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James Scott James Scott is currently standing in front of a full mirror in the foyer, trying to decide what to wear. Currently he's dressed in a pair of black Courir Air Force 1's, jeans, and a white tee shirt. It appears he's in the middle of trying to decide on what jewelry to wear. Eventually he decides on a simple gold chain and gold grillz with black diamonds. Your boy is fresh, like a white Slick Rick sporting that eye patch. "Alright, she should be here any second."
Vivienne The doors open and out of the rainy evening walks Vivienne, smacking on bubblegum with a colorful backpack slung over her shoulder. She stops when she hits the foyer, her mouth hanging slack as she gazes around the large foyer. "Holy shit, James. You were downplaying this place a little bit. Huh?" She blinks and then aims a grin at the man in question. "I hope I'm not underdressed." She says, slinging off her backpack and letting it drop to the foor near the door.
James Scott "Well I don't like to brag too much. It's nice to see you." James shoots Vivienne a smile, his teeth gleaming. When she mentions being underdressed that smiles turns into a grin. "Nah, you look great. Besides, I wanna get you in the pool."
Vivienne "Maybe if this weather lets up." Vivienne muses as she walks slowly around the foyer. "It's nice to see you too, and I am underdressed." She says, grinning back at James before she shrugs. "It doesn't matter though, can't fix that now." She carefully takes off her boots and props her hands on her hips. "So what are you going to show me?"
James Scott "Figured I could just show you around. Gotta small gym, library, my office, the kitchen, living room," James lists off, counting on his fingers, "and my favorite room, the master bedroom." He heads back over to where the mirror is and takes off his chain, followed by his shirt. "Which room would you like to see first?" He disappears into the closest near the door, returning a few moments later in a wife beater. "Still feel underdressed?"
Vivienne "Not so much now." Vivienne says, looking slightly more at ease. She thinks over the different options that have been presented to her, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she walks slowly towards James. "Let's start with the gym, I guess." She says, giving James a warm smile. "Why is the bedroom your favorite place?"
James Scott "Because that's where I sleep." James laughs a little. "Alright, let's go to the gym then." He moves forward to meet Vivienne, bringing a hand up to rest on the small of her back. "This is my third favorite room."
Vivienne Vivienne wrinkles her nose and after a moment she nods slowly at James. "If we're being honest, I thought you would have a different reason." She says, walking along the length of the gym. She runs her fingers along a few of the machines, idly pushing a few buttons and lifting up a free weight or two. "What is your second favorite room?" She asks, taking a seat on a bench that is likely used for some sort of lifting exercise.
James Scott "Well, I haven't had sex since I got this place. So it's been months." James lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug, the fact apparently not bothering him too much. "Second favorite is a tie between my library and the living room. I can't really pick one of the other." As he speaks he moves over to take a seat next to Vivienne. "So, what do you think, this place worthy of burning off those snack calories?"
Vivienne Vivienne gazes around, and then grins, bumping James with her shoulder. "I think so. More stuff than I ever have had devoted to working out..probably ever." She gestures at a machine in the corner. "What does that thing even do?" She glances over at James and frowns slightly. "Any reason for your dry spell?"
James Scott "A prowler, works out your ass and legs." James nods slightly at the hunk of metal before turning back to Vivienne. "And work for the most part. Just been busy, haven't felt up to trying to bring anybody home." It's his turn to bump into her with his shoulder now, shooting her a teasing grin, "Why, you looking to break it?"
Vivienne Vivienne laughs, a delighted silvery sound, full of emotion. "I'm a good girl, I don't jump in the sack with a guy because he has a nice place." She eyes the machine and her eyes narrow slightly. "He's got to meet most of my exhausting checklist. It pays to be picky." She gestures to the machine then, looking over at James. "That thing looks horrible. A prowler you say?" She shakes her head and sighs. "I guess they weren't kidding when they said beauty was pain."
James Scott "Well, I'll try to meet your standards." James can't help but smile, inadvertently showing off the diamonds in his mouth once more. "You've got a beautiful laugh. Well, everything really." He rises up onto his feet, giving the room one last lookover. "Alright, where do you want to see next?"
Vivienne "The library." Vivienne says, her eyes flashing with barely containable excitement. "I can't wait to see what kind of books you have in there. Do you have any first editions of anything?" The questions come rapid fire, as the woman bounces on the balls of her feet. "Oh..and a big comfy chair, you have one of those in there, right?"
James Scott "Ah, just Gone With the Wind and Song of Solomon." James says regarding the first editions. "And I guess you'll have to wait and see about the rest. At least you won't have to wait long." That hand returns to back once more, ushering her out and to the next room.
Vivienne Vivienne walks into the library and when just inside the room she pauses, her eyes taking in the various books on the shelves. "My mom named me after that lady in Gone with the Wind. I have a well thumbed copy in my backpack." She glances at James, her eyebrows lifting quickly as she jerks a thumb towards the shelves. "Can I touch? I'll be good." She says, a wide grin showing off her mood.
