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Clarence Romance and exoticism, that is what Paris is meant to be for the average tourist. The odd bistro and cafes that line the main boulevards no doubt attracting tourists and residents alike for a chance at enjoying some simple cuisine. Or at least as simple as the french might stereotypically allow it to be.

Cafe Drei is a small such up and coming cafe in the area. The food had gotten decent enough reviews in the local paper and enough buzz had started to float out about that it might be the next big thing. Get in now or never The Chic decor, with modern stylized light fixtures and leather seats definitely indicate an almost surreal and new age look to the entire thing. This feeling no doubt accentuated by the black bar off to the side of the room that caters to all sorts of mixologies and other chemical concoctions.

It is a happening business day, at around noon, and most people are enjoying their crepes and alcohol as much as they can. Waiters in suits, busboys and the like no doubt filing in and out of the kitchen, some bringing dishes, others chatting nearby. Street parking to get here though has been a bitch unfortunately! No doubt when the place gets busy it will be insufferable!
Esa Taking the local advice from a French man that spoke broken English, Esa found his way to the Caf Drei. He was now settled within, a delicious sweet-tea set next to him along with a crepe made of strawberries and crme. His laptop was opened next to him, connected to some WIFI as he idly sift through the local media; a bored expression his face.
Elza Walker The door opens, and in walks a face that those who are familiar with the racing circuit will definitely recognize. While her usual racing jumpsuit is replaced with something more casual, namely a crimson Raccoon University sweatshirt, with blue jeans and white sneakers, the familiar ponytailed blonde hair and blue eyes with that classic smile are enough to let anyone who might follow the racing circuit to know that this is Elza Walker. Motorcycle racing specialist still in need of a sponsor ever since her career with Raccoon University ended abruptly. But the whole deal with getting a new sponsor is in the works for now. Right now, Elza just wants to enjoy something to eat and relax for awhile.

Taking a seat at the bar, Elza is quickly greeted by a bartender, who pours her a complimentary glass of water before offering her a menu to peruse. She thanks the bartender, then proceeds to read over the menu carefully. Some might be lost reading French, but Elza's taken French in high school and in college, so she knows how to speak it and read it. So far, nobody seems to have noticed who she is, but that could change.
Isabel Just wanting to get away from Jack's Bistro or her own cooking for one meal, even if it means reading stiltedly from a French phrasebook, Isabel Welsh steps into Cafe Drei, sighing with relief to be off the busy sidewalks. The bar beckons, as the place looks pretty busy even this early into lunch hour.
The dark-haired girl makes her careful way through the tables to the bar, one hand protectively over her laptop bag. She slips onto a vacant stool next to a blonde in jeans and a sweatshirt whose words jumped out at her: Raccoon University. "Hi," she says, as casually as she can manage with her chronic shyness. "You're from Raccoon, too?"
Vivienne The door opens and in walks Vivienne. She's not sure why she's here or what she's going to do, she's just looking for her next meal, really. She spies the crowds and shrugs, finding an empty stool to sit on at the bar. She holds up one finger to request a drink and leans against the bar, gazing around at the various people gathered here.
Trixie Trixie enters the Cafe from the street, looking faintly irritable from the battle just to find parking for her rented bike. "Next time rent something a little lighter," she grumbles, looking around for a table, but most, if not all, of them seem to be occupied. Somewhat reluctantly, she elects to go to the bar, finding a stool at the end and waving to the barkeep. Vivienne, who looks somewhat familiar, is greeted with a nod and a faint smile, but the others at the bar are only given thoughtful looks as she accepts the menu given to her by the bartender. "Merci."
Clarence Everything seems to be going well in the Cafe it looks like!. The Bartender moves to stand near the edge of the bar, leaning over to whisper a few things into the ears of one of the servers, clearly eyeing up Vivenne then. There will be a slight nod from the man as they move to slide a pen from their jacket pocket, moving to make a note of something. Elsewhere, a balding man in a cheap suit wearing a pair of thick spectacles comes out the back. He'll slap the back of one of the suited gentleman beside him, laughing as he goes. The gentleman's hands will remain in his pocket as he moves to walk out the door. Cheerful and wonderful!

