? But if it makes you feel better, consider the question temporarily withdrawn."
Geez... a girl can't eat in peace!
Vivienne Vivienne glances between Isabel and James, her eyes slightly wide as they both speak. She continues to eat her sandwich, nibbling delicately on the crusts. "Is that really what happened?" She asks, gazing at James. "Are you sure you're not hungry, if that's the case?" She pushes her plate towards him, half a sandwich still untouched.
James Scott James sighs quietly as Vivienne pushes it further. "Yes. They shot up my fucking books. Just don't tell anybody, alright?" And then the sandwich is pushed towards him. He looks like he might say no, but then his stomach growls and betrays him. "And I guess I could eat. Thank you. I'll be sure to get you something sweet to eat in return." He offers a small smile before taking the sandwich up.
Isabel Isabel blushes. "Sorry... I know how I'd feel if some goons shot up my books," she murmurs. "Not like there are that many anymore..."
Vivienne "Well, you can always get new books, but you can't get a new you." Vivienne says, leaning back against the booth seat. "So I'm going to need you to be more careful until I come see you, think you can handle that?" She asks, quirking an eyebrow slightly as she studies James.
James Scott "Well, I only caught two bullets and there were almost twenty men there to kill me. So I guess I can stay alive until you come to visit." James takes a bite out of the sandwich, chewing quietly for a moment or two. "Besides, I've gotta live long enough to catch the guy that bombed the city. But, I doubt it'll be easy. Gotta be a tough bastard to make a son like me."
Isabel Isabel stares at James for a moment. "To make a... /not/ asking. I make people mad when I ask stuff," she says, shaking her head. "This one's all yours, Viv, if you're in an asking mood."
Vivienne "Are you saying that the guy who bombed that Umbrella place is your dad?" Vivienne asks, slowly folding her arms over her chest. "Off the record, by the way, because I'm not even sure how I would explain this at work." She tries not to think of the ramifications for the moment and just listens.
James Scott "I've never met the man. I only know I'm related to him because I found an old journal in my attic during the outbreak." James reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. "But don't worry. I'll make sure he doesn't hurt anybody else."
Isabel "What's his name? What does he look like?" Isabel asks, sitting up a little straighter. "Just in case we run across him, so we can pass the word on to you."
Vivienne "I'm a little more concerned about you getting hurt, at the moment. Not that I want this guy rampaging across the city." Vivienne clarifies, briefly glancing at Isabel. She gazes down at her hands, her teeth running over the surface of her tongue as she tries to decide if she wants to ask the next question. "So uh, do you trust anyone else to go after this guy, because if you give us a name. I can likely get some things moving in that direction." She gazes up at James, her face impassive as she waits for an answer.