Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei The scene is set in a romantic city. At least if the tourism companies and advertising and years of cultural transfers are to be believed. Yet not all partso f Paris are so well to do.. the many numerous streets in the older districts that were at one time hide-holes for the mixed social classes had been torn down during the reign of the second french empire and were reconstructed into easy to navigate.. but also mono-class areas of the town.

This little neighborhood off to the south of the Seine.. was one such place, and to be clear it wasn't exactly a good part of the city. A industrial buildings, office buildings.. and very little commercial dot this part of the city.. but for those looking for have any interest in the recent explosion that rocked the city nearly a week or so earlier.. well this was where a certain crime family was thicker on the ground then other parts of town.

It was also where somenne might pick up a few slips for a race or two.>

Or where someone might get information traded from illicit contacts on bioweapon sales.
Trixie "I feel like I'm in a bad sequel to 'The Godfather' or somethin'," Trixie murmurs, looking around at the neighborhood and checking the pistols lodged in her triangular slingpack. "Where do we even begin? Knock on a door and ask if anyone knows anything about bistro bombing for fun and profit?"
Chris Redfield Chris looks tired. He just got off a plane late last night and when he got back to his apartment, he fell asleep on his couch without even changing his clothes. He slept in, woke up quite groggy and at least showered before heading out into the city to follow up on some information that he didn't get a chance too until now. He is wearing his aviator's leather jacket, a green button down shirt, blue jeans and black doc marten boots. As always, he carries his sidearm and big ol knife in a concealed carry because you can never be too careful when you work for the B.S.A.A. or your name is Chris Redfield. That tip he got about someone that might know about bioweapons sales was living in this part of town, so he came here to do quick a recon of the area.
Elza Walker Meanwhile, passing through the neighborhood is Elza herself. She looks from side to side as she walks, almost like she's worried about being followed or something. Occasionally she brings up her pocket notebook to check something, almost like she's looking for an address or something. This is confirmed as she looks at a couple of nearby buildings and takes note of the mailbox numbers. She counts silently, then nods, before continuing on her way. She'd heard there was something going on involving racing slips, and Elza wants to find out if that's for real or not...
PrestigeAndrei The problem for rumors like bioweapons sales is that.. well in Paris everyone seems to know someone who knows something.. but the actual reality of the matter is that most of those leads will turn up dry, just like. Outside of one particular building.. which oddly enough all three of our lucky stars will find themselves heading to.. for their diffirent reasons is a small motorcade of large steel, vans. Not unlike ice cream trucks to be completley honest.. though the stainless steen outsides remain unpainted and blemished by tarnish and the like...
Trixie Trixie pauses in dismounting her rented Ducati sportsbike (Ducati rentals are becoming a habit for her), studying the gleaming stainless steel motorcade. "Don't see /that/ every day," she muses, largely to herself. The little Intel had been able to provide pointed her to this neighborhood, this building, but they had provided nothing further. "I keep thinking I should be hearing loudspeakers insisting that I 'Leave The Bronx' or somethin'. Or maybe that's in Italy."

She almost jumps as she spies Chris Redfield, whose build alone would earmark him as a budding legbreaker in this neighborhood, knowing what she knows. It's only as he gets closer and she recognizes his face that hse relaxes and smiles faintly, nodding to her former coworker from S.T.A.R.S., mouthing, 'Hi, Chris!' and waiting for him to join her.
Chris Redfield Chris is from New York and learned quickly, that in order to survive the big Apple, espcially in neighbourhoods like the bronx you have to be confident but also cautious. He knows how to walk with confidence, carry himself and has got that somewhat 'dangerous' vibe about him through years of practice, not to mention lots of training from the military as well as during his time in S.T.A.R.S.

