Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It is now morning. A lovely, warm morning. One wouldn't feel fall in the air with a morning like this. It seems like a good start to the day.

Except for Emma, she didn't sleep. Couldn't sleep. Every time her eyes closed all those memories came flooding back.

To pass the time, the lass haf grabbed a sleeping bag, and come to sit not far outside of the gate to the chateau she lives in. All night the only thing she had done was watch thr stars and moon go by, allowing herself to be lost in the mysterious they have. There was also the sunrise, all in which added enough distraction to the pain. For as of now, she is sitting tossing a stick for Shaemus to get, looking badly underslept.
Caio For days now, Caio had been considering exploring Paris's countryside: It would give him a bit more peace and if he was lucky he would even be able to leave the madness that was the FBC. At least for a while. So it was that he decided to do this today: With his own sleeping bag and a large backpack he made his way to the countryside. It was exactly as he thought it would be: The only sound he heard was the cilence. This morning he woke up, intending to continue his aimless walk. It was the sound of a bark that made him find Emma. Following the direction of the sound he was able to see her and Chaemus. Despit the fact that the dog seemed to be on his usual happy mood, Emma sertainly didn'T. So it was that Caio started to walk toward her. He just stopped beside her, a hand moving to touch her shoulder, no words leaving his lips.
Emma Shaemus is a great alarm, he would of barked at Caio as he came forward. Not in an agressive way, more in the way of a greeting. This would of drawn his masters attention, who looks over a second to see the man right when he is about to put a hand on het shoulder. Faintly the lass smiles, in a slighty thankful way. "Go -- good mornin'." Comes herbl quiet greeting. With a delicate hand she motions to a spot beside her on the sleeping bag. "Ho -- how ya doin"?"
Caio Caio returns Emma's smile. He moves down slowly, sitting beside her. He pulls a sandwich from his sleeping bag. "I brought you something, Cheamus." He says to the dog, placing the sandwich infront of him. His head turning to Emma, he sighs. "I'm fine, all things considered." His tone is subdued and quiet. "I'm glad to see you here." He wraps his arms around her gently. He has noticed something is bottering her, for sure. "And you, how are you?"
Emma Food! Shaemus hurries forward and gets to devour the sandwich. Emma, for a mom looks surprised when Caio puts an arm around her, but shortly after there is another small, thankful smile, knowing this is him offering a measure of support - or so that is what she figures. "I -- well, I am." Because her mind is still processing and moments are so fleeting she doesn't know one second to the next on how she will be. "Yo - you? Yer out hikin'?"
Caio Caio sighs, nodding. "Yes, I guess you could say that. I've always wanted to see how Paris's countryside was. Pluz." He glances around. "Look at this view. The cilence, the nature.. Makes me realize there are things which are still worth fighting for." He brings Emma a bit closer to his body, his grip soft. A smile is given to Chaemus, before his atention turns back to Emma. "Well, based on the fact that you don't know how you are, I'd presume you are not doing well. Would you like to share?" His tone is as soft as his embrace, his gaze fully on Emma.
Emma Emma is thankful to have someone there, it's nice to have comfort. Shaemus continues to eat and when done, curls up in front of them and relaxes. He is such a happy dog. For her part there is brief silence. "Ya -- ya dun want a girls problems, do ya Caio?" As ever, she feels lile she'd be a burden on the people around her.
Caio Caio smiles. In a bold jesture (for him) he lowers his head, kissing the top of Emma's. "If I didn't want to hear, I wouldn't ask, Emma." His tone is still subdued.
Emma This was most unexpected, thusly a total surprise when he kisses the top of her head. Cheeks redden, just a touch. "We -- well, remember when I told ya of Ricky? Well, I helped out a friend, an' it nearly happened all over again." A pause, she frowns. "Then I -- I saw my friend kill someone, dead bodies, skinned bodies, at tha catacombs. Hell, I even fainted. An' it's like Racoon, livin' it all over in two days."
Caio Caio sighs, his grip thightening ever so slightly. "Why did your friend killed? I'm sorry you had to go through something like that again, dear. The same happened to me, to be honest. Autough in my line of work its expected." He smiles tinly, a hand starting to caress Emma's head.
Emma "I -- I dunno, I have no idea." Emma sighs then, as if trying to remove the weight from her shoulders. "I feel like my life has been reset, ya'know? Like I'm startin' from square one all over." Looking up to him briefly a brow lifts. "Ca - can I ask what happened ta ya?'
