Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei ANdrei Kirov has had what one might call a rather shitty time in Paris these past few weeks. First getting treated for bullet wounds was annoying.. but then there was the part where he got hit by a car.. and well sitting has been incredibly uncomfortable. The man just has the most tender rear that one can imagine..

And both of these problems really had not yet been adressed, and so here he sat, alone and isolated in one of the patient rooms. Again another fake name provided for the doctors of the hospital as his hands cross over his chest, eyes drifting closed.

He remains incredibly still, even as his labored and slow breathing betrays the wheezing pained nature of every shallow breath.
Emma He isn't the only one who has had a rough time. Emma was dragged down by zombies, narrowly avoided being killed by a licker like creature. Among so many other things. Still, she couldn't sit still, and wanted to be on the move anyway with the likelihood of Umbrella on her tail. She comes into the room, there are what appear to be claw marks on her face, and buises, also down her neck - the way they are suggests much more are hidden under those scrubs. With char in hand and reading it over eyes slowly move up to Andrei, with a risen brow. "Looks - looks like yer havin' a tough week to. We'll get'cha patched up'n all."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part just lifts his left brow before he lifts his head then and just gives a shake of his head then. "I suppose I should be countin myself lucky that you are here then... Miss uh.. Doctor?" Andrei offers as his lips purse for a second. "MY chest is all fucked up from getting hit by a car.. and I don't even want to talk about why my.. rear hurts so much." He'll trail off before sighing softly and lifting a hand to wave off the sentiment. "But ah, a cute pair of hands like yourself.." He'll trail off before continuing, "Those might help me!"
Emma Emma stands there, eyeing Andrei aka Peter Weller. "Ya - ya don't remember me?" There is a little surprise in her tone, and roll of her eyes some. "I see yer Peter this time, well, I'm gonna need ta send ya for an xray before I do anythin', we need ta check for breaks'n stuff. When we know what we're - we're workin' with ya can get tha proper treatment."
PrestigeAndrei "I remember you just fine.. Emma.. uh.. Emma Conners? O'connol? O'hennsey?" Andrei trails off then before he lifts his shoulder as he slowly pushes himself up from the bench, no doubt to follow Emma to wherever he might be getting an X-ray or the like. He is a very good and deligent man in this regard.

A few broken ribs.. a cracked bone here or there.. it isn't great really to be honest.. but he is at least trying to downplay the pain and suffering!
Emma "Ah, so ya do, Peter." Yeah Emma has no real idea who this guy is now, but because there is work do be done, her mind won't dwell on that. With all the scans done, and assessments made, the actual treatment can be done. "Ya got some broken ribs, an other cracks'n stuff. For tha ribs, yer gonna need ta take it - it easy."
PrestigeAndrei "Of course I do~" Andrei mutters cheerfully as he tilts his head to the side then before muttering. "Just give me what I need to get out of here cutie, I don't exactly have a lot of shore leave time and I want to live it up!" He'll offer cheerfully as his eyes narrow for a second then, clearly his attention focusing quite intently on Emma herself then as he looks her up and done.

"So ah, you been enjoying your time in Paris?" He'll inquire vaugley as he lifts his shoulder then
Emma Of course Emma is paying close attention to Andrei, maybe she is trying to figure him out. Likely that is what it is. But also being professional there is work to be done. "Yer left arm is cracked, ya need a cast. As for your leave, yer gonna be off for a bit while recovering." Then she smirks and then frowns. "Paris is.. Paris." That's all she can really say.
PrestigeAndrei "What? Just Paris?" Andrei mutters under his breath as he lifts up his right arm to jab at Emma, no doubt poking her righti n the chest then lightly, grinning as he does so. "Where the fun is that? Come on now!" Andrei mutters under his breath as he leans back and looks up at the ceiling then. "So uh, just slap it on me here, hwoever you do it and lets get this thing going right?"
Emma The poke makes Emma jump a little, it was right above one of her breasts, luckily he didn't poke her there. "Aye, just Paris. What fun?" Yeah she isn't having fun, and this makes her frown. "I can wrap yer arm, of course, an ya'll need ta be resting for a few days. Considerin' ya were hit by a car, I think ya need ta stay a night or two ta make sure nothing happens internally."
PrestigeAndrei "Stay? Sure I'd be happy to spend a night with you, cutie! But I gotta say, you know me.. I tend to get a bit of an itch and want to leave after a good two or three hours. Hospitals freak me out after all.. and so do dangerous people." Andrei observes as his hand shifts up to pat Emma's shoulder lightly then.

