Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei Though there were numerous reasons to be suspicious of what had happened at the Cafe that night.. there was little evidence for what had happened. For Chris, there were numerous other issues at work however.. such as beaucratic red-tape and other problems that would need to be overcome..

Such as why a BSAA agent was trying to involve himself directly into the investigations of what appears to be a domestic dispute? That would require some dealing with.

For Esa.. considering his.. skills, would need to consider how to best go about putting his talents to use! Hacking databases might be thoroughly complicated after all.
Chris Redfield Chris left the hosptial after speaking to Isabel and Vivienne, then arrives at the crime scene at the Cafe in his Ford Expedition. He exits the vehicle, dressed in his full B.S.S.A. gear and calmly walks up to a Police Officer who is standing guard as scene security. Redfield pulls out his BSAA badge, showing it to the officer and explains in his American english, "I'm Chris Redfield with the B.S.A.A. I would like to speak to an investigator." He then nods at the officer politely and waits for a reply, hopefully in English.
Esa Esa walked the block for a bit, trying to find the right business with good angles to the cafe. Pausing infront of the tourist trap, he chuckles "Right.. of course." He mumbles, noting the WIFI sticker. Shrugging, he steps in and moseys the place for several minutes before spotting a rather large, overstuffed ping bear. That'll do. He turns and walks up to the counter. "Excuse me sir, do you speak English? I would like to use your WIFI to access my banking account. Got to make sure I have enough money to by my niece that bear."
PrestigeAndrei Unfortunatley for both Chris and Esa, they will get stone walled by their respective authorites. FOr the shop owner.. well even if he did have security cameras that might point at the street.. for securities sake. The police already were in here checking tapes and clearly Esa wasn't with the police right?

For Chris unforutnatley the French, even if they did speak english were being particularly obstinate for some reason in regards to this case. The bioterroist super hero team was unneeded here.. and.. well they were as polite and firm at the very least.

Direct approaches had failed. What other options were there?
Chris Redfield Chris might have been stonewalled at the crime scene by the Paris Police, but he makes a phone call to his United Nations liaision, the director of B.S.A.A. Zima Kimbale, the U.N. African Ambassador and representative on the Security Council to pull some favors with the France UN Ambassador to get the Paris Police to cooperate with the B.S.A.A. so they will share information with Chris Redfield and/or let him into the crime scene to take a look around, to see if there are any links to his own investigations into bioterrorist groups.
Esa Cracking his knuckles, Esa looks to the laptop. The Cafe bombing had not set well with him. Something felt weird or off regarding the who bombing; could've been terrorists probably. As an agent to the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, he felt obligated to at least dig something up to present to his superiors. He was back in the hotel and the laptop was configured for his needs. Accessing the botnet network he created years ago, Esa's IP was spread through several hundred systems across the globe. That, of course, would by him time. With that taken care of, he because the fun job of trying to hack the police servers.
PrestigeAndrei Unforuntatley The U.N contact that Chris contacts is just not as willing to meddle in the afairs of the French Police as Chris would like. It would put him in a rather awkward situation after all. Zima Kimbale also does not have direct influence with the Paris department in the first place.. and thus suggests that Chris might try a more.. local official or possibly looking for alternative information sources.

Esa is succesful in getting into the Police department servers.. and he is going after the Camera records?
Chris Redfield Chris gets a phone call from Zima telling him that he is unable to get any favors with the Paris Police. So instead he will try to some old fashioned Police work by canvassing the neighbourhood for witnesses, hopefully somebody recongizes me from the news report where I saved Yoko's life from a gunmen and they speak English to get some info about the explosion or if they saw anyone suspicious in the area before it happens or if the Cafe itself was known for any criminal activity or a reason why it would be targeted.
Esa A small grin shifts on Esa's face "Yep.. still got the magic touch." His fingers slide across the keyboard as he begins to search for the cameras linked to the police systems where the cafe resided. "Come on..." He mutters.
PrestigeAndrei Esa will manage to break into the CCTV Camera station easily enough via hacking. The problem is that downloading these fileso n connections in 2005.. and as much data as possible isn't really feasible on just a plane laptop. Hardrive space was limitedo at the time, much less download speeds.

