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James Scott It's been a shitty couple of days. Seems like when it goes from bad to terrible in a matter of moments. But for now at least it's quiet. So James has found himself a nice shady spot under a tree and laid himself up to take a nap. Except sleep won't come thanks to the shooting pain in his face.

He's dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a black pullover hoodie. It appears he was also injured recently, as bandages wrap around his head, covering his right eye. "Maybe one day everything will be quiet. That'd be nice."
Emma Bad days. Emma too is having those. And for that, just isn't herself. It's not been all to long since she was released from hospital, and after a brief stop in back at the chateau, the lass had left again. Dressed in some warm, simple clothes. A hoodie that says 'Scotland' on it, and a pair of skinny-jeans, along with some converse shoes, the red head managed to get out hopefully unnoticed. With her was Shaemus, but he is the only indicator that his master is even around. At most, what people see, is him, sitting under a tree, looking up at something within its branches.
Yoko Suzuki It's been a bad few days for Yoko as well. Ever since that so-called 'informant from TerraSave' turned out to be a hit man (who nearly killed her had it not been for Chris protecting her like that,) Yoko has been more on edge than ever. She's been trying to put it behind her and move on while learning a lesson, but the memory still lingers deep within her. She realizes not only was she nearly killed, but also numerous other innocent people too. Chris saved not only her life but numerous others too. From what she's heard, Chris is fine, just a little banged up. Regardless, this is one memory that won't go away easily.

Underneath a small patch of trees, Yoko sits cross-legged with her eyes closed and her hands resting in her lap. She is wearing a grey sweatshirt with the logo of Raccoon University on it, along with her blue jeans and red sneakers. The look on her face seems neutral enough, but if one were to look close enough, they'd see a slight hint of unease on Yoko's face.
Markus Berger A certain doctor meanwhile actually did notice Emma leaving since it hasn't been particularly long since they talked. So now Markus has been following her for a while now and is approaching the tree where Shaemus is at a swift pace. After all, someone has to be make sure she is and stays fine. For a certain value of fine.
Chase Dalton Mission, mission, mission, and mission. Day after day it's been one mission after another, and Chase is glad to finally have some down-time. He's decked out in a pair of sneakers, well-worn blue jeans, a blue shirt marked by the FBC crest (with a pocket for bits and bobs on the left side), and a green cotton hoodie. He travels along the path, jogging along to the beat of some music playing through his headphones, the cord of which can be seen going into an MP3 player tucked into his pocket.
James Scott James sits up with some minor difficulty, his eye finding Shaemus and then Markus. Naturally he pushes the rest of the way up onto his feet and breaks out in a run over to where they are. He'd tried a few times to get in touch with Emma, but she was in the hospital, so this could work out. Yoko and Chase go unnoticed for the moment, which is probably a good thing for the latter.
Emma Shaemus whimpers a little, and goes to put his paws up onto the trunk of the tree. He woofs, wishing to grab someone's attention. At most, there is a rustle in the branches and some leaves fall, Emma is the one up there, having climbed the tree. Though as it is, the lass is totally unaware of all people around her this second. Shaemus goes back down on all paws, and spots Markus, going to walk his way with a woof, James too, gets a look. His bark is loud enough for any to hear.
Yoko Suzuki The sound of the barking is heard by Yoko, and she slowly opens her eyes to see what is happening. They dart from side to side a few times as she sees what is happening, as if attempting to figure out what is going on here. She was apparently so lost in her meditation that she forgot that others might be here. Sighing a little, Yoko uncrosses her legs and stands up, before stretching out a little. She doesn't walk away though, instead opting to do some Tai Chi movements to try to relax a little more. She's not saying anything to anyone yet, but that's not because she's unfriendly. She's just got a lot on her mind.
Markus Berger Markus briefly looks between Shaemus, the tree and the approaching James, the later of which gets greeted with a short look of surprise before he simply points up to the three. Hopefully thats going to be enough to point out where Emma is as the doctor shifts his attention to Shaemus instead to pet him for a bit.
