Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chase Dalton Early morning, aboard the USS Liberty, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Europe --

Chase Dalton, agent of the FBC, leans against the ship's railing, enjoying the cool morning air. He's decked out in a set of blue coveralls marked by the FBC crest, and a pair of brown workboots. A lanyard around his neck is clipped to an ID badge, which he normally carries in his wallet.
Vivienne Vivienne walks onto the deck and gazes around, taking a deep bracing breath before exhaling slowly. She spots Chase and walks over to the railing, offering the man a shy smile. "Nice day out here, yeah?" She holds out a steady hand, palm up. "Vivienne Leigh. New recruit."
Chase Dalton Chase grips the hand, and smiles. "Chase Dalton. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the 'Liberty'." He stretches luxuriously, and backs away from the railing a smidge, before going into a series of yoga-like stretching maneuvers.
Vivienne "Did you come up here to work out?" Vivienne asks, moving off to the side where she sits on the deck and crosses her legs, indian style. She leans back on her hands and sighs. "I find that I like being on the water." After a moment she adds. "So how often do we get called out to deal with things?"
Chase Dalton "We're pretty much always on the clock." Chase responds, continuing to stretch. "At least, we should be ready to move out whenever. We're like doctors.. always on call." He hops up onto the railing, hangs from his legs, and proceeds through half-a-dozen hanging situps.
Vivienne "Well I haven't really had much rest in my life so I guess I am..always ready." Vivienne mutters, gazing away from the physical display and out towards the ocean. "What else can you tell me about life here?" She asks, trying to get to know the man in front of her. "How'd you"
Chase Dalton "Well, I got into the military out of high school, then went into law enforcement, and now here I am. That's the short version." He transitions into hanging pushups. "You need somebody to put lead on target from a distance, look no further than yours truly." His words are clipped with periodic exhaling as he works.
Vivienne Vivienne watches Chase and after a moment she mods twice. "I see, I'll keep that firmly in mind." She gets to her feet and walks over to the railing gazing out over the ocean. "Anything in Paris I should keep an eye on? Any rules I should be aware of?" She looks uncertain for a moment, and as young as she might be.
Chase Dalton Chase shakes his head. "As long as you keep your wits about you, you should be good to go. Golden rule, as well, of course." He doesn't miss a beat with his workout.
Vivienne "Yeah, I had a lot of practice at that." Vivienne says, folding her arms over her chest. "So is this how you spend your free time?" She gestures to him working out with a small smile. "Ever go anywhere fun?"
Chase Dalton "I exercise, drink, hunt, fish, read.. lotta different things." Chase responds, stopping briefly to glance over to Viv. "And yeah, went to Jack's Bistro a while back, had some fun there."
Vivienne "Sounds like fun." Vivienne says, not referring to which of the things that Chase mentioned. "I'm not bothering you, though, am I?"
Chase Dalton Chase makes a dismissive motion. "Psh! Not at all. Feel free to pull up a chair.. or some railing." He chuckles, and continues working.
Vivienne Vivienne takes a seat near the railing and nods. "Who else should I meet? Well everyone, I imagine, right?" She leans back on her hands and crosses her legs at the ankles as she speaks. "Could you tell me more about the FBC?"
Chase Dalton "Well, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission was previously known as the Federal /Biohazard/ Commission, operates as a subdivision of the United States military. The group was formed years prior to the Raccoon City outbreak in order to investigate the then-growing threat of bioweapons around the world, and to contain potential incidents." Chase carefully dismounts the railing, extending one leg, bracing himself against the deck with his hands, flipping around, and then rising to his feet. He turns to Vivienne before continuing: "In the wake of the outbreak, the Commission has stepped out of the shadows and into the light; we are authorized to undertake missions of extreme danger and importance, as we work to combat the growing threat of bioterrorism. You won't find just one branch of military here, you'll find all of them, and even individuals from the private sector. We also work with government-assigned liaisons."