Redfield hears his name being called, turns and relaxes once he realizes it is a familiar redhead, the daughter of an old team mate of his, a fellow S.T.A.R.S. member herself and that would be none other than Trixie Mckenzie now an F.B.C. member. "Hey Trix." He walks towards her and when he gets closer, he gives her that famous faint smile of his which is a welcoming sign for those that know him. "How are things and what brings you down this way?" He then crosses his arms across his chest, glancing around to get a mental picture of his surroundings and taking note of escape routes or potential threats. He takes particular interest to those vans nearby and the building they are parked at.
Elza Walker As soon as Elza gets closer to the building, she frowns for a moment. "THIS is the location?" She wonders to herself aloud, looking at the notebook again. "This... just doesn't seem right..." She frowns and looks around, as if expecting someone to jump out and grab her or something. She notices Trixie and Chris and she lightens up a little, but she doesn't really say anything. Something's not right here...
PrestigeAndrei The source of that eerie feeling isn't one that takes too long to figure out. Out walks a man with balding hair, flanked on either side by men in leather jackets and bandannas covering their faces. Clearly carrying firearms as they move. The former man, with his thick rimmed glasses pulling out a small remote out of his jacket pocket to lightly toss it up in the air once or twice before he humms softly and presses a button..

For Elza and Trixie this might be a familiar situation- one they are further away from thankfully, but an explosion soon rips through the building nearby.. which causes the older gentlemans comrades to stumble for a second before no doubt cursing can be head.

"FUCKING Shit! Wait till we are farther away!" One of them screams, but all that gets is laughter as the man makes his way to one of the three steel vehicles.. all of which seem to start up at once.
Trixie "Bombs. Some things about a recent cafe bombing pointed down this way, but... I'm kind of lost on how to approach th-" Trixie begins, then blinks as she spies the thugs emerging from the building. Then the balding man tosses that remote in the air like a coin or a toy, and her eyes widen as her hands move instinctively to her ears. "Oh, SH-"

The explosion cuts her off, the shockwave staggering her but not knocking her off of her feet; she's just a bit too far away for that. Her ears ringing, she misses the sound of the engines starting, but the telltale slight wobble of the vans as the engines turn over gives away what's happening.

"They're going to get away... the tires! Shoot the /effing tires/!!" she cries, pulling her slingpack around front and pulling her personal Samurai Edge from the pack.

Yes, she really did just say 'effing', even under stress. Silly girl.
Chris Redfield Chris notices the men walking out of the building, it doesn't take this ex-Police officer and former soldier too long to know that these men are bad, armed and mean business. Besides, the bandanas over their faces kinda gave them away. The man with the glasses is obviously the trigger man, he is about to yell out for Trixie and Elza to take cover but he is too late as the explosion rocks the neighbourhood!

Redfield reacts quickly, "Take cover in case there are more explosions!" he yells out after the deafening boom has subsided and draws his pistol from his concealed holster, taking aim at the tires of the nearest van to him like Trixie suggested to let off a burst to see if he can disable it before it gets away.

The effing from Trixie would have drawn another faint smile, but his serious expression has taken over as he springs into action.
Elza Walker The moment Trixie speaks up about the cafeteria bombing, Elza takes notice and spins to face her. "Wait, you heard about that too?" She asks, hoping to get some more information out of her about what she can from Trixie. Of course, her gaze darts to those men as well, and then she sees the remote and her eyes widen as well. "Holy fuck!" She blurts out, not caring about how ladylike her language is right now, before dropping to the ground and covering her ears. The rumbling and shockwave are enough to tell Elza that it's not too close.

Nevertheless, Elza stands up and shoots at the van's tires as well as she draws her pistol and opens fire. "I've got a permit, don't worry!" She blurts out to anyone who might notice and might think she's a terrorist or something.
PrestigeAndrei THe scene then is set for what is about to happen. Two rather heavily armed individuals with submachine guns are making there way, escorting the man inbetween them towards the trio of vehicles off the side of the street... clearly the group are making their way closer to their escape by the second!