Esa's waiter will get more than a little huffy when taking his order! Damn American's with their laptops and their general rudeness! The Bartender, now having to deal with four different clients though is soon back to work from his little trip out from behind the bar.. Trying his best to provide the perfect service with a smirk that he can manage. A water for Elza, certainly.. but now he was just trying to look busy and attentive, smiling when looked at. Oh yes, not suspicious at all.
Esa Esa leaned back in the chair and stared at the laptop screen; his hands moving behind his head. He bit the bottom of his lip, face contorting to a frown in thought. The natural instincts to pry and sleuth begged upon him and he simple sighed. Glancing from the system, he cut into the crepe once more and took a bite, smiling. They really did have good crepes here. Eyeing the tea, he looks to the waiter. "Excuse me, but could I get a refill?" He asks of the waiter. Glaring eyes are given along with a very curt nod before the waiter turns to meander off for the pitcher of tea. "Er, right.." Esa mumbles as he shook his head. He eyes the people coming in quietly, noting one person in particular - Vivienne; however doesn't say anything.
Elza Walker Meanwhile, Elza looks to Isabel, surprised that there's someone else here who speaks English and she smiles in response as well. "Oh yes, I am from Raccoon City too... or was anyway..." She frowns a little. "That was, until the whole incident occurred." She sighs. "Because of that, my whole racing career has been put on hold. At least the government has helped me out a bit so I'm doing OK otherwise." She smiles. "At least I'm not alone it seems." A laugh as if to lighten the mood.
Isabel "I was in the U, too," Isabel replies, nodding sympathetically. "I knew you from the theater, didn't I? I thought you looked familiar, but I just couldn't place the face." She smiles wryly. "Funny how much difference being clean makes, huh?"
She glances past Elza at the bartender, who seems to be watching the voluptuous girl at the bar awfully closely. And whispering to one of the servers. Maybe he's just putting together some scheme to get her cel number... or maybe not.
Vivienne Vivienne stares at the bartender for a few beats and then finally she speaks up. "Hey, my eyes are up here. Just bring me a strawberry sunrise or something, alright?" She rolls her eyes and glances down the bar, meeting Isabel's gaze for a moment before she spots Esa. She drops her face into her palm and groans softly. Is she going to have to apologize again, she hates when she trips up.
Trixie Trixie tries to look over the menu, but sighs as she gets a look at the text. "Wish someone would think of a multi-lingual menu or somethin'," she grumbles, resigning herself to studying the pictures and hoping something looks extra good. Vivienne's reply to the barkeep draws a glance at her, then the barkeep in question. "Everything okay?" she asks the rather curvy woman softly. The words 'Raccoon City' and 'Raccoon U' reach her ears, but the suited man leaving distracts her at a critical moment and she misses seeing who was saying them. She sighs to herself. "I have the attention span of a puppy today..."
Clarence A thinly accented "Apologies miss.. right away.." Will be offered in turn as slowly the balding man makes his way out of the building and out the door. Unfortunately for Vivienne, that sunrise.. will never come.

An explosion rips through the cafe, the location coming from above, the reverberating waves knocking most of the patrons off their feet though a lucky few remain upright.. though the ringing situation.. and the large hole in the top of the ceiling indicate that the blast is off to the corner of the room. Alarms go off, and it becomes abundantly clear that the debris that had fallen from the top floor.. was on fire, and likely to spread quickly throughout the room.

Of course the resulting shockwave likely sends Esa's valuable laptop flying, clattering onto the ground uselessly, and the table knocked over.. as well as Esa himself. Hs shoulder will ache and his head throbbing from the sound.. but at the very least he is more or less put together.

At the bar.. Proximity to the explosion has numerous and varied effects. For the unlucky Viv who is closest.. she will end up with a head splitting headache.. and likely end up taking a rather painful tumble from her spot at the bar. Maybe a concussion or a broken wrist or the like. Nothing that will keep her from walking out alive.. but it is uncomfortable to say the least. Today is not a good day for her. For Elza, if she had been in a painful wreck.. she likely had had worse, and at the very least.. nothing was broken. Isabel, likely due to being shielded by those two unfortunate individuals next to her is well off! Bruises all around.. and a pounding headache..

Trixie is just a fuckin trooper and while her ears ring.. is mostly unphased. The sound wobbles for each person in the bar.. and it may be difficult to get a sense for what exactly has happened right away.. or who or what is in immediate danger.... but at the very least for our five heros.. they were alive and aware of their surroundings.. which is more than someone could say for the NINE other people in the Cafe. Some trapped under rubble.. others just knocked out.
Esa Esa looks out the window quietly as he waited on the server and watched the people go by. Sighing, he shifted his gaze to the screen, however something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Catching Vivienne looking his way, Esa twiddles his fingers in a wave that pauses and lowers as she places her face into her palm. Well the...

