Umbrella Surveillance System
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James Scott Currently sat back away from the television is none other than James Scott, then again this is his place. A castle atop a hill. But believe it or not boys and girls, it's lonely at the top. And that's why he's currently engaging in some good old fashioned escapism, his Playstation 2 on and running a copy of Darkwatch. At the moment he's running around a canyon doing his best to stick to the shadows while pumping the undead full of bullets. Actually, it's almost like a regular weekend on the job.
Emma Emma didn't see James for a day or two, when he dropped that guy in the streets. But what she did get was where he lived. So, this is where she decides to come this day. Her long red hair - normally curly, is straight and long, falling around her. As its a warm day there is no jacket, but a slight off the shoulder Beatles shirt, dark grey. It's paired with black skinny jeans, and a pair of white converse shoes. When the aviators are taken off and set on top of her head her tired eyes are easily seen. Clearly the lass isn't get much rest. In her hands is a basket covered with a cloth. Managing easily a hand knocks on the door, waiting for an answer.
Benny Benny may have been following Emma, but not really on purpose because he just happened to see her walking by off in the distance and didn't know if it was really her or not until he got a bit closer. Guess, his IT guy training kicked in out of habit because he started shadowing her, like she was a target and ended up following her all the way to James place. He watched her go in first, then waited a few minutes before approaching the door to the luxury looking condo complex. He's able to slip into the foyer but the coincerge stops him before he can get in any further. "Oh, hi. Yes, I just missed my friend Emma. She told me to come meet her here but I guess she was tired of waiting for me because I was late. I can call her to come back down to get me, if that is cool?" He then pulls out his uPhone and dials, Emma's number. If she answers he will say, "Oh hi Em. It's me, Benny. Yeah sorry I just saw you walking by and couldn't catch up with you. I'm just downstairs in the foyer here. Connection is bad, must be too close to the elevators. Bye..." He then hangs up and waits to see if she will come back down to get him.
James Scott It doesn't take long for James to pause his game and crack the door open, one brilliant blue eye peering out at Emma. "Oh," the door is closed just long enough for the chains to be removed before it opens back up, "hey there. What's up?" James may be standing there shirtless with his tattoos and scars on display, but that wouldn't be what catches most people's eye. He doesn't just have a room, rather the door opens to a sizeable foyer. This entire floor is his. "Come on in."
Emma The door opens, James is topless. Well this doesn't surprise Emma, she had tended to other injuries on him so really, topless is nothing compared to that. Looking past him to the foyer her jaw drops a little. "Umbrella pays ya well." That's when she phone rings. Digging it out of her pocket she hands the basket over to him. James could tell in her eyes, that she isn't fully 'there' either, more like a shell. Listening to Benny the reply he is given is short. "Be right there." Likewise, he could maybe hear it in her tone. "I need ta - ta go get Benny he is downstairs." That's when she turns to the elevator.
Benny When the elevator doors open and he see's Emma, there is a sheepish grin given towards her and he rubs the back of his neck. "Hi Emma. Sorry, for uh being late and I should've just called you. I hope everything is okay?" He watches the red head carefully, seeing that something doesn't look right and a concerned expression crosses his face. "But if this is a bad time...we can just meet up another time, then?" He doesn't really know who lives in this big building but he has some ideas.
James Scott "Alright, I'll leave the door open." James moves over to a panel on the wall and hits a button, "It's fine, Abelino, I do know him." With that taken care of he heads into the walk in closet near the entrance and grabs a grey tank top, which does very little to hide his ink. All that's left now is to wait for them to ride back up.
Emma On the way down Emma was leaning against the wall, ankles crossed and tumbs tucked into her back pocket of those black ripped skinny jeans. When the door opens there is a look to Benny with a lifted brow, and a second of silence. The lass looks tired, soul tired. "Come on in - in, James is waitin'." There is a nod for him to get in the elevator as she pushes from the wall to go and hit the button. "Not a - a bad time no, why would it be."
Benny "Wasn't sure, is all. Oh, James lives /here/? Wow, first Archene is wealthy and now James is too?" Benny replies to Emma and then walks into the lush penthouse. He nods politely to James, when he returns wearing a shirt. "James. Your okay? I'm glad...I thought...I thought you were dead." He blinks and shakes his head, obviously a tad upset at what happened in the catacombs. "Your recovery abilities are off the charts James...I've seen it in action before though. So what happened back there?"
James Scott

While waiting James wanders into the living room and switches off his Playstation then heads over to his sound system to start up some Outkast. On the way back to meet them at the door he snags one of his chains and hooks the gold around his neck. A self conscious glance is given to his reflection in the full length mirror, but he seems content with the way he looks he goes back over to open the door.

