Umbrella Surveillance System
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Claire Redfield Claire is the moderator on as many forums against Umbrella as there are forums against Umbrella to moderate. It started as a passtime and has quickly become her day job, for which she is not being paid, but it has created a network of individuals who look to c0n5p1r3 for information on what's really going on in Raccoon City. People sending her information they've found and comparing it against what various net hypothesis that are floating around.

Lately, c0n5p1r3 has been urging individuals to meet, secure locations of course, to pool physical resources as well as information and data. She/he is starting to stockpile datahubs and establish server support structures with the help of her underground hacker army. Building a powerful security platform from which to host one an all inclusive forum of collected information codenamed: Terrasaves.

She's gotten in touch with several such hackers, one of which is Moira going by whatever codename she's chosen, and invited her to meet at the campus on one of the warmer days after the blizzard. Sitting at a picnic table with her bug out bag leaning against her, Claire has her laptop open, smartphone laying beside it with earphones running up beneath her puke green hoodie so she can listen to music while typing away on the heavily stickered, extremely customized piece of hardware in front of her.
Moira Burton Moira was going by the online handle 'F|_||<1//80R or 'Fuckinator' due to her immense maturity on all fronts. The young student was dressed in her usual outfit of nylons, short shorts, sneakers, her 'as the world burns' grey shirt and her black and pink jacket over top that. The slender girls brown hair short as usual and parted to the front right. She came over clutching her lap top and looked around. "Woah hey you're Claire right? I read your articals all the time! I'm Fuckinator!" She said maybe a little too loud getting a few weird lookes. "Err I mean I'm Moira, It's nice to meet you and shit!" She said a little too cheery despite her language.

Sitting down at the table she scooted next to Claire to look at her lap top curiously. "So what are we working on? Cause I am totally down for fucking umbrellas shit right up their shit eating mother fucking asses! Woo~! Rebels!"
Claire Redfield Claire glances up sharply, sensors on high alert, but she just plain seems aware... like someone who is always dialed to 10. Her dark eyes fix on Moira when she's within conversational distance and she reaches up to pull one earbud from beneath her hood so it hangs down the front of her big black gortex jacket. "Moira, oh cool." Grinning when she hears the more familiar hacker name, she offers her hand over. "I'm Conspire."

The screen shows lines of code. She's either writing or altering a .exe program. "Well, you certainly have a colorful way of saying it... but yeah, that's the idea. More or less." Motioning to the seat beside her even as Moira is scooting in close enough to see the heavily stickered laptop screen.
Moira Burton scooted closed before she opened her open lap top connecting to Claires screen over blue toothed. "Oh hey check this out, I think I can reduce the complexity while increasing the encryption, it'll reduce the chance of things fucking up. After all less code means less things to break." She said with a grin typing along with Claire. "So what was the thing you wanted to make Terrasave? That sounds pretty bad ass, I mean not as bad ass as like Scar Jo's rockin tits in that avengers movies but pretty good also you see dat butt? Daaaamn." Happily typing away all the while.
Claire Redfield Claire cuts her eyes towards Moira, then looks back to her screen, "I was more looking at Chris Evans washboard abs, t.b.h..." Spelling it out by saying the letters, "But sure, she looks like she works out." Her fingers fly across the screen after replacing the earbud beneath her beanie. This close, Moira can hear deadmau5 playing over her smartphone. "Oh sweet.. hey that's a nice string. I never thought of that!" She glances over at Moira's screen a little, then back to her own as the pair of hackers manipulate the code, "You think you can write a replication algarhythm?" Semi-distracted, adjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose.
Moira Burton "Eww Captain douchebag? I guess I always hated the character cause that patriotism makes me sick in a country we both know is owned by companies like Umbrella. It's all just lobbyist's trying to suck each of off as they give politicians golden dildos and reach arounds." She said in a disgusted tone. "But Black Widow doesn't have any powers but she still kicks ass in a team full of dudes, I mean c'mon!" She said bumping Claire with her shoulders as she worked on the code. "Oh yea totes I can just give me a sec here I'll paste in something I made earlier to fuck with the school library database. At least after they kept saying I owed them money for something I DIDN'T CHECK OUT"
Claire Redfield "I don't blame America any more than I blame people for not being willing to see it... Our job isn't to destroy society, it's to educate people so society doesn't destroy itself..." Claire says in a quiet tone, "If we have to break a few eggs to get to that point, though?" A little smirk appears on the corner of her mouth, "Let's focus on one thing at a time... get this looperworm .exe finished and I'll get it uploaded onto the server for our people to start downloading it."
