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Chris Redfield It is October 23, on a Saturday evening and there is no wind but a heavy fog has settled over Paris which is so thick that is seems to be everywhere. Jack's Bistro is the same as usual, despite the fog it is usually busy on the weekend and today is no exception. Thankfully, the crowd is not as rowdy as it has been in the past and Jack had to hire a bouncer to keep people in line after a few past incidents.

Although, the presence of one man in particular might keep people in line. Seated at one of the tables, is Chris Redfield, the local media darling himself well not really a darling since he pushed the camera person out of the way when they tried to interview him. For the most part, the crowd leaves the man alone as he drinks his coffee while reading an American newspaper, the New York Times. There is also a plate of a half eaten sandwhich, looks like pastrami or some sort of cold cut on french bread.
Prestige William Caldwell Saturday evening, it's a...lovely night for a stroll..isn't it? Well that's what Caldwell thought! And what better place to be then in Paris! The FBC commando was in full uniform and equipment, though everything was neatly tucked away. He's seen what can suddenly happen and he didn't want to get caught off guard. Zombies are everywhere, yo! He takes a seat at a table and orders a nice lovely steak...wait...steak...steak has one s. Soylent Green has one s. STEAK IS SOYLENT GREEN?! That's what was going through Caldwells mind anyway as he thinks about random shit. He gives a wave to Chris as he spots him in a booth and picks up a coloring book and some crayons and COLORS THE FUCK out of those lines.
Chase Dalton Chase enters the bistro, adding to the olfactory cacophony permeating the grounds. Those with discerning noses would be able to detect various pies -- blueberry, strawberry, key-lime, and lemon meringue -- and other baked goods lingering from his clothes. He settles into a booth, and orders up a round of skirt steak and cheese grits. Almost as an afterthought, Chase orders a tall glass of Coke, and a shot of Kahlua.
Vivienne Not being used to Paris, Vivienne was walking around with a faintly confused smirk on her face before she spotted the Bistro. You can't go wrong with a food joint, she figured, stepping iniside and gazing around with pursed lips. She shrugs and walks to a booth, sliding into a seat, and primly crossing her legs. After placing an order for a sandwich and a glass of juice, she turns to people watch, trying to look as if she's only checking the place out.
Chris Redfield Chris glances up from his paper, when William waves him and he sets his newspaper down to give the tall man a wave back. His brow furrows just slightly, noticing that Caldwell is in his full FBC uniform and that he seems to be coloring of all things. "Caldwell. Are you working this evening? Is Wesker making FBC conduct foot patrols now in heavily populated major cities?" He takes a sip of his coffee, his lips curl up just slightly indicating that part of his comments were a joke but he still looks slightly bemused at Caldwell in full uniform with a coloring book. Glancing around the room, he notices Chase and Vivienne as they walk in one after the other. He nods politely to Chase and to the lady as they walk to their respective tables. His eyes linger a few seconds longer on Vivienne though as if trying to place her but then turn back to William to await his reply.
Buck Rogers The fog obscures. It renders men into beasts: silhouettes without human face or feature, swollen and grotesque, the eye played upon by tricks of light and cover-- in an alleyway near the bistro, the beasts bicker, protected from sight and sanction. They growl; they bite; they scratch; they bleed, and at last, one of the beasts wins, a massive lumbering shape that steps into the road light a ship might crest the horizon, an enormous white-shadowed figure drawn to the nearby Bistro like a lighthouse on the shore. Seen through the glass that exposes the outside world, that giant thing treads closer, rattles the door, opens it with the ringing of a bell and ducks in-- and there is Buck, walking in with the mists unfurling like red carpet, wispy arms clutched to him in a possessive lover's embrace. One of the brute's knuckles has an incision, a thin trail of blood marched down thick fingers; there's a splotch of blood on his side, too, stained deep into the suit. But he's grinning, all teeth and bright eyes, as he swaggers in and the fog dissipates. He's got the casual stare-down of a king, pushing through the sparse crowds and looking around once, twice. "Caldwell! God damn, imagine that."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues coloring the everloving fuck out of his coloring book and looks up at Chris "Might as well be on the clock. Never know when a bioterrorism attack is gonna take place. I'm just being prepared. And..I kind of got hungry so I came here. Not on Weskers orders though, kinda just doing it of my own accord. Trying to make sure people are safe, you get me?" he smiles at Chris and then grabs his steak and root beer, sipping the drink and then taking a bite of his steak. He gives a wave to Chase and then spots Buck "Heya Buck! How you been? I hear you're famous now! That's neat. I'm still working. Got a job in the FBC, working with Wesker still. He's really a great guy."
