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Buck Rogers All of you have, in one way or another, acquired information about a series of cannibalistic attacks in the Parisian underground. The sources are myriad and the reliability of the information often suspect; wild-eyed rantings of a drunk with wine on his breath talking about things walking with rotting skin, corpses missing chunks of flesh, travelers who get lost on official tours of the catacombs disappearing amidst screams. The special police force that patrols the tunnels beneath the city have declared access temporarily restricted, the main entrances put under lock and guard-- the official story is that they're investigating a cave-in. This serves to prevent the threat of an outbreak from seizing the populace with a massive panic. But you all know better, don't you? The pieces add up, and beneath the earth, in the dark and wet places, the dead walk. Can it be stopped before it spreads? Can Paris be saved?
Emma By chance, Emma came across news of what was happening down in the catacombs. The other day, she had aided with a FBC mission, which left her off, shall we say. Distant, not eating much, nor getting much sleep. And this news just hits home all the more. Having no restraint this time, wih hands in her pockets and headphones in her ears the lass decides to come and take a look to make sure the past isn't going ti repeat herself. Even knowing her body guard would be close by, there is enough distance that suggests her space is needed. A space added by the headphones and music she ia listening to.
James Scott Work. It was always happening when James had something else he'd rather be doing. This time it was nothing as exciting as collecting evidence out from under the anti-terrorism (and Tricell) forces in Indonesia, this time it was investigating the catacombs for any sign of virus contamination. There shouldn't be anything here, but terrorists are always a possibility.

And so after weeks of studying routes and exits, James found himself for the third time in his life surrounded by the dead. This time he also doesn't have the luxury of wearing shades or a tinted mask, his face is on full display to who or whatever he happens to run across. As if matters weren't difficult enough, his eyes also glow slightly. There's no possible way this will end badly.
Desean Dressed in a pair of Timberland boots, some unremarkable jeans, and a similarly remarkable long-sleeved thermal shirt with a visible outline of the bulletproof vest beneath, Desean moves with a heavy, thunking tread. He remains well in the background, but never out of sight of Emma, the sunglasses perched on the back of his head giving the impression of a second set of eyes. At first it might look like he's got rings on all four fingers of one hand, but nope, those are brass knucks. He kicks a toothpick around in his mouth almost constantly, but any other signs of agitation remain carefully schooled out of existence. He didn't look thrilled at hearing about this mess in the catacombs, and though he followed Emma to investigate without hesitation, he did not do so ungrudgingly.
Chase Dalton While running down leads on a case, the news caught Chase's eye. The news bore hallmarks of a case he'd been working on, and he wasn't about to pass up the chance to track down a lead. After a quick call up the chain of command, he geared up and headed out to the scene. He glanced around, noting the familiar faces and offering nods in response.
Benny Benny heard about the strange occurrences in the Catacombs from the local news and he visited here not too long ago with a friend of his, who gave him quite the tour and a history lesson to boot. As the resident, IT guy at the American Embassy and an avid tourist, he feels that it is his responsibiiity, almost a civic duty to see what he can find out on his own. Being an ex-police officer himself, he can't help but think he might be of assistance to the local authorities, especially if these reports by witnesses is true, that there may be walking corpses down here. He's sort of an expert with this sort of thing, although his apperance might suggest he's nothing more than a computer geek who plays Dungeons and Dragons during his spare time or hangs out at the comic book store during his days off. Never underestimate the IT guy though and he might just be more than meets the eye.

Benny entered the catacombs from a different route, than when he went on his tour with Emma since she did tell him there are hundreds of miles of tunnels down here. So he picked a spot that the paper had indicated the most recent sighting by the witness. He's got his mini-flashlight out, from his utitlity belt out in his hands and makes his way slowly, scanning for any signs of evidence and listening at times to see if he hears anything wicked this way comes.
Buck Rogers Emma, Desean, Chase:

The three of you enter the catacombs through an abandoned metro tunnel in long disrepair. It's a haunt for the homeless, men and women gathered in patchwork clothes warming themselves over fire-lit barrels, with homes assembled out of the detritus of the city. These are a forgotten people, huddling in the dark, faintly lit by the shoe-string wires holding light bulbs dangling from the old subway's support beams and overhead bars. There's a hand-carved ingress along the track, deep deep in the tunnel, that with a tight fit can squeeze into the Paris mines proper. A trio of sickly men crowd around it.


A partially-sealed manhole cover dropped you directly into an ossuary. The skulls are packed like bricks; the walls are bone, the floor is bone, the roof is bone, all manner of disassembled skeletons forming a dead concrete. It crunches and snaps beneath your feet, and there's no light save for the fading shafts from the manhole cover you mostly put back on and your flashlight. There's room enough to walk and stretch-- you're in a chamber about twenty feet by twenty feet, with a few tunnel exits leading forward and back. It seems easy to get lost in the dark.