Meanwhile, the waiter returns, pouring tea back into his glass and stops. Glancing to Esa, the waiter says "You should enjoy the scenery, the people and the beautiful outside the windows. Not." A nod is given to the laptop "That thing." A beat "Would there be anything else monsieur?" Pulling his attention to the here and now, Esa closes the laptop and shakes his head slowly. "Nope. That would be all, sir." A soft smile is giving more out of embarrassment then anything as he packs the laptop up.

Then comes the explosion rips through the cafe. Esa is thrown against the table and subsequently over it; his laptop-bag disappearing somewhere beneath debris. The table is over thrown as he goes over it, hitting his shoulder hard against the ground. He groans at the ringing in his ears and the blur of his vision.
Elza Walker One moment, Elza is attempting to make conversation with this young lady, trying to pass the time, then the next thing she knows, there's an explosion and she's lying on the ground, her body aching and feeling a bit banged up. In reality, it's more of the shock that gets to her, since she was never expecting something like this to happen at all. The truth is, she's been in many a wreck worse than this before, so her body is physically not badly hurt. Her ears are still ringing, though, which isn't a good sign for her hearing, although it does seem to be clearing up.

Once the shock finally clears, Elza forces herself onto her stomach then pushes herself onto her hands and knees slowly, wincing a little as she feels one of her arms might have been badly bruised, before getting onto her feet carefully. For a moment, all she can think about is trying to get the ringing out of her head and then get a better idea of what happened.
Isabel Isabel gives Viv a faint smile, barely catching her gaze before it drops to the counter. She follows it to Esa, frowning thoughtfully. But Elza's talking, and she looks up again to answer.
She never even gets the words out: A sudden sound like the loudest shotgun she's ever fired, and the next thing she knows, she's under the edge of the bar, her laptop bag digging painfully into the wrong shoulder. /Something/ just happened, and /something/ wasn't good at all.
She manages to lift her head, wincing at the soreness in her neck, and realizes that she wasn't the only one smacked around. She begins levering herself to her feet, taking stock as she does so. Cuts and bruises, for sure. Something's trickling down her forehead, and she absently brushes it away with a dirty hand that comes away tinged in red. "Oh... Elza? Miss?" she asks aloud, looking around and trying to make her head stop ringing.
She does manage to get her laptop bag, with the laptop and its precious video files inside, properly onto her shoulder again, a gesture that's far more reflex at this point than conscious thought.
Vivienne Vivienne watches the bartender walk away and she presses her lips together against saying something rude in French. Unfortunately the only French she knows *that* well. She gazes down the bar to answer the woman next to her when suddenly light and fire are her world. She's barely aware that she has been thrown away from the bar until she comes to a halt, knocking against something hard and unweilding. Other sounds assail her, but clearly the snap of a bone brings a scream from her lips before darkness claims her. Blood leaks from a few abraisions and scrapes, but she's out, her head lolling to one side like a child's toy.
Trixie "At least he seems to have manners," Trixie observes softly, with a faint smile for Vivienne. And then suddenly the world seems to vanish in noise and flying dust. Trixie had the incredible good fortune to be facing the bar and seated in a bent positon, and thus the shockwave mostly seems to graze her back and billow her long pigtails, leaving her shaken and her ears ringing, but free of any serious harm.

She looks up after a long moment of shock to find the ceiling all but gone and a spreading fire in its wake. "I have /got/ to stop going to cafe's..." she murmurs, looking wildly around the wreckage of the room for an extinguisher and possible victims of the explosion.

Mercifully, there is one behind the bar. Yay for public safety regulations! She is on her feet and moving to claim it before she is consciously aware of it. "IS EVERYONE ALL RIGHT?!!!" she shouts, partly over her ringing ears and partly due to adrenaline, her cheerleader's lungs lending considerable volume to the exclamation. Clearly some are not, and she tries to make notes in her mind as to just how many there are as she frees the extinguisher from its bracket and looks for fires in need of putting out...
Clarence As the scene starts to come more into focus.. it is really just disorganized pandomonium. The squeal of pandomoneium soon piercing through the the dull thudding and thumping sounds of pulsating noggins. It isn't clear what exactly is going on.. there seems to be blood all over the walls.. there are more than a few people trapped by rubble.. some with fire licking dangerous close to their heels. Yet even in this chaos it isn't even clear any of that is happening! Or how many people were trapped here in those specific circumstances.

