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Kitten It's been two hours since the Eco-Terrorists known as P.I.T.E. (Protecting Injustices Towards Earth) had taken the Umbrella Europe HQ Building in Paris, France with many of the employees held hostage by the radical group.

Disclaimer: P.E.T.A. is so crazy they are probably affiliated with P.I.T.E. bring on their lawyers.

The Paris Police's Special Response Team was currently on the scene having cordoned off the building, while hostage negotiators worked with the terrorists to try and meet their demands.

It was looking grim. Unless the Executives of Umbrella Corporation including Lord Oswell E. Spencer were delivered into the custody of the terrorists, they were threatening to set off a viral dirty bomb that would infect most of the city.

Evacuation processes were already underway, but they would be too late.

A small group of individuals had recently slipped into the Umbrella Corporation HQ hopefully, with the intent of stopping the terrorists and whatever they had unleashed. At present, it was known that the bulk of the terrorists and the 'dirty bomb' was located on the lower levels of the building.

A team of FBC Commandos and BSAA Soldiers were heading up the assault, with the counter-bioterrorist unit known as Black Sword taking point on the operation. In the initial moments, they had been surprised to see others in the area; but help was not going to be turned down.

The woman in charge of Black Sword, Jane Chelsea looked over the rag-tag group that had made their way in and instructed, "Two teams will proceed to the upper levels to secure the hostages, the rest of you, with us on the way to the sub-levels. Just remember, we're not here to babysit you."
Cassie Cassie stands attentively, listening to what Chelsea has to say to the group, a firm look on her face indicating that she's not taking anything lightly today. She nods a little as the woman speaks, and when Chelsea's done speaking, Cassie salutes formally and replies, "Yes, ma'am!"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei had gotten hurt while off duty.. and he hadn't reported it. This had made for a rather awkward conversation or two that he did not have with his superior officer when he was called up for active duty to help fight his way through the. well you know. Luckily his little arm cast might be considered a type of new shiney armor! He had free fingers anyway.. and could pull the trigger with his right hand so it was all A-okay!

Even though his head throbbed in pain, his ass.. had seen better days and his left arm was no doubt craked, he would pull through this. He always had, at least that is what Andrei would keep telling himself. "Babysittin pays well, you should honestly reconsider. My Neice swears by it. She is fourteen though so I don't think she has a good idea of how much a dollar is actually worth.. so on second thought.. scratch that." Andrei will offer rather sarcastically as he moves to flip the saftey of his carbine off, carefully looking it over.

Gasmask to obscure his identity? Check. NVD? Also check. Shit ton of armor to keep himself from dieing if he got shot in the chest? Also check. It was heavy, and burdensome, but god did he need it.
Hunter If she was being honest, being here when this went down had been an accident. As much as she wanted to say some heroic shit like, 'Oh yeah, I came running to help!', it would be a lie. Like most times anything of note happened to her, she had been wandering in search of something else.. but then again, no one really gets to choose when terrorism happens besides the terrorists. Hunter was a civilian with no where to go, on a quest to find TerraSave and perhaps get revenge on the shitstains that stole her parents from her. Chasing down terrorists terrorizing the very people she hated was... not what she had expected

The teenager wore her signature skeleton-print hoodie with the hood up. Her stature was average in both height and weight, hidden mostly by the somewhat baggy clothes she wore. Honestly, in a room full of military trained professionals, she felt very out of place. At the end of the day she knew she wouldn't be able to look herself in the mirror any more if she at least didn't TRY to help; the universe had even put her in the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time to help, right? Who was she to call the universe a liar? Hunter looked around nervously at all the armour and weapons...
Chase Dalton Chase had been injured himself in a recent mission, and tried to shrug it off like the good little soldier he'd been trained to be. He visibly favors using his left arm as little as possible, but again he'll soldier on. He's strapped into his FBC-issue armor, and has his M104 Combat Shotgun at the ready, as he heeds the words of the individual running the proverbial show. His M9 Pistol hangs at his hip.
Emma This isn't the type of thing Emma would tag along with. There are scratch marks all over her face, they are healing. But there is a bruise on the bottom of her jaw, along with a split lip. The lasa had a reason for coming, which was Chase. Having agreed to come along for this task, her role seems to be medic, as what she carries is a medkit. For now, all she does is follow.
Poncho      Amidst the group of rag-tag adventurers and seekers of vengeance, one in particular turns the opaque lenses of his soviet-style gas mask toward Lady Jane and lets out a snorting breath. Through the filters of his mask, the wordless statement gains a harsh, rattling quality, while losing none of its derision. Baby setting, him?
     Lifting his heavy shotgun, he clonks it down against his right shoulder, a menacing figure in black riot gear and a tattered grey poncho. The hood of his signature garment is currently up, lending the mysterious figure a vaguely reaper-esque quality. Judging by the outfit, this must be Poncho. Fairly dangerous. Doesn't work well with others. But he's here.
     Breaking his invisible stare on Leader Jane, Poncho sweeps the other irregulars around him, noting military gear, hard cases. Tough people all 'round. And, one kid.
     Christ. That girl from the city.
     "You got a death wish, kid?" the armored figure growls aside to the punkish girl, limping a step closer as his opaque gaze locks on her face. Though the words are harsh and distorted, he keeps his voice low, avoiding interrupting any orders from the front. "This ain't no goddamn game, and you don't even got a weapon."
Chris Redfield Chris heard about the terrorist take over shortly after it had happened and received a phone call from his superiors at the B.S.A.A. that he was to gear up and deploy to the Umbrella building immediately to assist the SRT and Black Sword with the operation.

