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Silent Night It is a great night at Jack's Bar, and despite how life for the people of Raccoon City may be just now, it is (un)surprisingly full! The large TVs have some sports on them and there are even some fans watching them, but a number of the people around here are just drinking and chatting.

Sitting on a stool, there is a tall man with jeans and black leather jacket drinking some clear liquid called vodka, without ice.
Rebecca Chambers So as it turns out - Jack's bar /did/ have good onion rings.

Rebecca Chambers - off-duty, wearing a deep purple spaghetti strap top over a black tight undershirt, no makeup at all, and a pair of jeans and sneakers, bringing up one of her onion rings to waggle one at the person she was sitting with. "At least this place has good food," she says, her eyes rolling a bit.

A handful of moments more, and she brings up a hand, glancing down towards Archene - her eyes narrow, and she purses her lips some. "Hmmmn... who's that guy?" asks she of the people around her.
Jack Roark "Welcome to Jack's Bar!" That's the spiky-haired man behind the bar in the shirt with the little motorcycles running all over it, calling to whoever just walked through the door. It might get old after the tenth time you hear it if he wasn't so damn charismatic and good looking. Look at that charming face and that tight graphic tee! Jack is in the middle of toweling off the bartop, something he does every few minutes, it seems, keeping the varnished surface bright and shiny. With a glance toward Archene, he questions, "You doin' alright over there, or you need some more vodka?" There's Smirnoff on the shelf, Grey Goose and some random off-brands as well. The bartender spares a moment to shove a pinch of french fries into his mouth.
Elza Walker A few moments later, the door opens, and in walks a young woman wearing a red and white racing jumpsuit. Wearing no helmet, one can see her ponytailed blonde hair and her noticeably blue eyes. Those who are fans of motorcycle racing would know it's Elza Walker. She smiles a little as she makes her way into the restaurant and tries to find a place to sit.
Jill Valentine Jill was just another face at the bar, one that happened to be sitting with Rebecca of all people at the counter. The person she least expected to be here with. It wasn't that she disliked the other girl, she just felt that if she had been there with Bravo Team instead of Rebecca things might have turned out differently.

Dressed in a slinky black minidress and wearing a pair of heels she re-crossed her legs one over the other before finishing her shot of tequilla, eying the different men in the bar before asking, "Which guy Becca? Seriously, there's like 50 of them here."

Slopilly she signalled Jack for another drink! Raccoon Cities finest indeed.
Silent Night "I'm doing well enough, Jack," Archene raises his half-full cup of vodka, "I might take for the offer of some more later." He doesn't seem to notice someone asking about him, he has thoughtful thoughts in his mind. Mostly well-based worries, but part of it is more wondering whether a cup half filled with air and half filled with vodka, is half-empty, half-full or just full.
Rebecca Chambers A long sigh, and Rebecca brings up that onion ring she was gesturing with, puffing out her cheeks as she gives Jill a ~look~. "You know. That guy - over there. He's different from the rest - he looks like he could just... I dunno. He just looks different," says Rebecca. A handful of moments, and she eats another onion ring. The last one.