Moira Burton Moira rolled her eyes. 'Yea I guess so, but I was more talking a bout the government dude." She said sticking out her tongue slightly along the side of her mouth in concentration as she worked. "Oh what are we gonna hit anyway? Some umbrella data server? Maybe get some dirt while they're freaking out? Now's probably a good time with all these people getting sick, you know it's gotta be that new umbrella product 'Regenerate' or whatever. Probably melting people faces off that were dumb enough to buy it."
Claire Redfield "No." Claire says with a little furrow to her brow, "We're going to start uploading this into every server in Raccoon City... when things get bad I want to take full control of the digital infrastructure.. start assisting people in evacuations; getting them to safety." She says, distractedly typing at the keys, "We're going to hit Umbrella, but our primary objective is protecting people. It doesn't matter what happens to the corperation if there's nobody alive to help us tell what they did here."
Moira Burton Moira looked over towards Claire. "Wait when 'what' happens? What do you think is going to go down? Are those stories of like 'Zombies' and stuff actually real?" She was a little more then Moira had planned to bite off but Claire was talking about it like it was going to happen for reals and that had her a little freak. "I mean I'm down for helping people but isn't that like the cops and national guards job? They'll probably be doing all of that for us right?" She said in a hopeful tone. "Fuck this, I can't believe they're going to go so far as to plague a whole city."
Claire Redfield "Yes." Claire says with 100% certainty. "I've seen them. I saw them months ago, but everyone thought I was writing fanfic..." She's still working on the code, typing away with music in her ears. "The cops don't know anything more than we do... and I don't think it's intentional... or maybe it is. Honestly, I think they tore into something they didn't understand and it's gotten out of hand, but the end results are still going to be the same." She stops typing long enough to look at Moira, "So either come to terms with it and help me protect people... or don't. But there's a lot of work to get done and I need to see how good you are before I show you the rabbit hole."
Moira Burton "Yea yea okay Miss fucking Rabbit." She said with a little grumble as she worked looking around the park a moment before she typed. "But like, why?" She said curiously. "Isn't Umbrella in the business of making money off of peoples suffering? Why would they make something that just outright kills people it doesn't make any sense." She said confused as she worked on the code with Claire. "My asshole Dad is in STARS and even he doesn't seem to think anythings going down so I'm guessing everyone else down there is clueless of what's really going on."
Claire Redfield "I have a highly encrypted Umbrella USB.." Claire says quietly, looking to Moira, "I've been trying to crack the security for weeks, but I need multiple people attacking the code from multiple sources... which means I need to know you ''can'' do this before I open up the treasure room... you follow what I'm putting down here? You want to put a pin in their party hog? Help me, help others.. and I'll give you enough dirt to bury Umbrella." She seems convinced of that, anyways. As for ''why''... she shrugs, "I think it got out of hand. I don't know what the goal was, maybe bioweapons or something? You start messing with genetics and all kinds of foolishness is possible."
Moira Burton "Tch of course It's possible you're talking to THE fuckinator over here girlfriend." She said with a smirk as she worked, typing up a storm as she licked her lips leaning in a little closer to her lap top. "In fact I'm even gonna add a little script to this baby that integrates with motion detectors on the grid like in street lights and cameras so we can use those to help guide people by having things point in the right direction when someone passes by. Ya know once we have a list of safe houses set up we can automate them all to always point towards the nearest active one. While the girds still up at least."
Claire Redfield "Well, that's not exactly what the program does, but if you could start working on a program ''for'' that I'm not going to tell you no..." Claire sees where Moira is going with her code line with just a glance over at the screen and nods approvingly. "The .exe is going to give us remote access to the cities grid when we need it..." She and Moira are sitting at one of the picnic tables in the campus quad. Both of them have laptops open, hooked together by bluetooth, and running internet off a blackbox router dummy linked off Claire's smartphone. Essentially creating a computer network that doubles their processing power and slaving both computers together for the purpose of coding.

"I'm working with a rookie cop to start putting together a physical location to collect resources... food, clothes, possibly ammunition. Anything we'll need." She's not shouting this information, since it's still day and most people are still trying to live their life by continuing to and from class.
Trixie Trixie strolls across the quad, from the general direction of the campus police station toward parking on a neighboring street, looking rather out of place in her STARS winter coat. A few students give her a wide berth as they see her coming. Petite young woman or not, The Man is still The Man.
She blinks and slows slightly at the sight of Claire, studying her thoughtfully for a long moment. Then she grins and all but jogs closer to the pair. "Is that you Claire Redfield?" she asks, paying the laptops no mind. (repose)
Moira Burton Moira was looking over her shoulder and spazzed out a moment as Trixie came up. "Ah shit it's the cops!" She said leaning against Claire before realizing she likely wasn't here for them as she did her best to act casual with a half smile. "Eh heh. Just jooooking, I'm a funny bitch~" she said looking towards Trixie as she closed the window she was working on as they talked. "This a friend of yours Claire?" She asked looking between the pair again. STARS members always made her think of her dad which was already a bit of a red flag for the young hacker.