Redfield geared up quickly, drove like a bit of a maniac (safely in a controlled manner though) in his black Ford Expedition and had to badge his way through the Police perimeter that was set up, after they verified that he was allowed to proceed into the staging area where the assault team was being briefed. Parking his vehicle where he is directed, he then steps out all decked out in his full B.S.A.A. outfit, with combat armor and heavily armed.

He's got his game face on, serious and stoic as ever. He walks up to where the teams are assembled near Black Sword leader, Jane Chelsea and gives her small salute with his hand, "Chris Redfield. BSAA. I'm here to help." he says after she is done speaking to a few of her troops as to not interrupt her before introducing himself. He would nod politely to those that he recognizes in the group as he walked up to Jane.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will turn his head slightly at Chris's exclamation, the man's covered features soon shuddering with a chuckle before he lifts up a finger to jab at the man. "Just try not to accidently lure anyone into a trap there, Mister big fuckin hero!" Andrei exclaims rather dryly before he looks back down at his Carbine again, trying hard to focus intently, waiting, losening his muscles. Trying to relax himself via force.
Kitten Very few words were said after that point by the soldiers as two teams headed for a near-by stairwell and begin to head up towards the locations the hostages were being held. The Black Sword commandos began to make their way towards a section of the wall, double-checking something on a handheld computer device before planting explosive breaching charges.

"We'll be rappelling down." One of the Commandos explained to the rag-tag group, "Might want to cover your ears to."

The charges detonated inwards, revealing a large hollowed out maintenance shaft in between the walls of the building; no doubt part of the elevator system.

One by one, the commandos began to secure rappel lines and make their way down into the depths of whatever abyss awaited them down below.

Athletics check. One success required to arrive next round. +roll athletics
Chris Redfield Chris glances towards Andrei, not recognizing the man at all since he's dressed up with a gas mask obscuring his face which also disguises his voice like he's some raspy, darth vader wannabe hipster and cowardly hides behind his insecurities. Nope, he won't even dignify the man's comments with a verbal response but he does stare him down for a few moments before moving on.

Redfield spots Hunter, giving her a quizzical look and walks towards her as she is being spoken to by Poncho, whom he doesn't recognize either because of a simliar getup as Andrei. "Hunter? What are you doing here?" He motions for her to follow him as they head out with the Commandos towards the section of the wall for rapelling. He helps her hook up her line if she lets him, giving the girl some pointers if she hasn't done this before. He checks her line twice to make sure it is hooked up properly. "You'll do fine kid. You must have some skills if you are with us, just stay behind me and follow my instructions okay? I'm counting on you." He puts a hand on her shoulder reassuringly, giving it a gentle squeeze if she lets him and then gets his own rapelling line hooked up.

"We are going to do this by the numbers. You all have your orders and know what is at stake here. Nobody gets left behind. Lets do this." Chris says with a confident voice, looking each and everyone of his team in the eye. He checks his radio headset attached to his ear. "Radio check. Copy. Green is go." He then rappels when the order is given and into action.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part just snorts as he listens to Chris trying to pep-talk up everyone as he moves to hook himself in.. and rappel down onto the ground. There might be one of those pained grunts s he shakes his head and glances up overhead as he moves quickly. How he moves though is representive of his standard behavior. Just as he had done so many times in similiar situations.. where danger was a very real possibility, he'll move to fall into the shadows and hide in the background.

Even though he was perhaps the best equipped.. barring Redfield, Andrei wasn't looking to get shot after all, and even as the rest of them check and chat, he'll grow utterly silent now as he moves, stepping lightly, trying hard not to grunt and whine with every awkward step that jostles his left arm or he accidently hits something.
Cassie Cassie's no stranger to rappelling, what with being a veteran of the United States Army and all that. In fact, rappelling is just another day on the job for her for the most part. She's got a look of determination on her face as she gets herself into position and prepares to descend when the order's given. She knows that you can't rush into things like this or you could wind up getting killed, if not failing your mission big time. And there is no room for failure here whatsoever. Especially when you're dealing with bio-terrorism and things like that.

