Umbrella Surveillance System
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Isabel Paris. Isabel never thought she could get so sick of such a charming city. So much to see, so much to try... and nothing to talk about because she's developing a mental block for the native language.
It'd probably help if the native speakers would /freaking slow down/, and didn't sound like they were annoyed so often. Then again, maybe not with the latter.
She's currently taking a walk around one of the upper catwalks of the Eiffel Tower. History says that it was created by the same artist who designed the interior supports for the Statue Of Liberty, but she's in no mood to appreciate history right now. This is just someplace to be... and at least she can see anyone coming. After the cafe bomb last week, that's a good thing.
Chris Redfield Chris hasn't been to the Eiffel Tower yet, this is his first time and he couldn't have picked a worse day to come since the entire city is covered in heavy fog still. But, he's not exactly here for the view and wanted to get away from people for a while, so he thought nobody would be up here so he could be alone with his thoughts.

Redfield was on the upper catwalk, as far up as he could be and leaning his hands on the rails. He was never scared of heights, being an ex-military pilot and all, so he felt quite at home this high up in the sky. Even the swaying of the tower doesn't really bother him. Is that someone coming? He glances over to his right and see's someone walking up here, it is too foggy to even see who it is so he can't tell if it is Isabel until she gets closer. Probably another person who wants to be alone and he doesn't say anything remaining silent and just stares back out towards the fog. A mirror of his thoughts lately it seems.
Isabel Isabel could definitely stand some alone time... but then again, she /did/ promise to speak to the man she can now see clearly through the fog. She steps a little closer, softly and nervously clearing her throat. "Chris Redfield?"
Chris Redfield "Hmm?" Chris thought he heard his name, turning his head to look towards Isabel and gives her a nod. "Yeah. Oh, Isabel." He pauses for a moment, watching you carefully then adds, "Is everything alright?" He takes his hands off the railing now, turning to face you and he's dressed like a normal person today - brown leather aviator jacket zippered up, a green button down shirt, blue jeans, brown belt and black doc marten boots.

Yes, he's got his usual stoic expression, that serious yet compassionate look in his eye and that aura of confidence about him.
Isabel Isabel bows her head a little, enough for a quick glance at the man before her. Somehow, despite being dressed normally (faded jeans, white cotton blouse, fleec-lined denim jacket), she still feels a little shabby next to him. "It's good to see you again. I'd meant to get in touch earlier, but I... my phone... there were problems," she says, her gaze dropping at the last. "I haven't remembered anything else about the bombing, but I... I keep finding out things, and I need to talk to someone about them. So I guess /I'm/ okay, but I'm not sure about the world."
Chris Redfield "It's alright, Isabel. You've been through a lot and I didn't want to rush you. That's why I said could just call me if you wanted." Chris replies solemnly and then gestures to the fogginess around him. "It's just you, me and this up here. I appreciate anything you can tell me but only if you want too." Since Isabel is looking down, she doesn't see his concerned expression but when she looks back up, there is only the stoic one again. He just waits patiently for you to reply.
Isabel "I appreciate that. Sorry I took so long to get in touch." Isabel unconsciously reaches for her phone, catching herself and checking the motion. "Quick question: Have you seen my videos on the 'net? It might save some explaining if you have."
Chris Redfield Chris nods and crosses his arms across his chest, "I did and it is a shame some of the media have branded you as a hoax." His jaw tightens and he glances over towards the foggy landscape of Paris before turning back to you. "It isn't surprising though, a lot of people don't want to believe that Raccoon City ever happened." HIs fists clench and then unclench, as his hands drop to his sides. "Oh and I found out the bombing was most likely related to a local organized crime group here in Paris. Nothing I could find to link it to what I'm investigating. So what else do you know?"
Isabel "I'm getting used to it. There are some people out there who /do/ want to know the truth, though, and that helps," Isabel replies, half-smiling wryly. Seeing the telltales of anger in his posture, she hesitates, then reaches over to clasp his hand comfortingly. "At least that mystery's solved."
She takes a breath, lets it out slowly, and plunges ahead. "You know that Umbrella was responsible for Raccoon City, right? That's been pretty much established. Well, their grubby fingers are in a lot more pies than that. Aside from their pathogens, they don't need their created monsters to kill people."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't pull away when you clasp his hand but his anger has abated a little. He doesn't look at you, just staring off into the fog. "I know. Umbrella is behind it all." He takes a deep breath ane exhales, closing his eyes for a second before saying. "Have you heard from Claire lately or do you know of a woman by the name of Kirstin Harris?" He gently removes his hand from your's now and grips the railing, his knuckles cracking from the pressure he applies.
Isabel Isabel shakes her head. "I wish I had. I do know Kirstin Harris, though I haven't seen her in a while. She's the one who brought me to France, as crew for her boat. She might still be in-harbor at the moment." Fellow nethead or not, Isabel hadn't hung around long once the voyage was over.
She looks out into the fog for a moment. "Umbrella Security Services... have you heard of them? They've been positively linked to several murders, and not on Umbrella property, either."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, "Yes, I've heard of them and encountered them on a few occassions. They are Umbrella's para-military arm, some of them highly trained with state of the art weaponry. Umbrella uses them as their muscle, much like gangs or organized crime hire thugs or hitmen to do their dirty work."