Chase Dalton Chase turns in and toward Yoko, stopping short. He offers a smile, and proceeds to join her, keeping a respectful bubble of space between them. His form isn't perfect, but neither is it day-one-out-of-the-box-beginner horrible. It gets the job done. If one is close enough, one can hear "Finally Moving" by Pretty Lights playing over his headphones.
James Scott "Good boy." James says to Shaemus, dropping to give him a pet and Markus a Wave before swinging himself up into the tree. He really makes it look easy, but it's a skill he honed way back in Raccoon due to his love of tree napping. "Hey, you alright? I tried to catch up to you last night, but I got a little distracted." The teen motions up towards the bandages on his face.
Emma Within the tree, Emma is sitting, legs out over a thick branch, her back against the trunk. Eyes are closed, her long red hair in a ponytail. She is listening to music, and truly didn't expect for someone, and James of all people, to be suddenly there in the tree. Feeling the branches shift as he came up eyes flash open, and with a start the woman jumps, nearly fralling from the branches but managing to grab on the last second. From below, it looked as if she was about to fall right out of the tree. "Ja -- James, what tha fuck!" Looking at her, one can tell she isn't exactly herself, eyes seem tired, and distant. "I'm -fine-." Is the only reply, and from there, she goes to climb down the tree.
Yoko Suzuki At first, Yoko is so caught up in her Tai Chi that she doesn't notice there's someone else beside her. Then the faint sound of music is heard, and Yoko makes a sound of curioisity. She turns towards the sound of the music, and then jumps back a little, letting out a notable, 'YAH!' as she does so. When she sees it's not anyone dangerous (apparently,) she starts to catch her breath a little while holding a hand across her heart. "I'm sorry... I'm just on edge right now... it's nothing personal."
Markus Berger Fortunately even if she were to fall there is Markus standing down there and waiting so even if it wouldn't have ended badly. Still, good thing he didn't have to and instead is just watching Emma climb down. "You certainly are not fine, Emma." is his rather tired sounding comment.
Chase Dalton Chase shakes his head. "I'm the one who should apologize for startling you." He offers a hand to Yoko. "Chase Dalton." He flashes one of his lady-killer smiles. "May I join you? You have exceptional form." He gestures indicatively.
James Scott "Oh." James just sits there for a moment. "Oh." He climbs down after her, a bit of red starting to appear on those bandages, but instead of a glow this time it's wet. Blood. "Well that makes one of us. I'm sorry I bothered you." It seems like he's actually deflated from Emma's tone. Always one to know when he isn't wanted he turns and starts walking away.
Emma Emma lands on her feet, she is nimble. Climbing trees has been something she has done all her life, after all growing up on the acerage, one leans to work with nature. Shoving headphones into her sweater pocket eyes watch James for a moment. "Dammit." Mutters the redhead, shaking her head too. "James - are, ya okay?" Least that shows she is worried about his well being. To regard Markus, shoulders slump a little. "I'm -fine-. Why can't I be just fine!?"
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, Yoko is working on catching her breath still as she regains her composure. "I'm Yoko Suzuki. I'm kind of in a dazed state today, so I'm not quite myself." She reaches down to open her backpack and take out a bottle of water which she takes a sip of. "Don't worry about startling me, a lot of people have done it to me today."
Markus Berger Markus just stands there looking between the clearly distraught Emma and the leaving James. "James, get your thick, bulletridden skull out of your behind and get back here. Emma is feeling like shit after the catacombs and you aren't improving that in the least by just leaving her here! If you all want to feel sorry for yourselves then you can just as well do that together!" Going by the decent increase in volume and the fact that he himself is now walking away to vent somewhere it might be the doctor is kind off sick of... a lot of things now. Including being absolutely helpless when it comes to people.
Chase Dalton "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Suzuki." Chase responds, offering a small, polite half-bow. "I try not to startle folks, at least not unless I'm /looking/ to get the drop on them." He grins.
James Scott "Yeah, I'm fine." James stops, but he doesn't look back at them. "You could have been. But you let your good nature get the better of you. The catacombs are dangerous, even without those assholes pretending to be zombies." He finally turns around, this time he isn't wearing his glasses, so it's obvious he's looking at Emma with his good eye. "There's nothing wrong with being scared though, I want you to know that. You went through hell. Literal hell. I know how hard it was for you after everything, and I know I wasn't there for you like I should have been. But this time I am."

