Umbrella Surveillance System
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Benny It is cloudy early evening in mid-November in Paris and it feels like the rain will start pouring down soon. The hospital was busy but not overly so, just a typical afternoon shift of steady patients for the staff working there. The usual accidents whether motor vehicle, sports or regular illnesses comprimise most of the patients who are waiting in the Emergency Room to be attended too.

One patient, happens to be Benny and he walked in on his own not in an ambulance although it looks like he should have been assisted in some fashion. His face is battered and bruised, he has a split lip, two black eyes, probably busted nose and a large welt on the top of his head. He limps into the Emergency Room and his left arm is in a makeshift sling. He stands in line waiting to see the triage nurse, glancing around a little and winces whenever he moves.
Emma The emergency room is busy enough, but luckily there are no major injuries at this time, which means people are going in and out smoothly. The nurse behind the desk would of taken his information and told him to sit and wait, which wouldn't of been long. His name would be called and a nurse comes out to lead him to his room, they would of woven through a fea hallways until that room is reached. The nurse doesn't entee but motions for him to go in. "The nurse will be with you shortly to get your information." And then the nurse leaves.

When Benny would enter he would realize the room is not empty, and the nurse clearly had no idea. Sitting in the bed, leg up is Emma. Her pant leg is pulled up past her knee, and it looks like something got at her, bad. There are bruises and scratch marks all down her legs. Given that her sweater is taken off similar marks are up her arms, and some across her face. Seems these wounds are fresh, and she is cleaning them.
Benny Benny winces as he is lead into the room and glances around a bit, when he enters. He blinks when he spots Emma, almost not believing his puffy eyes that she is there and injured herself. "Emma?" He moves closer towards her, limping and craddling his injured arm. "Oh dear, are you okay? What happened?" There is a look of concern that crosses his battered face and his own pain is forgotten at the moment.
Emma Emma didn't expect anyone to walk in, so when Benny enters there is a look of pure shock. Jaw drops, the pant leg slides back down as hands fall on the bed. "..Hi." Musters the lass, looking like she hasn't slept on top of it all. "Oy, what tha - tha hell happened to ya?" That's when she moves off the bed and motions for him to sit. "I -- I kind of.. of.." Oh how does she explain this.%
Benny "What? Oh me? I uh...ran into a gnome, he didn't like me and it didn't go so well." Benny replies in a sort of a lisp because of his split lip and shrugs, wincing a bit as he does. When Emma motions for him to sit, he complies and looks at her still with that concerned, yet wincey expression. "So, I shared. Now it is your turn." He would cross his arms but he can't at the moment.
Emma "Oy, Benny, ya gotta know I don't believe that." Emma doesn't. When he sits the lass moves to the door, calls over a nurse to say she will handle this room then shuts the door. Going back to him, her hands motion to his arm, so she can check it. When he wishes to hear her story there is hesitation, but he was the person she could tell all too, even back in Racoon. Sighing some, eyes move to fix on him. "I - I got an email, tellin' me ta go to a silo. See I've been goin' on my own lookin' inta Umbrella. With this anonymous email I went, lone, ta this field, in that middle of tha night."
Benny Benny blinks and looks somewhat hurt when you don't believe his story but he won't comment about that just yet as he listens to your tale. He removes his left arm from the sling for you to examine, holding onto his forearm gingerly with his right hand. Your examination reveals that it is a sprained shoulder, the same shoulder he had hurt when he blew up that car in Raccoon City and used his hookshot to barely escape the explosion.

"Email? Umbrella?" He says in a somewhat soft voice and shakes his head a bit. "Why did you go alone?" He scolds but then catches himself and sighs, just letting you tell the rest of your story.
Emma Emma catches the scolding, and doesn't react, likely she has it coming, but this isn't all the story. There is a pause while examining hia arm. "Ya hate this arm, don't'cha? It needs ta rest, sprained, so ya'll need anti-inflammatory meds." Yes she noticing he was hurt too. "I think more happened than yer lettin' on. Don't tell me ya got caught up in that fight club to." Yes, she knows about it, how is a mystery even more is that she knows, it's not a place for women, espicially ones like her, a pretty face and no skill at fighting. But her story is continued. "I went inta tha lift, in one silo, took me far underground, there was a lab there. Yes, I went alone." This will only get worse. "Tha lights were out, I only had my flashlight ta see. I wondered lone in tha dark, there was a body in a bathroom.." There she pauses, the look of fear, is in her eyes.
Benny Benny smirks when you bring up his arm, but the smirk turns into a grimace when you examine it even though you are gentle it still hurts quite a bit. "Yeah and oww." When you mention the fight club he goes rather silent, cassting his eyes downwards for a second before looking back towards your face. "It accident. I was exploring the catacombs and I heard shouting, thought someone was in trouble but it was this club. I was curious and you know what they say about curiosity. I didn't lie, the guy, all seven feet of him was called Gnome. He really didn't like me and you can see the result of the disliking." He looks somewhat sheepish and rubs the back of his neck with his uninjured arm's hand.

