Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is a very early Thursday morning, there are dark ominious looking clouds that dot the sky and it looks like it might rain at any moment. The clouds are impending rain mirrors the mood of one man in particular. A man, who is up early, too early probably and sometimes feels like he is carrying the weight of the world on his big shoulders.

Chris Redfield, doesn't often hang out at the Cafe des Anges, but he's a bit too well known at Jack's Bistro, so he changed it up this morning and came here after a work out. Sleep hasn't exactly been kind to him as of late, so he is in desparate need of caffine and heard that this place has some of the best coffee in all of Paris. He's sitting at a corner table, reading an American newspaper and sipping on an extra large latte cup full of dark coffee. For the conniseur it smells like French Roast and after a few sips, he nods his head and approves of it's fine taste. His leather jacket is draped over the back of the chair he is sitting on, he is wearing a white button down shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, a brown leather belt and black doc marten boots.
Vivienne Vivienne steps into the cafe, casting a dour look over her shoulder at the heavy clouds. She moves to the counter and orders another slice of chocolate cake and a mocha, giving the barista a charming smile and a big tip. She turns around to lean her back against the counter as she waits, and spots Chris. Her eyes narrow slightly and she watches him reading his newspaper. Her food is served and without an invitation she walks over to where Chris is seated and pulls out the seat across from him with a her boot. She takes a seat, crosses her legs and leans forward to see what part of the paper he's reading.
Chris Redfield Chris was reading the sports section of the New York times, glancing up now as you sit across from him. You see his eyes glancing to your left and right, seeing other empty tables until his gaze settles back on you. "Morning Vivienne." he says in that deep monotone voice of his. He pauses for a moment, then quirks an eyebrow slightly. "I'm starting to get the feeling that you invited yourself over to my table without asking for a particular reason?" He reaches over to pick up his latte cup to take a sip of coffee, savouring the bitter taste for a moment before putting it back down on the saucer. He is still holding onto his newspaper though, as it looks lke he wasn't quite finished the article on the New York Yankees that he was reading before you sat down.
Vivienne "Company is better on a day like this." Vivienne states, setting down her plate. She leans over and plucks the living section from the paper, opening it up. "So, want to talk about it?" She asks, gazing over the top of the page, her lower face obscured.
Chris Redfield Chris looks out the window, specks of rain are just starting to fall and then he turns his attention back to you. Watching your eyes since he can only see that portion that isn't covered by the newspaper you've just picked up. "I see. Well, I was kind of enjoying the start of my day sitting here by myself but it seems that not everyone gets that." He says in that matter of factly tone of his. "Talk about...what? If you mean about what you found out the other day but then stormed off, then yes. I did say I would listen and would help you out if I can." He then lowers his newspaper, folding his hands over one another and leans his elbows on the table to pay close attention to what you are going to say next.
Vivienne "I'm not talking about what I found out. We'll get to that eventually, I'm sure." Vivienne waves away the words as if she is shooing them in your general direction. "I'm talking about whatever has turned you into this glass wall of emotion. Everything bounces off." She says, wrinkling her nose slightly. "So I figured, if there is something bothering you, maybe talking about it will help."
Chris Redfield Chris's brow furrows a little, his expression is as you put it like a glass wall and he listens carefully to what you are saying but his reply is a quick. "No." He then picks up the sports section, folding it open to where the article that he was last reading is and glances down at it. "I don't have time for games. If it's important, then tell me what you've found out and I will assess it." He wasn't in the best of moods to begin with but now he's gone super serious Sayan now.
Vivienne "Being concerned for someone isn't really a game. It's called compassion, you should grow some." Vivienne says, tucking into her chocolate cake. "I actually was out the other night, drinking, and heard some rumors that there are some well covered up cannibal killings going on in Paraiso." She takes another bite of her cake and then sets her fork down, savoring the chocolate. "Obviously I can't just go off on my own and try to find out what is going on."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't react or respond about the compaassion remark but he does look up from his newspaper when you mention the Cannibal killings in Parasio. "Go on." He pushes the sports section off to the side, giving you his full attention as he leans closer in his chair towards you and leans his forearms on the table.
Vivienne "Apparently, a lot of tourists that go to this place go missing. It doesn't get picked up or reported on...because the families are being paid to keep silent." Vivienne says, her eyes on Chris as she speaks. She leans in and takes another bite of her cake. "I think something is going on there, something ..that needs to be looked in on."
Chris Redfield Chris would probably do well in poker games, because it is difficult to get a read on him with that almost constant stoic like expression of his. There isn't many people in the cafe this early in the morning, in fact it is just the barista and one other cusomter sitting at the other end of the Cafe. Still, Chris lowers his voice and nods, "That is worth investigating. But why don't you report this up your chain of command? I'm sure Wesker, your commanding officer would come to the same conclusion I would and send a team out. You do work for FBC right?" He glances towards your choclate cake, watching you eat it and then to his empty plate, which has some crumbs on it, probably a muffin you would guess since your culinary delight skills seem quite high for a foodie.
