Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's getting late, and the sky is dark with clouds. There is a thick humidity in the air, which is all the colder due to that. Rain is nearing, a cold near winter rain.

The stables is a good size, there is plenty of space for the horses. Not all stalls are used, there isn't enough horses here to fill every stall. Horses can be heard making the odd sound, or the swish of their tale. Overhead lights are on, and the stable is fairly warm with the heaters going.

Emma, well, has become more reclusive as of late. A lot has happened. The red head has taken over a stall. She has a hammock set up, there are some chairs, a small table, and some of her school books. Along with a mini fridge. For now, the lass is laying back in the hammock, one leg hanging over the side. As she lays there slowly swaying, that herloom violin - one of the few items she got from Racoon as near all her items were lost, is being played. And damn, the girl has some talent! Shaemus is there too, sitting on a dog bed, chewing as his master plays the deep, soul pulling music.
Benny Benny had sufficiently healed up after his trip to the hospital, although it looks bad the bruises around his face have healed just some discolouring and he no longer walks with a limp or any sign of pain. A few days of rest did him good and now he's at the Chateau to check up on Emma to continue their discussion about planning.

He heard some violin music coming from the stables as he walked across the grounds, so he made a beeline towards it and knocks on the stable doors before entering. *knock knock* He waits for a few moments, then does it again *knock knock*

"Hi, it's me Benny. Emma are you in there?" Of course he would hearing barking first, Shaemus running up to the door putting his paws up on it and whoofing loudly as he's alerted to his presence. "Shaemus. Good boy! Where is your mum?" He would exclaim and wait for Emma to answer as he stands by the door.
Emma Through her violin playing, Emma did not hear the knocking. Shaemus however, could hear a pin drop from a mile away. When Benny enters he is indeed there, barking and jumping around happily. This does get her attention. There is an abrupt stop to her violin playing, and a pause to listen. With a sway in the hammock the lass is on her feet easily, gracefully, walking to the stall door and stepping out. When Benny would see her, the scratches are there but healing. But now there is something new. A bruise along her jaw and a split lip. She manages a small smile his way, running a hand through her loose long red hair. "'ey, Benny. Yer - her lookin' better. What brings ya by?"
Benny "Hi Emma." Benny replies and nods when you comment that he looking better. He reaches down to pet Shaemus, giving him a good rubbing behind the ears though before replying, "Oh just wanted to come by and check up on you. Oh that a new injury?" He stands up and examines your face, seeing that bruise on the jawline as well as the split lip. "Yup, don't remember seeing that at the hopsital when I saw you last." There is a concerned expression that crosses his features, "Oh, Emma...What happened?" He will get into why he came by later and she has explained this.
Emma Cheeks go red, she forgot that he didn't know about her more recent adventure. Shit. A hand rubs the back of her neck, eyes look down. Teeth go to bite her lower lip yet it hurts, and her head shakes with a soft held back curse, that -hurt-. "I - I got stuck in'a riot, tried ta protect Isabel. Got hit. Luckily Buck was there, else who knows what they'd of done." The words are heavy, only one can guess all the implications that means!
Benny Benny nods and he blinks, "A riot? Oh shit. I heard about that, you were stuck in it? Thank goodness Buck was there...Buck, eh? I haven't seen him in ages. Isn't he some sort of celebrity now?" He vaugely remembers Isabel if it is the same girl that he met briefly in Raccoon City a long time ago.
Emma In one hand is that heirloom violin, eyes move to it. It's like am extension of herself, a rare gem in the horror that was Racoon. Knowing it's true owners were gone, she has kept it in pristine condition. Slowly looking to Benny, she just..shrugs. In a helpess sort of way. Much about her seems lost and helpess to this run of hit luck. "Aye he - he was. Guess I was knocked out, if he didn' haul me to the hospital." There is a shudder, best not to think of what could of happened. "I guess he is? I heard he was." With her free hand there is a motion to the stable she was at. "Ya - ya wantin' ta sit or anythin'? Beats standin'."
Benny "You sure your okay?" Benny asks but in softer tone and nods when Emma asks if he wants to sit. He knows Emma well enough that it is best not to talk about the Riot or Buck taking her to the hospital when she was unconscious, not to mention where was her bodyguard when all this was happening. "Sure, lets go find somewhere to sit and I wanted to discuss what we talked about the other night with you." He will wait to see if she leads him into the stables or another place for them to chat.