Claire Redfield Claire is busy at work until Moira leans against her. The first shoulder bump draws her brow together, the second has her glancing over, "Wha- oh..." Cops. Smiling, as if she's not doing anything highly illegal on that laptop, Claire closes down her program with a spread pinky, thumb, index finger hitting the control alt del. "Hey... ye- oh wait, weren't you a freshman when I graduated?" Claire was -not- one of the popular girls in school. She worked for the newspaper, she hung out with the rejects, but her brother... oh her brother he was very popular!
Trixie "Yeah, I totally was," Trixie replies, just slightly wryly. "Wasn't expecting to run into anybody I knew here. Which is stupid of me, since at least half the town's college prep crowd goes here... shut up, Trix, your stupid is showing," she murmurs. "Sorry... I've gotten in the bad habit of talking to myself for some reason." She makes a 'silly me!' face, then smiles. "Anyway, hiiiii~."
Moira Burton Slowly looked between Claire and Trixie and then let out a nervous laugh. "Eh heh heh. Yea Hi, hey there, hello." She put an arm over Claires shoulder. "We were just hanging out doing like super girly girl stuff. Just like looking at fashion and throwing up ya know." She said with a little shrug. As ever her sarcastic and slightly foul mouthed self. "So you're in STARS huh? I hope you don't work for my dad Barry cause I don't need any more ways for him to spy on me."
Claire Redfield Claire slides off the bench to give Trixie a hug, though they didn't really run in the same circles, it was always good to see someone from high school. "Don't mind Moira, she forgot to take her midol..." Teasing, rubbing her elbow up against Trix's with a wink, "Oh hey, look at that! You are with STARS!" Which reminds her that Chris ''still'' hasn't checked in... and has her frowning a little as she closes her laptop so she can slide it away. "What brings you to the campus anyhow?" Anything other than thinking about Chris.
Trixie "Totally not spying. For real. Yeah, I know him a /little/, but mostly he worked with my late Dad. Not that he hasn't been sweet to the new girl and all, which was awesome of him," Trixie replies, raising her hands in a half-joking placating gesture to Moira. "We're on different teams, so I don't really see him except in training."
She returns Claire's hug in kind. "S'okay. Nobody our age likes the cops. Even STARS. No hard feelings, though. Not like I wasn't in the same place a year or so ago." She smiles warmly to the pair. "Just delivering some files to the campus PD is all. Just 'cause I'm in STARS doesn't mean I'm not a FNG, y'know?"
Moira Burton Stands up as well as Claire earns herself a light slap of the ass for her comment. "Oh yep you know me always full of that Rage" She said with her hands out as if she was gonna grab someone before closing her lap top as well shoving it into her book bag. "Hah yea 'Barry' 'Nice' sure. Luckily you don't know him as the judgemental and over-bearing father. Cause that's where the real fun is sister." She said then kissing her fingers and sending them outwards as if she had just crafted a good 'pizza pie' in the Italian gesture. "Well if it makes you feel any better were more about hating fucking evil corporations then the cops."
Claire Redfield Claire is not fast enough or is just so startled that someone smacked her ass that she fuddles the attempt to swat Moira's arm away, "Whoa.. you stop." Pointing intently at the other hacker, all hints of joking gone from her voice. She shoves her finger in Moira's direction again, then looks over to Trixie, "Don't listen to her, she's been hitting the hippie convention a little hard and thinks it's ninteen seventy two or something.." She shakes her head and slides her laptop back into the big black dufflebag leaning against the picnic table. There's clothes and food and all kinds of things in there.
Trixie Trixie giggles at the slap, but blinks at Claire's reaction. "Hey, it's no big," she says hastily, the placating hands-up gesture genuine this time. "It's always different when you're family. Not that I'm in /complete/ agreement, but I've had my rebellious teen daughter moments, too." Her voice cracks just a little at the last, and she blinks hard for a moment, hastily looking away. "And for what it's worth, I have zero love for evil corporations..."
When she looks back, she notes the heavily stuffed duffel. "Wow, are you going on a long hike this weekend? You're strapped for /two bears/," she observes, slightly wide-eyed.
Moira Burton "Oh c'mon Claire we've all read your stuff in the school paper. I dunno why you're so modest about your work it's awesome!" She said with a smile. "It's kinda how we met, I've always kinda admired Claire she's really about wanting to help people and expose corruption in the city. Ya know reporter journalist stuff." She said with a grin. "It's fucking awesome and you know it." She said looking to Redfield as if daring her to argue otherwise before looking back to Trixie. "Hey by the way does STARS have any comment about these weird rumors of animal attacks and sick people? I mean it's weird right? Like super weird." Crossing her arms and zipping up her jacket.