"Is there a way for you to contact her? Claire or Kirstin?" Chris says in a pained voice, his usual stoic expression starting to crack now as he looks down at his feet, his hands still gripping the railing tightly as he tries to control the mutlitude of emotions that are bubbling over. He's usually in control, the rock, the iceman but not today, not right now as he stands high up on the Eiffel Tower, the heavy fog covering everything in sight and here with Isabel, a friend of Claire's, his sister. The sister he promised he would always protect and his only family.
Isabel Isabel nods. "Umbrella has trained killers on their payroll," she agrees quietly. "There's supposed to be some kind of training camp on an island for their rent-a-killers, but I haven't been able to find it on any of the charts I have. Even Google hasn't been any help." And Google can /always/ help, right?
And then Chris's voice tightens. The dark-haired girl blinks, seeing Chris's sudden signs of distress. "I think I still have Kirstin's phone number," she admits, pulling out her uPhone and pulling up the menu. "I don't know if she still has that phone, though..."
Chris Redfield Chris regains his composure, opening his eyes and the stoic expression is back. He glances at you, nodding. "If you hear from them please let me know and if there is anyway you could find out their last known location, that would be greatly appreciated." He pushes himself off the railing now, moving to stand next to you and crosses his arms once more.

Redfield quirks an eyebrow slightly, giving you a curious look and says. "Sorry, did you say an Island? What is it called?" Yeah, he's all under control now and it must have been some sort of temporary lapse or something.
Isabel "I will, totally. I still have your number," Isabel replies with a nod-nod-nod, sighing in relief. Chris is no longer distressed! The night just got better. "The first time I see them, I'll make sure they know."
She blushes a little, realizing that she just smiled at the thought of him being better, right in front of him. "Um, yes! There's definitely an island training camp. I just... I wrote it down, but I can't remember what it said offhand. I've been looking for weeks now." Now she has an entirely different reason to blush.
Chris Redfield Chris nods, not reacting to your blushing either because he doesn't notice it or he does but won't comment or acknowledge it out of politeness or other reasons. "That's okay, Isabel. It isn't Parisio Island or something close to that, perhaps?" He's all business, mr serious face once more but he does have a slightly maybe a faintish smile creeping up on those lips for half a second as you blush a second time.
Isabel Isabel unconsciously screws her face into a comical expression of determined concentration, squinching her eyes shut... and sighs, shaking her head. "It isn't that, no... Rock-something. Rocktrap, rockdale, Rockford... Rockfort! Rockfort Island!" At last a smile returns to her face... or it could be that she just noticed that hint of a smile he turned her way.
Chris Redfield "Rockfort Island? I'll have to look into that as well then." Chris says with an appreciative nod. He unfolds his arms, stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets now and locks his eyes on yours after those comical expressions have passed but he doesn't poke fun at them, "You've been a big help, I'm glad I bumped into you up here." He returns your smile with that same slightly upturned curl of his lips once more.

