Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vivienne Vivienne has been placed on one of the beds in this room, her wrist temporarily wrapped and her head bandaged. She is staring straight ahead, a thoughtful look on her face as she tries to remember exactly what happened. The room is sterile and unwelcoming but she isn't paying much attention to the surroundings. She lays backand starts to turn on her side for comfort, but pain makes her scoot on her back.
Isabel The door opens, accompanied by the sounds of the latch and half-neglected hinges. A face framed by mussed raven hair peeks into the room. "Thank goodness... I wasn't sure that nurse had the right room," Isabel says, managing a smile for the injured girl. By the look of her, she must've come straight here after the bombing, though it's been a couple hours since the incident. At least she found a place to wash her face and hands and brush off her clothes. And, judging by the shopping bags she's holding, pick up a few things. "How do you feel? It looked like you were the only one there really hurt," she says, not unsympathetically, shutting the door behind herself.
Vivienne "I'm doing fine, I think." Vivienne says, gazing at Isabel with slightly wide eyes. "I don't think we've been properly introduced though." She sits up and gestures for Isabel to sit down on one of the chairs. She pushes her hair back off her face and manages a slight smile. "Next time I'll trust my instincts and I'll sit by the door." She says with a slight roll of her eyes.
Isabel "I'm glad," Isabel replies, her breath huffing out in a sigh of relief. "There were enough people injured and killed there. I still don't know who put that bomb there, but the news says it was bad." She leaves out the details, shaking her head. The world holds all kinds of evils.
She bows her head with a smile. "The door would've been better than where all of us were, for sure. I'm Isabel Welsh. I'm glad you're okay," she says, setting her bags down in one of the room's chairs. She turns to dig something out of one of them. "I hope you like chocolate? I was in kind of a hurry, but I remembered what hospital food is like."
Vivienne Vivienne's eyes get wide at the mention of chocolate and it's all that she can do to hold out her hands for it. She places them on her lap instead. "I haven't had hospital food for a while, but I don't remember it being *all* bad." She offers Isabel a shy smile, but her eyes drop towards the chocolate again. "Nice to meet you Isabel Welsh." She says softly pulling her attention away from the treat. "I'm Vivienne Leigh." A few moments pass and then she continues to speak. "Why did you leave so quickly when emergency services showed up?"
Isabel "Umbrella doesn't like me, and they still have active branches in Europe," Isabel replies, handing over the chocolates... in a classy box with a ribbon, no less! "I got what might be the only actual footage of what happened in Raccoon City, and it's on video servers all over the world now. It went viral in days."
She folds one of the shopping bags, it evidently being empty now, and tucks it behind her padded laptop bag. "Cool to meet you, Vivienne. Do you mind if I change? I didn't slow down from the time I left the scene to coming through the back entrance of the hospital." While she's cleaned away the worst of the dirt, she can't get rid of all of what's on her clothes: There are still a few smudges of soot and dirt, and a tear or two from the blast.
Buck Rogers "Isabel Welsh," Buck tells the nurse again on another floor of the hospital, his massive arms stretched tight around a satchel of items. "C'mon, beautiful. Security already looked it over, it's-- Room 207? Upstairs, to the right? Good girl." He waddles forward and moves out of the waiting room, ducking low under a swinging doorway and then turning toward the stairwell. A slow ascension, careful not to spill the contents of his bag, means the giant only arrives at Vivienne's room after their conversation has well and truly begun-- but he arrives in style, kicking the door open and bursting through like ol' Saint Nick, a rustlin' and a jinglin' and his sack stuffed with treats. "Baby girl," he calls, blinded by the girth of his presents and staring at a corner of the room over it. "Contact a'mine said you were in that bombing, and the nurse said you were visitin'..." He shifts his weight, dumps the bag on a chair, stands up, and finally looks at the two he interrupted. "Hey, soldier girl. You toughin' it out too?"
Chris Redfield It didn't take long for Chris to gear up and come to the hospital after he heard about the Explosion at the Cafe. He had been on the phone, his entire drive here and he didn't have any answers that is why it is imperative that he speak to any witnesses to confirm if their was any bioterrorism link to his tragedy.