"Hey Benny." he greets as they walk in. "I was down there investigating too, there shouldn't have been any zombies down there. I had the misfortune of running into the guy first, but I shot him before he could smash my head. Meant to knock him out, but I guess I've gotten stronger." He crosses his arms and shrugs slightly, "Normally I'd have ran away. But when Chase and that guy came in with Emma? I lost my shit on them. That's how I got shot."
Emma Emma had brought a basket of goodies. Double chocolate muffins, salted caramel cookies, biscotti- because France, some caramel brownies, and two pies. It could be that she is baking in stead of sleeping. While the guys talk her attention drifts to the television. Sitting down she flicks the playstation on, and grabs the remote to play. As its all windows and bright in here, her reflective aviators are slid on, which hide her tired looking eyes. A hand runs through her long, straight hair, it falls around her. When her name is brought up her jaw tenses, but she'll just sit there in her shades, playing video games
Benny Benny gives James a rather serious look and crosses his arms. "Geting stronger? You killed that guy. His girlfriend, her name is Samantha by the way stabbed me in the shoulder before I knocked her out. Yeah, they were wrong for what they did and she is going to go to jail for it." He notices the baked goodies that Emma brought in, smelling them first before seeing them and yeah maybe his stomach grumbles but he's trying to have a serious convesation with James about a very serious topic, Ooooohhh video games! No, focus on James and the seriousness! "I know you probably meant well investigating what was going on. I have no doubt that you had good intentions, but we aren't in Raccoon City anymore and this isn't surival at all costs. Nobody has the right to be judge, jury and executioner." He isn't angry when he's saying this but his expression is almost like he's a cop still but he isn't, not anymore. He's just an IT guy, but a serious one I guess.
James Scott "Like I said, I really just meant to knock him out." James follows Emma on through to the living room, taking a seat next to her and propping his feet up on the ottoman. "It's because of the virus and all the experiments I've had ran on me. Not like I could tell that cop that though."

His attention moves to Emma, "I didn't get the chance to tell you, but I like what you've done with your hair today." A warm smile is sent her way before his blue eye moves to the television, the white one clearly follows, but without a discernible iris it may as well not have. "Also thanks for all the food, if you want you can take something to drink home." A hand comes up to motion towards the bar and the high end drinks stashed there.
Emma Emma isn't doing to great in the game. But she isn't giving up. Least the shades hide any possible emotion over their conversation. "Gu -- guys, eat that food ya'know. I didn' stay up all night'ta have it go to waste." She looks to Benny briefly, knowing he'd likely eat it all. Then turning a little to James she grins, a touch. "Th - thanks, I got more time ta do it not that I stopped goin' ta school." Shit, she said that aloud. "Got some Scotch?" Yup, change subject and focus on the game!
Benny Benny just stares at James when he replies so non-chalantly, watching him go sit beside Emma and he just shakes his head. No use trying to argue this it seems, he knows when to choose his battles and resigns himself to going towards the basket of baked goods. He picks out a cookie first, eats it, then a biscotti, eats that too and then works his way through the brownies and then has a slice of pie. The serious expression on his face has somewhat diminished as he seems much happier eating. He blinks though half way through chewing when Emma says something that gets his attention. He coughs lightly, then finishes chewing before walking in front of the couch but stands off to the side so he doesn't block the tv. "Emma, did you say...uh that you stopped going to school?" He then continues to eat the pie while he waits for a reply.
James Scott "Well, if you not going to school means you'll bake me sweets and play video games with me while getting your head straight, I'll support you. Shit, I'll support you regardless." James reaches over to give Emma a brief squeeze if she allows it. "And of course I'll eat your muffin."

He pushes up and moves over to take, surprise, one of the muffins. With the food in hand he returns to the couch, but instead of propping his feet up this time he reaches under the couch to produce a tray with a lidded container on it. "I do if you want to start day drinking, but I'll have to insist you stay the night. I've been living here for months and nobody has used either of the extra bedrooms yet."
Emma Aw crap, they heard. Emma clears her throat a little, pauses the game and looks over her shoulder to Benny. A hand rubs the back of her neck, what can she even say? Yeah, the lass knows, it's not good, and not her, not at all. So looking away in a guilty fashion, that being her response, James gets a pat on the arm at the squeeze. When he mentions the drinking and staying over there is a lifted brow as the game is resumed. "Ya worried'n wantin' ta watch out for me too?"
Benny "Your not helping James." Benny replies when James offers to let Emma stay if she starts drinking. He finishes off that slice of pie, then sets the plate down on a nearby coffee table. He sighs softly and then walks over to stand beside Emma, while she's seated on the couch. "I know you've had a rough go lately and nobody is going to blame you for taking a break to clear your head. Your not...never were a little girl, despite me trying to protect you like one and I'm sorry if that caused you any grief." He moves to put a hand on Emma's shoulder to give her a gentle squeeze and looks her in the eyes. "You take as much time as you need and James is right. Just have fun for a while. When your ready, cleared your head then you'll figure out what is best for you. Take care." He stands up, nodding to James. "I know you'll watch over her." He then heads for the door but stops one more time at the basket of goodies, taking a few more cookies, a muffin and another slice of pie to go. "These are delicious by the way Emma. Thank you."
James Scott "Of course. I said all sorts of embarrassing stuff after you fainted that I'm glad you didn't hear." James takes a bite from the muffin and makes a pleased noise. Once the bit in his mouth is swallowed he points down at the rest of it like Emma wasn't the one that made it. "This, this right here, is fucking great. I always knew yours would taste the best." The teen seems to be in an extra good mood now that he isn't the owner of demonic eyes anymore. Benny himself gets a wave, "Stay safe out there Benny."

