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Emma One can feel Autumn this eve - Halloween is right around the corner, in fact, a sleep away. And the night does nothing less than echo that. The sun set not long ago, but there is a swallowing darkness under the star strewn sky. The eerie feeling here is the fog, it hovers on the ground like a blanket. It's cool and damp, getting to ones bones.

Not many are out on a eve like this. But Emma is, and without Shaemus. Her hair again is straight, thus all the longer. Im the stillness of the night she stands, almost hugging herself. Those big tired, grey-green eyes are locked onto the enterance of the catacombs. As if standing on the edge, there is a temptation to go in, but it's closed. Still, being near sends shivers down her spine.
James Scott James is also one of the few out. But rather than out with a purpose he has a pair of headphones in and is actually dancing. That's right, James Scott the former drug dealer and occasional hit man is out dancing through the fog. It's not just any dance either, he's waltzing by himself, arms extended and moving with a grace he usually reserves for combat.

Doing so has put him on a direct course for Emma, but he looks up in time and takes a dive instead, tripping over his feet and slamming down next to her. "Shit, almost ran into into you there." He pushes up onto his feet and dusts himself off, only then actually looking at who it was. "Oh, didn't notice that was you. What're you doing out here?"
Emma Emma didn't notice James dancing until he darn near bumps into her. Looking his way there is quiey regard for him. Why was he dancing? He is up before there can be any aid and with that. To his question, she shrugs and looks back to the catacombs. "Ya - ya know, tomorrow is Halloween." As if that had some sort of importane.
James Scott "Sure is. Doesn't mean you should spend it down there though, unless you're looking for the fight club." That may explain why James was coming out this way, but it doesn't explain why he was dancing. "Have any plans? I was thinking of inviting everyone over so we could get drunk and watch movies. Probably not any George A. Romero flicks, but still."
Emma Emma, standing there in the fog, is still hugging herself. The night with its heavy eerie feel may be getting to her, making the lass reflective ofmany things. "Th - that ain't a bad idea." Says the red head at last, slowly looking to James. "Samhain has a lot of Garlic roots, ya'know. Sure everyone has fun, but it isn't meant ta be a party. Ya think the souls of tha dead down there will try ta call out?"e
Hunter James had told her not to. Inwardly she knew she shouldn't... but Hunter was never one to leave a clue unturned. Sure they had been crazy, but that didn't mean she wouldn't find anything that could lead her to TerraSave. Dressed in her skeleton-print hoodie, she quietly and carefully made her way towards where she knew the catacombs were. Hopefully she wouldn't regret this.

Two people were already there and Hunter stopped mid step behind them. Welp. She already regretted this. Was that Emma? Damn. As well as James? Shit.
James Scott "I know, it marks the ending of the harvest season. But I can't exactly have a bonfire at the penthouse." James says with a slight nod. "But we can eat, drink, and be merry. Regarding the catacombs, I don't think I want to find out. Had skulls bleed on me down there. Don't know if it was something those two set up, or if it was something supernatural, but I don't intend on them repeating it."
Emma "Could have one at Archene's." Emma says, there is plenty of room there. "Th catacombs is an eerie place'n all, an I'm with ya there, don't know if I wanna go down there, but I betcha some ki - kids will, an' it'll be a big mess. Ya dun mess with that stuff." There is a smirk then, eyes fixed on James. "Remember when I called ya a demon? I was half right hm?" It's something she remembers like yesterday.

Looking past him the figure in the skeleton hoodie is spotted. And stared a moment.
Hunter Well. This was awkward. She noticed Emma staring at her and realized what this must look like; a skeleton outside the catacombs. Woops. Carefully, Hunter lowered her hood to reveal her face to assure them she was in fact NOT going to be trying to flay the flesh from their bones. Awkwardly she cleared her throat.

"Uh... hey?" Lame, but it did the job. She wasn't about to tell them she was planning on going down into those catacombs, no siree.
James Scott "You were absolutely right at the time. But hey, look at me now. I even quit doing all those drugs when you asked me to way back then." James turns around to see what Emma is looking at, and the figure gets a raised hand. But then again he really isn't afraid of anything. "Oh, hey. What's up?"
Emma Emma eyes Hunter, she looks a touch displeased, it looked as if the girl was going to go -into- the catacombs. This also sparks some fear too, there are dangerous down there. Terrible dangers. "Ya - ya weren't plannin' ta go down there where'ya?" That tone is stern, even for her.
Eyeing James, a brow lifts a little. A hand runs through her straight long red hair. "Ya did? When?"
Hunter A thousand different lies emerged in her mind that she could tell Emma. She was just taking a walk. She was just looking at the front like a good tourist. She had thought about going in but decided against it. Hunter could have said anything... but one look at Emma's stern gaze caused her to sigh and her shoulders to slump slightly.