When the order to go in is given, Cassie begins to rappel quickly but carefully, as she knows she needs to get down there fast, but not fast enough that she turns into a pancake. She's moving with confidence and efficiency, something she learned in boot camp, and she's showing it quite well here.
Hunter Hunter offered Poncho a scathing look. Old farts always trying to tell her how to live her life. If she wanted to live fast and die young that was her business. When Chris approached her, she grinned nervously, lopsidedly. Of course he had questions too, but she took them much better than with the old man. Mostly because he wasn't treating her like she was stupid. "I uh... well, I was around and figured I'd help?" Lame excuse, yes. Truth? Also yes. Hunter lets Chris help her with the line and also double checks it is secured. Rappelling wasn't on her repitoire of skills, but she was agile enough that she picked it up quickly. The teenager rappelled down with very little problems or fanfare, handling herself pretty well. Sneakers hit the floor and she unattached herself, standing behind Chris silently and looking up, waiting for Emma. SHe knew she had seen her up there...
Poncho      A rough grunt filters its way through his mask as Poncho turns away from Hunter, engaging the safety on his shotgun before shoving it through a loop affixed to the left side of his belt. Like a bulky, oddly shaped sword it rides on his hip, mostly out of his way for the time being.
     While Chris moves to speak to the girl, the aging warrior limps past him and approaches the rappelling line, hooking a simple D-ring on his armor to the cord.
     Let Chris be the hero here. he can watch out for her better regardless. Besides, Poncho isn't one of the good guys. Not anymore. he doesn't have time to rescue foolish children.
     Stepping out into empty air, Poncho leans back and allows himself to slide quickly down the line, boots hitting the ground at the end with solid double thuds. The weight of his gear forces him to lean heavily to the left, favoring his right knee, but he ignores whatever pain the rough landing might have caused and quickly unclips himself. Stoic and grim in his heavy armor, the vigilante slides his shotgun out of its loop and clicks the safety to off, going live as he limps forward to join the point guard.
Emma Emma isn't much for combat, but rocks at medicine. So really she isn't looking the part of being here. Hell there isn't a sign of armour on her. Just some black yoga looking pants, and a black tank top. Her hair is braided and over her shoulder, the medkit slung there too. Moving with the people grey-green eyes fix on the familar form of Hunter, so the red head moves that way, with her normal smooth grace. "'ello, Hunter." But her words are a little more slurred atop of the Scottish accent, given the split in her lip and bruise on her jaw. Looking to Chris, who was talking to her, there is a small nod in greeting. He seems familar, but can't place where from.
Kitten The rappel down goes fairly well for everyone and by the time the rag-tag group has reached the bottom of the shaft, the Black Sword Commandos are already forcing an elevator door open and spilling out into the hallway before announcing it is clear.

The lights are flickering in the hallway and there are signs of a recent battle having taken place with a half-dozen dead security guards lying on the floor with bullet holes through the head.

There are three paths before the group each leading into a hallway, but the indecisive nature of human beings is quelled by Jane Chelsea who announces, "Alpha Team, you're with me. We'll head left. Bravo Team, head up the center hallway. Redfield, you and your 'people' can take the right hallway. Keep in radio contact."

The Black Sword Commandos head off in their own leaving Redfield to take point.


Radio contact with the other teams cuts out shortly after losing line of sight, likely due to some kind of signal jamming.

As the makeshift group moves down the hallway, they make several adjustments to their route with Redfield guiding the team to the most likely area the terrorists might be held up in an unfamiliar locale.

As the team rounds a corner, they come across a team of terrorists heading in their direction and unfortunately for the team? Several of them are spotted even as others remain un-noticed in the shadowy confines of the corridor.

Immediately the terrorists open fire on the first target they see: CHRIS REDFIELD!
PrestigeAndrei Even as things begin to pop off and bullets start flowing all around, Andrei Kirov is one thing, and that is a total fucking coward. The man will not take a shot if he isn't seen.. and there isn't need for him to act..

So given everything going on, Andrei Kirov stays in the shadows, even as he catchs sight of the bad guys.. a small smirk touching his lips as he slides down the hallway and then into an adjacent room.

In his new spot of cover, Andrei will slowly make sure to check his assault rifle, insuring it is automatic mode.. and wait till his new friends and better yet.. enemies are all involved before getting involved himself.
Kitten Two of the terrorists step forward and begin to unleash hell down the hallway towards Chris and Poncho, joining in with their leader. Luckily for Poncho, his years of experience pay off and his honed reflexes avoid a nasty wound; Chris isn't so lucky and takes a solid hit to the left arm but nothing that will slow him down.
Chris Redfield Chris rounds the corner and ducks back as gunfire rips down the hallway from the well set up Terrorists. "Contact front!" he yells and then moves forward to cover quickly, but catches some rounds in his left arm as a few more Terrorists take aim at him. He manages to dodge one while moving but third time wasn't a charm for him. He grunts as the bullets graze his arm, not hitting any arteries or doing any major damage but it still hurts like hell.

"Hunter stay in cover!" He wasn't aware she wasn't armed and he doesn't have time to think about that right now as he returns fire with his assault rifle, opening up with automatic fire and manages to take down the Terrorist who shot him and the other one beside him. The first terrorist gets shot in the chest, kiling him when bullets rip through his heart and the second one gets shot in the head, killing him instantly.

"Supressing fire and then keep moving to flank." He barks out orders.
Emma There are terrorist and gun fire. Emma has found bravery lately, and so before she would go to find a place to get cover, quickly the lass would pick up a fun, even if she dislikes the feeling in her hands, and would then duck for cover.
Hunter Okay so... bullets. They were pretty scary. Even more scary when you had nothing to protect yourself with. She could hear Chris yelling at her to stay in cover... but as some of the terrorists went down, her sharp gaze fell on their weapons. Their weapons so ripe for the taking. Assessing the situation clearly, she gathers she hasn't been seen... if she can get to one of the guns quietly enough, maybe she could actually be of some use to the folks risking their lives. Hunter whispered a quiet apology to Chris before attempting to sneak her way towards one of the dead terrorists. Don't pay attention to the fact that he is dead, Hunter. Don't pay attention to the blood. JUst GRAB THE GUN.