When Chris exits the Ford Expedition vehicle, the area around the hospital is chaos with emergency vehicles coming in with the wounded and the media starting to set up. Redfield is dressed in his full B.S.A.A. gear, combat armor, tactical elbow and knee pads as well as assortment of weapons usually reserved for military operations. All of his weapons are holstered or slung over his shoulder but he's heavily armed that is no doubt. He is able to slip into the hospital before the Media can hassle him, using his badge to get by security but when he makes it to the patient ward he is stopped by a Paris uniformed Police officer.

Both Viv and Isabel can hear a voice outside the door, first there is someone yelling in French that sounds like stop and identify yourself or something to that effect. Then you hear a very American voice, "I'm Chris Redfield with the B.S.A.A. I'm here to speak to these witnesses who were at the Cafe. You can call your Inspector to confirm who I am or I can put you on the line with the French Ambassador of the United Nations Security Council, who will vouch for me." After a few moments, it sounds like the Police Officer is on the phone and then the door opens. Chris Redfield, steps into the Patient room and is somewhat surprised to see that Buck Rogers in the room. "Buck? Were you at the Cafe as well?" He looks at both Viv and Isabel, recognizing them both after a few moments of looking at them. "You two okay? I had no idea that you were both at the Cafe as well." He closes the door behind him and doesn't step any closer until he's invited it looks like.
Vivienne Vivienne gestures to the small bathroom attached to the room, smiling over at Isabel. "Feel free to change, and wash up if you want." She says, her attention on the chocolate that she's unwrapping. "You're safe here though rig.." She doesn't get to finish her sentence because the door bursts open and when Vivienne sees who has arrived she has to try not to grin. Always curious, her eyes go to the sack that Buck is carrying and she takes a bite of her chocolate, opens her mouth to comment and then Chris walks in. Vivienne glances from face to face, and decides that it is probably easier to take another bite of chocolate while she sorts through who she should answer first. She takes a breath and nods to Buck first. "I'll be okay, just some bumps." A glance at Chris compels her to take another bite of chocolate before she motions for him to come further into the room. She sits up more on the bed and stuffs another pillow behind her back.
Isabel "Thanks. I need it," Isabel says gratefully, digging into the other shopping bag.
She's barely touched it when the door bursts open and ol' Buck Kringle makes his entrance, carrying enough treats to be mistaken for a disaster relief effort. "Buck? Oh, wow... you don't do anything by halves, huh?" she comments, trying not to laugh. But the big man definitely gets a hug for his thoughtfulness. "So you know Vivienne?"
And then there's another surprise entrance, though the noise in the hallway is warning enough. But this guest is even more unexpected than Buck: Chris Redfield?!
Yes, it indeed is the handsomest special operative she knows. And here she is looking like she just crawled out of a stovepipe. Chim-chiminy, chim-chiminy, chim-chim-chirree. Isabel's face burns with embarrassment as she looks away from him. "Hi, Chris... um, I just need a second, and then I can answer questions. We're both okay... thank... you... sort of." Very sort of.
She picks up the bag and quietly excuses herself, slipping into the bathroom. Even the *clack* of the door's lock seems embarrassedly subdued.
Buck Rogers The bag spills to one side. It threatens to topple and is saved only by the sliding of its bottom-most contents, which spread out and create a solid foundation for the rest to balance on. Amidst the sounds of its varied contents dancing, Buck crouches down, loosening the top flap and reaching in. The first thing he withdraws are two enormous, life-sized stuffed animals: one is a giant tiger, and the other is a turtle. He had picked them both up for Isabel, in truth, not knowing Vivienne was here-- there was this little Chinese shop along the way selling foreign candies, and it had these things on a shelf. That might explain the vaguely Asian facial features and the queer character on the turtle's checkerboard shell. "First things first," he rumbles, and he walks over toward Vivienne. A moment's thought, and she gets the turtle plopped down on her lap. By now, Isabel has wandered off blushing to change, and so Buck sets the tiger aside for when she returns, leering at Redfield. "Well, well, well," he remarks, dusting his hands off. "Look's like Isabel's got a crush on ya, hero-man." He pops a grin.