Vivienne Vivienne smiles up at the server as he delivers her order and she settles back, taking a bite out of her food with gusto. She tries to pay attention to the various conversations around her, not an easy feat as it's crowded. She blinks once and then once again as Buck steps into the bistro, she's seen a lot, but nothing like him before. She scrunches into her seat and nibbles on her sandwich, deciding that the food is good enough to ignore the rest going on around her until she feels like being social. Not that she usually ever wants to be.
Chris Redfield Chris quirks an eyebrow slighlty at William's reply then puts his finger up to his lips when he says the "B" word out loud, hoping that this is enough of a gesture to ensure that he doesn't cause a panic in the Bistro and nods when he speaks about doing things to keep people safe. "Good intentions, William. But you should probably not wear your uniform all that often in public unless you are on official business. It tends to make people, somewhat nervous and I know you are trying to protect people but sometimes being discreet about it is just as effective." He then looks towards the door, then looks up at the behemoth who walks in and recognizes the man, well sort of because could this be the same team leader of Charlie Squad from S.T.A.R.S. that he once knew from Raccoon City? He watches as he walks over to greet William, then William's reply back to him. Yup, that's Buck alright but he looks very /different/ from the man he knew before. Something a lot more feral about him, the way he moves, the way he looks around and certainly the way he acts. "Buck. Good to see you again. Glad you made it out too. It's been a long time." Chris says to Buck with that usual stoic expression he's known for when he was the Bravo Team Leader.
Buck Rogers Buck saunters. He makes love to himself with every step-- thumbs hooked in his pockets, head tilted up, gaze down his nose; there's a predatory arrogance to it, those baby blues staring at people like they're so much meat. His smile's always too wide. "Caldwell.. that's not the right shade of grey for an elephant." His right arm lazily drifts forward, moving to pluck the crayon from William's hands and replace it in the mega-box of crayons, retrieving another. "The darker one." Without even looking at the other man, Buck drags his stolen crayon along the picture, making a scribbling to show off the disparity in hues. "You can use the other to shade the ears a little, and bits of the back, but that's it." There's a pause, and then the man laughs, smacking William on the shoulder. "What the fuck are you doing coloring animals in uniform? Listen to Chris, dumbass-- they don't want you waltzing around mission-ready. Enjoy the down time." The hit was harder than is strictly friendly, and after Buck pivots, looking Redfield over. "Chris. Look at you, hero man; heard you saved some girl. Christ, it's been forever-- you disappeared in the mountains, never saw you again except on TV."

Buck's eyes drift to Vivienne after a moment. She stands out like a lamb to the wolf-- and Buck's in motion, rumble-thunderin' through open spaces that seem precariously claustrophobic when he's in them, looming over her as she eats. "Hey there, beautiful."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell looks up at Chris and frowns "Sorry...I'll try to be more discreet next time." he notices the B word scaring some folks and then blinks. What the fuck were THESE people worried about? They weren't risking their lives daily! Anyway, back to coloring. Suddenly- WILD BUCK. "Really? Are you sure? Elephants aren't this light?" he watches as Buck colors the elephant and hmms, scratching his chin lightly "Gotcha. I'll try it that way." then he's smacked on the shoulder "Ow..." he mutters. "I'm just trying to make sure everyones alright. Can't be too careful, right?" he offers a light wave and a shy smile at Vivi, before sheepishly going back to his root beer and steak "Hi Vivi." he says. He didn't know Vivi too well, just that her name was Vivienne and she was a new recruit to the team.