The question was how much was Esa willing to download or wait around possibly getting caught? Unlikley as it is.

Chris will ask around.. though most people try to avoid the subject of the Cafe. Most of the people that he talks to that are willing to speak to him in their accente english talk about branch of a local mafia gang running out of the backroom there. The fact that the place blew up wasn't soo much unexpected- just that so few people had died!
Chris Redfield Chris thanks the witnesses who talk to him, very appreciative for their help and since it seems like this is an organized crime group that was invovled, he is satisfied for now that it has no real link to Bioterrorism or the Umbrella Corporation, so he will leave the scene and report back to Zima as well as the rest of his team, what he has found out.
Esa Sitting back, Esa sighs and as the download begins. It'd take a few hours, but he was certain his botnet would keep anyone from actually finding him.
PrestigeAndrei While Esa looks through the footage.. he'll no doubt be looking for numerous things.

Firstly.. oddly enough all sorts of people carry in bags.. and other memoribilia and the like. Honestly a bit more than one might expect for a simple Cafe.

He also will not recognize anyone that is related to the F.B.C watchlists..
Rhowever one individual will catch Esa's eye. A balding man with thick glasses.. who enters just before the explosion with a suitcase.. and leaves without it, having exited a moving van and entered into the van that had parked off camera somewhere.. only to visibly burn rubber and speed away. The man appears to be in his mid to late thirties, pale, cacausian.. and wearing a cheap business suit.
Esa Esa looks at the screen, hmming. "Well then, who ought you be.." He mutters softly. Taking a still and the clip of him entering and exiting, he sends it off to his supervisor marked as urgent.
PrestigeAndrei Though Esa's and Chris Redfield's investigation had born diffirent amounts of fruit, they were not the only individuals interested in perhaps figuring out what had happened that day. Thus someone like Trixie.. if given the right opportuntity might be able to pull some strings and figure things out.

No doubt the Paris police were investigating locally what was going on.. and there were rumors about town.. but harnessing this disparate forces to put together a clear picture of what was happening could prove rather complex.
Trixie Trixie was fortunate enough to have seen something that might have gone missed by others; the too-expensive desk in the upstairs office of the burning cafe. Also recalling a man departing from a very odd direction just before the blast, she decides to check with the Parisian emergency services to see if the cafe had possessed security cameras, and if any footage might have survived the fire. It's a long shot, at best, but she hadn't gotten a good look at the departing man. The first place to start is the fire and rescue services. The numbers from the sides of the emergency vehicles should provide a good starting point to finding the specific engine company that had responded to the blaze.
PrestigeAndrei WHen Trixie arrives at the station, perhaps a day or two after, she might be able to work her way into the fire station and talk to the emergency responders. Most of them are not willing to talk. Well.. actually none of them are willing to talk to her directly.. but that doesn't stop her from being allowed inside.. and overhearing that many of the individuals were talking about the incident in question.

They arn't exactly subtle, mentioning how the odd trophies and mafiasos they found in back.. I mean they don't say it directly.. and they say it in french. But words like Mafia translate well.
Trixie After two nearly fruitless hours of very nearly talking to the walls (which almost say more than the personnel), Trixie decides emergency services will be no further help. With the word 'Mafia' echoing in her mind, she decides to check with the local police precinct near the scene of the crime. Maybe they know something about any cameras, and the word 'Mafia' might open a few doors...
PrestigeAndrei For the most part the police department isn't exactly forthcoming either. After all speaking english to a foreigner.. plus someone who isn't even officially a 'cop' doesn't make for easy access to what is going on. However sneaking into a locked room with some file cabinents? That is much easier!

Even easier if one knows who the lead detective on the case.. and their case files. Too bad it is all in fucking french! There are however numerous locations and what apepar to be adresses on the files, as well as numerous names and photographs. Some of the people pictured will be recognizable as employees of the restraunt.. amongst other things.
Trixie With a list of names, faces, and addresses, Trixie exits the police station, stage left. She has some intel people to talk to back on the Liberty, to compile and collate the data she's collected. Maybe she can't read much French, but there's bound to be someone aboard who does, and who can ask the proper questions without getting doors slammed in their face(s).