"Came to visit the girls," he replies, once more pillaging his sack for goodies. He withdraws a basket of fruit, a box of Sno-Caps, a bottle of wine surreptitiously slid inside a container of chocolates, a few magazines, a copy of *his* book, a coloring book, a plastic-wrapped carton of markers and crayons, a few CDs, a CD player, a small hand-tuned radio, and... a container of fresh strawberries. The sack has a few things left, but Buck has made a castle of presents around himself, and he sits, majestic, kingly, weirdly Santa Clausian.
Chris Redfield Chris steps further into the room, when Vivienne gives him the acknowledgement to do so and walks up to the bed but doesn't go past where Buck and Isabel are standing. "I know we just met the other night, Vivienne but I didn't expect to see you again so soon and I wish it would have been under better circumstances. Sorry to hear about the Cafe. It looked pretty bad on t.v. and I'm glad to see you still, sitting. Eating choclate no less." He takes note of any visible injuries you may have and he certainly can't help but notice the large amount swag in the room, stuffed animals, fruit, wine, sno-caps, magazines, Bucks's book, etc, etc and of more sweets than you can shake a stick at.

"Isabel. Been a while. Thank goodness that neither of you were seriously injured. Anything you can tell me about what happened would be helpful." If Chris noticed the blushing, he isn't reacting to it and just nods when Isabel excuses herself into the bathroom. That stoic poker face expression of his is all business, what he's always been known for when he was in S.T.A.R.S. and even in the Military if anyone asks Barry Burton or his former colleagues that served with him.

Redfield gives Buck a sideways glance when he brings up the crush but merely nods to him after he says he is hear to visit the girls. He then looks towards Vivienne, wondering if she will speak up about what happened or wait until Isabel comes back into the room.
Vivienne Vivienne automatically wraps her arms around the stuffed turtle and glances towards the bathroom. As Buck pulls out more things out of the sack her eyes get wide and she looks slightly overwhelmed. She masks that by gazing over at Chris and speaking up. "Felt like the world blew up in my face, if we're being honest. I don't remember much about the explosion, it knocked me out." She says with a shrug. She picks up another piece of chocolate and takes a bite. "Might not be much help with the questions, but I can tell you anything that I might remember." She glances back towards Buck then and gives him a shy smile. "Thanks for the turtle, he's adorable."
Isabel The sound of running water from behind the door is Isabel's only contribution to the conversation for the moment.
Buck Rogers There are no chairs or stools in this room capable of bearing Buck; this realization dawns on him after he's passed out treats, weighing the corners of his mouth down. With a magnanimous wave of one thick arm, he grunts, "Help yourself," to Chris during a lull in the questioning, encompassing the stack of fruits, candies, and recreational activities. "I don't think the girls know too much, Chris," Buck says, finding a comfortable spot next to Vivienne's bed to lean against the wall, arms folded over that rock-like chest. He looms over her, but it's a different sort of looming than his flirtation the other day-- the way he carries himself, the way he leans and looks, he isn't about to pounce her. Tonight, he's more big friendly giant. "And they're pretty shaken up by what happened." His arms unfold, and without looking he reaches down to muss Vivienne's hair. "His name's Filbert," Buck declares. "Take care of him. He's a delicate lil thing, that turtle." His heavy hand pats once more, then withdraws. "You think this has anything to do with the BSAA? Seems more like a standard terrorist attack-- Al-Queda, maybe."
Chris Redfield "That's okay, Vivienne. You've been through a lot today and the last thing you need is someone asking twenty questions after the ordeal you've been through." Chris says solemenly and looks towards the window. His obssession with Umbrella has taken it's toll, not everyone can be like him and shut out everything but the mission. He then looks back to Vivienne as she hugs the stuffed turtle that Buck gave to her, "You rest up. If there is anything you can remember, no matter how small. Maybe someone that seemed suspicious that saw in the area or in the Cafe. Something out of the ordinary that you might remember, please give me a call." He takes out a business card and places it on the nightstand next to the bed. If you let him, he will place his hand on Vivienne's shoulder while she's sitting up in the bed and give it a gentle squeeze. "I'm sorry for coming in like this and wish you a speedy recovery."