He flashes a sad sort of grin, "Assuming you want a one eyed monster like me to be there for you." Then he looks back over at Markus. "And Doctor, don't think just because I have an orbital blowout fracture and one eye I can't kick your ass." That grin turns playful to show he's at least joking, maybe he doesn't have anything against Markus. "Just give me a few weeks. I heal fast, but not that fast."
Emma Emma hugs herself, as James speaks. Damn. Looking down there is a slow breath, her head shakes a bit. Slowly, she look back up to James. "I -" A pause, because what does she say to that. "James.. yer - yer a friend, okay. Yer like family, an' I don't mind ya bein' 'round. But -" Now, this is said to them -both-, eyes going between them. "I - I get'ya all wanna be there, but I dun wanna be anyones problem either. We've all got enough burdens, I shouldn' be one of them either. I just need my time, okay? In two days I relived Racoon. I relived Ricky. -Ricky-." There is a weight to her words, it's as if that experience was worse than the zombies. "And don't - don't'cha think I'm sitting here not feelin' like a weakless bag'o'shite. I just -" There is a small huff. Perhaps Yoko and Chase are close enough to hear all this, Shaemus looks over their way and woofs a bit, in his natural dog sort of way. "Just please - oh fuck I don't know anymore,"
Yoko Suzuki "Just Yoko is fine," Yoko replies with a small bow herself. "I understand what you're--" She trails off as she hears the noise of how Emma is speaking, and she turns to face her. She stares, almost with a sense of intrigue and concern. She moves just a tiny bit closer as if to try to listen better to what is being said.
Markus Berger "James... you could kick my ass with your entire head missing and knowing your freaky biology one day you will simply start regrowing that eye." That is pretty much all the doctor gets out before Emma starts talking and pointing out how miserable she feels. "I'd like to point out again that you have to put a lot more effort into it if you want to be a burden for me. I mean, you are one of the few reasons why I haven't just given up on humanity by now and thats quite the opposite of being a burden." Having said that the doctor just throws his hands in the air in resignation. "I just don't know... Everythings a mess and you shouldn't have to deal with all this. Damn it, of all of us here Shaemus is likely the only sane one left."
Chase Dalton Chase fishes a pack of smokes out of his hoodie, offering one to Yoko before tapping one out for himself. He doesn't sit there puffing on his cigarette for long, though; Chase's cigarette ends up being field-stripped and stashed in short order, as he glances around the locale and sighs quietly.
James Scott "Don't ever think you're a burden to me." James presses his lips together in a hard line, as Emma mentions Ricky. "I wake up every day wishing I'd killed him before the outbreak. By hurting you he hurt me more than anybody else ever could. But I'll give you your time and space. Just promise you'll come see me if you need to talk." Apparently he doesn't plan on staying and bothering the woman anymore, because he turns to leave again. He still doesn't notice Chase or Yoko, probably because they're on his blind side. It's been a long time since he felt as helpless as he does not being able to help her now.
Emma This must be quite the show for everyone. Emma came to get away, to climb that tree and just space out. But here they are now, Team Night - as they came to be called, a group of survivors from Racoon who started out as strangers and become family. And with that level of comfort, well, times such as this happen. She is still hugging herself, staring at the grass as Markus speaks. These past few days, have been nothing less than a whirlwind. Most of it pain, fear, and her mental self shattering. Yet something the doctor says strikes a cord. Slowly she looks up to him, those grey-green eyes fixed on the german. "I'm why you've - you've not given up?" This hits her, like a ton of bricks, but this time in a good way. The lass was considered to be the 'heart' of the team, and this past while there was nothing connecting her to that moment. Still, the words shake her up all over. Eyes water, and a few tears begin to tumble down her freckled cheeks.

Due to this, there isn't much that can be said to James as he goes. Right now she is doing her best to just not sob. When there is a look his way, it's finally realized that Chase and Yoko are there, watching. "Oh - oh gawd." Mutters the woman, looking down and trying to wipe the tears that refuse to stop off her cheeks. At least this is release, a needed one. Even if it is in front of people, and maybe that's what made her that aspect of humanity the team, or people saw her has, the ability to be truly raw in a moment, truly human and nothing more.