"I'm sorry that you arn't having a good time though! My offer is still always open you know. The one that involves you, me, some wine... maybe on a river somewhere? The Siene I think? We could talk about uh.." He'll look around and then focus on a glass jar. "Tongue Compresses? Depressers? Whatever it is. YOu know.."
Emma Emma blushes a little, as he offers out that reminder. Eyes move to his chart a moment and then up to him, fingera drum on the back of the clipboard. "That's-- that's kind of ya, ya know. Offerin' an' all, but I don't even know yer real name." A bro lifts, cheeks go a little more red. "Yer scramblin' there, an' I know ya hate hospitals but I'd - I'd rather ya not get worse." A second later a nurse brings in supplies to place the cast.
PrestigeAndrei "Fair enough!" Andrei responds rather cheerfully as he looks down at his arm then, inhaling slowly and trying hard not to cause himself anymore pain.. but his chuckling and impish nature really do not help in that regard. "Let me just say this. Yes? How about you give me your cellphone number? And I might text it to you, along with a time and place for us to have dinner together." Andrei requires before he looks over at the supplies being brought out.

"You ain't gonna jab me with an eedle right? I'm scared of needles."
Emma Emma takes the supplies as the nurse leaves, after giving her a thank you. Pulling up a chair and sitting down, firstly the lass would examine the arm. Some gloves were put on, because she doesn't want it all over her hands. Strips of fabric are dipped into the paste, a brow lifts as she chuckles a little. "Yer -- yer persistant. Tell ya what, you give me your number, an' just in case yer running outta here, I can check up on ya." She half considers the dinner idea, going out and having fun would be a nice change of pace. While the cast is put on she shakes her head. "No - no needles."
PrestigeAndrei "I'm not persistent! Just brutally honest when it comes to you! Emma.. O'connel?" Andrei trails off as his eyes drift closed then, holding out his arm then as he waits for Emma to no doubt apply the baste and help work out the damadge done to his body. "Alright. I'll consider it. Give you a phone number I mean. I think I can get one of those things.. a cellphone? I wonder what sort of carriers are in Paris." Andrei mutters as his eyes drift closed.

"I'll hold you to it though. Checkin up on me, right? And we'll work something out."
Emma "Honest when it comes to me?" Emma asks as she works, smirking a little bit. "Honest 'bout what? Then what's yer real name?" There is a pause, eyes fix on him and she laughs some. "How - how do ya expect ta contact me without a phone? And 'course I would, need ta make sure one of those broken ribs don't pierce an organ ya'know, that could kill ya."
PrestigeAndrei "Well you know. Okay? Listen.. I was gonna get a phone. And then we were going to talk. That is why I wanted your number! So I could call you! Alright? They don't let me have a phone where I work. Says it breaks discpline. bet I could smuggle one on though." Andrei mutters under his breath before lifting his shoulder. " "hatever though, Okay? It'll be good.. you and me? We'll have some wine, maybe a bit of cheese. Some of those crackers to put the cheese on."