Redfield then turns his attention to Buck, shaking his head and replying, "Thanks for the offer but I'm good." He then walks over to the window, looking outside before answering Buck's second question. "I'm not sure, that is why I cam to find out but with everything else that has been happening, the United Nations isn't taking any chances. If it has no links to what I'm investigating then I'll move on." He turns back to face Buck and waits to see if Isabel will come out of the bathroom before he takes his leave.
Vivienne Vivienne stares down at the card and then flinches when the hand settles on her shoulder. She isn't used to being casually touched, but she does her best to hide it. She sighs and hides her face against the stuffed animal as she mumbles. "I just remember the bartender staring, and then walking away when I ordered a drink." She glances towards Buck and then shifts her eyes to the bathroom door. "Then I woke up across the room, pretty much." She reaches out for another piece of chocolate, put puts it back in the container with a shake of her head. The men begin to speak about blame and investigations and she tunes out, picking up the book that was pulled out of the sack and opening it. She props it against her new friend Filbert and starts to read. Eventually a nurse will bring her some dinner and then she can have more chocolate.
Isabel Isabel does indeed return, and though she's still at less than her best she /did/ try: The rose-colored blouse and jeans are fresh, even if a bit wrinkled from the bag they were carried in, and though her hair hasn't been washed she's brushed it as clean as she can, leaving it loose and pulled back behind her shoulders. Pity she can't do anything about the prominent band-aid on her forehead.
"Sorry for the wait," she says, blushing a little, looking in concern to Vivienne first. Buck next, though he seems as BFG-ish as ever. And lastly, but not leastly, Chris. "Sorry," she murmurs again. "It's good to see you again, Chris, even if it's on business."
Buck Rogers "What I heard about that virus back in Raccoon is that it was in the water, not airborn," Buck muses, scratching at the thick tangles of his black-bristled beard. The sound of his fingers dragging against the dry wires fills the quiet room with sound. "If they managed to make it airborne, some sort of aerosol.. well, spreading it with bombs could work, but seems awful counter-productive. Better ways to spread it that don't put the authorities on high alert. Still, day we get the zombie flu spreading from coughs and strong breezes, the world's going downhill fast." The gleam in his eyes, that flash of teeth like fangs-- a world burned down to its most essential hellscape is one the muscular maniac would adore. "Y'all got your work cut out for you, Chris. Cannibal anthrax is the sorta thing I reckon keeps Presidents up at night." He raps his knuckles on the rough-textured wall and thumbs his nose after, gazing toward Isabel. "Hey beautiful," he growl-hollers, stepping forward and away from Vivienne's bed. The stuffed tiger is snatched up from the chair he'd rested it on and Buck holds it atop Isabel's head. "That there's Timothy. Figured he'd keep ya company as you feel better-- got a thing of flowers for you girls in that bag too, spruce up this room some, make it smell nice."
Chris Redfield Chris leans his back against the wall by the window, crossing his arms across his chest. He seems to be pondering what Vivienne has told him about the bartender and the explosion. It seems as if he's really debating with himself, whether to speak up but he does. Looking towards Vivienne, he asks her in a matter of factly tone. "Do you remember if you were thrown forwards or backwards before you lost consciousness? I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but it is important." He then glances towards the bathroom door when it opens and Isabel steps out in her new clothes, with a bandaid on her head.