"Jack Jack!" she says, calling across the bar. "I need more onion rings! And a coke!" she calls - turning in her stool to kinda glance over towards the approaching Ezra. Just briefly. She wasn't quite a fan of motorcycle racing, but she gets a few callouts in the crowd. There was an empty seat. Kinda inbetween Becca and Jill and Archene's seat.
Jack Roark " that Elza Walker?" Jack dabbles in a lot of different interests, among them motorcycle racing, it seems. "Elza Walker! Welcome to Jack's Bar. First round's on the house," he calls out to her, shoving a fry in the corner of his mouth like a cigarette. He nods along as Archene explains his situation, with a "Just lemme know, then," and his face brightens as Rebecca calls his name, cracking into a wide grin as he turns to look her way. "More onion rings, you got it!" A few quick steps carry him over to the kitchen, where he leans in to yell "WILL! More onion rings, plea-"
"Fresh basket right there, boss."
"-so there are," Jack finishes, shutting his mouth and directing a smile back towards his fry cook, hidden by the kitchen paraphernalia. "Good man." And then he's back out at the bar, dropping off Becca's refill of rings. "Get you anything else?" A quick finger hooks the top of Jill's glass, pulling it back. "Getcha more tequila, or you switchin'?" A small smile for her too. It's good to serve Raccoon's finest.
Jill Valentine Jill squinted a little as she stared at Archene, "Some guy...Let's find out!" Folding up a napkin she tossed it at Archene's head and called out, "Hey, who are you?" Pushing the shotglass back towards Jack she smiled, "Of course, unless you want to surprise me with something special." The police officer should have already been cut off though, like long ago.
Elza Walker "Yes, it's me," Elza replies, the smile fading a little. "And don't worry about drinks on the house, please. I'm not an alcoholic really. Just a Coke will do honestly." She takes a seat near where Rebecca is, not noticing Jill or the others right away. "I hope nobody approaches for autographs..."
Silent Night Hearing Jack gladly greeting Elza... he takes a look at the young woman in the racing jump suit... but doesn't recognize her. He isn't one who is into racing, but if someone may ask an autograph, he might ask one too... Those things may be worth money somewhere.

This does give him the opportunity to look over the two other women beyond Elza. Luckly for him, in time to see a flying napkin coming towards his head. Words cannot describe how he tilted his had to the side to avoid the napkin. He briefly looks at the woman who threw the napkin before saying, "I'm Archene, and you?" He offers her, and her friend(?), a friendly smile.
Rebecca Chambers "Faster, Jack! Faster!" says Becca, banging on the top of the bartop.

Well, she didn't have anything to drink today. And while she was smiling, and seemed like she was playing, well... there was a bit of violence to her bar slapping that wasn't entirely play. "You're the best Jack," she says, after the onion rings were delivered.

And the scene that follows is too grisly and gorey to describe. But after Becca finishes four onion rings, she leans over towards Jill. "Hey. I gotta go to the bathroom. Watch my drink?" she asks, tapping the coke on the bar. A beat, and she gets up, to disappear into the ladies room.

Jill Valentine "Isn't that Elsa Rider?"

"No, you idiot, that's Elza WALKER."

"Should we go talk to her?"

"I don't know dude. She's pretty famous."

A couple of patrons near the bar were back and forthing at the sight of Elza Walker, famous motorcyclist but neither had the courage to approach her.


Jill sighed as Archene avoided the napkin and Rebecca ran off, "Jill, my friend who went to puke is Rebecca." Waving Jack off of a refill she changed her mind, "Nevermind on another, I'm good." Putting her hand on the bar to steady herself she felt the world begin to spin.
Elza Walker The truth is, Elza's a fairly friendly person if you approach her the right way. If you come up to her begging for an autograph or trying to flirt with her, she's going to turn you down rather quickly. But if you're casual and approach her politely, odds are she'd be willing to chat with you. For now, Elza simply sips her Coke, noticing as Jill starts to get a bit woozy now. "Are you OK, miss?" She asks with concern.
Silent Night Archene looks the way Rebecca went, before looking again towards Jill. He furrows his brows a bit as he notices the woman may not be too far behind her friend, "Are you alright?" He turns his body towards the woman, in case of anything. He briefly glances at Elza as she shows concern for Jill, but his attention barely drift away from the woman who threw a napkin at him.
Jill Valentine Jill waves off the concern from the two with a free hand and slides off the barstool, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need some fresh air." She had overdone it again, the drinking was not helping in the least and she knew she looked like a disgrace. This is exactly what Umbrella Corporation wanted. So far was she into the paranoia of the conspiracy that she had caught a glimpse of she was no longer even sure of herself, "You two have fun, alright?"
Silent Night Umbrella wins in the end, or at least in the middle. Archene smiles at Jill and nods, "Stay well alright." He gives the woman a brief wave, and sighing quietly as he turns around to sip more from his Vodka.