Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is November 2nd, a few days after Halloween and a heavy fog still hangs in the air but at least there is no rain or wind, which is a small consolation for those that are out and about just a half hour before noon.

Along the river path, there are few people walking along taking an early lunch break from work or some young teenagers who are heading to or from classes. For, Chris he decided to go for a jog to clear his head and he needed the cardio work out anyways since he's been extra dour as well as stoic as of late. He just finished lifting weights, so he's just wearing a plain white t-shirt, grey track pants and well worn running shoes. He is also wearing a pair of earbuds and listening to music on an MP3 player.

He's moving at a good clip for having such a muscular physique and it looks like he is mixing in some wind sprints mixed in with jogging at a more regular pace. Interval training or whatever fancy terminology they use these days and when he's jogging at a regular pace he sometimes shadow boxes the air to loosen up his arms so that the lactic acid doesn't build up to much to make him sore the next day. He seems quite content for the moment as the sweat on his brow suggests, he's getting a good work out.
Vivienne Vivienne walks along the path, a heavy backpack slung over her shoulder and a slight spring to her step. An arm raises and she snags a reddish leaf from a tree and twirls it between her fingers. People jog, ride and walk around her, and her slow pace means a lot of people are passing her. She takes a quick sip from her coffee cup and then comes to a rather sudden stop as she spots Chris. She raises a hand, waves it back and forth, as she bounces on her toes. "Hey..heeey!"
Chris Redfield Chris was about to start sprinting when he spots someone waving a hand at him, while bouncing up and down just ahead of him. He stutter steps, avoiding a pair of people who were startled by his sudden movements and he nimbly avoids them like a quarterback spinning away from a tackle. He then waves apologetically to the two strangers whom he almost collided with, muttering a sincere, "Sorry." to them and jogs towards the lady whom he recognizes as Vivienne once he gets closer to her. "Jerk." The french guy says with an accent who obviously knows enough English to insult the American jogger in Paris.

Redfield pulls out his earbuds, you hear some rock music coming out of them sounds like a rolling stones song and then he presses pause on his MP3 player that he fishes out of his pocket. He wipes the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his white t-shirt, then gives you a quizzical yet stoic expression when he looks at you. "Vivienne. I didn't expect to see you out here. FBC have a lot of shore leave these days?" The man that called him a jerk walks past, giving Chris a bit of a glare but when the man see's Vivienne, he smiles giving her a wink as he walks by. French people. Always so hot and cold.
Vivienne Vivienne props her hands on her hips and grins up at Chris, an impish grin on her face. "I'm always on duty, far as you know." She quips, folding her arms over her chest. "Every time I've tried to catch and talk to you, you've been surrounded by a crowd of people." She pats him on the arm briefly and her voice takes a concerned tone and gets quieter. "You feeling any better?"
Chris Redfield Chris simply nods as you tell him that you are always on duty but he doesn't return your grin and then shrugs, keeping his eyes locked on your's not looking down any further from your face when you cross your arms. He grunts something that sounds like, "It's okay." and starts taking slow even breaths, to get his heartrate back to normal while he's talking, well, she seems to be doing more the talking in reality. He doesn't flinch or anything when you pat his arm, but since he's just worked out you may have noticed he has some solid muscles in those limbs. He fiddles with his MP3 player, tucking back into his pant pocket.
Vivienne Vivienne backs off a half step, a slightly confused and hurt look on her face that she hides quickly. The smile is put back in place, but it's not as bright as it was at first and she shrugs off her backpack, dropping it to the ground before she pulls out a hoodie, tugging it over her head. "Well, I know..thought I should follow up on things, and since I don't have a phone and I saw you ..I figured.." She trails off, realizing that she's babbling. She picks up her backpack, slings it heavily over her shoulder and huffs out a sigh. "Did you have any other questions for me? I mean..I wanted to discuss something I picked up the other evening. Thought if anyone could help with it that it'd be you, but you're probably busy..." SHe shifts on her feet, her eyes on the ground to the right of Chris now, instead of on him.
Chris Redfield "Oh, you don't have a phone?" Chris asks in a solemn tone, quirking an eyebrow slightly and his brow furrows, when he notices that hurt expression that you quickly hide after you took that half step back. He wipes his brow one more time with his sleeve, when you put that hoodie on and waits for you to put your backpack on before he replies.

Redfield, studies your face for a few moments after you sigh and then replies. "I found out that it was most likely just a local organized crime group that is involved. Probably some gang war going on and battling over turf or drugs. It has no connection to anything I'm investigating." It is his turn to cross his arms over his chest now, when he see's you looking at the ground. "But, I'd still like to hear what you've found out and I'll help if I can." His tone is matter of factly but it does sound sincere.
Vivienne Vivienne steps a bit closer to Chris, her voice low but the emotion clear. Anger. "Listen pal. I don't know what's up with you, and we're not close enough for me to press the issue. I *was* raised in a barn, but I still got manners. Alright?" She stuffs her hands in the front pouch of her hoodie and continues to speak. "So you deal with your anger, upset or frustration and whatever else is going on. If I'm going to drop something on you, I want you to be at one hundred percent." She jerks her head, sending her hair flying behind her and out of her face. "I know it might look like and seem like I'm some flaky primadonna, swanning around Paris, but you.." She points a finger at Chris, jabbing him lightly on the chest. "..don't know me well enough to be sure." She turns, making a move to walk away, muttering under her breath as she actually stomps in what seems to be a random direction.
Chris Redfield "Wow, and when I first met you I pegged you for shy." Chris replies with that stoic expression of his and doesn't flinch when you poke him in the chest with your finger. But his eyes do flicker upwards when you jerked your head around, sending your hair flying at which he does lean back a little so that he doesn't get hit by any accidental stray strands that may fly in his direction. Hair can be dangerous after all.

But all Redfield does after the outburst is shrug his shoulders as you stomp off, then reaches into his pocket to take out his earbuds to put them back into his ears. "Suit yourself. I did offer." He presses play on his MP3 player and is about to start jogging away.
Vivienne Vivienne turns once, her eyes slightly narrowed as she watches Chris prepare to jog away. "I swear, men are the most confusing creatures n the planet." She mutters, pulling out the last of her pastry, taking a bite. Yeah, she thought about throwing it at Chris for a second, but that would be a horrible waste of food.
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't even glance bacak at ya as he jogs away, turning the music volume up a bit when his favorite song is the next one on the track. What that is, well he is too far away for her to hear that as he speeds up with each step getting into a rhythem and passes people on their left if they are directly in his path. Vivienne has his card if she wants to call him and he's sure that even if she doesn't have her own cell phone, she will find one in Paris, borrow one from somebody or steal it if she has too. She's an FBC officer after all and they must have hired her for good reason. He looks to his right, taking in the view of the fog over the river wondering if that is some juxtaposition for what just happened with his encounter with Vivienne. He didn't hear Viv, muttering that Gusy are confusing but he does shakes his head, after looking away from the river back in front of him.