Yoko Suzuki All Yoko can do is walk over to the young woman and offer her a tissue from her pocket. "It's all right, everything will be fine," Yoko says as she holds up the tissue. "I know it's not much comfort, but I can sense you're in a lot of pain and I do sympathize with you."
James Scott Where one member of Team Night finds their comfort, another finds only despair. James misses Emma's response to Markus, and he doesn't seem to either notice or care that Yoko is also there. Rather he tugs something metallic from his waistband, but instead of a gun this time it's a flask. He pops the top and turns it up easing both the physical pain from his face, as well as the emotional pain in his chest.

"I'm tired of this dirty old city," he starts singing to himself, "and tired of too much work and never enough play. And I'm tired of these dirty old sidewalks, think I'll walk off my steady job today." It's a song he hasn't sung since the day Emma was taken.
Markus Berger The others present don't get much more of a reaction out of Markus than a glance as he instead swiftly approaches Emma to hug her. Especially with James just starting to drink and break into song. Its the only thing he can do and is able to come up with right about now as he really isn't good with people. He really isn't.
Emma Emma was due to break, and this is exactly what is happening now. In the background of her own tears, the lass realizes sees James take a drink, can hear him suddenly singing. It's confusing, to say the least. But then Markus is there, hugging here. Knowing full well this is a big thing for him, a big supportive gesture, her arms come up to return to hug while she sobs a little. What gets her the most out of this, is Yoko. The face rings a bell, but it's the simple gesture of the tissue. For her, it's the same way that Markus said how she makes him think a sliver well of humanity. The moment it's handed over, there is another sob, but with a thankful smile. "Yer - yer so, so very kind. Th - thank ya." It's used to wipe at her cheeks. "And aye, I - I am in pain." No use in acting like she isn't!
Yoko Suzuki Putting an arm on Emma's shoulder, Yoko's voice starts to turn a bit more soothing. "It's all right if it hurts. You can go ahead and let it out." This is a dramatic turn from the previously nervous and stressed out Yoko from a moment ago. Emma's face does ring a bell, but Yoko doesn't recognize it yet.
James Scott James' singing eventually fades as he heads through a wooded area, vanishing from sight. This feeling is what pushed him to Umbrella and their genetic enhancements in the first place. He wanted to get stronger to keep his friends safe. But it's suddenly very clear he can't do that, not only that but his help isn't wanted. Some bad days only get worse.
Markus Berger Markus barely registers that James has left and when he does his thoughts are nothing flattering. At all. He still hugs Emma for a bit longer before letting go off her and looking over to Yoko. "Thank you for trying to help, but you... you look familiar." The doctor had to react to that one person that randomly showed up at some point. Might as well be now.
Emma The kindness of Yoko just makes this easier, makes her guilt for feeling like an attention whore - for lack of a better term that the player can think of in this second, fade. It's these moments, that define humanity beyond pain and suffering. To have compassion for strangers, it's a part of Emma that had faded recently, a part that begins to feel renewed. So thusly, the tears tumble down harder, a hand going to wrap around the other woman's waist, accepting her kind offer of support. The same goes for Markus, her arm is tight around him, her friend, her team mate, her family, the two combined just being there, in support of her moment seems to crack open the walls that need to be shattered.

Briefly her eyes look up, but James is suddenly gone.
Yoko Suzuki Yoko didn't notice James being there, she was just trying to console Emma as best as she could. "Are you OK? Do you need anything else?" She tries to sound as helpful as possible, trying to keep the previous uneasiness from seeping back in.
Emma Emma nods a little to Yoko, but words aren't here thing at this moment. For now, she is with them both, the trio there, under the trees, together in what one would look at as a group hug. It's a thing, a great thing, to see. For it helps her to release the pain that hit her so fast and hard, and to also realize and know that with friends, and even strangers, that compassion and strength can be found, for this is what they offered her here. That strength and compassion to release. And it's here she cries, letting it all out, feeling safe with them.