The only thing for certain was that people were in need.. and someone.. would have to save them.. or they could very well perish before emergency services could arrive.
Esa Closing his eyes, Esa counts backwards and slowly opens his eyes. The blurry vision focuses, but the ringing continues. Fine then, he thought. Rotating, Esa stood up and wobbled on his feet. Pain throbbed in the shoulder and he frowned. Looking around slowly, he found his laptop bag hidden under the damaged table. Grabbing it, he wrapped it over his neck and shoulder before looking around. The befall on an adult male, probably late thirties. Walking over to him, he bends down and checks his pulse. Noting something, he turns to lift off a few bits of debris and proceeds to carry the man outside and set him against one of the vehicles. "Hey, can you hear me?" Esa asks as the man groans.
Isabel Isabel can see that Elza is at least walking and talking... But it looks like there are several who aren't, and under debris to boot. "Fudge..." she murmurs, looking around hastily. Surely a restaurant would have something sturdy lying around, suitable for moving heavy things. At this point, she'd even take a flimsy broom handle!
Her eyes latch onto a broken leg from Elza's barstool. With a cry of relief, she grabs for it. Seeing a mother and daughter stuck underneath a section of fallen wall, she hurries for it. "Just hold still, miss... and miss," she murmurs as soothingly as her racing heart will allow, wedging the stool leg under the wall fragment, coughing from the smoke that swirls menacingly through the room.
She pulls... and it works! The wall fragment is lifted, and the two are free! Which isn't a lot of immediate help, as they're barely conscious and can't walk, but at least it's progress!
Vivienne Vivienne shakes herself awake, hissing in pain with each movement. She puts subtle pressure on her wrist as she tries to stand and clenches her teeth together as a sharp pain shoots up her arm. She uses the other hand instead to pull herself to the feet, wiping blood from her eyes . She spots a person lying in the rubble, not able to stand unaided. She holds out a hand and with some careful manuvering she hauls them up and over one shoulder, staggering a bit at the weight. She hauls one person from the building and staggers back in, her breath heavy before she does the same with another. Once she gets them outside she staggers back in, cradling her wrist close to her chest.
Elza Walker Meanwhile, the ringing stopped in Elza's ears, and she finally got her senses back. She realizes that there is a fire here and that debris has fallen as well. Then she spots an older looking man nearby, looking like he's conscious, but can't get up. Reacting quickly, Elza rushes over and reaches down to help him up, before supporting the older man on her shoulder. "Just hold onto me, OK? I'm going to get you out of here." She carefully guides the man to the exit, leading him outside before bringing him to a nearby bench that, thankfully, didn't seem to be affected. She lets the older man sit down and says, "Just stay calm, OK? Help is on its way." She then rushes back in, looking for any more survivors.
Trixie Trixie can't find Vivienne immediately in the aftermath, with the air so hazy with dust and smoke, but she discovers pretty quickly that the worst of the fire is centered on a scattered pile of ceiling debris in the center of the floor area, mostly on top of two tables, and moves to hose down that section of floor. It's the work of several seconds to get the worst of it out. As the smoke clears, she sees two small figures lying partly under the loose wreckage of a table, thankfully only singed... but they aren't moving.

"Ohmigawd... there's two children over here! Someone help, please!!"
Clarence An Elderly gentleman, A Mother and Daughter, and a young man were just a minute earlier enjoying a day in paris. What could be better? And now they were unconsious.. but alive at the very least. THey had wounds, certainly but at the very least there was a chance they could still yet survive.

Things were less certain for the 5 people remaining inside the building. 3 of which were still in some shape or form.. obscured by rubble, flames or bleeding out.. and another 2 who were not under immediate threat of being lost.. but still trapped in a burning building.