Emma All Emma can do to his question is give him a hopeless shrug. Only time will tell it seems. She'd then turn to head into the stall, which is quite comfortable. It's plain that the lass has sort of made this into her second home. Which may not be a surprise, given her love of animals. The violin is put back in its case, gently. "Ah ye- yes. That. I've been thinkin' 'bout it myself. Tryin' ta figure out how ta go 'bout ge - gettin- tha thing."
Benny Benny follows her into the stall for the stables that she's set up as a room, watching her carefully and then glances around. "I thought you had your own room inside the Chateau, Em?" He definetely noticed her response to his early question about whether she was alright, his concern growing by the minute as see's her dimmed spirits. " don't look alright to me. I can't imagine what you've been going through, but if I can see the change in you I'm sure others can as well. You don't have to tell me if you don't want too, I'm just letting you know that I am worried." He looks around for a place to sit down, choosing a wooden box as a seat.
Emma Emma has turned her back to Benny, going to stand by the mini fridge. The door was opened, inside is some pop, and water, and snacks. "I - I find it quiet here." Admits the lass gently, softly. When he mentions his worry, there is silence, trying to regain herself. "Yer -- yer worried too." There is a hiccup as she speaks, it's clear there is a with held sob. "I'm-- I'm fine." And it happens again, she needs to let it out but is fighting it for some reason.
Benny "Okay. Just checking and of course I'm worried." Benny replies in a soft voice but won't push the matter any further. "The reason why I came was to discuss what we are going to do about the Silo. I have some ideas. Also, how long have you been investigating Umbrella anyways? I mean, finding that silo is pretty good work." He gives you a small smile of encouragement because it is good detective work.
Emma Emma had grabbed a bottle of water, opened it and taken a sip, back still turned. There is a sequence of deep breaths, least that helps a smidgen, those meditation classes still taking time and practice. Reaching into the fridge again she pulls out some brownies and finally turns, going to head his way and offer him the plate, with a small smile. Yes she knows his appetite. Once or if it is taken, the red head would sit in the hammock swaying a little with hands on her lap. "A -- a while, good while, I've got a bunch of info on them, now. More than - than just the silo, too. An I've made some contacts in other.. organizations, too, for a source of more information."
Benny Benny smiles warmly when he see's the brownies, yup he's a foodie and loves baking. "Thanks Emma." He gladly takes a few and eats them rather quickly, not really savoring each bit but rather inhaling them like they were going to be stolen from him. "Sooo good." he manages to say in between bites and it is crazy how fast he can eat, kinda scary actually since he's got very low body fat. "Wow, you do? What did you find out?" Maybe he reaches for more brownines while he listens to you speak.
Emma A little amused at how he eats, Emma smirks a little. "Glad ya - ya like them, baked them myself." Of course she did! "I - I found out 'bout this Umbrella man who adopted kids an' named dem Wesker. Labs in tha carribean." A pause, she is quiet, thinking. "Oh what was tha rest.."
Benny "They are really delcious as always, Em." Benny grins and then eats a third one, but this time a little bit slower to show her that he isn't a complete pig. At the mention of Wesker, he actually stops eating. "What? Did you say Wesker?" Benny blinks and how many other people are named Wesker. "Hold on, do you know the name of this Umbrella man by chance and is Wesker a first name or last name?" Yes he has lots of questions and then stops himself from asking more since you are trying to remember things.
Emma Feeling on edge, Emma standa, and hugs herself a little, trying hard to remember. A hand runs through her hair. Shaemus is sitting next to Benny, chewing on his bone, his tail wagging happily and hitting his leg every now and then. "Ahh, Lord Aswell?" Her head shakes. "Na. Lord Oswell.. Spencer? Tha book is hidden in my room. Tha name sounds right. Last name be Wesker to." Stopping and turning to face Benny, those big grey-green eyes focus on him, studying him. "What - what do ya know?"