Vivienne Vivienne gazes up, and then tilts her head back a little more, finally meeting Buck's eyes. His words have her glancing over her shoulder before she drops her sandwich on the plate and jerks a thumb at her chest. "Me?" She squeaks, before she clears her throat. Her eyes shift briefly to the others in the bistro, trying to get some clue how she should react to this mountain of a man standing in front of her. She decides to brazen it out and after lifting her glass in a casual salute to William she eyes Buck boldly before she gestures to the other seat in her booth. "Sit down, so I don't get a crick in my neck, at least?"
Chris Redfield "Yeah, long story but I'm back now." Chris replies to Buck in a non-chalant manner as if faking one's own death in the Mountains is a pretty commmon occurence. He shrugs when Buck mentions he's some hero, "Just did what anyone else would've done. The important thing is that she's safe." He won't mention what happened to the bad guy, since the news already reported that part quite clearly. "Heard you are pretty famous now. Something about a book?" He then see's that Buck has turned his attention to Vivienne and she to him, so he leaves the conversation with that and turns his attention back to William. "No worries, kid." He takes another sip of his coffee after taking a bite of his sandwich, his turn now to people watch for a bit as William obviously knows who Vivienne is as well as Buck.
Buck Rogers "You," Buck confirms. His voice is more growl than speech, a deep-chested rumble that shivers his bones in that way only basso profundos do-- something suiting a man of his size and evident strength. He takes one look at her booth and opts not to sit opposite her-- instead, he about-faces and walks right away. His path brings him back to Chris and William, whereupon he snatches a spare chair and lifts it up with a bloody-knuckled grip. "Yeah, a book called Raccoon City," he explains. "New York Times bestseller since it came out. Doing my part to help the world; bring attention to all those awful demons in that city of the damned." A haunting choice of words not matched by the frenzied light in his eyes.. a light that shines down on the lovely Vivienne as he storms his way back to her, plopping the chair down and sitting in it. This way, he needn't squeeze into a booth much too small for him. He's had enough of that. "Buck Rogers. You know me, sweetheart, so let's get to know you. What's your name?"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell finishes coloring his elephant then goes back to his steak, cutting into it and then taking a nice big bite of MEATY GOODNESS. Then downing it with the rest of his drink. He nods to Chris and smiles sheepishly again. Then goes back to coloring. "I've read your book..something about a Wilma? You never adventured with a Wilma though I don't think, did you? Is she like..your new girlfriend or something?" he looks down at his coloring book and sighs as Buck goes aboot schmoosing. His teammate no less!
Vivienne "V-vivienne Leigh." The name comes out like a question, but she knows her own name, she's just nervous. She sticks out her hand, palm up, for Buck to shake. "I've heard of you, of course." She glances at her sandwich for a moment, wondering if it's rude to eat in front of a guest, and decides that being polite has to take a back seat to finishing her meal. William's mad scribbling into the coloring book distracts her for a moment, but then she remembers herself and turns back to Buck. "So uhm, did you want some of my sandwich?" She gestures to it, a pitiful bite or two of something that resembles cold cuts. Well, it's the thought that counts.
Chris Redfield Chris nods as Buck tells him about the Book, "Huh, might have to read it one day then. Too bad you aren't in an outfit anymore, you were a good leader but if your happier with your new life, all the power to you. I'll see you around." Redfield has that stoic expression again and watches as Buck hefts the chair as easily as a twig, then walks back over to Vivienne's booth to socialize. He glances at William as he continues to color, then begins eating his steak as the young former rookie S.T.A.R.S. officer now turned FBC commando continues to speak to Buck, who is obviously very preoccupied with the lady he's engaged in conversation with. He's kinda glad that most of the people in the bar have now turned their attention towards the larger than life /true/ celebrity in the Bistro.