It seemed Emma had the same idea and, as they both grabbed a gun, Hunter moved to take cover with Emma. Her face was pale, ghostly even. This was obviously her first time in any situation like this. The fact she had grabbed a gun amazed even her.
Cassie When Chris takes fire, Cassie knows there's trouble nearby. She quickly pops out from behind the wall she was taking cover behind, aiming at one of the nearest terrorists with her gun and firing off a single shot before attempting to return to cover once again. Unfortunately, in the split second it takes for her to get back into cover, she sees that the shot missed completely. "Dammit," She mutters, cursing her luck and accuracy. "I need more time on the firing range."
Poncho      As Poncho comes around the corner at the head of the group, his limping steps matching his team leader's, every hair on the back of his neck stands straight up. He has no time to think. He has been doing this long enough that he acts on automatic reflex, throwing himself hard to the right, his armored shoulder slamming against the wall just moments before a hail of bullets spray through the area he so recently occupied. Everything is light and sound, explosions roaring in his ears as his team begins to return fire. more bullets spatter the wall around him, throwing dust and debris into the air until with a heavy 'thwack!' one of them catches the side of his helmet, rocking his head to the side and bouncing it off of the wall.
     A low, distorted snarl of rage escapes through his mask as the old man bounces back to a firing stance, his heavy shotgun snapping around to orient on the jerk off who just shot him. The bulky weapon lets out a deafening 'BOOM!' and the unfortunate fellow's left leg is blown nearly off, taking him to the ground in a shower of blood and screaming.
     His tattered poncho whipping out behind him, the old warrior then sprints forward, closing the distance through smoke and bullets, the still hot barrel of his weapon being swept down in a scything arc toward the next terrorist's knee. The makeshift club impacts with a wet 'CRUNCH' and the goon crumples, falling forward as Poncho racks the slide of his shotgun with a distinctive 'Ch-chnk.' Bringing the barrel down, he presses it to the goon's head and pulls the trigger, splattering his brains across the far wall with all the passion of an executioner ending the life of a sheep.
     Standing over the second body, tattered Poncho hanging like the reaper's cloak from his armored shoulders, he cocks his gun once more.
Hunter Okay so the more bullets being fired, the more scary the situation got. Who knew? Now that she had a weapon, it didn't really quell her nerves. SHe had never fired one of these before in her life, never mind an automatic rifle. She couldn't have started with a pistol? The rifle was heavy in her hands. Her breath caught in her chest for a moment as she realized what she was about to do. SHe was about to attempt to take a life. Worried eyes looked towards Emma for a moment, fear clearly visable. Okay. Okay, Hunter, you can do this. Just breathe. These guys were firing at people she cared about. If a stray bullet hit Emma, or even Chris, MAYBE even the insufferable old man, she'd curse herself for not trying to help.

After a few moments, Hunter nodded to herself before steeling her resolve. It was like the arcades with the rifle machines. No big deal. She could do this. Hunter took a deep breath, prayed to whatever was listening, and popped up from behind her cover. With the rifle held firmly against her shoulder, she squeezed one eye shut and aimed as quickly as she could. With only a moment of hesitation she pulled the trigger. The gun was louder than ever now that she was the one holding it, and it made the sickening sound of bullets hitting skull and flesh that much more disgusting. The terrorist's head exploded in a shower of gore and Hunter ducked back behind cover, her eyes wide and her chest heaving. Holy fucking shit.
Chris Redfield Chris grunts as he takes a round to his chest, but thankfully he is wearing combat armor and the wound is only superficial. He quickly moves forward to the next available cover, which happens to be a room with an open door that he can lean out of it to take aim. Gunfire rips down the hallway from both sides, automatic fire narrowly misses him stiching the wall behind him with bullet holes.

"Supressing fire!" He barks out again to his team as he opens up once more in a controlled automatic fire with his XM8 assault rifle. The first terrrorist takes a few rounds in the chest, hurting him badly and the second terrorist beside him gets it in the crown jewels. Head or balls? It doesn't really matter because both results are the same but at least one is an open casket if that is any consolation.

He quirks an eyebrow when the first terrorist gets shot in the face, ending his life in spectacular fashion. He glances back, spotting Hunter out of the corner of his eye who disobeyed his orders but managed to get an AK47 that had been dropped. His stoic expression is all that she see's if she looks in his direction but he does gives a short nod in approval of the shot regardless. When Poncho shots one of the terrorists legs off with a shotgun then charges in to engaged in melee, he does quirk an eyebrow slightly at the man's choice of tactics, but damn it is effective especially after the finishing coup de grace with the shotgun after smashing it down on the second terrorists leg.
PrestigeAndrei Unlike other less trained indivuals.. heros.. and blood thirsty demons, Andrei Kirov is just a professional. A cowardly professional, but this was the second time he had been in a firefight.. and well, Andrei's mind had blanked a bit as he peeks around the corner, lifting the barrel of his gun slightly, he'll angle the shot and unleash a series of well aimed, shredding bullets.

Andrei doesn't even double check to insure he hits.. though the blood spray on the back of wall insures that anyway around might quickly be able to tell what happened.. but then..

Then where is Andrei? He is back cowering behind the wall, his grip tightening around the grip of his firearm as his lips twist into a frown. Another inhalation then he'll turn to look and double check his handywork..