When you start telling your story, he keeps quiet during your telling of it but he reaches out to you, when you pause looking fearful and touches your arm if you let him. He gives you a reassuring squeeze.
Emma Oh the look of guilt on her face. It's like she was hit with a guilt anvil, his tale gets a regretful sigh. "Oh, Benny, I'm sorry I - I thought ya were bein', oh I dunno. I'm sorry." So totally sincere too, there is a frown. "I was down there before I came here, got'ta see James kick in my bodyguard. It isn't a nice place, but I'll patch ya up, an' make sure yer back to yer comic book readin' self." At least with this, he getsa true grin, if brief.

The squeeze does reassure her, makes her feel a little stronger to go on about her story, with a small and quick thankful smile, his other wounds would be exmained as her tale goes on, but with every word he could likely sense the fear she went through. "I -- I happened across this lobby, without realizin' it, there was a rottin' pile of flesh, turned out ta be zombies. They dragged me in, clawed up my body'n some how I got away. They were --" Eyes close, the face of thay rotting zombie trying to bite her.. so clear. "None bit me, and non could come after me, I fought my way out and continued on." The way she leaves that says there is more to this tale.
Benny "James, was beating up your bodyguard?" Benny replies with a curious scrunched up look on his face which turns into another wince, as you continue to exam him for further injuries. Well, asides from the bruising, abrasions on his face, the split lip, two black eyes and the goose egg on his head he also has numerous bruises and welts on his torso from body blows that he took from Gnome. The goose egg however, looks more like he got hit on the head by a rock or a blunt instrument of some sort.

Benny seems quite shocked by your story, opening his mouth a few times before deciding not to say anything to let you continue because he was probably going to scold you some more for not only going about this investigation on your own, not bringing back up and continuing to explore even after you had seen numerous signs of danger.
Emma "My guard was a bit of an ass ta me, James an' I got mad at'em." But that isn't so detailed, because well, other stories to tell.

"Yer banged up pretty bad Benny," There is no way to hide her concern, it's in her tone. "If yer wantin' we can xray for breaks an' cat scan for a concussion. But you'll need rest, it'll be made out as doctors orders ta take time off work."

And his reactions aren't missed, but there is more to tell. "I went down a hallway, ta - ta find computers'n information, tons, on what Umbrella is doin'. An' I got it." Yes, she got detailed plans of what Umbrella has been doing. "Then.. it, came." Now the look of true horror fills her eyes.
Benny Benny raises an eyebrow slightly, "I see. Um, when did you get a body guard?" The last time he saw Emma she was at James Penthouse, so he has been a bit out of touch lately with what has been going on with his old survivor team mates.

"Ah, it looks worse than it feels." He exclaims trying very hard not to wince or grimace. "I mean, I did get shot up by a minigun once and that was worse than this." He tries to grin but that split lip kinda lessens the effect it was supposed to have and he does wince. But when you go on with your story about the computer, he blinks and suddenly asks. "Uh, what?"
Emma "Archene hired him, I try nat ta use him often." It wasn't her decision to hire the guy. "An' no, I didn' bring him." Because it likely would of been wise to. "I - I didn't bring or tell anyone where I was goin', if I died, it was only me, an' my life is of small measure." This is one reason why she went alone, though a crushing one, the other reasons go unsaid. Seeing him flinch makes her frown, and this time her hand goes to his uninjured arm and squeezes it. "Yer - yer off work." It's stated in a way that gives no room for argument.