The good news is that Chris, Trixie and Elza have the drop on our lovley little friends! How would it all pop off?
Elza Walker Not wanting to risk letting the trio of bad guys get away, Elza decides to open fire on their getaway van. Or rather, the tires. She fires off two shots, aiming at the back tire closest to them. "You aren't going anywhere!" She yells out.
Trixie Trixie darts into cover behind a corner of a squat cinderblock building that had once been a garage. Leaning out, she takes a bead on the nearest front tire of the lead van and fires, ducking back into concealment before she hears the tire explode. "Like heck you're getting away /this/ time..." she growls under her breath.
Chris Redfield Chris see's that Trixie and Elza have shot out the tires of the lead van, so he quickly shifts aim to the second van and blows it's tire out with a burst from his Samurai Edge pistol. He then takes cover behind a nearby wall, glancing at both Trixie then Elza as they are nearby. He doesn't want to speak in case they haven't drawn a bead on their location yet and he doesn't know how many other combatants are around.
Clarence The good news sis that with two of the three vans out- that there might be the possibilty for something good to happen for our heros! Maybe they might be able to bring these criminals to justice! Or at the very least kill a few of them off and keep them from.. THUD/CRUNCH/CRASH!

Or not. The second van just rams into the one infront of it, litertally ramming it off to the side and away, causing the vehicle to slide off a bit even as the now damadged can starts to peel away quickly. The third van is much slower.. not trying to ruin the rims they are driving on, going at a slow.. ands teady pace of an easily catchable five miles per hour.

The good news is the now rammed first vehicle has remained behind.. the engine still idling.. but apparently unmoving as the two mooks soon are taking position on opposite ends of the vehicle, poking their heads and guns out and taking a few pot shots at Trixie and Chris.

Easily dodged.
Elza Walker As soon as she gets the opportunity to, Elza pops out from behind cover and aims at the nearest mook. "You're gonna regret doing this! YAH!" Her words are somewhat ad-libbed, as she's never really fired upon a human being before. But in this case, she figures she's got nothing to lose as she opens fire. The bullet hits square in the mook's chest. Instinctively, Elza takes cover behind the same car she was hiding behind a moment ago.
Trixie Trixie winces as the second van rams its way out of the tangle, and as a flurry of rounds carve through the air near her position. Growling under her breath, she steals a peek around the corner.

The first thing she sees is Chris Redfield, crouched in cover but bravely blazing away at the enemy in spite of the hail of automatic weapons fire headed his way, and she is instantly inspired by his example. Elza might have inspired her as well, but the young woman is out of her immediate line of sight. She leans out just slightly, sweeps up her Beretta, and fires twice. The first shot blows out a tire on the second van, which should hopefully slow it down some. The second is intended for one of the two thugs blazing away at herself and her friends, but it goes wide. Not her best day ever.
Chris Redfield Chris keeps calm when the two guys from the van starting shooting at both him and Trixie, trying to suppress them with their automatic weapons fire. He ducks down behind the wall, looking over at Trixie holding up one hand as he grips his Samurai Edge with the other, preparing to pop out at the same time as Trixie just like they trained in S.T.A.R.S as a tactic they use once the enemy gunfire has died down for a simultaneous counter attack. He holds out one hand, raising his fingers up one at at time until he reaches 3 and he rises up, shooting at both mooks with a spray of automatic fire from his pistol. As he rises, the sun catches him at the right angle, it is if he's moving in slow motion in Trixie's eyes, his strong jaw and intense look seem trademark. His whole outfit seems to scream ACTION HERO and it makes people want to follow him even in the face of danger! "Trixie, now!" he barks out before he started firing.
Clarence The good news is that Trixie does manage to shoot out one of the tires for the more quickly f leeing vehicle. For Trixie, therei s even a satsifactory screech and some lurching as the van goes back and forth, swerving down the road.. but rather then tipping over.. somehow.. the driver keeps it all under control and the vehicle is soon puttering along.. and turning down a corner out of sight and out of mind.

The more immediate problem is the dude trying to lay fire down into Trixie and Chris redfield. The good news is that his friend is dead, even as the final remaining mook, shot, bleeding and panicked tries to inch his way to the door of thevan, popping it open, firing over the hood of the vehicle as he goes. "Fuck man.. Fuck!"

The sounds of sirens are no doubt audible in the distance as well.
Trixie Trixie yelps as a stray slug tags the outside edge of her thigh, tearing her leather pants and nearly knocking her down, causing her to fall against the wall she's behind to steady herself. It doesn't pierce the armored bodysuit under her clothes, thankfully, but she's going to have one heck of a deep bruise when this is over. Even now, her leg feels stiff and numb from the shock.

