Umbrella Surveillance System
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Rebecca Chambers A long breath breathed in, and released just as slowly. Rebecca Chambers lifts her weapon, drawing her eyes on the target. Keeping her SMG raised high, she lifts it to her eyes, and pulls the trigger...

And a light lights up on a fellow Rookie, Jane Bradway's, vest. Twisting around, she rolls her eyes towards Rebecca, lifting her own laser SMG up to point towards Rebecca - and nothing comes out when she pulls the trigger. "Doesn't work anymore when you're out," says Becca with a grin, pointing a thumb over her shoulder towards one side of the room.

It was a laser tag arena - set up to look like an urban environment. Really, it was the training center at the station - they were just using it for rookie laser tag day, apparently.
Nick Fox "You know back in the Corps we would just have used sim rounds, but I suppose this works too." He has used Miles gear too, so it makes sense as a training sim.

He's in cover not far from Rebecca, on the same team as her for the training mission, "How many more OpFor are out there?" He asks, as he peeks over cover for a moment, trying to scan for anyone who's out there.
Rebecca Chambers "I guess they have sim rounds here too, but... I dunno. This is like Umbrella tech," says Rebecca, twisting the weapon around to show the logo on the side. "Or at least they paid for it. Umbrella does /everything/ for Raccoon City," she gushes, although her voice was quieting. Rebecca was treating this, perhaps, more like a game than she should, judging by her grin. Shifting to take cover behind that little brick outcropping that Nick was.

Rebecca wasn't even twenty, and barely looked it, her eyes shining as she casts a grin Nick's direction.

"Don't worry, we have them outnumbered, about five to four, right? It was six on six, but..." A shout from the other side of the arena, and a little scoreboard now shows that it was two to four. Rebecca bites her lower lip, kinda narrowing her eyes. "Ummm... what should we do?"
Nick Fox "How good of a shot are you?" Nick asks, as he checks his laser pistol for a moment, "I bet I could sneak around and then put myself out there as bait. Then when they pop up to shoot at me, you nail them." He says, trying to keep his voice down, even though he's pretty sure they know where the two of them are at this point.

"Well that or we could go out like Butch and Sundance and just run out from behind cover firing wildly in to a group that vastly outnumbers us and try to take as many of them with us as we can. Up to you." He gives her a bit of a sideways grin, as he peeks at the scoreboard again.
Rebecca Chambers "I guess I'm an okay shot," whispers Rebecca in return, her eyes flickering across the room towards the empty side of the place. There was the typical urban environment set up, and in the last moment - one can see a couple of the people dashing through open doorways. They were trying to flank the two.

"I um... hmmm..." says Rebecca. "Weren't you the commando?" she whispers. "I... well, I've only been in..." her eyes go a bit distant. "I... don't know tactics, they're going to get us if we don't do something!" she says, lowering her voice to a whisper.

Beyond the distance, one hears a thumping against one of the set pieces. And a "Ow, dammit!" Which sounded a lot like officer Lucas Taylor's voice. His head was sticking out...
Nick Fox "Well when you put it like that." He says, as he hmms a little bit, "Lets do this. You cover me, just try to make them keep their heads down until I can get in position. Doesn't require much accuracy at all."

Hearing the thump, Nick peeks for a moment and then rolls out of cover, coming up into a kneeling position and taking a moment to line up his shot at the exposed officer Taylor before squeezing the trigger.