Being the local connected fellow you are, your access point is one of the closed-down "official" ones leading into tunnels normally seen by tourists. You have a guide with you provided by the local police, an English-speaking young Frenchman named Henrique. "There are many miles of tunnels," he explains, "but the catacombs themselves are only a small part. People always get confused by that, eh? The report of an attack we got is a little bit further; a young couple sneaked off from the tour group, and the girl did not come back."
Emma The headphones are yanked out, and tucked into her pocket. Looking over her shoulder and seeing that her guard seems none to thrilled there is a sigh. About that time Chase is spotted. Slowly her hand lifts to give him a wave. He could tell she is still taken aback by the previous mission. Seeing the people huddled around some space that is where she goes. "Wha - what's wrong?"
James Scott It was harder to hide one's true nature in the dark, the same can be said of the catacombs. As above so below. James produces a small map from one of his pouches and looks back over it. It's the same one he's been studying, in theory he had a pretty good idea of where the alleged attacks happened and how to get there, but theory goes out of the window when you're plunged into action.

"Reckon it's show time." He gives an uncertain sigh and starts off into the tunnel, careful not to crunch too many bones. Not because it makes noise, but because he feels bad about trampling the bones of the long deceased.
Desean Desean travels closer to Emma now, shadowing her as she approaches the unfamiliars. His brassed hand goes into his pocket, and his gaze grows more intent, flicking from face to face. 'Workin' for rich folks, an' I'm back in the hood already,' he thinks to himself.
Benny Benny looks towards Henrique and nods, "Thanks again for bringing me down here and being my guide. I really appreciate the help." His tone is polite and respectiful, "We should still be careful though. No telling who or what could be hiding down here." He had told Henrique that he was an ex-cop before he got got into the computer gig, but still thinks he can help out with this invetigation and sincerely doesn't like seeing innocent people going missing or getting killed as in the worst case scenario. He walks cautiuosly, taking measured slow steps as he lights the way ahead with his mini-flashlight. He doesn't have any weapons out, being confident in his own abilities without one but he does have access to numerous weapons if he needs it. "This reminds me of a time I was at a Zoo, crazy story and I'll tell you about it sometime."
Chase Dalton "Look alive, folks," Chase nods and offers a wave to Emma as he joins up with the group. He ponders the homeless men, but stays back, not wanting to get jumped, slobbered on, or anything of the sort. He scans the room in traditional military fashion, steeling himself for the inevitable jump-scare. There's gotta be someone, or something, hiding around one of these corners, right? Right?
Buck Rogers Emma, Desean, Chase:

The trio of sickly homeless glance over at Emma as she approaches. They reek in that way the sick and the old do, death clinging to them. They make for a visually quirky group, the black one dangerously thin, the white one overweight, and the one too covered in hair and jackets and dirt to easily make out his ethnicity thoroughly average. The ground around them is scattered with exposed needles, empty cans and bottles, and other bits of debris-- along with a little fire pit dug into the stone, smoke funneling into the tight-fit tunnel in the side wall leading to the catacombs. They don't speak; their eyes are haunted. They just turn away, blocking access unintentionally. A lone lightbulb swings back and forth above them.


The map indicates that this ossuary connects to a much broader network of tombs. A few of the side exits have caved in or been sealed by the authorities; others have been dug out by urban explorers and criminals. While the gist of the directions is correct, the subterranean back-and-forth means the specific routes will need to be improved. Still, you descend into the dark; the air is damp, moist, and in the silence the crunch of bones and rocks beneath your feet echoes for days. Down a tunnel, turn left, and the roof slopes down, down, down, until there's barely inches between your skull and the ceiling. The floor is wetter now, partially flooded, leaking pipes somewhere-- during one step, your foot slides, and smashes into a femur propped up against the stone walls trapping you. It snaps, and the vibration shakes the wreathe of skulls dangling from a nail. They drip fresh blood from cracked eye sockets and toothless mouths as they laugh.


