Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is Tuesday early evening, on November 16th and the heavy clouds look ominious as they darken the sky threatening to open up to drop rain down on Paris. Inside the Notre Dame cathedral, there are still some tourists and people inside visiting or saying prayers. One such visitor, is none other than Chris Redfield who is dressed in his civilian attire, bown leather aviator jacket, white button shirt, blue jeans and black doc marten boots. He is sitting on a bench at the back, looking towards the front of the cathedral and looks deep in thought.
Trixie Trixie walks into the cathedral, with a small group of tourists getting in before the rain comes. She must have replaced her leather pants sometime in the last few days, because the tear in her thigh is gone. She's inside for several moments before she realizes that the tourist in one of the back pews is someone she knows.

Slipping out of the group of tourists, she moves to take a seat next to Chris. "Hello again, Chris. Hope you've been working on that explanation you owe me," she says softly, her new leather pants creaking slightly as she sits down.
Chris Redfield Chris glances over when he hears his name and spots Trixie who is taking a seat next to him. He offers just a slight curl of his lips, that faint smile of his when he see's you and looks at you for a few moments, before answering. "Mack...Trixie. I owe you an apology." His tone is sincere and said with conviction. "I hope I didn't upset you too much by leaving so abruptly." He shifts in the pew, sitting up straighter and turns his head just slightly, shifting his eyes over towards yours. "Like, I said it wasn't anything you did or said." He then pauses once more and adds. "How is the leg?"
Trixie Trixie smiles faintly as he remembers to call her by her first name rather than her last. It fades quickly, though. "I know you didn't mean to, but you did. Total guilt trip, for no reason I can figure out. And I'm totally not dumping on you. I just wanted you to know."

She pats her thigh gently. "The leg is healing. Just a deep bruise, mostly. Still limp when I walk, so that rented bike is coming in really handy. Maybe by the end of the week it'll be good as new."
Chris Redfield "I understand." Chris replies and nods when you tell him that your leg injury isn't very serious. He rests his hands on his knees, then glances towards the front of the Cathedral again, "First time I've been here. So many places in Paris to see but I haven't really felt like being a tourist." He glances around the inside, looking up at the ceiling and then back to you. "So how are things on the Liberty? I should try to set up a meeting with Wesker, haven't seen him since Raccoon."
Trixie "Doubt you'd get to see him... /I/ almost never see him, and I'm /berthed/ on that washtub," Trixie replies wryly. "He's not exactly sociable." She looks toward the pulpit, and the stained glass beyond. "Call me nosy, but you acted like something was on your mind when you left. Like it was totally eating you up inside. If you don't want to share, I totally understand. But I want to help. I hate to see someone suffering like that."
Chris Redfield Chris has that faint smile on his face once more when you call the Liberty a washtub and mention Wesker isn't exactly social. "True. He is a pretty serious guy but good commander. Hopefully I'll be able to fit a meeting into his schedule." Redfield, then listens to the rest of your comments and goes rather silent. "I, appreciate that Trixie and that is very nice of you to ask." He then takes a breath and exhales, pausing for a long moment as if contemplating something.

You see his jaw tighten, his fists are clenching up like they did the other night and then his shoulders slump forwards slightly. He doesn't look at you but says in a quieter voice, "It's Claire...she's missing and I think Umbrella might have something to do with it." He closes his eyes and then straightens himself up again leaning his back against the pew. When he opens his eyes, he has that stoic expression on his face, the serious Chris when he's about to go on a mission. "I don't want anyone else getting hurt because of me. That was one of the reasons why I did what I did back in the Arklay mountains." He's finally opening up a bit to you, it isn't easy for him you can tell but he's got an iron will it seems to be able to push past things when the chips are down.
Trixie "Maybe. I thought he was okay back in Raccoon City, but I didn't work under him all that much. Mostly he worked with Alpha and Bravo, while Charlie and Delta mostly were left to themselves. I can't say it bothered me, but I do wonder what I might've missed," Trixie explains, still keeping her voice low. They are in a church, after all.

