Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's now morning, only a few hours in. There hovers a thick, unyielding fog upon the Night grounds. The air is cooler with the markings of fall.

Emma had been out all night. And not for any fun reasons. While within the catacombs all hell broke loose. All that work unwoven into a new knotted ball. Given that her and others had to go through sewage, and seen what they had, and hearing James got shot, after seeing him kill a guy, well the lass isn't the same.

Discharged from the hospital after rest and countless testing, this mord hallow woman is heading to her room, in a slight lifelesz empty manner. Shaemus, who is now with her can feel this. Even he seem worried, calmer than normal and down.%
Markus Berger Markus of course heard that something happened. As lazy as he might be sometimes, he is far from oblivious. Its the reason why a certain lass now has a certain german trying to swiftly catch up with her before she enters her room. "Emma, wait."
Emma Shaemus has his tail tucked between his legs, he seems sad, forlorn. His master is just walking, as if going through the paces. It take a second to register that Markus is calling out to her. A few feet from her bedroom Emma stops, turns slowly and looks to the german scientist. He expression is empty, eyes are tired. There is nothing said, simply her standing there awaiting what he wants.
Markus Berger The sight being even worse than what he expected and he himself admittedly being bad with words Markus just decides to go with some far other plan than what he intended. Namely he just swiftly approaches Emma and tries to hug her.
Emma What Emma was expecting was the normal response people give. Such responses as 'it's okay' or 'you'll be fine'. The things people say when they don't have any other way to help. Not that such is without the true desire to help, mind you. For her, the most unexpected has occured - again. And in a better way than the past few days have lead one to assume. The surprise of Markus' hug isn't lost to the naked eye. And the impact of it takes a minute to sink in. So she, after standing briefly like a statue slowly lifts her arms, going to return the hug. It could be seen as a small if not important victory for the scientist. Though no tear is shed, and even if she is more a shell than herself in this moment, it's an action that could seem to be the start of coming to terms with it all and not turning cold from all the pain.
Markus Berger The scientist has the advantage that he knows perfectly that 'it's okay' or 'you'll be fine' are pretty old and untrue stockphrases. He himself knows the former is never true and that he definitely isn't the later himself so he just continues to hug Emma for a while longer. "Want to talk about it? If at all?"
Desean Desean is standing at the end of the hall, facing away from the pair, merely keeping silent watch.
Emma Emma makes no attempt to step away from the hug. Her clothing is her scrubs, after being checked out and in need of clean clothes this was all she had at work. That red hair is down, and every so slightly damp. For a moment, brief as it may be, it could sound through her breathing that she may cry? It wavered enough at his question. "N -- no." States the lass, softly. "I - I won't burden you."
Markus Berger "Me fretting over your wellbeing is going to be far more likely to burden me than me sparing some time to lend you an open ear." Thats about all he says he just continues to hug her. After all, there are only two things that do in fact bother him overly much. The threat of severe physical harm and the wellbeing of his friends.
Desean Desean keeps his watch at the top of the stairs, mostly out of earshot, and not eavesdropping anyway. He's not the type to provide comfort in these situations, or any situation for that matter. He's just there in case the shit goes down.
Emma How can she even begin to explain all this? Emma is processing. And processing hard. Coupled with the fact that she even fainted. Going to speak, nothing comes out. Word just aren't there. Just that feeling of weight upon her shoulders. The one thing the lass does, is nod for Markus to talk to Desean.
Markus Berger Markus slowly lets go off Emma and just silently nods before heading over to Desean. "So... can you tell me what happened? You supposedly were there and you know what happened."
Desean Desean clearly did -not- have a good time last night. There are a couple of fresh scrapes on his arms - superficial, but indicative of a pain-in-the-ass mission. "Man, it was some buuuuullshit. Y'girl marches right into the heart'o'the'hood, crackheads yellin' at us an' shit... squeeze my bigass into the fuckin' sewer, swimmin' in the whole city's shit'n'piss... Nasty down there, man.. dead bodies floatin' in the water. Heard a gunshot. Lil' red panics, goes all Michael Phelpsin' through the water TOWARD it... some red-eyed psycho with a strap yellin' at us, some other dude domes him, she faints, and we broke the fuck out." Then there's a deep, deep breath, and he concludes with: "If this's y'all's idea of a night out, y'all's crazy."
Emma The tale Desean gives just make Emma frown, all the harder. Guilt now spins in her already tangled mess. So, with Markus no logging hugging her, she hugs herself and looks down.
Markus Berger "Well, my last longer night out involved me volunteering to assist some Special Forces. Which took a few days and had a bodycount at the end. Anyway, let me get this straight. She went through the sewers into whats likely the catacombs to figure something out. James was there, since I don't know anyone else with red eyes, and he got shot in the head. Does that cover it?" With that said Markus runs a hand through his hair. "Well, damn..."
Desean Desean bounces a hamhock shoulder and says, "Idunno, man, I didn't stop to get names. Think I heard someone say James, but if that's the red-eye dude, yeah, got clipped. Think it was a cop. Red eye dude was curb stompin' some poor fuck when we rolled up." He adds, "Far as I knew, we was checkin' it out 'cuz some shit about zombies down there. Wasn't none of those. Jus' crackheads 'n' psychos."
Emma "Heard of - of similar things ta Zombies. Went ta look." Emma's added comment is said without life, as if reflecting the shell she is. "It - it was James. He killed a guy. We came across him when I ran away." Now, shame. So much shame as she looks down from the two men. Shaemus tries to nuzzle up to her leg but it doesn't affect her much.
Markus Berger "Well, that explains the whole rumors about zombies down there at least to some degree. James likely killed the guy or one of those who were actually behind the people getting killed down there when you encountered him. Damn... You shouldn't have to... Damn it..." With that said Markus quickly heads back to Emma and tries to hug her again. After all, its all he can really do right now.
Desean And Desean goes back on watch, not showing much emotion other than faint irritation as he kicks a toothpick around in his mouth.
Emma As she was looking down there is hint of surprise when Markus hugs her. It's easier this time to return the hug. "Ja -- James got shot in tha head.." Whispers the woman, as if she can't believe it.
Markus Berger "Knowing him he actually has a decent chance to actually survive that. After all, he should be dead several times over by now, but due to his mutations... Can't say for sure what that is going to mess up in his brain though. Damn... can't even check if he did because off Umbrella." There is of course the scientist and survivor who had more than enough encounters with the impossible and improbable shining through again although Markus doesn't sound as observant as he might appear right now. At least he doesn't stop the hug again just yet.
Desean Desean is just standing watch in the background, quiet as usual, looking vaguely bored, but alert nonetheless. He's got a to-go cup of coffee in his hand now, swirling it lightly between sips.
Emma Emma continues to return the hug. "Ma - maybe." Is what the woman musters, so unsure and so lost. "The world is totally upside down."
Markus Berger "It has been like that since Raccoon City. The Heaven of the Seas and all the other things that happened since just have proven that its not going to go back to normal anytime soon. Especially not for us." With that said Markus lets go of her again and looks straight at her. "Listen. You need anything, tell me or Archene. I will also see if I can check up on James in any way. For now, you better get some rest. Okay?"
Desean Desean eventually wanders back downstairs to stand outside the front door, half standing guard, half smoking a cigarette.
Emma Slowly, Emma moves away from the hug. There is a small, quick nod to Markus, but not much she feels compelled to say. Looking down, and away, with little to add, the woman goes to her bedroom, just, to be.