Redfield lifts his hand in an apologetic wave, "No need to apologize Isabel. Like I was just telling, Vivienne the both of you have gone through a hell of an ordeal today and here I am grilling you with questions. Buck's a better man than I." He glances towards all the swag that he's brought in for the girls and here he is in full combat gear, ready to go to battle. Who's the real hero here. "If you remember anything, no matter how small please give me a call and get some rest. I'm going to head out to the site now. Sorry for bothering you." He then straightens himself up, adjusts the strap of his assault rifle that has fallen a bit off his shoulder and walks towards the door.

He stops at the door, then turns to face Buck when he comments about Raccooon. "Yeah, I read the report and that is why I signed up to make sure that it won't happen again." He then fishes another business card from his pocket, walking towards Isabel and holds out his hand to give to her. "Call if you remember anything more. Get well soon." Yup, he's all business this guy but his lips curl up ever so slightly at the corners, so that is considered a small smile from a usually stoic face.
Vivienne Vivienne glances up when Chris asks her a questiton and she slowly closes the book, her finger in the pages so she doesn't lose her place. "I was thrown backwards, I..well it almost seemed like everything above me exploded." She shrugs and then winces. When Isabel steps from the bathroom she allows herself to scrunch down on the bed, reclining slightly as she watches the byplay between the other people in the room. Her eyes move from one person to another and after she's satisfied with her watching she reopen her book. A nurse steps in the room, frowns at the crowd, but doesn't make a comment. Food is placed on a rolling table, and it looks about as bland as advertised. Vivienne doesn't seem to care, she opens the cover on the plate and sticks her finger into the lukewarm potatoes and pops it into her mouth. Her attention is caught now, any other questions would likely fall on deaf ears until her food is gone.
Isabel Isabel, suddenly under a stuffed tiger, blinks and smiles a little at Buck. "Thanks," she says, trying not to laugh. Or wince: He just plopped little Timothy down on a bump on her head she hadn't noticed before. "I'll take good care of him, promise." But not while he's on her head: She repositions the tiger to the chair next to her laptop bag. Guard, Timothy. Guard it with your plushy existence!
Chris, on the other hand, draws a faint smile of his own, matching the one on his face. Isabel accepts the card. "There just... isn't much I can tell you right now. I'm sorry. But I'll call, promise. There must've been /some/ sign of what has happening. Maybe I just didn't catch it at the time."
The sound of potatoes being sucked off of a finger brings her attention around to Vivienne and the delivery nurse. Hmm. Maybe the chocolate wasn't so essential after all.
Buck Rogers "Alright, girls," Buck says, nodding to Redfield and moving up alongside him. "You two need to rest. Give us a minute." He claps a hand on the other man's shoulder and walks out the door with him. He has to hunch over to fit through the doorway, folding those mountainous shoulders together and tilting forward like some sort of cyclopeon Igor, a beast fit only for the ringing of bells and musical numbers about gypsy girls-- but with a whush he's fit through, closing the door behind him. His voice is lower. "So what are you thinking so far, Chris-- bio-terrorism or the good ol' classic kind? You find anything, let me know; ring me up or send an e-mail and my agent'll be right on it. Might'a just been an accident, coincidence of bad timing... but I'll rip the fuckin' throat out of whoever knocked her around." There's no humor in his smile; there's no happy crinkle in his eyes. That's the look of a killer, the dull dark sharpness of someone with genuinely murderous inclinations. The tenseness in his touch gives it all away-- Buck would quite literally rip the perpetrator limb from limb and enjoy it. And then it's gone. "Anyway, hero. Good luck in the investigation." He turns and squeezes back into the room, closing the door behind him once more, and claps his hands. "Alright! Food, music, alcohol-- you prolly shouldn't have it, our secret, managed to hide it from the guard." He taps his nose. That's how he'll spend the night, a goofball entertaining the rattled girls.

He'll bathe in blood later.
Chris Redfield Chris looks over to Vivienne when she replies, giving her a nod and he stores that answer into his memory banks which may help determine the origin point of the explosion when he goes to the investigate the site. "Thanks." Turning his attention back to Isabel, when she takes his card as Vivienne is now preoccupied with eating after the nurse dropped off her food.

