Umbrella Surveillance System
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James Scott

It's a miserable rainy Paris afternoon, and as such the streets are pretty much empty save for the people forced out onto them. An exception to this is one James Scott who is currently sat on a sheltered bench outside of a fancy looking apartment building. He could just be relaxing, but the way he's staring blankly past the various vehicles passing says otherwise.
Emma The rain reminds Emma of home. Of hearing it patter on the roof, of days where the fog rolled over the country side. And with the recent events in her life, well, maybe she is out because the lass needs to feel a connection to home. Even in her rain boots, the red head maintains her graceful pace. A bright blue umbrella stands out against the grey of the day. And, Shaemus doesn't seem to be with her.
Chase Dalton The sound of fast-moving footfalls cuts through the silence, followed by the sounds of someone yelling. From the north comes Chase, in pursuit of a man in civilian clothes (shoes, jeans, shirt, jacket, cap) doing everything he can to evade capture; toppling trash bins, pushing other civilians down, the whole nine yards. "Keep away! KEEP AWAY!" The man exclaims, a mix of addlebrained stupor and legitimate terror. One of the trash bins catches Chase off-guard, and he goes down hard. The man continues his dash for freedom, straight into the crowded Paris streets, straight for James and Emma.
James Scott James hasn't shaved in a few days, but it looks like at least the bandages he was wearing are gone. While his left eye has been concealed thanks to a darkly tinted monocle, the right hasn't been covered at all. The newest addition to the teen's scars is a puckered line under his right eye, which is now milky and blind.

All the noise does manage to catch his attention though, and without saying anything he pushes to his feet and pulls his beige golf jacket around him. As the fleeing man approaches James looks like he's going to throw a punch, but rather he clothesline the man, putting him flat of his back on the sidewalk. "I really hope you weren't in the right here." he says, almost an afterthought.
Emma Emma also hears it all, looking up from her thoughts to see James clothes line a guy. That being so surprising for a second the lass stands there, as the rain patters down on her bright blue umbrella. After that pause rubber boots meet puddles as she heads that way. "Wh - what's goin' on?" She asks James, looking to him and then the man on the ground. Yes the milky eye was noticed. "Is he okay?" when is registers that the fallen man had been chased, eyes shoot up to find Chase seeing that he was hiy hard. "Oy, sh - shite. James ya - ya better watch this guy." Because she begins to head over to see if Chase is okay.
Chase Dalton As the man goes down, Chase has managed to get himself upright and over to the man. The man glares daggers all around, content to remain on the ground for the time being, but clearly dazed by the smackdown. He turns his attention to James. "Jebi se!" Chase then becomes the man's target. "Jebi si mater! Ne diraj me! Ovaj covek je psihoticna!" Chase glares at the man in response, before putting on a sympathetic air. "Ako ste se tek tiho sa mnom, ne bismo bili gde smo sada. Smiri se, i dolaze sa mnom."
James Scott "No, fuck you." James may not speak the language, but he knows when he's been insulted. And then Chase shows up. "Oh, this fucker. Shit, if I'd known that I wouldn't have stopped you." Apparently James is still a little salty about being shot in the face in the catacombs. Rather than stand around he moves to go claim his seat on the bench again before somebody else snags it.

Oblivious to the exchange of words between the downed man and James the doorman offers a wave. "Good job Mr. Scott!" is called over in French accented English.
Emma Emma is left standing there, dumb struck first because, what are they talking about. Also the other language. Questioning grey-green eyes fix on Chase. But then James is.. being James. "Oy, Ja - James, I dun think yer tha one bein' talked'ov."
Chase Dalton Chase lifts the man up to his feet, and calls his office. "Yeah. It's Chase. One under, ready for transport." He glances around, and then gives his location, and then reaches into his jacket for a pair of zip-cuffs, which he applies to the man in short order. A few minutes later, an FBC van pulls up, and the man is taken away for processing.
James Scott "He was talking to me before the Big Damn Hero showed up." James calls over his shoulder to Emma. "Not that it really matters. Don't speak his language anyway." He reaches into his coat and produces a flask which he promptly pops the top to and takes a swig, which is thankfully legal here. "Seem like you're in a better mood."
Emma Chase is gone, but Emma is looking at James and frowning. Heading to him there is a sigh. "S - stop that." She says. "I'm - I'm, dunno. Are ya okay?"
James Scott "Well, he did a real good job of running away after I got shot. Seems like cops are always leaving me to die." James turns his head so he can actually see Emma rather than just hear her talk. "And I'll be fine one day. It's hard going from being as vain as I was to waking up everyday looking like this. I can hide most of the scars under my clothes or put a beanie on to hide my ear. But how am I going to hide this?"

He shakes his head and sighs quietly, gaze moving to the ground. "On top of being disgusting I can't even protect my friends. What's the point in putting myself through all those experiments and the training if I can't save one person?"
Emma Emma would go to sit by James, if able, and addtionaly lock arms with him, if allowed, to be there as comfort and support. "Yer - yer nat bad lookin' James. Don't chicks dig scars?" Yes she is trying to lift his mood. "An, it ain't like ya know I was even there. Yer in tha clear on that. It was all a big, horrid mess."
James Scott "Doesn't mean I don't feel helpless." James gives Emma's knee a light squeeze as she locks arms with him. "I used to be a lot better looking. Not that I'm too worried about that anymore." Yes, he's trying to convince himself. "Oh, yeah. You still don't know where I live, do you?"
Emma "I - I know how'ya feel. Fuck, I fainted. Least ya can handle yerself." Yeah Emma feels guilty. "No, I don't."
James Scott "Right there." James points to the top of the building behind them. "I'm in the penthouse. Should come up and see me sometime."