A burning building that was rapdily filling with smoke. The enviorment no doubt getting more hazardous..
Esa Having stepped back in, Esa started to make his way inward when Trixies called for help. Turning, he made his way over to the table and blinks. Children.. It had to be children. With the table having already been moved, he steps in to assist Trixie; clearing the rubble and picking up each child carefully in either arm. "Alright madam, I'll help them out." He says to Trixie as he picks them up. He wasn't a strong man to begin with, but the weight of the children was just enough for him to carry. The laptop bag strained against his neck and shoulder as he carried them out.
Elza Walker Not content to rest on her laurels, Elza sprints back into the building, looking around for any more persons in need of assistance. Unfortunately, it seems there are still a few people trapped underneath the rubble of the building. Spotting the nearest one quickly, she pulls the rubble off with some effort. She strains a little, but finally manages to get the rubble off the trapped person. It appears to be a younger woman who is alive, but one of her legs is injured and she can't move it. Realizing what the problem is thanks to her fluency in French, Elza replies fluently, "I'm going to help you, don't worry. Just stay calm, OK?" She carefully crouches down to pick up the injured woman and carry her out of the restaurant. Once she gets her outside, Elza finds another bench nearby to set the woman on. "Rest here, all right? Help should be here shortly."
Isabel The still-burning flames make for hot work inside what's left of the cafe: Isabel's sweating hard within moment, from the exertion as well as the heat. But there are still people here in danger, even with people already being helped out. Ignoring the smoke as best she can and trying to breathe shallowly, the dark-haired girl follows the faint sounds of groaning to a couple of Parisian businessmen trapped under part of a table and a bigger part of what used to be the wall.
Shoving the sturdy stool leg beneath the wall fragment, she levers it away with a grunt of exertion. The table proves harder: It's dug into the floor, and there's some spilled vinaigrette that makes it tricky to lodge a prying tool against the heavy furnishing, but she has it moved with a few moments' effort. "Some more.. over here..?" she calls, hoping someone can hear her. It's getting hard to talk.
Vivienne Vivienne is staggering, but she pushes herself to keep moving. She cradles her injured hand against her, moving towards Isabel. "I got them." She assures the other woman, kneeling slightly to sling a person over her uninjured shoulder. She moves towards the door, obviously getting tired, but not letting it slow her down too much. After she deposits the first person outside safely, she staggers back in and gestures for Isabel to come with her as she lifts the second. "This place is going to go any moment, we need to get out of here." She turns then and makes for the door again, and when she drops off the second person , she slides to the ground a safe ways away from the rubble. She allows herself to breathe then, and gingerly touches a bleeding wound on her head. "Just great.." She mumbles.
Trixie "Oh, thank you..." Trixie all but moans in relief as Esa gathers up the two children and carries them out. She looks around the front room of what used to be a cafe, but sees the last of the poor victims being assisted from the scene of the disaster. The thickening smoke burns her eyes and throat, all but obscuring the bar area now, and the door to the kitchen...

"The /kitchen/!!" Abruptly she bolts for the door, in a meandering run through the obstacle course that the floor has become. A few guttering fires in her path are given swift blasts from the extinguisher, but she doesn't stop to deal with them completely, intent on her destination. She pauses and takes a deep breath, then slowly pushes open the kitchen door.

"Ohmigawd..." Tears from more than smoke sting blue eyes turned huge and horrified...
Clarence As the children, the adults and everyone was finally saved from the eatery the questions now might start flowing in.. What exactly had happened? There was an explosion of some sort! Was it an accident? Why was the building on fire? Well the explosion, but it still had some people nearby asking. Already a small group of people had gathered outside, watching Esa, Elza, Isabel and Viv come out like bonafide heros.

Only Trixie might be slightly delayed.. and inside she'll see just above the carnage.. of torn bodies and the living shredded by shrapnel and the force of a nearby explosion. Above there is almost a gaping hole to the room above.. the sight of a mahogany desk with ivory horns enamled at the end with gold atop its surface. A fairly odd business outfit for a simple Cafe.. but given the situation.. and the increasing amount of smoke further investigation is unlikley without death being the end result.

Either way.. everyone was safe and free, except Trixie who hopefully will excuse herself and escape. The fire department and police will arive in about one to two minutes time and will no doubt start trying to gain control of the situation and interview witnesses and find heros and perps!
Trixie The kitchen area is an abattoir. An abattoir with a well-ventilated ceiling, since there is a massive hole there. The little Trixie can see through the smoke is enough to tell her that even if anyone is alive, they have but seconds left. That huge desk draws a stinging-eyed look and a blink of confusion...

And then a scatter of burning debris from the ragged edge of the remains of the ceiling falls with a crash and a clatter, inches from her face, and she whirls and bolts for the door as more of the burning ceiling crashes down all over the room, accompanied by a mighty groan from the superstructure. Her time in here is well and truly up. But even as she bursts, coughing and sobbing, into the daylight, bathed in pretty red and blue lights from emergency vehicles, that image of the desk remains lodged in her mind...