Benny Benny pats Shaemus on the head as he's chewing on his bone, listening to Emma speak. "Oswell Spencer, yeah I think he's one of the head CEO's or even the founder of Umbrella." He taps his chin, pondering something for a moment and then speaks. "Wesker or whom I believe is Albert Wesker, my former commander in S.T.A.R.S. and now a high ranking officer in the F.B.C." He shakes his head, shifting a bit on the wooden crate he is sitting on and has a furrowed brow now. "It is hard to believe, I looked up to the man and well before I jump to conclusions I will look into it more. Is there anything else you found out?"
Emma Emma is stunned to learn the guy heads the FBC. Her jaw drops a little. "Oy." A hand rubs her forehead a little, his question of other info is missed. "I was gonna apply ta - ta FBC." Her mind turns. Eyes drifting off then focusing on Benny. "I - I still could. Apply'n all, then get close and get info. Like a secret spy!" And yes she seems not to care about any of the dangers.
Benny "Uh, as much I know you want to help Emma. I don't think that is a good idea." Benny says sincerly and ponders some more. "However, I used to work with Wesker in S.T.A.R.S., so I'm probably the best person to apply to the FBC and see what I can dig up. If I need too, I also have lots of friends and former colleagues who work for the FBC who are already established there. But leave that stuff up to me. We should plan what to do with the Silo. Oh, do you have a piece of paper, I would like you to draw out a map and then i can get a better picture of what we are dealing with in terms of the lay out." He says patiently.
Emma Going to her books, Emma rips out a piece of lined paper. "I - I got friends in tha FBC too though, an people like ta talk ta doctors, they feel safe." Grabbing her pen, she goes to draw it out. "Plus, yer in Denver with a good, safe job, why risk that? If one of our lives is worth keepin' safe yours." Turning the paper ia handed over to him, with a quick outline of the lab. "I - I need ta do -somethin'-, I'll feel useless if I don't."
Benny "Don't be silly Emma. I was a cop, used to risking my life and your in med school now. Your going to be taking the hypocratic oath to save people, help those who are ill or injured. Your doing something by investigating, healing people and just being.../you/." He watches you drawing on the map, then adds. "I'm not saying don't be involved or not come along to take down the bad guys. Just know your limits and stay within them. Okay?" He gives you a pat on the shoulder if you let him and then takes a look at the map. "Okay, that is good. So elevator shaft here, goes down to the sub-basement level, hallways, rooms and so uh where was the um creature?" He lets you point to the map where you first saw it.
Emma "I've- I've seen what Umbrella has done, faced tha creatures, know tha horrors." Aa he pats her shoulder Emma looks away, frowning. "I know all that, 'bout bein' a doctor an' helpin' people. But, I dunno. I've seen so much feel like a small fish in tha big pond. I just feel I need ta do more." She sighs, then looks to the map. Pointing to a lab. "It came in there, went in a vent, then disappeared. After that, it came out - out of a bathroom vent. It can move anywhere."
Benny Benny sighs. "Sometimes you don't make much sense, Emma. You have a family that loves you, a great career ahead of you and you live in this giant mansion. A lot of people would be envious of you in this position and yet you feel like a small fish?" He then turns his attention to the map and nods. "Okay, well it sounds very much like the creatures we encountered at the Water Treatment plant but I've seen some pretty crazy things, so who knows what exactly it will be. Just have to be careful and we probably need to bring more people with us. Could be more of those things or worse down there if it was some Umbrella lab. I think we should go down there, try to download whatever is on the computer, deal with any creatures that get in our way and then blow the whole place up to make sure nothing gets out." He seems to be pretty confident about this plan, he used to be a cop so he has some military type knowledge of these things and he's read a thousand comic books or seen movies to fill in his knowledge gap with fiction.
Emma "Ricky tossed that pregnant woman ta tha zombies, an' her kids. We saw friens die, innocents hurt, turned, an' it swept under tha rug. I have proof there is worse out there now. I only live in this big manson because of Archene, an' am goin' ta school because of him. Fine, I got people that love me. But - but I dun want them ta become dead walkin', I feel like.. like I need ta truly do somethin' ta make up for not bein' able ta save those back in Racoon, or save that woman an' her kids. I got ta live, I need ta - ta do somethin' with that." And there it is, a speck of guilt. Having tried so hard, this seems to be her trying to make up for her assumed failures. "I downloaded all tha files, got papers'n pictures of everythin' already. We - we just need ta get that -thing-."