Chris continues to eat his sandwich, then unfolds his newspaper to find the Sports section to read about his beloved Yankees baseball team.
Buck Rogers Buck lifts a hand and waves it vaguely in Will's direction. "You never met her," he explains, watching Vivienne as he speaks to the other. That heavy hand falls to engulf the girl's offered limb; such is the difference in size that hers becomes lost in it, a rough-padded thumb brushing along the sensitive skin of her wrist as he holds her tight. "Just a minor character. Stories need those, Caldwell; if you don't sprinkle in those little details, make the world all full'a life and wonder... You gotta be memorable." A flash of teeth, and the tip of his thumb continues to stroke her skin. The lights have a way of dancing around his figure, his angles severe enough, his shoulders broad enough, his suit and accessories dark enough that he's living chiaroscuro. His shadow drowns like water. "That's a beautiful name, baby girl." His other hand, the one with the bloody knuckles, scoops up what remains of her food and smashes it into his mouth. "C'mere," he says, flicking the crumbs off his beard with a casual scratch and giving her wrist a tug, patting his lap. "You see that guy over my shoulder? Chris Redfield; saved a girl's life the other day. That other fella? William Caldwell. My former subordinate; he's a good kid, little thick, means well. You're in a room full'a heroes, sweetheart."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell sighs again at Buck and flips the page on his coloring book. Now he's on the drawing section and he begins drawing a superhero. It's HIM. In a superhero costume no less, complete with cape! He frowns and replies "She's my teammate, Buck. She works for the FBC." he blinks and frowns even harder "Why wasnn't I included in the story then? I'm memorable..right?" he finishes his steak and then goes to his fries. Dipping them in ketchup and nomming on them. "I've saved some people...probably..."
Vivienne Vivienne gets pulled onto Buck's lap and a flash of amused irritation flashes across her feature before she carefully masks it. Maybe she's a hero too, he can't know for sure. She nods at Buck and gestures towards William. "I do work for he FBC." She says, and makes the attempt to clamber off of Buck's lap and back to her seat. She gestures for another sandwich and after a moment she speaks up again. "A room full of heroes?" She gasps, fluttering her eyelashes as a sardonic smile gives her a wicked look. "Well I had no idea, perhaps I should sit on the other side of the bistro with the rest of the little people."
Chris Redfield Chris's eyes flicker upwards from reading his newspaper, glancing towards Buck and Vivienne for a moment when he hears his name being mentioned. He quirks an eyebrow slightly, when Vivienne gets pulled into Buck's lap momentarily and watches as she tries to break free to get back to her seat. He shakes his head, then lowers his newspaper now putting it onto the table, pushes his chair back, stands and then walks over to the booth where Buck is. "Hi. I'm Chris Redfield. Couldn't help but overhear that Buck has already mentioned me." He then glances towards William as he says that Vivienne is his teamate in the FBC, not really knowing what the rest of his comments are about reagarding Wilma or the story.
Buck Rogers "Legal issues," Buck calls to William. Held close to him like she is, Vivienne can feel how every word makes his body tense and vibrate, and feel the absolute solidness of his frame. He's more animal than man, drinking down whatever steroids and growth hormones they feed bulls. "Can't go using just anyone's name or likeness. You have to change some things around so it plays nice with the lawyers. We all know how much ass you kick, Caldwell." When the girl slips away, the bearded brute's lips curl for just a moment-- that wide, toothy smile becomes something altogether more feral. "You're a little soldier girl?" He sounds disbelieving, his eyes dripping down her like a wild rain, clinging to every exposed inch and soaking through what fabrics conceal her plush curves. "You a medic, beautiful? C'mon, that sounds interesting." His hand is still around hers, tight at her wrist, though he's not restraining her, per se-- he'll let go if she really pulls. But if she hesitates, he's drawing her back to him again. He's smiling. "Tell me all about it. You know it ain't what a girl as pretty as you should be doing, chasing hell." It's at this point Chris waltzes over.