James Scott "Of course you can. If you've got a place of your own with someplace safe to put I'd even consider letting you have it." James moves on over to take a seat on the couch. "You're welcome to look around. Got everything from Homer and Voltaire to Stephen King."
Vivienne Vivienne's face falls slightly as her gaze goes to her feet. "Nah, I live on a ship, room with a few others. I've never really had a place of my own." She says, moving to a shelf, her back to James, glad that he can't see her face as she says that. She runs gentle fingers along the spines of several books, taking slow steps as she reads off several titles aloud. "You've got a fine collection here."
James Scott "Then how about I hold onto it for you, and you can come stay the night and read it sometimes?" James suggests, rising up and moving over to wrap an arm around Vivienne and give he a brief squeeze if she allows it. "This is a three bedroom penthouse, so there's plenty of room."
Vivienne Vivienne tenses up at the first touch, but after a momentn she relents and returns the hug briefly. When she steps back, there is a smile on her face, though not as bright as the one that she had on her face before she walked into the room. "That's real kind of you, but you don't know me. I could be casing the joint right now." She chuckles and walks slowly towards the couch and chairs, leaning forward to gaze at the lamp. "You're pretty lucky to have all of this."
James Scott "If you steal it, you probably need it more than I do. But that's not something I'm too worried about." James heads back to take a seat once more. "I'm sorry I brought that up though, I didn't know." But he does now, so he makes a mental note.
Vivienne "It's alright, I'm pretty open about my past. It was shitty, but's the past." Vivienne says, sitting on the arm of one of the chairs. "I don't steal, don't worry." She folds her arms over her chest. "So how do you afford all of this again, you mentioned a job in the cafe, didn't you?"
James Scott "Yeah, I work security. Well, I'm in charge of the people that work security." James explains. "It pays pretty well, so I guess I'm lucky. I know most people aren't so fortunate, why I don't usually bring up how nice the place I stay is."
Vivienne Vivienne nods and she pushes to her feet again, giggling quietly. "If we keep taking all this time between rooms, this will end up being a two day journey through your penthouse and we'll have to scavenge for food." She gives the books a last longing look before she gestures to James. "You pick the next room?"
James Scott James nods. "Alright, then let's go check out the living room." He starts to head out, but manages to catch Vivienne looking at his books. "Damn, I'm almost jealous." A wink is sent her way before he waves on out, leading the way to the main room.
Vivienne "I have an almost unhealthy devotion to my books. They've never let me down." Vivienne says, grinning back at James. She walks over to the windows, watching the rain fall with an almost absent expression on her face. Satisfied with the view, she turns and walks around the large room. Spotting the fireplace she scampers over to it, kneeling slightly as she peeks inside of it. "Do you actually light this thing?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder, an eyebrow quirked at James.
James Scott "It's starting to get cold, so I'm going to." James nods, taking a seat on the couch. "We've got the bar too, but I don't encourage guests to drink unless they're staying the night. Got the video games." He gestures towards the large television where he's got the Playstation Two and a Nintendo Entertainment System. "Like I said in the cafe, I've got all the nice things. Especially now that you're here."
Vivienne Vivienne blushes a dark red and shakes her head. "I'm not a nice thing, I'm afraid." She says, moving to sit on the couch. "I haven't had anything substantial to drink since that unfortunate evening in the alley, probably best to abstain for a night or two more, still trying to wrap my head around what happened." She gazes at the game systems and purses her lips slightly. "What game do you like to play?"
James Scott "I understand entirely. If they're still breathing they should be thankful Buck got ahold of them and not me." James's jaw clenches slightly, the teen clearly going to a dark place. "At least Buck knows his own strength, as much as i hate the fucker. I'd have probably beat them to death."

"But, Mario and Pacman mostly. Been playing Darkwatch recently, beat it with the good ending so now I'm doing the evil playthrough. It's a nice distraction."
Vivienne "He almost killed them." Vivienne whispers, her eyes on her knees. "He had this knife, it was.." She shakes her head and takes a breath. "I called his attention away from the three assholes, long enough for them to escape." She gazes at the systems again and then she scoots back on the couch, her knees pulled up to her chest and nods towards the television. "Why don't you play a bit, and we'll just talk here for a while?"
James Scott "We're monsters." James says quietly, clearly talking about Buck and himself. "Sometimes we forget we aren't in Raccoon anymore. I killed a lot of zombies." He heads over to start up the Nintendo, readying Pacman and bringing the controllers back over, one for himself and one for Vivienne if she wants to play. "Shit, I killed three men when their group kidnapped my friend Emma. That's how I lost part of my ear."
Vivienne Vivienne gazes at James quietly as he talks, her face not reflecting any emotion to his words, but her eyes follow him as he moves. The silence stretches out as she takes the controller in her hands and readies the game. Finally after a few minutes of silence she speaks up. "I don't think monster is the right word." She sighs and shakes her head. "I'm not sure what the right word is, really. Or how I feel about what happened in that alley."