As for this part of her story, the fear in her eyes, the tension in the air, it can be felt as plain as day. "There are things worse than zombies." That statement is said with the weight of the world, with total fear, her eyes locked onto his. "It came in - into the room I was in, I hid. It was huge, like an evil worse than Satan could imagine. It had no - no eyes, arms draged on the floor. I hid, prayed it didn't see me." There is a waver in her voice that betrays just how frightening this creature was, is. "It didn' see me, moved off. Inta tha vents. I dared ta get up, went for tha exit, but it came back, down tha vent inta th bathroom, hauled out that rottin' body, but I made noise, this pipe I held, clanged. It saw me, I ran, threw tha pipe at it, managed ta get inta tha lift. But it climbed up, nearly broke inta tha lift from under it." Her body is trembling, voice just as much as this story is recalled.
Benny "Archene? Wow, good man but you didn't bring him...oh Emma." Benny replies with a bit of an exasparated look on his face, looking like he wants to facepalm but doesn't since your holding onto his arm and he doesn't want to embarass you by treating you like a kid.

When you start describing the creature that you saw, his jaw drops a little and he blinks. "That sounds very similar to what we encountered at the water treatment plant in Raccoon. Did it looks like some sort of brain face, with a long tongue on a fleshy giant gecko body?" He asks and then blinks when you say you threw a pipe at it, then narrowly escaped in an elevator as it pursued her. "Holy is uh...still down there? In the Silo then?" He looks worried and concerned for you but at the sametime he's also trying to assess the threat that you just encountered and it is going up higher and higher by the second. "Where is this silo?"
Emma Yeah, Emma expected this, to feel like she disappointed him by going alone and facing the dangers. So, she hangs her head.

"Aye, like that." There is surprise in her tone, the last thing she expected was for him to know. Looking up slowly, in a sheepish way lips press together briefly. "I -- I am goin' back there. Some of tha lab I couldn't get to, an I wanna get to it. Plus that - that -thing- needs ta be killed, if it got out, then we're dead. And yes threw a pipe, it was all I had." Of course she wouldn't think to bring weapons. "It needs ta be killed, soon, I fear it may realize tha way out when it followed me."
Benny Benny nods, patting your arm if you let him when he see's you hanging your head. "Hey, I'm worried about you and you know as well as I do, that it was a mistake to go alone to investigate something like that. Just please ask for help next time, okay?" He sighs softly and blinks when you say you are going back there again. "Woah, yes I agree that the thing needs to be taken care of and the information gathered there will be extremely useful but it is too dangerous to go alone. /We/ need to ask for help and form a plan before going back." It looks like he won't take no for an answer and yes, he winces again.
Emma "Why - why would I bring anyone?" Emma asks. "Was - was it worth riskin' anyone's life? If I died there, then nobody else gets hurt an' come on, I'm a small fish in this big sea, no loss if I died." Yes she seems to believe that. "Not gonna let ya go off fightin' that in yer state!"
Benny Benny gives Emma a very concerned look, "Why would you say that Emma?" Yes, he's in pain but it is just physical but the way Emma is talking, she's got more than just physical pains. He reaches out his uninjured arm to give her a one armed hug if she allows it, "You are important to a lot of people and too Shaemus, your family. Your patients that you treat here." He blushes a bit as he hugs you in that shy Benny way of course. "Don't ever think you have to face things alone. Especially, annonymous cryptic emails that lead to places infested by horrible nightmares." He then looks at you saying in a big brother tone, "I'm going with you, whether you like it or not because it's the right thing to do and we are bringing more people. I know if we ask them, they will help if they can and we will go as soon as we have the people as well as a plan." He sagenods.
Emma Emma is hugged, and returns it, gently. "I am not naive, Benny, I know tha matter of lives." To her it is that simple, yet there isn't anymore dispute. "Well yer barely able ta lift yer arm, an' I don't want ya hurt more."
Benny "I know your not, Emma but I get worried when you talk like that." Benny replies in a concerned tone and releases you from his one armed hug. "That is why I came to the hospital, so you could fix me up and don't worry, I can still be useful even if I'm injured. I had a punctured lung at the water treatment plant and still kept on going. I'm battered but not beaten." He tries to smile but ends up wincing slightly again. "Ow, stupid Gnome punched my mouf."
Emma Shoulders slump a little. "Is - is it so bad ta know your own mortality? Ta know yer goin' ta die? After all we've been through is it wrong that I accepted I will die?" She sighs, and runs a hand through her hair. "I know yer - yer not gonna back down, we -will- wait a few days till we go back, an' ya need ta ice yer lip, and get some painkillers in ya."
Benny Benny shakes his head, "Nope. I'm going with you and we are going to stick to the plan. It's the right thing to do." He then lets you treat him for his injuries, not wantintg to interrupt you and tries his darndest not to wince or grimace.