Only to see that most of the enemy.. most of what Andrei was terrified of dealing with? Well they are all dead! Andrei's in a good mood.
Emma Emma doesn't seem all to scared. There wouldof been a time she would of freaked. Maybe that is the silver lineing to her weeks of hell. Looking back at Hunter her eyes are.. hallow, oddly so. "Le - least this isn't one od their horrid creations." Mutters the lass. With the gun in hand - it feels strange and always will, she stands and goes to fire, unafraid or numb, but her lack of training really shows.
Poncho      Bullets fly past Poncho's position, some whipping back toward his allies, while the vast majority pour into the terrorists, heads and limbs disintegrating in showers of gore.
     Stomping his way right over the headless corpse in front of him, the insane old man limps through the concentrated fire, bodies falling all around him, and approaches the remaining terrorist as the man desperately evades oncoming death. Swinging his shotgun into line, he grimly pulls the trigger, watching as the man throws himself to the side, avoiding the fiery blast that peppers the wall behind him.
     Well, that won't do.
     Lunging forward, Poncho brings his smoking weapon around in another brutal club, smashing the unfortunate fellow's arm out of the way as he attempts to block. Bones break audibly, and the limb flops to the side just before the armored killer twists, bringing the butt of his weapon around hard into the terrorist's face. Nose and cheekbones crunch once and he flops back against the wall, then twice as Poncho hits him again, caving his face in entirely.
     "Hrmph." grunts the vigilante, tilting his weapon up and reaching to his bandolier of shotgun shells to begin reloading. As he does,gun smoke drifts about him, and he turns to glance back toward the group, the side of his helmet still sizzling from the bullet imbedded in the armored weave.
Kitten The terrorist leader is about to say something when his head is blown off by a full auto-burst from Andrei even as the other terrorists go down. There was clearly something going on here, given the direction they were travelling they seemed to be /leaving/ the area.

If they had not been in such a hurry, they definitely would have been able to ambush the group instead of running into them head on; both parties just as surprised as the other upon meeting.

The group had struck gold though, following the hallway they came across a large laboratory that has been trashed.

There are executed scientists (the hostages) all around the room and a large device in the center of the room that looks like a bomb.

It's currently counting down...

Hunter Everything had happened so fast but she didn't have time to dwell on it. They were moving forward and, even when everything felt and sounded distant, Hunter had to keep her wits about her. A quick scan of the room revealed some clues but the bomb, oh fuck the bomb. Wide eyes fell on the bomb... or was it two bombs? Hunter swallowed, her mouth dry. "Ah.... w-well, looks like we got two bombs. An explodey one an' a... I think a virus-y one?" She was talking mostly to calm her nerves, but maybe there was something she saw that the others hadn't. "These empty tubes gimme the creeps... y'could fit a whole person in here! Why are they open...?"

She would let the professionals handle the bomb. Hunter took the time to investigate the storage bins, mumbling quietly to herself while she held her rifle at the ready.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei steps out from behind the wall he looks about then, moving to slowly eject the mag in his firearm, looking it over and taking the time to count his ammuntion then before he moves to step down the hallway, his eyes shifting tolook down over at the terroists. Some are well.. dead from clean bullet wounds, others with broken faces. "Disgusting this. Could of been a bit more cleaner with a few of these." andrei will offer idly, no doubt crituqing Poncho'srather vicious work then as his lips twist into a frown, though his expression is hidden behind his Gas mask.

A hand will reach up to start scratching at his left hand, which is still covered in the cast, resting his carbine in the nook of his arm then as he looks it over and grumbles softly. No doubt Andrei is displeased in general with how things are going as he kicks the foot of one of the deceased.
Emma In her heart, Emma is glad that her bullets missed. It's against her nature to hurt. Fallowing along with the others seeing the bombs brings her to a hault. Yet something else gets her attention. The tubes. Now there is fear in her eyes. Her gun comes up in fear, there is a stumble back. She appears to know what these are. "Shit. Fucking shit!" Eyes dart around. "I dun think we're alone here, there may be some Umbrella creatures lurkin' 'round!" The odd level of fear in hee voice suggests more than she is letting on.
Cassie Unfortunately, Cassie may attempt to aim carefully this time at the risk of keeping herself visible, but it still misses. She scowls, but then her thoughts turn back to the mission when she notices something that shouldn't be there... bombs. "Oh hell no," Cassie mutters. "We gotta do something about this!"
Poncho      Newly reloaded shotgun cradled in his arms, Poncho steps further into the lab, head swaying left and right as he watches his fellows spread out through the room. Circling first around the bomb, he glances past it toward the storage containers, pauses, then begins limping toward the scattered lab equipment on the floor. Glass and other broken bits crunch beneath his boots as he approaches the first lab table and begins quickly scanning the wreckage for things out of place. useful things. things that a hurried terrorist team with a bomb behind them might have accidentally left behind.
Hunter There had definitely been something in the tubes, investigation told her that much. Other than that, it was quiet... too quiet. Until Emma's swearing caught her off guard. The level of fear in her friend's voice rattled her, and Hunter quickly moved to stand next to Emma. Umbrella creatures? Were those what was in the tubes? The teenager made sure the rifle was ready to fire again, at least she hoped it was.

