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Buck Rogers "The patient is an adult male, Buck Rogers. Shows signs of internal bruising and bleeding, multiple contusions on his limbs and torso, a lingering stab sound on his thigh, a concussion, a fractured skull, and reported food poisoning as well as being struck by lightning..."

The report drags on. Buck has accumulated a significant volume of injuries, and given be was at the hospital anyway, carrying Emma in last night, he opted to check himself in. He's wearing a hospital gown that struggles to cover him and laying in a bed his limbs fall off of. He's hooked up to a heart monitor to track his vitals and staring at the ceiling. The TV in his room is off.
Emma Her head was screaming, she still looks cut up and has a split lip. But when word reached Emma she fought to take this patient on personally. Walking in after listening to the list of injuries there is a serious expression on her face. "We're gonna send ya for a ct scan, ta assess tha damages, then likely ya'll need surgery given the extent of all this." The lass moves to stand by his side, and put a hand on his arm. "Th - thank ya for bringin' me here, by tha way."
Buck Rogers Buck has rolled the pillow they gave him up and propped it beneath his neck, elevating his head. Still, he's quiet; he's barely spoken at all, to anyone, withdrawing into a brooding silence as he waits for his medical treatment. When Emma lays a hand on his arm, he turns his head, and flashes a brief smile. One of his teeth are chipped. "You're welcome, beautiful," he says, eyes lingering on her lips. "Scans and surgeries, huh? Alright."
Emma Emma has seen similar happen to others in the past - sinking into themself, that is, hell she has a bit too. The hand stays on Buck's arm, Emma trying to remain as supportive as possible. Cheeka flush faintly at his compliment. "Isabel get out okay?" Asks the lass, with a touch of concern. "Aye, scans'n surgeries. You've been bumped up ta tha top - top of tha list, yer gonna be gettin' yer scans shortly and a surgery room booked."
Buck Rogers "Yeah, she's fine," Buck decides, eyes lifting from her plush lips to match her gaze. He is wounded, but not beat down- there's an intensity to his focus, sharp and singleminded, as he snatched the girl's attention and never looks away, barely blinks. Beneath the heavy brow and the dark eyebrows, his blue eyes are strong. "I'll be fine, princess. Thanks." He flexes his arm and brings his hand to hers, thick fingers wrapping around her wrist as his thumb brushes the back of her hand. "You two be more careful from now on. If you bump into trouble like that, just run. The world's got bad men in it."
Emma "I've- I've no doubt you will be." Emma says, but the auroa around her softens some he uses his thumb. Yet another concerned person. "I - I will do my best, so ya'know. An' keep an eye out for Isabel too, I thought they were gonna.." Nope, she can't say the words. Right then porter comes in to take Buck for his scan.
Buck Rogers "That'a girl," Buck murmurs, turning her wrist so his thumb brushes against the sensitive skin there. Even battered and in bed, he's forward. "I'll show you how to defend yourself later. Call it payback for treating me. Can't go getting hurt, beautiful- pretty face like yours is meant for kissing." A grin, and the new person arrives to take him away. "Hell, you'd make a cute lil mommy."
Emma Emma goea just a little more red, and then steps back, frowning and looking down. "Ch - children may be a fallen dream." Of course there sounds like little hope for her, with the way lift has been going lately. Looking to the porker while hugging herself a little she presses her lips together. "Yer gonna be taken ta tha ct now, I'll be here waitin' for ya."
Buck Rogers Buck is wheeled away nice and slow, tucking his limbs in so he can for through the doorway. "I'll lend you a hand," he calls out to her as he's turned in the hall. "I'm good at it." A laugh, and he's pushed away.
Emma The porter is so taken aback while Buck is taken for his scan. Much like Emma, who is left standing in the room while she waits - as she said, she will be there upon his retuern. The scan would of taken ten to twenty minutes at most, and the results gathered quick. Buck would then be brought back, to await the results.