Prestige William Caldwell William shakes his head at Vivi "I'm not that big of a hero. You're free to sit with me if you want. I'm little peoples too." he goes back to his coloring buck and notices a bit of ketchup on his thumb. And he sucks the SHIT out of his thumb for all about a brief second to get all the ketchup off. Yep. He was a pretty dumb kid. He lets out an "Oooh." and then replies "I wouldn't have sued if you used my name Buck, and I don't think my parents would of either...I don't think they're allowed to sue in my name anymore anyway. I'm 18 now." he scratches the back of his head "I think she's just a soldier, Buck. I don't think she's a medic. I'm pretty much one of the only field medics. Why, did you need medical attention? I can take a look at you if you want. Might not be the best though cause i've still got some fairly fucked up ribs after that Tyrant bodychecked me."
Vivienne Vivienne allows her wrist to be held, not pulling away as she considers how to answer Buck's question without using the language she's picked up on the streets. She remembers herself and relaxes the tension from her frame. Her gaze flits from person to person, not completely happy about being talked about like she's not there. "He's right, I'm not a medic." She leaves it at that, mystery is it's own allure. She gestures then to Buck's bloody knuckles and a slight flash of concern shows on her face before she shuts it away. "You should let him look at that."
Chris Redfield "Right, well I didn't ask about your profession but if you don't want to give me your name, that is okay." Chris says to Vivienne as he gets snubbed during his introduction, she must be too overwhelmed by Buck's machismo or something. He glances between Buck and Vivienne, "So is everything okay here or am I just rudely interrupting?" He then looks over to William as he mentions Tyrant and his messed up ribs. "Wait a second, William. Did you just say Tyrant? What do you know about?" He glances back towards Buck's hand, that Vivienne mentioned is injured and huhs. "Buck, your bleeding all over the place. What happened?" But his attention is mostly on William now, as he seems quite focused on that Tyrant word that the FBC commando brought up.
Buck Rogers The vice of Buck's hand releases; should the girl's wrist bruise and carry his mark, it's an unintentional side-effect of being strong enough to kill with your bare hands. "Huh? Oh, that." He rotates his wrist and flexes his fingers, gazing down at the slow-bleeding cut on his knuckle. "Didn't even notice. Sweetheart, grab those napkins for me." He smiles down at her and stretches his hand toward her that she might pamper and tend to him. The confident ease of the movement and command suggest a certain magical thinking that the world will just obey. "Must have cut it shaving."
Prestige William Caldwell William shrugs as Vivi denies his invitation to join him at his table through not even responding. His low self esteem going even lower. At least he was useful as a medic! "Uhhm...I guess he doesn't want it." he looks over at Chris "'s big...scary, strong. It fucked up my ribs with a single move. I blew it up though. I don't know much besides that. And I don't think i'm at liberty to say much else, I think I messed up saying that much actually. It was on The Heaven Of The Sea." he looks over at Buck and frowns. "Are you sure you don't want me to fix you up? It'll only take a second."
Vivienne Vivienne takes a deep breath and after she exhales slowly she focuses on Chris and offers him a brief smile. "Vivienne Leigh." She says quickly, moving to offer him a hand to shake until she realizes it's still swallowed by Buck's much larger hand. When he lets go, she slowly rotates her wrist and gazes down at his hand that he's held out for attention. "Are you serious?" She mutters quietly, picking up a few napkins and placing them gingerly on top of the bleeding wound before taking a healthy step back. "Yeah, what he said. He knows what he's doing." She says, gesturing toward William. "Let him fix it."
Chris Redfield Chris pauses, taking in what William has told him about the Tyrant he encountered on what seems like the Heaven of the Sea's no less. "Yeah, I understand and thanks. That helps me out a lot, kid." He gives Will an appreciative nod and then looks back towards Vivienne. "Nice to meet you Vivienne." He extends his hand, after seeing that her's was preoccupied in Buck's until he let go and gives Buck a rather serious /look/ when she complains that he may have held her a hand a bit too tightly. Rather than cause a scene with the big man at the moment, he will take her lead and motion to Will to slide over to take a look at Buck's hand. "Yeah, Will you should patch him up. Wouldn't want it to get infected." If Vivienne takes his offer for a handshake, he will not make it as firm as he usually does since he doesn't want to injure it any further and will gently lead her away from the booth back to his table so that William can tend to him. "Care to join me at my table for a bit? You can have half of my sandwich." What Chris offering up his own sandwich!? That doesn't happen very often.