"I appreciate it Isabel." Redfield then reaches out to touch Isabel's shoulder with his hand giving it a gentle pat if she allows him and then turns to Buck who is standing beside, Isabel looking up at the big mountain of a man following him outside as that large hand goes around his shoulder.

"It is too early to tell right now to be honest but your right, it is leaning more towards the conventional side not the side I deal with." He gives Buck that stoic look when he asks about being informed by him if he knows anything. "Buck, you know I can't do that. Your a civilian now. But if you hear anything or you want to re-enlist, you give me a call. I'm sure Wesker would sign you back up in a heart beat. You take care of them will ya? Yourself too. We didn't get much of chance to catch up at Jack's the other night but if your in Paris for a while, I'm sure we will bump into each other well I hope you don't bump into me cause that would hurt." He nods when Buck wishes him luck in the investigation. "Thanks." He offers the big man a business card and then heads out of the hospital, hopefully avoiding the media if he can to get back to his vehicle.
Vivienne The food is taken care of pretty quickly, rubbery salsbury steak and potatoes aren't the best that the world has to offer, but Vivienne treats it like it is. She pushes the rolling table away and picks up the chocolate, stuffed animal and more importantly, the book, where she left off. "How long do you think it'll be before I can get out of here?" She asks, glancing at Isabel and Buck, a little chocolate smudge on her face. "I'm not a really big fan of hospitals, you understand?"
Isabel "Thank you, Chris. I'll call as soon as I remember anything," Isabel promises, edging back so he can make his exit. Busy man, that Chris Redfield.
But Buck's still here, and he gets his own hug. "I don't know about alcohol, but food and music are always welcome," she tells him. "Thanks for everything, Buck." Especially for caring, though she doesn't say it out loud. "I just wish I'd had my uPhone out and filming. Maybe something would've come through."
She looks up at Vivienne's question. "I wish I knew, Viv. I can patch people up short-term, but this is doctor stuff. It's above my bend."
Buck Rogers Buck lets out a great big yawn, leaning down to kiss the top of Isabel's head and scratch the back of it when she hugs him. "A drink helps settle the nerves," he explains with a broad, toothy smile, glancing over at Vivienne. The distance between them is closed with just one enormous step of those tree-trunk legs. His hand rises, and his thumb scrapes the chocolate smear off her cheek, chuckling and holding it in front of her lips. "You are one helluva messy eater, sweetheart," he teases. A glance down at her rather large chest and that rear tucked into her bed is followed by, "But I can see where you put it all. God damn."
Vivienne Vivienne glances down at her chest for a moment, and not seeing anything different, stray crumbs, or food, she shrugs. "I'm pretty sure I put it in here." She says, patting her stomach with a smug grin. She takes Buck's hand when he holds it out, and instead of reclaiming her chocolate she brings the back of his hand up against her cheek where she rubs it fondly. "Thanks for the animal and all this other stuff." When she lets go, she seems to make a decision and holds out the box of chocolates that Isabel had offered her and smiles. "Either of you want a piece?" The reluctance of actually parting with the chocolate can clearly be seen, but the effort is being made.
Isabel "I think my nerves are settled enough now, but thank you for the thought," Isabel replies, hugging Buck a little tighter before he lets go. She slips back into the bathroom to reclaim her old clothes. Some might be salvageable with a little laundering and mending.
She's just coming back when Vivienne offers chocolate. She smiles and shakes her head. "You'll need every piece once things get quiet, Viv. But thanks. I'd better get back to the boat while I can, preferably before the skipper misses me." Because explosions are bad enough: A run-in with the prickly owner of that particular yacht would be a perfect end to a perfect day.
Buck gets another hug, and Vivienne gets a careful one, and then Isabel gathers up bag, laptop, Timothy, and all. "I'll have my phone on, if case you need me," she promises. "See you soon! Get well soon, Viv." And she slips out the door, running the guantlet of emergency services and hospital personnel. She'll be back tomorrow, of course.