She looks down at her thigh, and her eyes fall on the tear in her pants. Her nearly brand-new european motorcycle leather pants...

"Oh, you /bastard/..." she snarls, taking a bead on the mook's center mass and easing her sight a bit to the left. The Samurai Edge barks twice, and the thug goes down, a bright red splash bursting from his torso, high and to his right. "You better not die on me, you bastard, or I'll freakin' kill you..." she growls, watching the scene for signs of any more attackers.
Chris Redfield Chris pops out from behind cover with his custom Samurai Edge held in both hands in a weaver stance, he quickly draws a bead on the last remaining armed suspect, but Trixie has already shot the man and he goes down. "Trix, cover me!" He quickly leaves his cover, running to the downed man while he scans the area for any additional threats and holsters his pistol once he takes a knee to examine him. He does his best to administer first aid to keep the man alive, until the ambulance gets here, first moving the mook's pistol away from him so he can't easily grab it if he is faking or if he comes too suddenly.
Clarence The good news is that mister bad guy Mook doesn't look like he is about to die any time soon.. and his companion isn't about to protest in that regard given his rather.. deceased state.

The vehicle next to them is left idling.. and the sirens grow closer and closer. The question now no doubt for Trixie and Chris is.. if and once they get the man nearby stable.. what now?
Trixie Seeing Chris's actions provoke no reaction, Trixie dashes over to assist, replacing her pistol in her pack and digging out her medkit to try to stabilize the wounded thug. "You're not dying on me... not after this. Besides, you owe me a new pair of leather pants," Trixie grumbles, going to work on controlling the bleeding and keeping him from going into shock. "Chris, check the van! We don't know what's in those, but who the heck uses a stainless steel finish on a /van/?"
Chris Redfield Chris lets Trixie take over first aid duties, once he see's her removing a medkit from her backpack. "Are you okay?" There is a concerned expression for the red head when he see's that she is injured, those bullet holes in her leather pants are disconerting but he doesn't really see much blood so they were either grazing shots or she's got some extra protection that he can't see. He nods to Trixie, quickly searching the unconscious suspect first, finding a wallet and some money. He leaves the money, but opens the wallet first to check to see if the guy has any ID like a driver's license or something. If he finds it, he will take a photo of it with his cell phone and he will search the deceased suspect for the samething before going towards the van, cautiously just in case it has more explosives on board. He's got some training with explosives from his military days and when he reaches the van, he will look into it from all available angles before getting closer to inspect it.
Clarence As the bleeding is stemmed.. it won't stop the haggard breaths.. no doubt the paramedics will be needed but it is likley that at the very least... Trixie will kee a possible information source from dieing. Of course at teh cost of a few long hours at a police station answering questions.

The wallet in question will contain an American ID.. one that will declare that the current.. man in a rather hard spot is from detroit michigan. Then well..

There are a few wooden crates, some sealed, a couple opene.. some glinting metal and clearly containing numerous firearms inside.
Trixie "Okay... I don't /think/ he's going to expire," Trixie says, breathless in the wake of lifesaving techniques and the administering of bandages and other medical necessities. "We'd better wait for the cops to show up. See anything interesting in there?"
Chris Redfield "Looks like, firearms. A lot of them. Arms deal gone bad possibly." Chris replies to Trixie, as he pokes his head inside for a closer inspection making sure not to touch anything with his fingers or tamper with any potential evidence that would contaminate this crime scene before the Paris Police gets here. He does a visual count of how many crates there are, pulling his cell phone out to take pictures and close ups of the open crates to identify the make, model of the firearms. Once he is done with the crates, he will take a picture of the van itself along with the license plate and then walk back to Trixie to see if she needs any first aid assistance. "Yeah, we'll wait for the cops." He then looks towards the building where the explosion occurred, looking or listening for anyone yelling for help or need medical attention.
Clarence As the Police arrive.. and the fire department.. and the ambulances. Mook A will be taken to the hospital, under guard of course.. the explosion will be brought under control0 the resulting fire put out.. and the police will begin investigating the scene.

No doubt all new possible avenues for rixie and Chris to pursue.. in the future to determine what exactly is going on here.