As she sees his fists clench, she hastily rests her hand over the nearest fist and gives it a sympathetic squeeze, her eyes getting wider and wider. "Ohmigosh... I had no idea. That's so horrible... I mean, I didn't even really know Claire all that well, but I always liked her, even when nobody else seemed to. I mean, I always had a good feeling about her. That one you get about someone you're sure is 'good people'."

She looks into his face as he continues, nodding. "I totally understand. Maybe in your shoes I'd feel the same. But Chris, you can't go it alone. You're going to need friends. Support at the very least. You can't accomplish a thing without them."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't pull his fist away when Trixie puts her hand over his and after a few moments, he relaxes the anger or frustration draining out of him when he went into serious mode. "She's the only family I have left." he says in a strained voice but when he turns to look at you, he's Mr. Stoic once again. "I know but I don't have to like it." He pats your hand with his other and gives it a gentle squeeze in return. You notice that his hands are rough, calloused with a few scars but it is warm. "Thanks for the pep talk, Trixie. You'll make a good commander one day." He then pulls his hands away for your's gently and looks towards the front of the Cathedral. "Do you believe in faith?" He asks rather candidly.
Trixie "At least you have one of your family left," Trixie reminds him gently. He is one of the few people who would know that her only close family died in Raccoon City before the outbreak; the rest are virtual strangers to her. Many she has never even met. "If I can help you keep her alive, I want to." As he withdraws his hand, she smiles wryly. "I doubt I'll ever even try for that. I've done it once, back in Raccoon. Not sure I want to try again." Never mind that she still refuses the idea that being in charge of something somehow felt good to her.

The question is met with a thoughtful look. "I don't know... my mother taught me to go to church on Sundays, mornings and evenings, but I was never all that good at it. But I do think something's out there that's bigger than all of us, even if I don't know if it uses the name we've given it."
Chris Redfield Chris nods thoughtfully when Trixie reminds him that he's lucky to have a family member alive, although missing after Raccoon City. "I'll keep that in mind. It would be helpful if you kept your ear to the ground though, if you hear anything about Umbrella holding hostages or some secret location they have. Let me know if you can." His tone is softer than usual when he asks this.

"Fair enough." Chris replies to your comment about faith and keeps his eyes towards the front of Notre Dame.
Trixie "Do you mind if I ask you the same, Chris?" Trixie asks softly, giving him another thoughtful look. Those big blue eyes only enhance the look, though just how they do so is likely in the eyes of the beholder. "And I'll definitely keep an ear out for anything that might be important. I want Claire back alive, too."
Chris Redfield Chris turns his head slightly, glancing at you and notices those big blue eyes of your's with his own baby blues. "I lost mine after Raccoon." Mr serious strikes again and there is hardly any emotion in his expression when he says it. He gives you a small nod after you tell him that you will keep an ear out. "Thank you." At least he said that in a sincere tone and your dad probably did mention to you that Chris is a very private and rather guarded person. But once you got to know him, he would open up a little maybe.
Trixie "I see..." Trixie murmurs, nodding slowly. "I don't think I lost mine. I'm just not sure I had a great deal of it in the first place... not like they describe it in church, I mean." She meets his gaze throughout, without looking away, though it wavers a bit during her nod. "It's nothing, Chris. Just keep me posted on anything you learn? I can only seem to get so much information in the FBC, since I'm not part of the Intel branch, and I find I need every scrap of info I can get."
Chris Redfield "Copy that." Chris replies with a faint smile, reaching out a hand to pat your upper arm, giving it a gentle reassuring squeeze. "Be safe and keep in touch. I have to head out, got a late briefing I have to attend but it was good to see you." He then walks around the pew to the other side because he can't really squeeze by you or else he would probably squish you in these narrow pews. The faint smile is gone now as he leaves, back to that stoic serious face again and deep in thought it seems. He walks briskly, through the front foyer and towards the exit.