"Aye. Was plannin' on goin' in an' takin' a peek." She scratched the back of her head sheepishly and offered James a wave.
James Scott "Emma, I've been clean since before I left Denver for Paris. I only smoke weed and drink a little now. Thinking about quitting drinking too, since it's not too good for you either." James reaches up to rub at the back of his neck, had she thought he was still a junkie this entire time?

As for Hunter he shakes his head slightly. "I told you there isn't any sort of Terrasave base down there. It was just those two, and it was fucking hell. The best thing you'd find would be a corpse the cops missed."
Emma Emma nods to James a little, understanding now that he is off all those drugs. "Go - good ta hear, they weren't good for ya. Why give up alcohol too?" Maybe because she is Scottish, and it's in her blood.

Regarding Hunter, the grown only deepens. "Ya - ya know, it -is- dangerous down there, people are killin'n all that stuff." This is said out of concern. "We dun wantcha ta be another victum."
Hunter There it was, the Mom voice. Hunter stiffened slightly. She didn't know how she felt about that tone of voice, or the fact that other people were worried about her. The teen shoved her hands in her pockets, avoiding eye contact with both the people in front of her.

"I ain't lookin' fer some TerraSave base. Not even expectin' t'find anyone down there. I just... need t'look. If there's anythin' down there, even the smallest clue, an' I overlooked it? Ain't gonna go down like that. Might find out why they went crazy. Might find out somethin' about TerraSave, might not. Never know if I don't try." Even then, if something were to happen? She was a nobody. A street rat. Nobody should bat an eye.
James Scott "High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and digestive issues. Oh, and an increased likelihood of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, breast, liver, and colon." James states simply to Emma. "Sure, it's an over time issue but there's still a chance."

As for Hunter he shakes his head once more. "Say there's something down there we missed. Maybe actual infected. What happens if you get bit, or turned around and get lost, or a section of the tunnel collapses on you? You wouldn't be able to come visit us again, and I don't know about you, but I don't like the thought of losing a friend."
Emma Emma looks to James and then to Hunter. There is an understanding nod. "I - I get wantin'ta find something," Her tone is softer now. "There are people down there, an' peope who'll kill ya." The memory makes her shudder. "We've no power ta stop ya, but it -is- dangerous."

When James lists off all the reasons she nods some, they are all very good reasons. "Ya got 'nough danger in yer life too."
Hunter Friends? Hunter's expression shifted uncomfortably. He thought they were friends? They were acquaintances at best, really. What did they care what happened to her?

"An' what if the sun explodes? What if an axe murderer is waitin' under the bridge for me? What if I fall when I next jump from a buildin'? Livin' in a world o' 'what ifs' is useless. It traps you." She shuffled a bit, fidgeting her hands in her pocket. No one had ever really cared about her well being like this.
Emma "I -- I guess yer right." Emma says slowly, there is a -grain- of truth to this, but as she recentlty learned the downside to that. And given that the recent events have left her in a more short, unsure mood, a nod is given to Hunter. "Well ya - ya can do what ya want, but I came 'cross drug addicts, dead bodies, hell one guy was skinned his flesh hangin' off a line like clothes. Ya can say you can die tomorrow as any - any excuse ta do anythin', sometimes it don't make it wise when murderers'n the like are -known- ta live down there."
Hunter The imagery was very well described and Hunter made a face. What Emma said was true as well. As much as she hated leaving things alone when she felt there was something she could do, the fact of the matter was that she was useless. She wasn't James, with his combat skills. She wasn't Emma with her big brain and medical knowledge. At the end of the day she was just a kid, a punk trying to act bigger than she was. Hunter sighed.

"Yer right. Dunno what I was even thinkin' I could accomplish here."
Emma Emma looks down, frowning some. The fog is thick, but not so thick that her feet couldn't be seen. Running a hand through her long red hair there is a small sigh.

