Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vivienne It's a beautiful day in the city, clear with a nice gentle breeze coming off of the river. People walk around, participating in various activities, but the general air is calm and relaxed. Vivienne decided to take advantage of the the nice day and is out on a walk. Not that she is paying any kind of attention to anyone around her. She's buried in a book, sidestepping people with ease. A smell coming from some nearby food shop catches her attention and she pauses. Her eyes gazing around as she sniffs quietly.
Esa Ordering a American-classic coffee from a local bristo, Esa decided to take in the local sights of the city of Paris. He walked quietly, his suit jacket draped over his right shoulder, the cup held comfortably in his left. His eyes gaze and take in the area with fascination.
James Scott Beautiful day, right. James is out for a stroll, but the teen isn't cheery. He doesn't even look like a teen anymore, between all the scars and the way he carries himself. Today he's found a bench and is people watching, though behind his dark glasses and with one eye bandaged, it's hard to tell who exactly he's watching.
Vivienne Vivienne closes her book with a *thud* and decides to follow the smell. Her eyes are half closed and a peaceful smile makes her face look almost serene. She turns on a dime and starts to follow the smell and walks straight into Esa, nearly knocking him ass over teakettle. She grabs at the man and tries to keep him from falling, a distressed look on her face. "Oh my god, I am so sorry. Are you okay?" She shifts on her feet and glances around to see if anyone notices her having two left feet, a dark blush turning both cheeks red.
Esa Vivienne running into Esa both startled and saddened the young man. Notably because in an instant, his cup flew out of his hand, sailed through the air and spilt along the ground. Secondly he lost his grip on the jacket, which fell to the ground and third he nearly found himself on his ass if it wasn't for the hand that gripped his right forearm. Finding a stance, he looks to Vivienne and smiles softly "It's okay, madam." Then his eyes look to his left hand and he shifts to look for his now spilt cough "But I'm afraid, my coffee is no more." He says in a pout.
Markus Berger One of the people passing by on this arguably beautiful day is Markus Berger who apparently actually managed to suffer from cabin fever... or he has just finished work today although the result is the same for either. Of course the slight ruckus does catch his attention causing him to stop and look in the direction of it.
James Scott "Seems like a great day to run into people." James says, more to himself than anybody else. This was the third time somebody had smashed into another person this morning, though he figured at least one of them was a pickpocket. He sits back and crosses his one leg over the other and takes a drink from his own (spiked) coffee. It was never too early to start day drinking.
Vivienne "I can get you a new coffee." Vivienne offers halfheartedly, she really doesn't want to spend her money buying someone else goodies. She leans down, picks up the jacket and holds it out to Esa, hoping he doesn't take her up on her offer. "Here, you dropped this." She decides to give this new guy five or six seconds before she resumes her hunt for whatever smells good. She tries not to count out loud, or tap her foot impatiently.
Esa "I think it is a sign that I was not suppose to drink coffee today." Esa said in a warm tone of voice. A gentle smile is given as he takes the coat from her with his left hand. "Thank-you." He adds as he extends his right hand out to her. "Names Esa Collins."
Markus Berger "Probably. At least its convenient sometimes." That is said to James as Markus approaches him and sits down on the same bench without so much as asking or anything. "After all, I got something for you."
James Scott "Oh really?" James doesn't look at Markus, mainly because the man sat down on his blind side. "What would that be doctor?" He takes another sip from his coffee, attention still on Esa and Vivienne for the most part.
Vivienne Vivienne reaches out and shakes Esa's hand briefly. "Nice name." She says, already moving to walk away. "That's a no on the coffee? Good, I've got a meeting with some pie." She makes her way over to a vender and points at a view items on the cart, asking for a bag. The whole bumping incident forgotten already.
Esa Watching Vivienne, Esa just shakes his head "Right, bump and run for pie." He says aloud and mostly to himself; clear amusement in his voice. Rotating, he walks over to the vendor. "A Blue berry pie please." He asks, taking the pie and heads over to a table; settling in to eat.
Markus Berger Markus simply pulls out a letter from one of the pockets of his jackets and hands it over to James and abruptly talks a bit more silently. "This particular letter mentions a certain... James Marcus. No idea if its of any use of it since the majority of the original was destroyer before I got my hands on it." With that said he looks back over to Esa and Vivienne.
James Scott "Thanks." James takes the letter with a slight nod, looking it over. "The Federal Bioterrorism Commission was looking for him, but he managed to escape. Gandalf, they were calling him. Turns out somebody I went to school with went on that particular mission, and luckily for me she's in Paris. The biggest issue is going to be finding her. Maybe I can hit her up on Myspace." With the contents of the letter looked over he passes it back to Markus. "He's probably at Umbrella's old research facility in the Paradise Islands. Thanks, I know where I need to start looking now."
Vivienne Vivienne carts her purchases past the two on the bench and takes a seat of her own near the river. Scooting herself into a nice little niche where she can be largely left on her own. She reopens her book, and idly people watches while she eats her food.
Esa Esa enjoys the pie, listening quietly to his surroundings; eyes wondering a bit to take in the scenery.