Umbrella Surveillance System
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Sergei Vladimir It's a cold, dreary day in Raccoon City, only made worse by the sudden squall of freezing rain that decides to blow into town despite several stations predicting a cloudy but dry afternoon. Still, some are always prepared and the street outside the Umbrella building is dotted with variously colored umbrellas, shielding their bearers from the unwanted precipitation. Towering over many, however, is a trio of men, each of roughly the same height and build. Two are dressed in white overcoats, their eyes shielded by bizzarely shaped sunglasses, one orange the other blue, neither displaying any trace of hair. The third man, however, wears something resembling a military overcoat: navy blue and buttoned along one side, a gleaming rank insignia pinned to the chest, red collar turned up against the wind and rain, and a full head of long, white hair styled into a ponytail. The blue-shaded man holds a broad umbrella in one massive fist, covering the three of them from the rain while the military man speaks into a small phone at his ear, his tone brusque and bearing a heavy Russian accent. He cares little for the fact that him and his group takes up half the sidewalk, nor does he seem to even register the glances they recieve as they are passed, finally ending his conversation with a short, angry order and a rough tap of his thumb on the smart phone's screen.
Emma Emma is caught out in this weather. She was taking her giant dog Shaemus for a walk since she just got off shift at the hospital. Delicate ands hold her hood up, there is some murmering in Gaelic - likely curising. Her faithful pet us a yard or two ahead of her, the rain doesn't bother him as much. He is a happy dog, generally. They are on an intercept coarse to the three men. Which proves to be bad. Her normally friendly Shaemus atops and growls, ears up and alert. His first instinct is to protect his master, so he lunges forward a few feet, barking as if to scare them off. For herself, this Scottish lass jumps with a start, and goes to reach out to stop the dog but he is quicker, and she ends up falling in her knees into a puddle, looking panicked and trying to get up to stop the barking.
Elza Walker Normally, today'd be a great day at the races for those who are fans of watching motorcycle races. Unfortunately, due to the weather, they decided to postpone the race for another day due to the safety of the racers. The freezing rain makes things slippery and also hard to see, which is why motorcycle racers would find today would be a good day to sit at home and do nothing. Especially Elza Walker, who's had the misfortune of not only having her race cancelled, but her motorcycle also needs maintenance. So she's left it at the garage and is walking back to her dormitory on foot.

Thankfully, nobody is flocking to her for autographs or anything, despite the fact she's wearing her racing uniform and carrying her helmet in one hand. The freezing rain is making the usually positive and cheerful blonde a bit irritable and grumpy, so it's good that nobody's coming after her.

As she turns the corner, she hears the dog barking, and stops briefly, looking around for the source of it, before turning to look the other way and she notices the three weird men in front of the building. Elza goes wide-eyed for a moment, almost like her danger senses are on alert. For a moment, she looks around, pondering finding another route back to her dorm.
Sergei Vladimir The man in the orange shades turns his bald, oddly unsettling gaze towards the dog as it approaches, hackles up and barking. When it lunges forward, the white-coated man simply steps forward to face off with poor loyal Seamus, but a hand comes down on his shoulder and he stops. "Enough," comes the russian accent from the obvious leader of the three as he moves the other man out of the way, enabling him to get a better look at Emma and her dog. "Your dog must not like the smell of my associates," he grunts to her, ignoring the obviously hostile Seamus to focus entirely on his owner, "I can't say I blame him." He flashes her the stiff grin of a man unused to faking a smile. "We're not in your way, are we?" he asks, though without the customary token gesture of attempting to move. He simply stands there, continuting to block most of the sidewalk with his two enormous flunkies.
Emma Emma, the poor Scottish lass is pushing up from a puddle as Sergei address her. The hood to her jacket had fallen back, to reveal long red hair and her grey eyes. Those scrubs she is wearing are now covered in dirt, making her a bit colder. Equally, that smile is unsettling. Swallowing the lump in her throat the sweet, shy doctor in training moves forward with a dancers grace that plays against the dirt on her clothes and tries to tug Shaemus back, away from the men. Eyes dart to the Umbrella building, that uneasiness grows within. "I -- I am sorry." Says the ginger at last, in a thick yet kind Scottish accent, trying to hide her unease why a shy smile. "Nay, yer fine sir. Shamus 'n I were just -- just tryin' ta get home. He is awfully grumpy, from bein' in all night." Because she was on duty at the hospital. Reluctantly, Shaemus is drawn back, but maintains a low growl to show that he won't have them coming near his master.
Nick Fox It's cold, and rookies don't rate a car yet it seems. That sucks. Thankfully there is coffee, or this would be entirely unbearable. Nick Fox, relatively recent hire by the RPD, steps out of the coffee shop and pulls his jacket up around his neck, before taking a sip from his coffee.

Hearing the dog barking, he spots the little bit of comotion going on just down the street. Well, what the heck, at the very least he can at least see what's going on. He's sure it's nothing, so far since he's been here, the worst thing that's happened has been that blizzard that delayed his start date by a couple of days. He takes another sip of his coffee and strolls over to where the dog and his owner are, "Afternoon folks. Everything alright here?"
Elza Walker The barking dog, the giant guys, and now someone with a police officer's uniform coming out to check on things. It's almost like fate made Elza come this way just to see all the commotion. "Hey, I'm just passing through. I need to get to Raccoon University so I can study for my test on Monday." She runs a hand through her blonde hair, wishing she'd brought earmuffs or a hat with her. She then looks to Emma and her dog, and then adds, "I'm fine, it's just this young lady here might be having a bit of trouble with her dog." She looks towards the big men again and gulps a little.

