Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is another foggy day in Paris, on this rather cold November morning and the Cafe is mostly empty except for the few regulars who sit down to have breakfast before heading off to school or work. There is a line up for the till though, as people come in to grab a coffee on the go. The most recent events that have occurred in Paris is the bombing of an apartment building by some organized crime types but something seems to be brewing, well it is probably just the coffee but foreshadowing is always cool.

At a corner table sits a rather silent individual, who is sipping on a coffee, reading an american newspaper and has a plate with a muffin on it which has barely been touched. Chris Redfield, is as stoic as usual and other than a small shiner on his left eye he looks rather normal this early in the morning.
Markus Berger The fact that something is brewing actually managed to get a certain doctor to prepare a letter and a datachip before heading to this particular cafe to meet one particular person. Namely Chris as Markus quickly heads to his table and sits down at the opposite end of it. "I'd say good day Chris, but its mediocre at best."
Chris Redfield Chris glances up from his newspaper, seeing that it is Markus he offers the man a faint smile and motions for him to take a seat. "Morning, Markus. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me here." He then sets the newspaper aside, giving the doctor his full attention when he does take a seat across from him at the table. "How are things?" he asks but you know he usually just gets right to the point than offer pleasantries but sometimes he is surprising.
Markus Berger "Could be better. My gutfeeling is telling me that somethings brewing and thats not because of the french food." The doctor swiftly puts a hand in the inside of his jacket and pulls out an envelope which he places on the table before talking in a far more silent tone. "This here contains a written summary of what I managed to figure out in recent times and a usb stick with the same in digital form. Just reinforces what I told you beforehand."
Chris Redfield Chris nods appreciatively when Markus sets the envelope down on the table, which he casually puts his newspaper on top of before sliding it towards him, then folding it up to take with him for later review. "Your help is invaluable Markus and you have my word that I will use this information to help stop them, however I can." He won't say the name of the evil corporation but you know as well as he does, who that is. "If there is anything I can do for you, just ask and I will try if it is within my power." He then reaches over to pick up his coffee to take another small sip, regarding you with thoughtful expression rather than his usual stoic one.
Markus Berger Markus shrugs slightly as he staples his fingers and looks at Chris with a slight grimace. "You are allready doing what I could ask you for because its your job. Just keep me in the loop and contact me if you need help. You would be surprised what I can do and how many paychecks I have burned to have some surprises available someone like me shouldn't have. Aside from that, if you hear from her... tell your sister that I apologise for not having gotten around to fiding and talking with her about you know who."
Chris Redfield Chris did look thoughtful for a second there but at the mention of his sister, his expression changes to a pensive one for a split second and then his jaw tightens, fist clenches and unclenches. "She's...missing. If you hear any word about that through your me." He nearly crushes the coffee cup that he was holding but sets it down with a steady hand now that he has composed himself. "I heard rumor that /they/ may have gotten to her, to get to me. She was with a lady named Kirstin Harris when it happened." He glances out the window as he speaks, his breathing is getting a bit heavier and his jaw tightens once again.
Markus Berger The doctor himself briefly clenches his fists and looks like he only barely prevents himself from hitting the table in frustration. "Damn it... even with the bit I know about her you don't even have to be the reason. Shes been triging to find informations quite diligently and knowing them thats reason enough. Anyway, I'll see if I can figure anything out and prepare a few bribes to loosen a few tongues. Just don't expect a miracle since trying to track down a single person is far harder than finding the traces a whole operation leaves behind."
Chris Redfield "Yeah." Chris replies through gritted teeth and closes his eyes briefly. One of his fists are clenched still and he finally opens his eyes to reply, "Anything you find would be helpful and I appreciate all you have done. Taking such a risk, is not easy and your courage is commendable. I will never forget it." He says solemnly and continues to look out the window as he speaks.
Markus Berger "Considering the rumors that they have been going after RC survivors I'm at risk simply for being alive, so that doesn't change my situation that much. Besides, you'd be surprised how muck kevlar is in my clothes and what one can hide in jackets and trenchcoats." Markus grimaces a bit as he taps a bit against the leather jacket he wears. "I can guess pretty well who would be more surprised if they try anything."
Chris Redfield Chris's eyes slide over towards your's and he replies. "Glad to hear that you are taking necessary precautions and be careful." He knows what kind of sacrifice it takes to pursue this, he knows all to well in fact and that type of burden is not for everyone. "I bumped into MacKen...Trixe the other day. We, had a bit of a run in with some criminal types, probably local mafia or some type of organized crime group and witnessed them blow up a floor of an apartment complex. We tried to stop those responsible, a few got away unfortunately but managed to at least help the Police capture one suspect. Trixie is alright though as well as the other civilian who assisted us. Have you spoken to Trixie lately?"
Markus Berger Markus grimaces once again at those news. Somehow there is always something happening. "No. Didn't get around to do it due to work and my snooping around for informations. So... more trouble here in town. Thought the murders in the catabombs by the fake zombies would've been enough."
Chris Redfield "I heard about that on the news." Chris says and notices your grimacing. "Just some radical terrasave members or something?" He shakes his head a bit, taking another sip of coffee while his muffin remains untouched. "I never knew Paris would this busy but I guess every major city has an underbelly."
Markus Berger Markus grimaces even more and shrugs as he briefly looks outside. "Apparently. Not too surprising considering that many don't take the biohazards seriously or at least not seriusly enough. Just look at the deathtoll from RC to now. That said, I need to be on my way. I have to get my hands on a few things in the next few days and you might be surprised how complicated that is for someone who doesn't have a license to kill. Like me." He looks around again for another moment before standing up and slowly making his way to the entrance. "See you around, I guess."
Chris Redfield "Take care, Markus and thanks again." Chris says in a sincere tone and extends his hand to offer a handshake if the scientist accepts it. "We shall talk again soon." He pats the newspaper on the table and gives the man a polite parting nod.