Benny "I....I'm sorry, I didn't know about that but it isn't your fault. You know that right?" Benny replies in a soft voice and then nods when you tell him you've already download the data. "Oh, well if that is the case then it should be a little easier. But are you sure ou explored everywhere down there? Could there be other rooms you missed?" He thinks for a second and then continues. "It's risky though, might be just a better idea to just in case they have some samples of the virus or worse down there. We need to go check it out before we take action. Better to assess it first." He looks proud of you for getting the data already.
Emma "I -- I try nat ta burden ya all with my stuff." Emma admits. "Yer all so busy." She shrugs a little, looking from him to the map. "Aye there were two hallways I didn' get ta. I'd like ta explore those. I was gonna but sort of got chased. I agreen we need ta check it out first."
Benny "Your never a burden, don't ever talk like that." Benny replies almost in a stern tone but softens. "Life is busy, yes but when it comes to friends needing help I will set work aside and espeically if it has to do with your saftey, anything with Umbrella corporation or helping friends out." He takes a look at where you are pointing about the two hallways and nods. "Yes, we need to check those out and if Archene, Markus, James or Richard aren't available then I might be able to find some alternative people who can help." He smiles softly to the redhead and says reassuringly. "You aren't alone on this, don't ever feel like you have to take on the whole world."
Emma Emma doesn't really know what to say to that having caught the sternness in his tonE. In response to this what Emma does, if allowed, is give him a tight, thankful hug. "Th - thank you." She whispers
Benny Benny blushes when's hugged, since he's never been comfortable with public displays of affection, well in this case semi-private displays of affection but he gives her a reassuring hug in return. "Your welcome, Emma. We are going to get through this." He sounds a lot more confident than when he did back in Raccon, like he's changed but for the better it seems.
Emma Emma had been hugging Benny, gives a squeeze before letting go and going to sit back down in the hammock. "I - I know," The lass looks down shyly, swaying back and forth a little, Shaemus goes to put his head on Benny's lap, not begging for food but just to do it. "Feels like a - a mountain, climbin' it an' tryin' ta get up it when ya got no rope." There is a small shrug, a hand runs through that long red hair. "Oy, I nearly forgot one - one more thing.."
Benny "Oh?" Benny replies while his hand is reaching out for another brownie, like it's his fifth or sixth probably. "Well, I'm not giving up and neither are you so we shall be fine just like we were before but this time we are stronger, better prepared and well fed." He gives the red headed med student a small wink and then picks up the brownie, looking at it first and then takes a bite out of it. He's eating it much more slowly this time around. "One more thing?" he asks looking curious.
Emma A glance is ventured his way, and for a second Emma is quiet, then she laughs short but soft. "Yer - yer gonna refuse ta let me fall hm?" There is a nod to the bronwie. "What would ya do without my bakin', hm?" Her tone is near deadpan, was that a joke? "An' tha last part ya half know, but I think ya need ta know tha rest."
Benny "Nope, if you fall then I do too so we just have to keep going on up." Benny replies with a proud grin, his teeth has brownine bits in them. "I'd probably just be a lot skinnier without your baking." He deadpans back and then blinks when you mention half knowing something. "What?"
Emma Emma sort of stares at Benny a momemt, those big grey-green eyes focused. But the icing on the cake, if you will, is the food in his teeth. Lips twitch a little, in a mixture of smile and laughter. Least in that moment her damper mood was lifted. To hide the laugh she clears her throat. "Wh - what would I do without ya." Says the red head with a quick smile to him. But to the piece of information there is a deep breath. "James is - is tha son of tha man who created tha t-virus. He's with Umbrella ta try ta find'n stop him. I - I know, him goin' Umbrella was a shock, was ta me too, but he is doin' it for a good cause."
Benny Benny blinks when you stare at him, "What?" He has no clue why Emma is looking at him this why and trying to stifle laughter. Maybe his hair is a bit off or something? "Hmm...good question. You would probably have a lot more brownies to give to people is my number one answer." He sagenods and then coughs suddenly, when you tell him about James's secret about his dad, then him joining Umbrella to put a stop to this!