"I don't know who these people are, but it's not my business really anyway." She looks around, trying to remember which way is the shortest to get to the college.
Sergei Vladimir Most people might offer to help Emma up -- though of course there is the healthily wary Seamus guarding his owner to discourage such attempts -- but Sergei doesn't even remotely look like he has any desire to aid her. He seems happy enough to let her beat a hasty retreat, but then Fox shows up, and Elza's comment draws his attention to her as well. This was quickly becoming a crowd and attention is the last thing the large ex-Soviet has any interest in attracting.

"Everything is fine, Officer," he answers, though in truth it might be more fitting for Emma to make that assertation considering their relative positions and her suddenly drenched clothing, "No need to concern yourself." Neither of the other two men move an inch for Elza, despite her trying to get by them. Sergei, however, turns slightly, making a path for her to pass by. His fake smile has already faded, the energy required to maintain it not nearly worth it anymore, so he simply fixes her with an annoyed look that he soon turns on the cop again.
Emma Emma is clearly uneasy. Shaemus rarely gets worked up like this. She knows something is off, and that voicing it woulf likely be bad. There i quick, sharper command to the dog in Gaelic. It settles him enough to simply glare at the three men, daring them to try something. With Nick's arrival cheeks renew their redness. A dirty hand - dirty becuse she had to pull herself up from the muck when trying to stop her dog, goes to move wet hair from her face. Which leave a dirt mark across her freckled face. "We -- ah, oy. Ah. Shaemus here, is a bit strung out, tis all. We -- we're fine officer." Eyez dart down, then up to Elza upon realizing another is there. "Tha uni is that way miss." A hand points off to the direction that is in. "Again, I'm sorry." This is said to the Russian, about Shaemus, even if there is an unstedlady gaze to the two other men who make her very uncomfortable.
Nick Fox "Alright." Nick says, as he looks at Emma and her dirty hands, "Well you got him on a leash, but try to maintain control. Wouldn't want him running out into the street or anything." He says, before he looks back to the Russian and his two large compatriots.

He takes a moment or two to look them over, trying to place if he'd seen them on any BOLOs or anything along those lines. Just something he does for everyone, to some extent, but large scary Russian guys probably get a tad more scrutiny.
Elza Walker Now that Elza is seeing those big men in her way, she's starting to back away slowly. "Uh, well..." She looks to the direction Emma is pointing and nods to her. "Thank you, miss. I appreciate that." She starts to turn and walk away in the direction that she pointed, only to realize that she pointed in the direction that the men are in. Elza frowns and thinks of another route, albeit longer, to avoid those men. "Well, I do have an errand to run before I go back, so maybe I'll take another route?" Those big men seem to be making her very nervous for some reason, and she hopes none of them come after her.
Sergei Vladimir Sergei looks behind him to Elza then over to Emma. He may not be the most personable, but he can recognize nervousness when he sees it, and his gaze turns about the sidewalk, noticing one or two pedestrians glancing their way and gawking as they pass. He frowns, snapping once to his escorts before point sharply back towards the doors of the Umbrella building. Without a word or recognition, they simply turn and walk back inside, the blue-shaded man still holding the umbrella open as he goes.

Sergei glances back to Fox to make sure the officer isn't going to make any attempt to arrest, question, or otherwise hold him up before focusing on Emma and Sheamus as if he were memorizing her face. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience," he rumbles, unflinching as the nearly frozen rain now falls openly on his face, "Please watch you step." He then turns for the door, likely already cursing his negligence in letting his two unnatural escorts get so much attention.
Emma Her scrubs are soaked, and thusly, Emma is getting cold. There is a slight shiver, both from the cold and those odd men. There is a glance to Elza, and a quick nod with just as quick a smile. The Russian is regarded as her red hair becomes more damp as freezing rain pelts down. "All - all my fault, sir." The reply is offered with a nod, her big grey eyes following them for a second. Nick is then regarded."So -- sorry officer. I was walkin' my dog, he's never done that before." The amazement in her tone suggests this was a situation she hasn't had to deal with before. Shaemus is still close to her, keeping guard. "I'll make sure ta hold him tighter next time." Then she looka to the Umbrella building, as if something about it were evil and unsettling.
Elza Walker Elza has a similar feeling that Emma does. That place does have a sensation of evil. Then again, Umbrella in general really gives her a bad feeling. She looks to the others and says, "Well, I guess I'll be taking my leave now. I'd offer you tickets to my next race as consolation, but I don't even know when that will be yet!" She grins nervously then starts to walk away.
Nick Fox After the man and his guards head inside, Nick takes a sip from his coffee again, and then looks back to Emma, "Probably didn't like their cologne or something...You know how dogs can smell things humans can't."

He turns back to Elza for a second, "Take care. Be safe out there, this weather's going to get worse before it gets better!" Then back to Emma, "Might wanna get him home too, before it gets worse out here."
Emma An unsure wave is given to Elza. Motorcycles race? She has never been to one. Highland games, sure. But not that. With the bad guys gone, Shaemus returns to his friendly self, and wags his tail and woofs at Fox in greeting. A hand is kept tight on his leash, and to the officer there is a nod. "Likely a good idea." There is something thoughtful as she shivers, scrubs as soaked as her red hair is now. "Just -- just, um," A glance moves to the Umbrella building and then to Fox. "Be careful, ya hear? Watch yer back, espicially in tha dark." Sure, she is kind, sweet, but it's a warning of caution, that says she knows something before wanderng off.