Buck Rogers Once out of earshot of his room, Buck's silent, hands folded over his muscular chest. His eyes fall shut, he focuses on drowning out the pain in his head-- that rock he got hit with during the late-night youth riot hurt -- and he ceases to talk. He answers questions, cooperates with requests, follows directions.. but he isn't conversational. The hospital's sterile decor seems to silence any inclinations to gregariousness he might have.

When he returns later, he cracks an eyelid when they turn back down his hall, recognizing it by the lay of the walls and the particular signs. His room was three doors down, one, two.. there it is. His eyes open right back up, and his lips split in a lazy, half-cocked grin, only one corner of his mouth up. As his bed is wheeled into the room once more, he scratches at his beard, listening to the sound it makes. "Well lookee there," he rumbles, nodding away the porter and giving Emma an open leer from head to toe. "You did stick around. You must have a crush on me, doc."
Emma Emma had some paperwork to tend to, so sitting there in the room, enjoying the quiet eyes look up when Buck enters, and there is a soft laugh. "I think yer - yer delirious Buck, ya got head trauma." The papers are put down. "Tha results should he here soon, ya comfortable?"
Buck Rogers "A little sore from laying in this bed," the big man admits, letting his arms hang loose over the edges. "I'll be good once I'm all patched up and on my way." He raises a shoulder and twists his neck simultaneously to pop it, a series of cracks filling the quiet room. "You're a clever girl, sweetheart. Got your head on right, got a good job-- do me a favor, yeah? When I brought you over here, I was an asshole to Isabel. She's a good kid, shouldn't be hanging around me. Seems to like you. Keep an eye on her for me." His smile's broad. "Take it from me, little lady: best way to feel better about yourself is helping someone out. Lord knows you need it."
Emma Brows come together a little as he mentioned Isabel, slowly eyes look down and some fluff is flicked off her scrubs. Looking back up then there is a small nod. "Of - of course." Says the lass softly, more than happy to keep an eye on her. "I- I need it?" That's when she stands, and goes to head to his bedside. But a nurse walks in with the results, and hands them over. Opening the chart, she goes to scan them.
Buck Rogers Buck gives a two-finger salute to the nurse and rolls over on his side, propping himself up with one folded arm. The white sheet beneath him crinkles as he moves, and there's a faint smell of typical hospital chemical cleanliness that follows her in. "Bet I'm pretty bruised up," he says, good-naturedly, scratching at the thick mat of his chest hair through the gown. "What's it gonna be, aspirin and bedrest?" A low chuckle, and as the redhead reads, Buck finds himself appreciating some of her more aesthetic qualities-- the shape of her rump, the curve of breast beneath her outfit, the way her hair falls to frame her face. "'course you need it. You're not subtle, sweetheart. All lonely and depressed."
Emma Emma didn't want to admit that he was right, there is some tension in her shoulders. Not even a reply is given, he is right no point to fight it, or admit it. "Aye, ya are. Yer gonna need surgery, an' ta stay here a while. Ya got breaks, internal bleedin'. Yall need emergency surgery."
Buck Rogers "Damn," Buck says, rolling onto his back once more and laying his head down. "Guess that explains the soreness. Figures; good thing I heal fast." He smiles, coughs into his hand, and then just lays there. "I'm gonna nap some, sweetheart. All this talking's got me tired. When I'm all patched up, we're gonna go take a trip in the country. There's some forests south'a the city, got some small towns, but it's nice. See the stars, and I'll teach you how to throw a punch, hold a knife." His eyelids grow heavy, slam shut, and the massive statue of a man's breathing slows. "Might as well have a fun date before I leave Paris. Been wantin' to try you out."
Emma "Rest is important right now. A surgeon will be here soon ta take ya ta surgery." The lasses brows lift, eyes widen as he mentions the date and trying her out. "So - sorry Buck, I ain't a ride." A hand rubs the back of her neck. "Let's just see how ya heal first okay?" There is a small managed smile before looking down shyly.
Buck Rogers "Mhmm," Buck says, not really fully cognizant at the moment. "It's a date, doc."