"I - I know how ya feel, Hunter. I went down without thinkin', 'an I got no skills ta back me up. I ended up faintin' even. I was as useless as penguin tryin' ta fly. All it did wa cause sufferin', dun wanna see that happen to ya."
Hunter Hunter wanted to scoff.

"Y'aint useless, Emma. Yer brain is as big as they come an' yer medical knowledge can be applied t'almost any situation. If I had t'hazard a guess, yer more useful than most folk who'd wander down there, m'self included."
Emma "Hunter yer - yer bein' to kind. Sure I could help out someone hurt'n all, but ya know, I can't defend myself all to well, if a gang of homeless came my way, I'd be.. well, fucked. Knowledge is great, but ya need ta defend to, I am not so great on that. So bein' useful, is only to a degree, if anythin' I'm best sittin' back an' away. Which was proven when I was down there last."
James Scott "She's right. You're fucking smart." James says aside to Emma, giving her a gentle nudge. "And you girls know that I can teach you some hand to hand basics. As long as you promise not to use it for stupid shit, it's my job to go out and get hurt." He then looks to Hunter in particular, "And I keep telling you, you're welcome to crash at my place for a bit. That way you don't have to worry about axe murderers under bridges or anything else unpleasant. I've got two spare rooms, a gym, and a pool. You could stay there without ever seeing me if you wanted to."
Hunter Hunter let out a small sigh.

"It ain't that I don't wanna see yah, James. Livin' like that is just... It's too rich fer my blood. I spent most o' my time on the streets providin' for myself. It feels wrong takin' up an offer like that, not that it wasn't kind o' you to offer." Her gaze turned back to Emma. "Take me with y'next time. I'll ineffectually punch things that get too close while y'use yer smarts to save the day." Was she being serious? If was hard to tell.
Emma "I -- I get it, I'm smart." Emma says, with a small laugh. "Book smart, street smart, many differin' kinds of smart. I do need ta know some self defence." Which she really does. As James offers his place up there is a small smirk from the Scottish lass. "Yer never safe, ya'know Hunter, livin' like that. Wouldn' want'ya hurt."
James Scott "You wanna know a secret Hunter?" James suddenly gets very serious. "My home life was hell. I spent all my time out on the streets selling drugs and doing dirty work. I went from that to living in a penthouse. It feels wrong. Why I'm never there. Shit, I hadn't even told Emma and the crew where I was staying. So I know what you mean."

Then just like nothing happened he's back to the way he was before. "And Emma, don't go getting any ideas just because I offered to let her stay at my place. I'm still holding out hope that you'll go dancing with me." A grin and wink are shot her way. "As long as you don't hold my two left feet against me."
Emma Emma was lucky, her life growing up was good. Loving family, a big family, and all that stuff. It's hard to relate to thatsoet of hardship, yet it does make her frown, because nobody should have such a life.

To regard James there is a laugh, it cuts through the eerie fog and dark. "Yer - yer hopless, ya'know that? I dun care who ya date, only that they treat ya well an' make ya happy." A hand would pat his arm, knowing it stings, or assuming it does when she says that.
Chase Dalton A group of five teenagers dash into view. Four scatter in all directions, leaving one running alone carrying something in his hands. Chase sprints into view behind the group, picking up speed as he closes in on the lone thug. The lone thug spots an escape route down an alley, and makes a break for it, leaving Chase to catch himself on a corner as he attempts to cut the kid off; the FBC agent goes down hard. The kid doesn't miss a beat, sprinting off into the distance. ... Can't win 'em all. Chase rises to his feet, glances around, spots the group nearby, and heads over. "Damn."
James Scott James Scott shrugs slightly. "I doubt I'll live to see twenty-five, so I'm not really too worried about it. But hey, we love who we love. Doesn't mean we're entitled to them loving us back. I know that much."

But as he's speaking Chase enters the scene chasing more criminals. He reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose, "Well if it isn't the big damn hero again." At least he's not on drugs anymore, or it'd probably be going down.
Hunter Hunter wanted to tell James that she wasn't on the streets because of some hard upbringing or use of drugs. She was there by choice. But the words died in her throat. James sounded like he had been through so much, and anything she could say just seemed to fall so very flat.