Caio Caio nods, sighing. "I tried to infiltrate an Umbrella facility. All by myself, it had nothing to do with the FBC. Not only the operation failed but Umbrella now knows I'm into them. The thing was a total dizaster. I could have killed a few people to infiltrate the place but I didn't had stomach to do it. They were workers, inocent people." His tone is casual as he talks. "I know exactly how you feel, Emma. I feel the exact same way whenever I come back from a mission. We unfortunately have seen a very uggly part of the world. We just can't let what we've seen contaminate how we view other parts." A hand motions to the surrounding wild life. "This is a beautifull part of it. And if it seems too heavy for you just share it. Give me some of your burden. Just express your self, dear. You are a strong girl." As he talks he continues to caress Emma's hair softly
Emma This all makes Emma think. Shaemus rolls onto his back, paying with a bone he has. "Why - why do what yer doin'? An, why did ya go yerself? After all, that coulda got ya killed." There is a small shrug. "Never liked ta share my burdens. Nor be tha weight for others."
Caio Caio nods a couple of times. "Sometimes, we need to share our burdens. No human being can carry everything all by themselves, Emma." He sighs. "I went by my self because I couldn't trust anyone helce to go with me. I may work for the FBC but there are only a few people who I can really trust. But I'm really worried about you." He moves his hand towards Chaemus, starting to pet the dog.
Emma "If -- if ya plan ta go do somethin' crazy like get inta Umbrella again, let me know. I'll help." Because Taking down Um brella is the dream. "Yer worried, really? I'm sorrt I just.. just not totally sure on everythin' right now."
Caio Caio nods. "Thats more normal then you think, Emma. Most of the time, people aren't sure about anything. I just... Feel like you are bottling a lot of things inside. Please, don't do it." He leans forward, planting a kiss on Emma's cheek
Emma Emma goes red -again-. More red! But there is a second of silence. "I'm scared." Admits the woman.
Caio Caio nods, his eyes softening slightly. "Yes? Being scared is normal, Emma. I have to deal with that sort of thing in a almost daily basis. And I won't deny it I feel fear, too. The secret is not to let your fear paralize you." A hand touches Emma's cheek, starting to caress her skin softly
Emma "I - I know what'ya mean, an' I get that. I guess tha human mind scares me, it's twisted'n dark and unpredictable. Guess tha fear of never knowin' how far a person will go is tha issue."
Caio Caio sighs, agreeying with Emma. "Yes, I alsso know what you mean. Humans are known for being umpredictable. But in the other hand we alsso are capable of acts of kindness and self sacrifice. I know humans can be uggly creatures but we can alsso be really beautifull."
Emma "Yer right, ya are." Emma admits there, it's true. "Whenever I start ta feel good hell rains down. I wanna believe'n see it, I -do-. But it feels like life keeps tryin' ta tell me different. Or make me stronger? Hard ta tell now."
Caio Caio sighs. "Emma, believe me.. I've seen mothers sacrificing themselves just so their children could run. In the other hand, I've seen men denying people help because the people had nothing to give them. What I'm trying to say is this: Humans have the potential for both good and bad. We just have to try and not only be good people but we alsso have to remember goodness whenever it seems evil will triunf." He gives her body a soft squeeze. "Try to use your experiences to become stronger. If you think theres something wrong, find the will in you to make it right."
Emma Emma grins a little in thanks at the squeeze. "Aye, I know. My mama used'ta say that all tha time, or similar. Maybe I just need time'n all. Ta see more good. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna take up meditation and yoga."
Caio Caio nods. "If thats what helps you to coppy please, do. What I do to deal with everything better is well, I play games and try to live life treazuring every moment of it. My job has taught me that life is for all intents and purposes really short."
Emma "I -- I wanna find somethin' deeper, within. Ya'know? Need ta find that deeper strength, spirit, kick, within myself. I dun see there bein' any -- any other way, at this point." Yes Emma can have support, but the strength she must learn from within, and she is well aware of that. "Wha -- what sorta games do ya play? I always liked Super Mario myself. My horse is named Peach, actually."
Caio Caio laughs, surprised Emma knows about Super Mario. "Peach? Now thats interesting. Well I mostly play fighting games, adventure games, that sort of thing. I like to think I'm a gammer with an open mind." He kisses her cheek once more. "You should find strength widin you, dear. I know you have it."
Emma Emma is actually, a little bit of a nerd. Even if it's hard to to tell. "Aye, Peach. I couldn' think of anythin' else ta name her, an I liked tha name. And I enjoy playin' tha game. Not that I have tons'o time ta play anymore. What sorta games, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter?" She blushes at the kiss. "Ah , ya, yeah I think I should, tis tha plan, that."
Caio Caio nods. "Well I like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken.. And well, I like games that are based on Japanese animation such as Dragon ball, Naruto, etc." He grins, surprised he has found someone to talk about this sort of thing.
Emma "I -- I never got much in'ta those, myself. But one of my brothers played." One of her many brothers. "Most of -- of tha time, I'm busy with my studyin'n al doin' work ta be a doctor, I do miss sometimes, playin' games."
Caio Caio nods. "If you want, we could play, whenever you have time."