"M-Maybe there's somethin' on one o' these scientists that can help us?" The teenager began searching the executed corpses of the scientists, holding her breath at the smell. Ew, ew, double mondo mega ew...
Chris Redfield "Everybody sound off, check condition and reload." Chris says after surveying the room and satisfied that every enemy combatant is down. "Medic, please tend to anyone with severe injuries." He looks towards Emma who is the designated medic for the team, giving her a polite nod and shaking his head if she approaches him. He's hurting but won't accept any treatment unless nobody else is hurt. He takes point, walking down the hallway with his assault rifle at the read, taking measured even steps over the carnage of bodies, checking to make sure none are playing possum before coming into the laboratory. He surveys the room quickly, muttering "Shit." as he see's the all the dead scientists and the very obvious bomb. Other things catch his attention though, as he walks over to examine it further. The open storage tubes look eerily familiar, he's seen these before and he scowls. After a quick examination of them, he walks over to the device that is counting down. Examining it carefully and looks back at the team if they come towards the door. "Does anyone have experience with bomb dispsoal, if so please come forward. The rest of you secure, one secure the hallway behind us and the rest scout up ahead to report back to me."

He then activates his mike of his headset. "Black Sword Leader. This is Redfield. Update. We dealt with mutliple hostiles, heavily armed, approximately ten of them. They are all down, minimial injuries on my team but we have found a bomb. It is counting down, less than five minutes to detonation. It is big. I request a bomb disposal personnel to my location ASAP. Status report for the other teams?" He relaods, his XM8, pulling the spare magazine from his ammo pouch on his combat armor and sliding in full mag with a resounding *clack*, putting the ejected magazine with expended rounds into one of his pockets.
Hunter At Chris' words, Hunter pipes up that she is unhurt. She had no skill in anything to do with the bombs, so she would do what she did best. The teenager was scouty already and could be pretty quiet when she wanted to. "I'll ah... I'll take a look up ahead, like y'said, Chris." With that she carefully made her way to where Chris had indicated, trying to be quiet as possible.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei looks up at Hunter then as she offers to walk ahead, glancing aside at Chris then with a slight arch of his brow, though again the mask obscures most of his expression. "Are we seriously considering inviting more misfortune?" Andrei mutters then before he moves to step southward, moving to rest the barrel of his gun against his shoulder as he moves to step away from the group, clearly not paying attention to the imminent explosion.

Oh he as fucking terrified of dieing.. to be sure, Andrei was already considering his exit strategey as he moves away towards where they enter, pausing only upon hearing Emma's offer for first aid.

"Red!" He'll call out then looking back at her, chuckling. "Work your magic fingers over here on someone who actually needs it. This cast itches like nobodys business!"
Kitten     4:30

The bomb continues to count-down even as the microphone in Chris' ear relays nothing but static back to them. It was like an episode of Twenty Four, only each and everyone one of you was Jack Baeur.

Poncho is able to find some makeshift tools, but the risk here was grave; a single mistake and everyone would be dead.

Unless they had Nine Lives...
Poncho      With another distorted grunt, Poncho shoves his shotgun through the loop on his belt and begins gathering up tools from the tables and floor. Pliers with a wire cutter built into the base. A hand full of screw drivers. A claw hammer. Then, with these bundled in his arms, he limps quickly back to the bomb and drops slowly into a stiff crouch, the body beneath the armor having aging old man knees.
     Ignoring everything else around him, Poncho begins to carefully examine the bomb, it's delivery device, the timer mounted upon it. Gingerly he traces wires with his gauntleted fingers, trying to work out what he might do to extend the time or disarm it entirely, without accidentally blowing them all to hell, or mutating them into some sort of disgusting sludge beings.
Hunter The teenager came across some slaughtered Terrorists, but something was different. There were no bullets or anything... if anything, it looked like they had been savaged by an animal. Hunter took the butt of her rifle and nudged one of the corpses. Uuuuh, okay, this was bad. Emma had mentioned something about Umbrella Creatures, hadn't she? Hunter let out a long breath that hissed through clenched teeth. Oh fuck.
Emma Emma is still scared, and there are people to tend to. He gun is lowered. She is a more delicate, graceful, holding a weapon is not fitting. But needed. Hearing Pete, Christian, whatever his actual name is (Andrei), she would go to tend to him. A brief glance is given to Hunter, one that suggests that true horror may reside here. Seeing as it seems like Chris is leader, she'd call out to him. "So - so ya know," Her voice is so soft, and sweet, against all this chaos. "Some dangerous experiments m - may of come outta those tubes, we're in a much danger from those as those a - a bombs, ya don't wanna see those brain things." How the hell does some random red head know -that-, but she sounds so sure of herself as well, mixed with the fear of knowing the creature. "Can tha bomb be - be disabled or should we run?" Might as well ask!
Poncho      Though none can see it, the eyes behind the opaque lenses of Poncho's gas mask are cold and unflappable. The aging man's hands do not shake as he carefully traces out bundles of wires, figuring out what goes where. Sorting through the complex electronics of a god damn dirty bomb. Perhaps his companions would be more afraid if they new why he was so steady.
     Poncho isn't confident, he's fearless. Death is nothing. Death is a time to rest. Death would be a sweet summer vacation. It is life that is hard.
     Reaching down, the psychotic old vigilante picks up a screw driver and calmly removes a panel on the explosive side of the device. That done, he retrieves the pliers with the wire cutter at their junction and slips them inside, calmly snipping first one, then another wire.
     Nothing seems to happen, but at least nobody has exploded yet.
Chris Redfield Chris see's that only Poncho has some skill with explosives as well as himself, the static on his headset is disconerting and he repeats. "Black Leader do you copy? Alpha Team, status report? Bravo team, do you copy?" He shakes his head, "This isn't good. Okay, everyone. Listen up." He says loudly and in a tone that doesn't leave much for arguing. He also relays this message on his radio comms to the team for Hunter or any members that went scouting ahead. "There is no contact with the other teams. This bomb is going to go off in approximately 4 minutes. I want everybody who can't help disarm this bomb, to get out of here as fast as you can and get as far away from the building as you can. It was an honor serving with you. This is an order. No debate. Get out, now while you can." He then slings his rifle over his shoulder and assists Poncho with whatever he needs. "What's your name soldier? Just tell me what you need me to do. I have some training of explosives from the military but it is basic. I'm staying with you to disarm this thing." He glances at the people who are still standing around. "What are you waiting for. I gave you an order." He turns his stoic intense stare on whoever remains and looks towards Hunter when she returns to the room. She doesn't have comms so she didn't hear him, so he motions for her to leave if she has nothing else to report from her scouting mission. "Hunter, get out of here with the others. There isn't any contact with the other teams. Get as far away from here as possible." He then turns his attention back to the bomb.
Cassie When Cassie spots the bomb, she remembers that she is not skilled with explosives. Knowing that trying to mess around with them would be suicidal, she is glad when Chris gives the order to get out of there. Something tells her Chris has a good grasp of what he's doing.
Kitten     4:00