Before she could actually think of anything to say, Chase exploded onto the scene chasing... were they criminals? Instinctively she took a step in front of Emma defensively. "The hell?"
Emma Emma just frowns at James. That is all so negative. Looking away and to the doors leading to the catacombs there are few words to offer back, it always hurts to be the one hurting someone. As James makes his big damn hero remark eyes move over to Chase. "'ello Chase, ya doin' okay?" Her coat is pulled a little tighter to then, to keep warm, while putting a hand on Hunters arm. "Ya - ya'know James, Chase is a good guy'n all, cut him somr slack okay."
Chase Dalton "I'm doin' alright. This isn't my first rodeo." Chase gives a thumbs-up and a smile to Emma. "How're you folks doing?" He nods acknowledgement to James and Hunter, and returns his attention to Emma.
James Scott "Looked a bit like it. But we aren't all monsters." As James speaks his one blue eye suddenly flashes a vibrant red, apparently the problem hasn't gone away entirely. As Emma speaks to him it fades back to blue again but he still doesn't look overly happy. "I was doing pretty well, aside from looking for my father." His gaze moves back over to Emma, "I don't think I told you yet, but apparently he's alive. Which is positive, aside from the Bioterrorism guys hunting him." A thumb is jerked over in Chase's direction. "But if he's anything like me he won't have a problem getting away."
Emma "I'm sure it ain't." Emma says to Chase with a small smile, laughing softly. His question gets a shrug, since all the stuff that happened she hasn't been herself lately. "I start yoga class tomorrow." That's at least something in the right direction. When James speaks up there is a look close to a facepalm, with a shake of her head. "Yer hopeless, James. Good yer papa is still alive."
Hunter Hunter blinked, staring at where the guy had run off to. While pointing with one hand, she turned to Chase. "Who the hell was that guy?"
Chase Dalton "Saw a couple of punks harassing a woman back that-a-way.." Chase points. "They made off with her purse. I pursued, attempted to stop. Little punks got lucky."
James Scott "Maybe." James says aside to Emma. "I'm not very sure about that though. Plan on finding out." He crosses his arms over his chest, good mood seemingly gone just like that.
Emma Emma stands there, looking at the three. Did something happen? Did a mood shift everywhere? Hands dig into her pockets to keep warm, the night is haunting, foggy, damp, and errie. It's the night before Halloween, the time when the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest.

From behind the group, from what one would assume came from the catacombs, is this long, drawn out sound. The type to make the spine shiver, to make hair stand on end. It is not a holy sort of sound. For her part, the lass freezes as this echos through the night, only daring to look at the Catacombs briefly, it may be in their favour that the doors are locked.
Hunter Hunter immediately turned around when she heard the sound from the catacombs. That... had come from there, right? She wasn't just imagining it? An uneasy expression crossed her face as she looked from Emma to James, as if trying to confirm that they heard it too.

"....Is that what cannibals sound like? I expected more chainsaw revs..."
James Scott "No, good cannibals sound like regular people. It's how they manage to murder you. Assuming they kill you before they eat you." James lowers his arms, choosing to crack his knuckles with his thumb. "Personally if I'm eating you, I want you to be alive. Corpses don't really do anything for me." Yes, that was a sexual joke even though his mood doesn't appear to have gotten much better.
Emma A shiver runs up Emma's spine. "I - I am done for tha night, tis a long wall home best get started now." Yes, walking home alone in the fog , who said she was smart? James joke does make her shake her head, in an amused way. "I'll - I'll see ya both later." Head away they are both given a way before the lass disappears into the fog.
Hunter Hunter had come here wanting to enter the catacombs... but after the impromptu speeches of Emma and James, and especially after that strange sound? Well, the bridge she had been living under was starting to feel damn cozy right about now. As Emma left, Hunter offered her a wave before turning to James.

"Reckon we should get out o' here too, yeah?"
James Scott "I think so." James agrees. "If you aren't wanting to sleep under a bridge tonight, I do have a shower and bed available. Even though I know you're gonna say no." He pops one headphone back into his ear and digs his mp3 player out. He'll have to look for fight club another day.
Hunter Hunter was silent for a few moments. Carefully, she grasped the front of her hoodie and took a sniff. The teen made a face.

"I ah... well, I could use a shower." She shrugged before following James.
James Scott "Alright then, we're not too far either." James tucks his hands down into his pockets and starts off, leading Hunter back to his place.