Buck Rogers The defining quality of a predator is laziness. If the initial ambush fails, and the prey gets far enough away, conserve energy and live to hunt another day; that natural principle is one Buck adheres to by instinct. The melting of tension is visible as he releases Vivienne--his shoulders sink a little, his spine arches, and with an exhale his every muscle relaxes. He looks bored, almost, one elbow on the table, the clean knuckles pressing into his cheek, squishing his face. "Alright, Caldwell," he calls, voice flush with dull resignation. "Come make sure I don't die." He flutters his fingers, making the napkins rise and fall, though the wet cling of his red-staining blood keeps them glued to his skin. He's not even looking at the girl anymore, or her square-jawed savior. They effectively don't exist.
Prestige William Caldwell William nods to Chris "You're welcome..I think? Don't tell anyone I told you please. I could go to jail. I think." he waves to Vivi again then smiles at Chris "I got this!" he walks over to Buck and quietly pours some hydrogen peroxide onto the wound, then bandaging up the wounds with some hello kitty stickers. "There! All done! Have a smiley face sticker." Caldwell places down a smiley face sticker and packs up his medkit, putting it back on his belt then finishing his meal, yawning and looking around "It's getting late..I should probably head home."
Vivienne Vivienne follows Chris and gestures back towards her table. "They're bringing me another sandwich..." She begins, but then shrugs it off and goes with it. She takes a seat at Chris's table and gazes down at the newspapers and such and smiles. "Keeping up with the news? Most of it's bad lately, I don't read any of that." She sneaks a quick peek back towards her table, a slight frown on her face.
Chris Redfield "Oh, well if they are bringing it back to that table I'm not sure if there will be anything left for you by the time you get back there." Chris replies with a wry grin and looks down at the newspapers for a moment before looking back towards Vivienne. "Nah, mostly just reading the sports section. I hear enough bad news on the radio or from television." He takes picks up his cup and finishes off his coffee, then slides the plate with half his sandwich towards you. It was cut in half so there aren't any bite marks on it or anything. "I didn't mean to take you away from your table if you didn't want to be, but Buck well he's a lot different than what I remember him. We used to work on the Police Force together back in States. Guess, people do change over time and fame, well perhaps it has gotten to his head." Redfield then notices the frown on her face, "What's wrong?"
Buck Rogers The cleansing burn of the bubbling peroxide is meditative. Feel the sting, how the nerves agitate, and the incision in the skin is cleared of debris; wipe it away and here comes the bandages, the pressure and softness psychological palliative. The sensations center Buck, pain bringing clarity, focus-- a reminder to him of how bored he is rotting away in society, when he could be killing, hunting, ruling. "You're the queerest fucking kid I know, Caldwell," the lout grunts, staring down at the Hello Kitty stickers. "Come on. Lord knows you need to finally get laid, and I need a drink. We're hitting a bar. Drop the god damn stickers and the coloring book. Drunk girls love a man in uniform." With that, Buck pushes off and wanders out after Caldwell, resolved to convince him to party rather than go home.
Vivienne "Nothing is wrong." Vivienne murmurs, a faint blush coloring her cheeks. "So he wasn't always like that?" She asks, pretending to be uninterested as she picks up her sandwich and nibbles at it, idly pushing the newspaper around a bit to gaze down at the sports section. She takes the final bite of the sandwich and slides the chair back, getting to her feet. "Thanks for the sandwich, but I probably should be going as well. I'll have to be up in a few hours." She sticks her hand out again and offers Chris a quick smile. "It was nice to meet you."