When he finally manages to clear his throat, looking frantically for some water and manages to get some from the basin nearby, using his hands to scoop water into his mouth, getting his face as well as half his clothes wet in the process when he returns to you. "Woah, hold on...did you say what I think you just said? James's dad, like the James we both /know/. His dad created the t-virus and now, he's infiltrated Umbrella and trying to take them down from the inside?" He looks incredibly shocked at this moment, just staring at you in disbelief.
Emma "Oy! I - I enjoy bakin' for ya!" A second after she stands when he is going for water. Right away she wants to help. "Ya okay?" Her tone is filled with concern, until he repeats what she said. "Aye. An' I'm-- I'm trustin' ya with this, because I know ya an' James didn' always see eye ta eye. Or more him ta yers. But that's what I know."
Benny Benny blushes a bit and nods. "I'm okay now, just some food went down the wrong way." He taps lightly on his chest, coughing a bit more but he's still breathing, not turning purple and able to talk so his airway is clear. "I know you are and I appreciate that. Yeah, James and I never really saw eye to eye on much but I took bullets for him. I figured that would make us even and last time we met at his swanky penthouse, it seemed like he was more reasonable than I've ever seen him." He hmms and looks up at the ceiling as he's thinking. "Well, not sure what we can do with that information anyways except for maybe ask him about what he found out next time we see him, but that might put him at risk if he's 'undercover' so to speak."
Emma Emma still looks concerned, but relaxed at least a little. "He - he is.. calmer, aye, has made some changes in his life." Feet shuffle, betraying an awkwardness. "I - I suspected he was Umbrella, found out tha truth when I went an' tried ta wall inta tha Umbrella buildin'." Yes, she walked head first into the Umbrella building. "I - I dunno ta be honest, but least we got a friend in there, we got tha name of tha creator, that's somethin'."
Benny Benny nods, "Well, that is good at least but infiltraing Umbrella by himself, that's that is just...either incredibly stupid or brilliant." He starts pacing back and forth, putting both hands behind his back, clasping them together. "Yes, that is something..." He then stops, blinks and just stares at you. "You did /what/?" He sighs and his shoulders slump. "You tried to get inside the building, Em? I don't even want to know..."
Emma "James has his own path ta - ta follow, his own seeds ta sow, an' this is how. It seems he has gotten better, stronger." Seeing his shoulders slump there is a frown, looking down with a bit of shame. "Ja - James stopped me an' ushered me out don't worry."
Benny "I know, he does and I just hope he will choose wisely." Benny replies and then nods when you tell him James stopped you. "I'm glad and obviously nothing bad came of it since we are standing here talking. Again, you have to be patient, look before you leap and well, I don't want to sound like I'm lecturing you, which I'm not doing by the way. Just advice for a friend, you can take it as you will." He walks over to the makeshift table where the map is once more, studying it and then folds it up, to put in his pocket. "If you don't mind I'll take this with me, do some research on the internet about the area and maybe get lucky find some old blueprints in a dusty archive somewhere in the public library. I'll be in touch shortly though and then we can get a bunch of us together to check it out. That sound alright with you?"
Emma "Do - Don't worry Benny, I won't ya know, run ta trouble without someone." Emma says that like it's a promise. "Sounds fine, just make sure yer not tracked. An' take tha rest of tha brownies."
Benny Benny winks. "I'm a ninja remember?" He blinks and slowly looks towards the plate of brownies, pointing to it like a kid getting a present on Christmas day. "Really? The whole thing? But, but that is a lot of food." He's trying to be sincere and not look like a ravenous bottomless pit eater.
Emma Emma smirks, a little, then goes to take the plate and hand it to him. "Aye, take it. Like I said, I enjoy cookin' for ya. There'll be plenty more next time yer 'round to. Just try ta breath between bites."
Benny Benny grins, showing those brownie stained teeth of his once more. "Okay." He takes the plate, then holds it like he's guarding a football or basketball keeping it safe from getting snatched away. He's a dangerous man, this Benny and you don't want to see him HANGRY! "Thanks, Emma and I'll be in touch soon." With those words, he gives Shaemus one last rub behind the ears for good measure, several pats on the head and then walks towards the exit. Mission objective complete, extra bonus points for Brownies Acquired! Level up!