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James Scott As much as he hated to admit it, sometimes even James Scott got banged up enough to need a doctor. Usually he'd go to the Umbrella medic, but that isn't much of an option with the entire building not being there anymore. So it was to the hospital like a normal person.

"Well, shit." he grumps, sat up against the wall waiting quietly. He was a bit dressed down for the occasion, a Dickies shirt over a white t-shirt, jeans, a pair of boots, and gold and diamonds around his wrist and neck.
Emma The hospital is busy, with people hurt from the bombing. Thus, Emma is working. Her split lip is healing, there are still the scratches on her face neck and arms, but those are healing too.

While walking a paitient out, she happens across James, then stops, seeing how banged up he is. There is a frown, with the patient gone her direction changes to him, arms crossing and eyes giving him a 'how did this all happen' sort of look.
James Scott "Well, you see what had happened was," James starts, because that's how all good stories start, "a combination of fight club and exploring the catacombs." For all the shit he'd given people, he himself was lurking around in there. "Normally I'd go to the company's doctor, but I'm pretty sure my dad killed them." He reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "So now that's something else I have to go deal with."
Emma "Oh, James." Emma says softly, shaking her head, more amused than anything else. "Come on, need ta get ya to a room." She doesn't argue with him about fight club or being in the catacombs, she knows him well enough to know how he is. "Co - come on now, I'll get'cha all patched up."
James Scott "I guess it's a shitty way to cope with everything." James quietly says to himself as he follows behind Emma. "Probably wouldn't be in half the trouble I am if I just went to therapy like you did. Maybe then I wouldn't punch people until I stopped hating myself for who I was." He lowers his voice even further, clearly only for himself to hear, "Or drinking to drown that empty feeling when you aren't around."
Emma Emma says nothing until they are in the room, and the closes the door. "James, yer - yer only copin' tha way yer taught, and yer upbringin' ain't no proper way ta cope. If ya want I can give ya tha name of mine, she is very good. I think ya'd like 'er. Ya deserve ta take care of yerself." At the empty feeling comment there is a small blush. "Ya need ta not feel empty with yerself'n whole first and foremost, else nothin' nor anybody will truly make ya whole." She goes to give his arm a squeeze. "I care, others care 'bout ya, care 'bout yerself. Now, let's see these injuries."
James Scott "To be honest with you Emma, I don't think I'm gonna live much longer. No idea what my father has up his sleeve, I mean he was willing to fucking bomb Paris." James says only once they're securely inside the room. "Besides, you blew me off, then the girl I asked out to get my mind off of you blew me off. Agreed to go out with me, then snuck out of the penthouse the same night. Haven't heard from her since."