The treat gets set aside and he removes the lid from the container on the tray, producing an airtight container full of green buds, a grinder, and a pack of cigars. He pops about a gram in the grinder and twists it until it's nice and ground. "You should know Emma, I don't try to protect you because I think you're a kid or you're helpless. It's because you're my friend, and at least a little bit because of that crush I have on you, and I don't know what I'd do with myself if you got hurt." As he speaks he twists up a fat blunt, which gets sat aside.

"As for me not helping, I guess what I should have said is I know you. You're kind and couldn't go without helping somebody even if you wanted to. Right now you just need some time to yourself."
Emma Attention is on Benny, when his hand is on her shoulder she is watching him. It's like she wants to say something but.. can't find the words. As he goes eyes follow him, curiously. "S - see ya, then Benny." But now there is nothing but thoughts in her head. As James rolls his smoke her attention turns to him. "Th - thank ya." Quiet, eyes drift to the game. Her charatcer died, again. Looking back to Jame there is a small nod, followed by hard reality. "Ya - ya know, tis kind'of ya ta say. But yer better off ta learn, I could die tomorrow."
Benny Benny wraps up the take out goodies in some napkins, then pulls out a plastic bag from his jacket, putting them in there as if he was prepared for this moment. Yeah, he likes food - alot! He nods to James when he tells him to be safe, "You too." He glances back towards Emma, giving her a nod as well and then heads out the doors to the elevator to make his way back down to the foyer and then out.
James Scott "If that were to happen I'd cross the river Styx into Hades and fight my way to you. I'd even cut down God if he got in my way." James says, suddenly serious. "Like I said, I know I'm not the one you want. That doesn't mean I'm about to let anybody or anything hurt you if I can help it." With that out of the way he goes back to eating the muffin, which doesn't take too long. "As long as Odin is on your side, nobody can stop you."
Emma A small wave is given to Benny before he is gone. Then to James and Emma is silent, frowning a little. "That - that is a lot." Yeah she is stunned. "I'm- I'm sorry, yer, stuck in that situation."
James Scott "I could have left you guys any time I wanted." James takes the blunt and puts the tray back under the couch. "But here we are, sitting in my penthouse playing video games. Shit, you live in a chateau. It could have definitely turned out worse." He scoots down a away from Emma a bit and sparks his cigar, careful not to blow the smoke in her direction. "How about I fix you dinner, since we never got to celebrate like we planned?"
Emma "Yer right, ya coulda." Emma says, putting down the controller and sitting back against the couch, looking to James a moment. "W - was I why you stayed?" Likely, an abvious question. "Yall cook me dinner? Okay if ya want."
James Scott "Would you have left your friends to die?" James asks, looking over at Emma. "I just want you to know that I'm not stuck here, I'm here because I want to be." He offers a warm smile before taking another drag. "Sure you don't want to hit this?" is asked, his lungs still full of the smoke. After another few seconds he lets that breath out. "Hell yeah, it's a date then."
Emma "Ya I couldn' leave, least not against my will." Is that a joke about Ricky?! It may very well be. Eyeing his smoke there is a shake of her head some. "Na.. not my thing, ya'know, but have at it." Doesn't mean he can't smoke she won't stop him. At the date comment she laughs a little and shakes her head. "Yer - yer hopeless, ya know. Friend date, ya mean."
James Scott "Of course I mean a friend date." James grins, taking another drag before knocking the cherry from his blunt into a nearby ashtray, putting it out for now. "Our first date isn't going to be in my apartment, it'll be an event." He could be joking, but then again maybe he's still holding out hope. Who knows.
Emma Emma takes up the controller again and sits back going to play the game once more. But when he mentions how grand it would be, she is a little curious. "O - okay, ya gotta spill on what'a would do."
James Scott "Well, we'd have to start early. Get some sweets then wander around looking at some of the street art. When we get tired of that we'd have a picnic, and after that it's straight to Musee de la Vie Romantique. Figure it'd be dark by the time all of that's done with, so that leaves us dancing the tango on the Seine." Yes, James had actually thought it out and wasn't just talking out of his ass this time.
Emma Emma pauses the game and looks at James. "Ya - ya really thought that through." Surprised, the controller is put down and she stands to get a brownie from the basket. A small piece is torn off, then ate as she heads back to the couch. "Ya know, yer gonna find someone worth all that, one day. Someone better'n more fitting than I."
James Scott "Am I? I think you're selling yourself short." James turns his head to watch Emma as she walks away. "You're telling me that out there there's somebody else who'd let me stay in her home after watching me rise from the dead, stitch me back together, stop me from turning into a monster, and would make Freya and Venus jealous?" He simply gives his head a shake. "I don't think so."
Emma "Ya - ya think very highly of me, it seems. Ma always taugt me ta believe'n people." There is a brief 'a-ha' moment in her eyeS. "Plus, I'm not inta all tha drugs'n stuff." He is tossed a controller. "Let's do multi-player before dinner."