James Scott "He was sure open with the fact that he got a 'reward' from you. But that doesn't mean what went down in that alley wasn't scary. I've seen Buck at work, except he was using a chainsaw back then." James doesn't look over at Vivienne, rather he's currently clearing out the bottom portion of the maze. He runs Pacman into a wall and waits for the ghosts to close in before hitting a power pellet and eating them for a cool 1600 points, then grabs the cherries before moving to start clearing out the top portion. "But there were literal monsters there. The zombies were the least of our problems because occasionally the virus would cause people to mutate. There were creatures with tongues like whips and some people turned into deformed Hulks, for lack of a better term."
Vivienne "A reward, huh?" Vivienne says, gazing over at James, her limpid gray eyes watching as he plays the game on the console. "He was in a bloodlust when those guys got away. He was prepared to chase them down and kill them." She sets the controller carefully on the couch and frowns. "I distracted him to keep him from killing them, and I didn't *give* him a reward, he took one." She gazes at the television over her knees and then after a moment she speaks up again. "I heard about Raccoon. It's a real shame what happened there, but a lot of people are working to make sure that doesn't happen again."
James Scott "Now when you say took." James turns his attention to Vivienne, running straight into a ghost. But he doesn't seem to care, rather he's focused on her. "I'd like you to be honest with me." The controller is carefully sat aside as his fists clench.
Vivienne Vivienne gazes at the television briefly and she points to it, opening her mouth to say something until she sees the look on James face. She takes in his words, and she gives a quick jerky nod. "O-okay." She says, scooting a little ways away from him.
James Scott James sighs quietly, "I'm sorry. That's just something that hits close to home that I don't have any patience or tolerance for." He offers an apologetic smile. "Did he hurt you at all?"
Vivienne "Yeah, he first." Vivienne mutters, her fingers poking holes through some of the small slashed holes in her jeans. "It wasn't exactly my idea or anything, and ..I don't know..used to something a little gentler than that." She gazes at James and she sits up, her legs folded underneath her. "You can't say anything to anyone, the whole situation wasn't ideal, and...things happened,'s fine now. I guess. Haven't seen him in days anyways." She gazes down at her folded hands and frowns. "Wonder what you think of me now?"
James Scott "I told you what I thought of you in the cafe." James says, the Nintendo forgotten he reaches over to wrap Vivienne in a hug, unless she stops him, though it's really to hide the fact that his good eye shifted to a violent crimson glow exposing just how angry he really is. "I won't tell anybody, but next time I see Buck I'm putting hands on him. I don't care if he's in the middle of shooting his fucking movie.'
Vivienne "I don't think that's a good idea.." Vivienne says, her voice muffled as she is wrapped in a hug. She hugs back, briefly but when she pulls back, her eyes are slightly wide. "Enough people have or have almost gotten injured because of me."
James Scott "I'd be more worried for him." When James leans back at least his eye is blue again. "If you'd have told me that I'd have toned down all the sexual jokes. I feel like a real piece of shit right now."
Vivienne "How do you say something like that?" Vivienne says, her head down and her hair obscuring her face. "Oh, please don't hit on me, I might be sensitive right now?" She sighs and peeks through briefly, her eyes on James. "I don't want anyone to get hurt."
James Scott "Fair point." James leans back and crosses his arms. "And as much as I want to, I can't promise I'll be able to contain my temper. I already didn't like the guy, now he makes me sick to my stomach." The teen just shakes his head, clearly thinking about it. "I'll try for you though. I can go beat his ass and feel better about it, but that doesn't make anything better for you, does it? Wouldn't be fair."
Vivienne Vivienne looks up at James and she smiles at him. "Thanks, I really appreciate that. I..I don't know how he feels about me, or..what he wants from me really." She says, her teeth pulling at her bottom lip. "You said I'm one of many, I don't know..honestly and..well.." She sighs and shakes her head, hard enough to send her hair flying around her face. "Lets talk about something else, can we?"
James Scott James wraps an arm around Vivienne when she starts shaking her head, "Hey, do you smoke?" The way he asks it's easy to guess he doesn't mean tobacco. "I think we could both use it. Plus I wanna get this gold out my mouth."
Vivienne Vivienne blinks and leans closer, her eyes narrowing as she takes in the gold spoken of. "Oh god yes, take those out." She says, laughing softly. "I ..don't smoke, but you go ahead. I'll just wait for the good part, my favorite part, even though I've never partaken." She says, a slow grin forming on her lips.
James Scott "Alright, we can hit the last room of the tour. You even get to see where I keep my jewelry just in case you're casing the place." James offers a small grin as he gets up. "Maybe we'll get lucky and the rain will have stopped."
Vivienne Vivienne gets to her feet and nods, moving to follow James. "Oh right. Yes, casing the place." She giggles and glances behind her at the television and the fireplace before they leave.