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Chris Redfield It is a blah Monday, even in Paris Monday's are bad especially when this infernal heavy fog just doesn't seem to want to go away. It is perpetual, thick and it seems like it is everywhere. Down by the river, the fog is dangerous to boaters and joggers alike since you can't even see the nose in front of your face much less navigate through it. But for one intrepid entrepreneur he is undeterred and he's American so he believes in the American dream, transporting it right here in Paris, France! Fred Sayers believes his hot dog stand will be a hit! "Hot dogs, get your fresh hot dogs right here!" Fred hollers whenever he see's someone walking by, but a lot of people do just walk by giving him a disdained look.

But one man, does believe in Fred, Chris Redfield has been craving a hot dog for over six months and when he heard rumor that someone had set one up, well he braved the fog to come out here to try and find it! Chris, walks along the river dressed in his leather jacket, green button down shirt, blue jeans and black doc martens. He hears Fred hollering and heads towards him like a damsel in distress! "I'll take foot long two hot dogs. New York style, with fried oinions, ketcup, mustard and relish." He gladly takes money out of his wallet to pay for it and see's the drink menu on display. "I will also take that root beer. You are a godsend." Fred is beside himself, he's in shock but grinning from ear to ear. "Two footlong New York style with the works, coming right up. Glad to see another American around here." Fred starts frying up the oinions and making the dawgs.
Vivienne Vivienne walks down the river, a slightly sour look on her face. She pauses as she sniffs something famliar and almost like a puppy she begins to follow the scent, a pleased look on her face. When she spots the hot dog vendor she jumps up and down twice before she rushes in. "Oh my goodness, food that isn't made of *snails*!" She squeals, staring up at the menu like a girl lost.
Chris Redfield Fred is so happy to have a second customer in a matter of minutes, that he can't help but holler. "Hello, miss! Another american, my, my what a day this is! If it isn't on the menu, darling I can make it for you so don't worry if like some of this or some of that from different styles of dawgs." Chris can barely see in front of his face but the lady's voice does sound familiar. "Vivienne?" He has to pretty much step right beside you in order to see your face clearly, the fog is so thick and realizes he's probably invading personal space so he takes a step back. "How are things?" His lips turn up slightly in that faint smile of his and then turns his attention back to Fred, inhaling the smell of roasted hot dogs. "I'm going to be coming here everyday, maybe twice a day. You have no /idea/ how much I have missed hot dogs and the food here, is not the same as back home." He then adds, "No offence." to anyone in ear shot that may be offended.

Fred smiles at Chris, "The name's Fred. Fred Sayer. I'm glad to meet you. Both of you." He offers a friendly not to Vivienne.

"I'm Chris. Nice to meet you Fred and this young lady is Vivienne. She is supposed to be on board a ship but I guess she just doesn't listen that well to advice." Yeah, he remembered what he said when they met last time.
Vivienne Vivienne aims a frosty glare at Chris and gestures at the vendor. "I'm hungry and there is food here, and the food on the Liberty isn't as good as the food *here*." She steps up to the cart. "I want a foot long, just mustard and fresh onions." She folds her arms over her chest. "You can put my hotdog on his tab." She says, jerking her finger towards Chris.
Chris Redfield Fred blinks but maintains his smile at Vivienne's quick change of mood. "Right away, Miss Vivienne. Uh, you guys feel free to chat. Pretend I'm not even here." Awkward!