Vivienne "Who says I haven't?" Vivienne says, frowning over at Chris. "I don't doubt that the FBC can get something done, but..I trust you." She moves to get to her feet, reaching down for her backpack. "Maybe I shouldn't?" She asks, pausing at the side of the table, but clearly looking as if she might be considering walking off.
Chris Redfield Chris watches you moving to get up, he doesn't shift in his seat or move a muscle from the attentive position that he was in earlier after you started talking about Paraiso. "Vivenne, wait." He asks in a solemn tone, watching you with his eyes and then adds. "Please." Redfield still has that stoic expression but his tone has definetely softened from the matter of factly, some may even say a jerkish that he was using earlier in the conversation.
Vivienne Vivienne stops, turning on her heel to regard Chris with solemn gray eyes. A minute or two pass and she slowly eases back into the seat she just vacated and lets the heavy backpack thud to the ground. "I'm listening." She says, her voice quiet.
Chris Redfield "Trust is earned and I know it's a two way street." Chris says when you sit back down and leans back in his chair now, crossing his arms across his chest. He keeps his voice low, "I know a lot of the FBC members, served with them when we were in the Raccoon City Police department and in S.T.A.R.S. I would trust them with my life." Redfield then takes a breath and exhales before continuing, "I'm flattered that you trust me even though we haven't known each other that long. I'm not judging you for it, but I have to ask. Is there another reason why you are telling me this? I know that William said recently you have a confidentiality clause and I work for a different organization, even though our goals are quite similar." He is speaking to you in a non-accusatory way and seems quite sincere.
Vivienne "You know as well as I do that there is plenty of red tape out there." Vivienne says, folding her arms over her chest. "I wasn't on the job when I picked up this information, it was sudden and I paid for it later that night. I stayed way past when I should have." She gestures towards the nearly faded bruise on her cheek. "If someone else has eyes on things while we work through bureaucracy, I'd sleep better at night."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, glancing at the bruise when you show him and seems quite satisified with your answer, which he expresses by uncrossing his arms and places them on the table while putting his hands together as he gives you a serious look. "Vivienne. I appreciate what you have told me and I will look into it." He pauses for a second then continues. "You have to be extra careful now. You don't know the people you are dealing with like I do. I suggest you stay on the Liberty as much as possible, avoid coming into the city alone and let me handle this. Just wait for your commanding officers to figure out what to do with your information. It's too dangerous for you to act alone, you were right to come to me." There is a brief look of concern on his face, the glass wall drops for half a second but it is quickly back up.
Vivienne Vivienne takes a breath and after a moment she slowly lets it back out. "Yeah, Okay. Stay on the Liberty." She mutters, taking another bite of her cake.
Chris Redfield Chris nods once more and hopes you will take that advice, hopes being the operative word. He relaxes a bit now, reaching over to grab his latte sized cup of french roast coffee and takes a long sip. "Good." His voice is back to normal volume now and he glances out the window, seeing the rain is coming down harder. November Rain - good song that, as he makes a mental note to add that to his music play list. "So where are you from if you mind me asking?" At least he's in a better mood? Bad news seems to do that with this guy.
Vivienne Vivienne's gaze shifts up to Chris, holding there for a few moments before she glances away. "Uh..just around." She says vaguely, leaning in to take another bite of her cake. "Where are *you* from?" She counters, raising an eyebrow at Chris.
Chris Redfield "I see." Chris replies and there is a slight upturn of his lips at your response, a faint smile perhaps? "I've been around myself but I'm originally from New York and spent the last few years living in Raccoon City." There he shared and sharing is caring or so he has been told.
Vivienne "Must be nice to be from somewhere. Grow up with a family?" Vivienne asks, and she doesn't look happy. Not angry, but distressed slightly. The tension in her shoulders makes her look as if she's waiting for a blow to land.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield shakes his head, "Not really. My sister and I, we...." He then stops mid-sentence, his jaw tightens and you see his fist start to clench as he was about to lift his latte sized mug of coffee to take another sip. "I gotta go." He puts down the half-empty mug of coffee, stands from his chair, grabs his jacket in his hands and then walks out of the cafe. Through the open door, you can see him throw his jacket on as he gets pelted by rain and he walks quickly jay walking across the street and then down the side walk.
Vivienne Vivienne stares out the door, blinking slowly. She wonders if she said something wrong and slowly gets to her feet, picking up her ratty backpack and slinging it over her shoulder. She drops some money on the table and heads out, not flinching as the rain hits her.