The smile on his face is obviously hollow, but at least it's there. As he speaks he shrugs out of his overshirt, then the undershirt. He's covered in more bruises than the last time Emma saw him, as well as a few nasty cuts and scrapes. "But enough about me. That bodyguard give you any more attitude since fight club?"
Emma "James." Emma says softly yet with guilt. "Ya - ya need ta love yourself, first. Or ya'll always question everything. Even if I did say yes to that date, yer gonna get angry at any guy who even spoke ta me. Ya need ta believe in yerself, ta take those regrets'n hurt an' turn them 'round. Avoidin' isn't tha answer, ya need ta face them. You're only fightin' ta prove to yerself, with those insecurities. Get tha help, love yerself, an tha rest will come. Nobody can heal you but you." There is a supportive smile. "I'll be there ta help, too. Now, lookin' at these yer mostly bruised, some need stitchin', which I can do easily enough."
James Scott "Yeah, I'm not too bad off. Mostly bruises and internal stuff." James turns his gaze towards the ceiling. "Is that what it was, me not liking guys? Because that's not just guys who talk to you. I haven't had much patience for anybody since all of this went down." His eyes squeeze shut as well as his fists, "Besides, I still haven't forgiven myself for letting Ricky take you. If something like that happened again it'd fuck me up more than waking up to find Paris full of infected."
Emma "Lay down, I'll get ta stitchin'." Emma says and while getting the supplies is quiet, unsure on how to respond. But, it's James, and she can't not be honest with him. So, as she talks, she'd work. "W - well, in Racoon when ya pretended ta shoot me, it scared me ta tears. I didn' know it was not loaded, but ya still pulled tha trigger." There is then a nervous pause."An - an when ya killed that guy in tha catacombs, it wasn' like ya felt bad. Now, I'm - I'm not sayin' yer bad, I think yer great, ya get me, if I need ya, yer there, and there is so many wonderful things 'bout ya. Yet smarter than ya think, more carin'. But I think you hurt, your soul hurts, and ya need ta mend that, ta truly be you, else there may be no point in lettin' someone in." A pause, her big grey-green eyes look up to him. "I do - do believe in ya, with my soul, that yer better than yer allowin' yerself ta be. And, I would love ta meet that James, tha one that flickers out every once'n'a while."
James Scott "I'd never actually shoot you. I don't think a day goes by that I don't think of that and fucking hate myself for it. But I'd be lying if I said I felt bad about killing that guy in the catacombs. It was no different than killing Ricky or any of the other pieces of shit that hung around him." James sighs quietly, laying back to let Emma work on him. "I'm a monster, I know that. Those people in Raccoon weren't even the first people I've killed. The night Beth died I shot a some methed out trucker that came waving a shotgun at us."

"That James only comes out for you. But like I said, I'm going off to do something dangerous and stupid. So I doubt I'll live long enough to become him. This is me. I'm not perfect. Fuck, I'm not even good. But this is me."
Emma Emma has a more gentle soul, and with being a doctor - or potential doctor, talk of killing is against her instincts. "Ya - ya knew Ricky, James. Did ya know tha guy in tha catacombs?" The stitches goes easily, clearly the lass is good at what she does. "I think yer floodin' with anger, an' ya need that nice guy James more to yerself even. But, I do appreciate seein' him." James is given a warm smile. "Ever wonder what yer life woulda been like if yer upbringin' was more like mine?"
James Scott "I didn't, but he was a killer too. I've never killed anybody that wasn't." James is adamant about that much at least. "But, I used to. Think about what my life would have been like that is. But all it did was make it worse." His nostril twitches slightly as the stitches go in, but he doesn't cause a fuss. "Imagine staring out of a window as Raccoon fell. Watching those people panic, and some get ripped apart. If you sat there thinking about all the things you had planned for that week and how it could have all been different, you'd have driven yourself crazy."
Emma "Least that's good." Says Emma, trying to find the silver lining in that. "Ya - ya know, ya can dream an' try ta reach those dreams too. Nothin' wrong with wantin' ta make yer life better for tha good."
James Scott "I just want to stop my father. If I live through that I'll figure it all out." James decides. "You seem pretty calm about the fact that the father I never met just increased your workload and probably turned a good number of people here into infected."
Emma "I," Emma pauses and frowns. "I came ta tha conclusion that I can't escape tha horror, so just go with it an' deal with it as it comes. I feel hopeless against it all, dragged alon', it ebbs'n flows."
James Scott "Sounds like you were talking to somebody's depressing ass grandpa." James offers helpfully. "Don't worry. If I survive this bullshit I'll wipe out every last trace of Progenitor and Plagas. I don't give a fuck if it's Umbrella, Tricell, or some black market asshole. Then you won't have to worry about any of it."
Emma "James that's sweet of ya." Emma says with a chuckle. "Yer one man, and' they got armies. I know, yer strong but ya can't do it alone."
James Scott "Of course I couldn't do it alone. I'd need at least three more people." James cracks the eye that isn't hidden under a black patch and looks over at Emma. "But we don't need an army to fight their security forces. Especially if I can find other monsters."
Emma "Well ya - ya got me too, then we need a third." Emma says, now done all the work.
James Scott "You might wanna stay behind to tend wounds." James shoots Emma a wink and sits up, tugging his shirts back down into place. "A good doctor is more important than a good fighter."