The timer continues to countdown even as Poncho works his magic with the nuclear portion of the bomb, the old Russian technology managing to so far not blow up in his face. On the viral portion Chris is hard at work, but it may not be enough...
Hunter Nothing. Goddamnit! The blood trails lead down the hallway, so whatever killed them went that way. Was there an exit? Could they have escaped? Swearing internally, she began to hear Chris on the radio. Fuck. Four minutes, and they needed a way out. The punk looked from the torn up corpses to the blood trail leading down the hall. They couldn't go back the way they came, it would take to long, especially with the shaft the rappelled down. With a nervous laugh, Hunter responded on the radio.

"Uh w-well... found some corpses. Looks like they were killed by an animal. There might be a way out down this way, but whatever killed 'em, could be down there too." She paused for a moment, holding her rifle tight. "...I'll take a very quick look t'make sure there ain't an exit this way. I'll radio back if there's an exit." Without waiting for a response, she carefully made her way down the hallway, as quietly as she could.
Emma Emma sighs some. "Why do I even bother." She says to herself. "It was that fuckin' brain thing likely!" Is her reply to Hunter, but nobody seems to be listening. So she just grabs her stuff and jets out.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just looks back at Chris then and looks between the man and Poncho as they resume their work. A snort will escape his features before he turns to start walking.. down the hallway, trying to look confident. The instant he turns around.. and is out of sight.. of the pair. He'll fucking bail. BAIL BAIL BAIL! Emma, Hunter.. Chris, Poncho? All of them are unimportant in insuring his own survival.

Andrei is soon rushing to where they had gotten down into the basement, and no doubt the man was looking for a way to scramble back up. Or maybe there was some stairs up.
Chris Redfield "Shit. Either zombies or B.O.W.S., thanks Emma. Now get the heck out of here!" He says to her in a stern voice as he continues to work on the bomb and nods at Hunter when she reports in. "Sounds, like a B.O.W. then. Better get out of here, all of you. Run as fast as you can but stay alert in case the thing ambushes you." Redfield tells Hunter and sweat dots his brow as he continues to work on the viral portion of the bomb while Poncho works on the nuclear component. He knows that even if they get out of the building it might not be enough for them to survive, but it is at least their best chance, the only chance they may have depending on the radius of the blast as well as the yield. "Black sword leader, do you copy. Evacutate the building, I repeat, evacuate and get all civilians evacuted from the area if possible." He says into the mic once more.
Kitten At Chris' mistake the clock skips down a full minute and begins to accelerate at the speed it is counting down.

Poncho      "other side. Viral bomb. Busy." Poncho grunts toward Chris, his hoarse drawl coming out as a distorted rumble through his slow, calm breathing. He seems on top of this. In control. Carefully he continues to snip at wires, more or less ignoring the man across from him. Either he will successfully do his part, or they'll both die. The bustling of unimportant people around him goes unnoticed. Let them run.
Hunter Hunter didn't need telling twice. SHe was fast and she knew it. THe punk sped back the way she had come, pausing in the bomb room for a moment. "Jus' put it in a tube, close the door, an' run! Ain't got time!" And with that she was off, sprinting back the way they had all come, the actual fear of death hitting her for the first time. There was a big chance she wouldn't even make it out of the building before it blew, and if that happened Chris and Poncho would be fucked. Just go, GO!
Kitten At Ponchos' mistake the clock skips down again making certain the end is closer than it is far...

PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part is beating his way through the hallways, making his way towards the exit, trying to beat his escape and insure that at least one smart person makes it out of here.!

He'll run here becuase trying to keep oneself commposed for apperances sake is silly.
Kitten They were so close, but there was a good chance that the bomb would go off no matter what, in one half or the other. This was the final chance to flee and escape the major blast radius...