Chris can barely make out the frosty glare after he stepped back from her, but somehow that tone of her's is enough of an indication that she's not joking around. "Woah. Hold on." He glances to Fred, when he thinks he's insinuating they are a couple having a tiff or something. He isn't relenting but he does feel like reciprocating even if he doesn't like the circumstances. "Fine, I'll buy you a hot dog but only if you say the magic words." Chris has that stoic expression on his face, if you could see it through the fog that is.
Vivienne "The magic word, is..Now." Vivienne decides, aiming a brilliant smile at Fred while he makes her hot dog. She moves closer to Chris, standing on her tiptoes so that he can see her. "Are you underestimating me?" She asks, looking slightly dangerous. "I can take care of myself." She states.
Chris Redfield Fred's smiles starts to fade a bit as he glances between Vivienne and Chris. He whistles, trying to break the tension in the air that isn't caused by fog but by these two rather strong willed individuals that are his first customers really. The customer is always right! He just makes those hot dogs the best he can, taking his time and making sure that everything will be just perfect so that they will come back and tell their friends!

Chris doesn't flinch, he doesn't back down when Vivienne gets close to him, even if she's on tippy toes. He tries to keep a straight face, manages quite well for the most part and quirks an eyebrow just slightly. "I can see that." He pauses for a few moments, just staring back at you with his own serious expression. "But, that's not the magic word. So, I guess your on your own for the hot dog you just ordered." He states back.

The battle of the Iron Wills begins now!
Vivienne "It's okay, I think I can swing a hot dog." Vivienne says, backing up a step or two. She turns a brilliant smile on Fred and waves away his appaarent concern. "Don't listen to him being all fussy, I'll pay for my own hot dog." She folds her arms over her chest peeks into the cart. "What else do you have in here?"
Chris Redfield Fred seems relieved that his two customers have ended their little tiff and he's more than happy to answer about his menu. "There are many sides you can add to the hot dog, bacon, chili, ground beef, several different kinds of cheeses and we also serve fries, oinion rings. I have soda pops, coke, pepsi, sprite, root beer, doctor pepper and orange crush." Fred then points to the condiments, "You can even get mayonaise if you want. The French like it." Fred lowers his voice for the last part.

Chris stands his ground, but when he see's that Vivienne has backed off he turns to face Fred and just listens to him talk to the fiesty one. He waits patiently for his two hot dogs to be made and crosses his arms over his chest.
Vivienne "I'll take a sprite and some onion rings with mine." Vivienne says, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She glances briefly at Chris and then back to the vendor. "How did you come to find yourself here?" She asks Fred, her voice chipper again.
Chris Redfield Fred grins when Viv asks him. "Oh, well I've always dreamed of opening up a hot dog stand and going into business for myself. I used to work in sales, warehouse stock boy, in restaurants as short order cook, dishwasher, janitor, you name it. But I was always happiest as a short order cook. Made me happy when people enjoyed their meal, so it felt like I was contributing to that you know? But I didn't like working for some of my bosses, they were mean and just in it to make money." Fred finishes making Chris's hot dogs and hands them over to him. "Here ya go Chris. Say, you look kinda familiar. Like I've seen you on tv or something." He then takes a closer look at Chris's face. "Aren't you Chris...Redfield? That guy on tv that saved that girl from getting shot in the cafe? Yeah, yeah. I know that look on your face, it is the same on the tv when you pushed that cameraman." Fred beams. "Your a damn hero, Chris! Wow, my first customer is Chris Redfield! Hey, weren't you also involved in that Raccoon City thing? Horrible that but you saved people. Risked your life."

Chris holds up his hands, shaking his head slightly. "I'm no hero. Just another guy who wants a hot dog but I don't really watch the news that much. Thanks again for the dogs and I'll be back tomorrow." He takes his wallet out, adding a nice tip to Fred's tip jar. Chris takes the two hot dogs on a cardboard trya and Fred hands him the root beer as well.

Fred then turns to Vivienne, "Wow, Chris Redfield. Uh, why are you are mad at Chris?" He hands Viv a can of sprite and starts making your hot dog now, forgetting to answer the rest of your question.
Vivienne "He's a jerk." Vivienne answers, shrugging a shoulder idly. "Heroes can be jerks too." She takes a seat on a nearby bench as she waits. "I think there is some reason for that, but I'll likely never find out."
Chris Redfield Chris was standing like right there, when Vivienne calls him a jerk, holding his tray of hot dogs and his root beer. He shrugs, when Fred looks at him after Viv's reply and then nods his head politely to Fred. "See ya around Fred. Thanks again." He glances at Viv, shakes his head at her and replies as he walks away. "Take care." He doesn't sound sarcastic when he says it, heck it might actually be genuine but hey he's a glass wall to most and only a few have seen past it.