Claire Redfield "It's not a big deal..." Claire repeats under her voice with a frown at Trixie, but shrugs a little. "It isn't modesty ''fuckinator'', it's caution." She hisses, glancing at the other hacker with her eyes narrowed a little, "You know since that thing we talked about?" her hand come sup to pull off her beanie and smooth back her hair, shaking her head a little before putting the headwear back on. "You have to be ready to go at a moments notice.. that's what my brother always says." A small shrug, "No telling what's going to happen with all this crap going on in the city."
Trixie "I wish they'd tell /me/ if they did..." Trixie rolls her eyes dramatically. "I hear all these rumors about rabid animal attacks. I mean, if it was /one/ rumor it'd be nothing, but it's like, /all/ the rumors. And nobody up top's saying Word One about it. Just all this 'We'll have a statement later' bullshit. And it seems like /everybody's/ getting sick, but nobody wants to admit it. Just like the animal attacks! Gawd..." She throws up her hands like a frustrated debutante. "...what do they think, we're blind, deaf, and stupid? You don't get that many rumors over nothing!"
She blushes a little and hastily lowers her voice. "Sorry... that one really, really bugs me. For lots of reasons. And not to be a Nosy Rosie, but I get the feeling I'm not hearing all of this conversation. Look, if something's up, I can go off the record. It's not like the desk jockeys /aren't/ hiding every damned thing from us right now." The mention of Chris Redfield draws a faint smile. "I've heard him say that in training a lot. And I won't go any farther than that, 'cause I know you have to be sick of debs going ga-ga over your brother."
Moira Burton "Hey don't blow my awesome cover." She said looking sidelong to Claire before looking back to Trixie as she spoke. "Yea I guess we both have family in STARS huh? Also fuck those mucky mucks treating us like kids. They're all too busy fucking each other in the ass with their ivory dildos to treat us like intelligent people and say there's something fucked up going on.. We'd at least feel a little better if they at least pretended like they were handling whatever it is." She said with a little frustration. "But I'm sure this is easy then 'risking a panic' or whatever dumb excuse they'd say."
Claire Redfield "Yeah, there's a lot more to the conversation." Claire remains the quiet voice of reason compared to Moira's loud renegadism, "There's a contagious virus sweeping across all of Raccoon City, which I've been trying to tell people about for months but nobodies listening..." She's also pretty sure she's being hunted, but that's besides the point and hardly worth mentioning, "All the stories about people rising after dying? That shit is true." Motioning with a sweep of her fingers, "Now, where it all fits in doesn't matter.. not right now. I'm not here to write a journal, I'm here to help people. If you want to do that..." She fishes out a card with her number on it, "Call me... we're going to start putting together safe areas for people... food, blankets, clothes... that sort of thing." Because Claire has -seen- it... and she doesn't believe it's ending over night.
Trixie Trixie's eyes widen at Moira's reply, but she nods. "Not my choice of words, but I agree. All this stonewalling and hoping the problem will go away isn't accomplishing anything except letting more innocent people die. They need to act, 'cause going by the way the rumors are piling up? This isn't going to go away on its own."
And then her eyes get even wider as Claire tells gives it to her 'right between the eyes'. "Oh, gawd... if Mom and Dad hadn't died the way they did, I'd be walking the other way, double-time." She plants her hands on her knees and breathes deeply, as if she'd just run a mile flat out. "I'm calm... calm..." One hand comes up to acept the card from Claire. "This all sounds... like a B movie or... or something... forgive me if I'm not totally convinced. But I do believe that something /really, really bad/ is going on, and it's too big to get my head around."
She straightens, slowly, still panting a little. "How can I help? I don't have a lot to contribute, but I can't do /nothing/."
Moira Burton Moira looked between Clair and Trixie. "Well like she said were doing work to try to help people but were kinda on the 'cerebral' side of things.. If you can help set things up maybe talk a few cops into helping with shelters for a 'just in case' kinda thing." She offered with a smile. "Claire I'll meet you at the dorms when you're ready to work on our project more. I think for now I'm gonna go and clear my head at the gym or something.. This is all so fucked up I gotta get my head on straight." She looked to them both and offered a little shrug. "Here's to another lovely day in Racoon-Fucking-City."
Claire Redfield Claire wears a tight smile for Trixie and shrugs as comfortingly as she can, "I don't make the rain, Trix... I just know where the shelter is. You want to help, give me a call and I'll help you find a way to be useful." She hugs the younger girl again and nods to Moira who's starting to leave. "I'm going to bug out too, I need to go meet Leon and hammer out a few details then we can meet up and work on the project."