"Don't give up on the world. You don't have to look too far to find the ugliness, I know but there is something worth fighting for. I still believe that." With those words, he turns and looks into the obscured view of Paris, it's beauty and majesty covereed up by that heavy fog.
Isabel "I hope you find it. It'd be better luck than I've had," Isabel confesses, grimacing as she remembers all the fruitless map-reading sessions. "I hope Rockfort is a map name, and not just Umbrella's name for the place."
She turns and follows Chris's gaze out into the misty night, glancing over at him after a long moment. "You're stronger than I am, Chris Redfield. There's beauty all around me in this city alone, but I can't stop looking over my shoulder long enough to see it."
Chris Redfield "I'm going to try. I won't stop until I find the people responsible for Raccoon and I owe it to those that lost their lives." Chris looks like he is about to say more, but stops and then listens to your last comments before continuing.

He reaches out to put a hand on your shoulder, giving it a gentle reassuring squeeze. "Your wrong, Isabel. You survived in there and made it out. Made videos even and trying to get the truth out there. Don't sell yourself short on the strength department because from where I'm standing, you've got plenty to spare." He then puts both hands on your shoulders if you let him. "You have to be careful Isabel. Listen, I want to tell you something, I want to trust you with this and haven't told anyone else. But you have to promise that you won't release the information until I get a chance to talk to Claire. Promise me." He looks you in the eyes to show you how serious he is and also assessing you for your honesty.
Isabel Isabel definitely lets him, surprised as she is by the sudden closeness. "I... I can't completely promise that, Chris. I promise I'll keep that secret and safe, so long as no one's life is threatened by it," she says after a moment, looking up into his eyes apologetically. "I'm sorry, Chris. After Raccoon City, that's the best I can do."
Chris Redfield "I understand. Just be careful then, be cautious of who you trust and remember that girl who was almost shot in the cafe a few weeks ago? The suspect that was responsible, he was working with Terrasave at the time and used that to get close to her." He removes his hands from your shoulders and lets out a long breath. "It's okay. I admire your honesty and remember not to let your guard down." He pauses for a moment and then adds. "I'm going to be heading out of town shortly. So stay safe. Best to keep a low profile for a bit."
Isabel "Be careful of Terrasave, and people who say they're Terrasave. Sounds like good advice anyway," Isabel murmurs, nodding. "I'll remember. And I'll be careful. Thanks, Chris."
The news is... a little distressing. She hesitates, then gives him an impulsive hug. "Do you have to? I mean, this is the first time I've been able to talk to you, and..."
She bites her lip, blushing again. Big mouth for the lose. "Be careful..."
Chris Redfield "Good." Chris replies to Isabel when she says she will be careful. But he wasn't expecting the hug and he doesn't get surprised very often as Isabel sneaks that hug in. He almost isn't sure what to do but he returns her hug with a gentle squeeze of his muscular arms. Isabel may have noticed that he has quite the solid physique during the embrace. "I have to go and I'll try. No promises though." It's the same phrase that he's told his sister before he left on his military missions and other people whom he cares about if they ask him the samething.

Redfield, then gently removes himself from your hug and gives you a solemn nod, before walking away from the upper levels of the Eiffel Tower, towards the stairs to descend and dissapears from view in the heavy fog. Duty calls.
Isabel Isabel sighs, nodding. "Trying's good enough," she replies, as the hug parts. "Good luck and safe travels, Chris." She stands and watches him walk away, until he vanishes into the fog close to the stairs.