Fred waves to Chris and then turns to Vivienne. "Oh, he is?" He blinks again, scratching his head. "But he saved that girl, jumped in front of bullets and he went back to Raccoon City to rescue people. So jerks do that sort of thing, huh?" He sighs and then hands you your hot dog and checks on the oinion rings, "They aren't quite ready but will be shortly. So, you going to be okay? You seem kinda down if you don't mind me asking."
Vivienne "I'll be fine, it's just been an odd couple of days." Vivienne says, gazing down at her feet. "It's better now that I'm going to get a hot dog." She gestures out at Paris. "I'm not used to being here, and I still feel like it's an odd dream. Was it your dream to come to Europe, Fred?"
Chris Redfield "Well, I'm glad my hot dog will bring your day up a bit." Fred replies to Vivienne and adds, "Hey you gotta turn that frown upside down. Look at it this way, you are in Paris! Most people can never say they have even been here and nah, it was never my dream to come here. I wanted to stay in Boston, but there was too much competition there and uh, well things just kinda happened and here I am!" He gestures with his hands and all that can be seen behind him is heavy fog and nothing else. "Yeah, never thought I would be here but I'll make do and at least I don't have any competition with any other hot dog stands. So hopefully, this thing will take off and then I can maybe open a restaurant or get another hot dog stand. Ya know, start small and build up to something good." He smiles again and puts your oinion rings into a paper bag, handing it over to you. He glances towards where Chris walked away, but can't see him anymore because of the fog.

"This is so good!" a voice exclaims from nearby that sounds a lot like Chris.
Vivienne Vivienne glances over towards the voice and then she leans forward towards Fred. "I think your hot dog made him a changed man. You should make a sign that says "Chris Redfield ate a hot dog here." " She giggles and then shrugs. "All the little fangirls will eat it up with a spoon."
Chris Redfield Fred gives you an 'Oh REALLY?' kinda look and blurts. "Really? You think it will help?" He nods, "Well, if Chris doesn't mind I might just do that. Thanks, Vivienne." He washes his hands with some soap and water, wiping them dry on a towel. "Well, I hope you enjoy your meal. Thanks so much for coming! Uh, so Chris, he's got fan girls? Lots you think?" He taps his chin and wishes he would have taken a picture of him!

There is no more proclaimations of how good the food is coming from the fog this time. Maybe he walked off or maybe he's on a nearby bench. It is so hard to tell with this heavy fog.
Vivienne "I think every broody man has a fan club somewhere." Vivienne says, giggling softly as she holds her bag to her chest. She backs off slowly before she remembers herself. She ducks forward and leaves Fred a large tip. "Thanks for the food, I hope you stick around, because if you do, I'll be back." She turns towards the fog and yells out. "Bye Chris!"
Chris Redfield Fred laughs at Vivienne's dig at Chris's broodiness. "Yes, you are probably right about that." He gives you a wink and replies with a smile when you give him such a large tip. "Thank you so much. Please come again and bring lots of friends, from that ship or wherever you are from." He waves at you and then hollers again into the fog. "Hot dogs, get your fresh hot dogs here! Chris Redfield bought hot dogs here!" Oh boy, Chris isn't going to like this one bit since he seems to abhor the spotlight.

Nobody responds to Viv when she says Bye Chris, but little does she know she might have a tail when she leaves the hot dog stand. You never know when a Jerk might be making sure that you get back to your ship safely on a heavy foggy day and doesn't want you to know about it.