"Maybe we can find fireworks to? Share a romantic kiss under the moonlight... Oh, oh, and then we could take a horse drawn carriage. Oh.. and uh, you'll get my real name. Just not in the hospital. I don't want to get in trouble."
Emma Emma softly laughs. "Hold yer horses, Pete." She advises gently. "I'm - I'm not talkin' a date here, okay? I'm thinkin' yer hidin' a lot, coverin' yer life an' an' ya know, I don't know how ta take that. But, I'll not stop gettin' ta know ya, okay? Forgive me, I don't rush in, learned tha hard way, gotta trust tha person, an' I don't trust easily."
PrestigeAndrei "Ah, your breaking my heart here Doc. Into a thousand peices really." Andrei mutters under his breath before he moves to shake his head then before he closes his eyes and leans back still waiting for his cast to dry and finish and whatever else is required of him as he taps his foot them lightly against the ground, lips pursing for a second. "Suppose I should be thanful then. I just don't like your friends too much.. they are all very agressive.. or dangerous.. or worse! Real suspicious folks! I'm not at all suspicious. I'm a fairly decent sort of dude."

He moves to scratch under his chin then with his freeh and. "I mean, I'm a bloody hero. Saved peoples lives. And shot things. I'm really good at my job, alright?"
Emma The cast is done, her gloves are pulled off. Sitting back there is a frown, hands sitting on her lap. "Christan, Pete, I'll be honest with'ya. I dated a guy a while back, an' he lied'n cheated, treated me like crap. An - an it made me cautious. It's why I wanna trust a person first, ya'know. I'm not tryin' ta be mean or break yer heart, what's so bad with wantin' ta get ta know a person?"
PrestigeAndrei "Fine! Alright. You get one question. I'll be nice. Full honesty. One whole question." A beat then before he holds up a finger in order to insure Emma pauses and doesn't ask right away. "Cannot be my name. Where the fun is that." Andrei mutters as he sits on his little bed/examination table spot with a small smir then as he looks Emma straight on then.

There is a small grin and smirk then. "That might help you trust me. Unless you ask the wrong sort of question then things might get really... really quite awkward oddly enough."
Emma One question, Emma considers this and taps her chin a little. "What ya hidin' yerself from? I get tha feelin' yer actin' half tha time."
PrestigeAndrei "Becuase honestly? I think it is quite fun. Also becuase I technically an agent of the government." He'll take a second to look around then. "Not this government. Frances government. So uh, generally people not knowing who I am is generally a good thing when it comes to my job!" Andrei offers rather cheerfully then as he smiles all the more broadly. "Keeps em from getting dirt. Or blackmail.. or knowing my life experiences and calculating against that."
Emma "Interestin'," Emma says gently, understanding a bit. "I get tha- tha government part'n all. Wantin' ta keep people on their toes. Thank ya for bein' honest with me on that."
PrestigeAndrei "You bet O'connel!" ANdrei offers as he snaps his right hand then, pointing his index finger at her then with a great big smirk. "Also I generally find it to be utterly hilarious when people recognize my fake names. I also like practical jokes and pranks. I know, a bit childish really but I can't help myself." Andrei offers as he leans back and looks towards the side of the room, perhaps looking for a window or the like.. to stare outside or try and appear like he is thinking intensley.

"I mean what if all your friends knew who I actually was? That could be right dangerous! I mean what if the ywere all secret Umbrella agents or worked with dangerous people? Or worse..?" Andrei trails off then with a great big smile.
Emma "I've- I've played tons of jokes, I got four older brothers'n all." There is a pause when he mentions her friends. "Listen, their not perfect, an' ya know, I'm a grown up an' will make my own decisions, they know that." She laughs at the Umbrella part. "Umbrella is awful, we all hate them. But if yer worried about who they are an' bein' honest it goes both ways."
PrestigeAndrei "Your right, but I'm not the one that acts like I'm about to kill people!" Andrei responds rather amusedly as his eyes glint with amusement. "But I do thank you for that little tidbit there, I just want to say again.. that uh, you know.. It has een fun and all.. and you should write down your number in the next few hours on a little slip of paper.. maybe leave it here in the room? ANd I'll give you a call for a meet up alright? Or a check-up. It will be at a cafe though. Or possibly a muesuem. With art."
Emma "Ya mean James? That's James, an' don't worry 'bout him." Emma shrugs and smirks. "Maybe I will, ya need ta rest first. I'll get ya some painkillers for tha, well, pain. An' if ya can prove ya can stay and rest, we'll see how things go."