Chris Redfield Chris tried his best, but he just wasn't good enough and not skilled enough with explosives. Poncho was amazing, he hardly knew the man but he worked feverously to get it disarmed. "This is too complicated. I don't know enough about bomb disposal to deactive it. WE have to go! Now!" He turns to the man, gripping his by the shoulder. "We did our best. We don't have anytime left. We have to leave." He releases his grip on the man's shoulder, the man isn't budging and it won't matter if he knocks him out because he won't be able to carry the man and escape. With one last glance at the man, he turns and runs back down the hallway, pushing himself as hard as he can, his lungs burning, his legs pumping as he makes his way towards the exit if possible in order to escape the blast. The man is hero, he will never forget him or his sacrifice and it is just one other face to add to his nightmare of people he's lost under his command to Umbrella.
Poncho      Crouched there, his signature garment hanging about his legs and shoulders hunched forward, Poncho snips one wire, and hears an electronic fizzle, glancing over just in time to see the count down suddenly speed up. But even still he remains rock solid, steady. Intent on his work.
     Right up until Chris grabs his armored arm.
     Tilting his mask up tot he younger man, the X detective snorts through his mask, expression unreadable behind the ominous facade. Whatever steel this man is made of, it is hard. Unyielding.
     "Get offa me kid, I'm workin'. You wanna run, run. But I got time."
     And with those words spat through the filtrated air of his mask, Poncho turns back to the bomb, waiting as the sound of Chris' boots pounds into the distance. Then he snips yet another wire, and sees a minute drop from the timer.
     He freezes, mind racing. Does he have time? Can he risk it?
Kitten When the first member of the rag-tag team makes it out of the Umbrella HQ building and informs the Police outside that the whole place is going to be a smoking crater soon, the emergency services begin to evacuate with all haste.

It was a blessing that civilians had been evacuated from the immediate area earlier, despite the low yield of the bomb it was likely to cause city-wide damage in addition to wiping out a few blocks.

Some of the BSAA members on the upper floor are racing out of the area with hostages in tow as Chris makes it out alive, among them is Jill who was leading the BSAA Team that went to the upper floors.

There is no sign of the Black Sword Commandos who had gone down below or the FBC members

.For all that Poncho has tried, right down to the final wires; he has failed.

As that timer counts down he has moments to escape, anywhere was better than being at ground zero, right?



Blinding Light


Those fleeing from the Umbrella Building have made it several blocks away from the blast radius, but the shockwaves still hit them.


Where the Umbrella Building once stood in Paris was a massive smoking crater with several blocks of devastation surrounding it near the outskirts of the city proper.

The death toll had only been in the hundreds, but it was a modern tragedy that there was very few comparisons to. Another act of Bioterror.

This was only the beginning.

James Marcus would make his move tomorrow night.

To be continued.
Hunter Obvious signs of evacuation were present when Hunter finally made it out of the building. Even then the street rat did not stop running; she knew what was about to happen and she wanted no part of it. She heard it first, the blast causing her ears to ring painfully. She was still running when the shockwave hit her. The kid wasn't close enough for the fragmentation to get her, but damn did she feel that air pressure. Being only a few blocks away the shockwave hit her like a truck while every window in the vicinity shattered, throwing her from her running position. With the grace of a flightless bird Hunter hit a garbage dumpster and bounced a few feet before laying still, trying to get her barings back. Her head hurt and her ears were ringing... but she was alive. Christ, she was alive. The teenager was content to just... lay there for a while, and think about what she had done. What the consequences of this ordeal would mean on a global scale. Shit...
Chris Redfield Chris ran, the numerous hallways, rooms and people he passed just a blur. He yelled at anyone that wasn't running to run, to get out of there because of the bomb if they hadn't already been evacuated once the terrorists had taken the building. He kept calling on the comms to any of the other teams, telling them over and over to get out.

He managed to escape, just barely from the building and made it to a safe distance just as the bomb went off. He shielded his eyes, closing them tight and pressed his back against the wall of the building he had taken shelter behind as the explosion rocked the ground, shattered every nearby window, causing numerous car alarms to go off and the shower of debris. It was the screaming and crying that got to him the most, that pierced his very soul and the image of the man whom he didn't even know his name, Poncho that is burned in his memory just like his fallen Bravo Team mates, the one's he lost in Europe and the friends he had lost when he was in the military. Another face to add to his list of people who have died under his command, the heavy burden that even his wide shoulders are hard pressed to bear and he bangs the back of his head against the wall.

"Nooo!" he screams out, his hand curls into a fist and he smashes it against the wall, but his voice is drowned out by the after shock of the bomb. His ears ringing from the deafening explosion and if anyone looked at him during this time, it was like a silent scream of frustration that will be forever frozen in his mind as his epic failure.

When the throbbing in his head somewhat subsides, he stands coughing as the dust and debris covering him falls from his hair as well as clothing. He pulls the earpiece mike from around his ear, tossing it to the ground and that stoic expression that he's famous for is now a pained pensive look.

Redfield, forces himself to walk, one foot forward, then the next and repeat as he walks away having no clue where he is going. The cellphone in his pocket is rining, but he can't hear it and he see's faces of people when he passes them, so try to speak to him but he just pushes them out of the way if they get in his way. His headache gets worse, it's blinding like the worst migraine he's ever had and he closes his eyes, feeling naseaueous as he leans one arm against a building wall that he's managed to walk slump against.

A few moments pass and he manages to push himself off the wall, stumbling and starting off into a jog now. He has to get away, get away from all of this to clear his head and he barely even feels the bullet wounds he's suffered. They pale in comparrison to what he feels inside, not even close.