"A zoo? I've been once, as a child," Henrique says, his helmet-mounted flashlight lighting the way in front of him. The tunnels at a glance are indistinguishable, but Henrique's experience was hard-earned, and he knows his way. "A llama bit me." He clicks his tongue at the memory, and after a few minutes of travel you reach an intersection. "The tour goes that way," Henrique says, pointing left. "It winds through one of the underground cemetaries, and loops back to the entrance. We used to bring people the other way, but a fire a few years back street side weakened the supports. It's at high cave-in risk now. The city government has been debating whether to deliberately cave it in or not to prevent accidents." A bright smile. "That's where the young lovers ran off to, for their little..." He lifts his pinky, winks.
Emma Seeing the needles and other debris cascaed around the men Emma stops right away. No way does she want to get snagged by one of those. Luckily, she is wearing boots. Looking to Desean a second, the glance suggests to watch out. Yeah sure a budding doctor she may be, this is something she doesn't wanna treat. "Ch -- Chase, ya able ta get'n an' peek?" For some reason sticking her head in to look for what's there doesn't sound like a good ide.
James Scott "Surprised GWAR hasn't shot a video down here yet. Catacomb Cocks or something." Yes, James is muttering to himself because he's nervous, and yes, he has watched Phallus in Wonderland. It's in that moment that he lets his mind wander that he slips, slamming against the stone wall. "Aw, fuck." he hisses, but then freezes. Something isn't right. He didn't hit his head, so where's that blood coming from? A quick glance upwards puts him face to face with death. Well, not death, but something equally unsettling. With a muttered curse he starts pushing forward once more, eager to get this job over with so he can leave.
Chase Dalton Chase steps up to the group of hobos. "Excuse me. Could we get by?" Harmless folks are harmless, right? Why should he worry, why shouldn't he be civil? Worst case scenario, one or more of the hobos gets physical, and Chase has to restrain him, right?
Desean As Emma holds up and gives the glance, Desean keeps his stride, needles crunching beneath his cinderblock-like boots. "Clear out, y'all," he says to those gathered near the opening, waving a hand to shoo them. Civil enough.
Benny Benny grins when Henrique tells him about the llama, "That must hurt but that ain't nothing compared to walking corpses with eel heads coming out of them..." He then focuses back on the task at hand, trying to locate a missing girl and being on the look out for other walking corpses or deranged psychopathic clowns, he may have watched the movie IT recently by Steven King. He snorts at Henrique's pinky motion at the mention of the young couple, "Left it is then and lets cut the chatter now, since we are getting closer to where she went missing." He points the mini-flashlight down towards the floor and just past his feet to ensure that he isn't lighting up too far ahead in case someone has an ambush set up and for the secondary reason to make sure he's got sure footing where he's walking.
Buck Rogers Emma, Chase, Desean:

The homeless make way. They seem jittery and afraid-- almost as if they want to speak, but are too anxious to. Desean's threatening presence and brusqueness make them hop and hurry, their boots clomp-clomping as they shuffle. The dug-out hole in the subway tunnel is rough and uneven, about large enough for an adult man to squeeze through with some work-- it's only Desean that will struggle. Looking through it before going reveals darkness and the steady drip of water. The fat man shifts his weight from foot to foot, and finally says-- "D-Don't go in there, pretty lady."


The chattering skulls are left behind you. You can tell the blood was fresh, but something about it.. well, whatever. You're forced into a detour when one of the map's directions proves wrong, but at least now you're no longer treading water; you've climbed up, and left the damp bone pit behind you. The tunnel opens in all directions as it breaks out into a grander chamber, an underground dome dominated by religious and racial symbols. There are swastikas painted on the walls, celtic crosses, crucifixes -- and on that last, in the center, is a cross of welded rebar half-buried in the ground. Flowers and statues of small angels decorate it. Littering the floor are old coins and candles. A pile of blankets off to one side suggests people have been here... as do the wrappers for snack foods.


A woman's scream echoes from the darkness, down in the at-risk section of the tunnels. With one look at you, eyes wide, Henrique then books it toward her, expecting you to follow. It's a blood-curdling shriek.
Buck Rogers James:

Your senses alert you to a presence in time for you to turn and see a young man-- can't be more than twenty two, in ripped jeans and a t-shirt saying 'SHAVE THE WHALES' showing a very furry sea creature beneath it. He's got a football jacket, a cap covering his thick brown hair, and in his hand is holding a pretty heavy rock.
Emma Emma pauses a moment to look to the guy who talks to her. She offers him a small smile, even goes to put hand on his arm. "I'll- I'll be fine, thank ya. Yer very kind." Her words are sincere. "Yer- yer gonna hate me." This is said to Desean, before she turns to go to follow Chase in.
James Scott There's an almost feral sort of snarl as James' unsettling red eyes focus on the man and his flashlight is brought up to shine directly in his face. "Nice rock there. Now how about you scamper off before I shove it up your ass?" Not quite as friendly as the other group. But as he speaks a hand moves to the pouch next to where he was keeping the map, clutching onto something metallic.
Desean Desean scrubs both hands roughly over his face and blows out a gust of air as Emma starts moving toward the opening. "Shitty idea, f'the record," he mutters in reply, stooping and letting out a rough grunt as he tries to squeeze through.
Chase Dalton Chase moves through the catacombs, head on a swivel, hand on his gun. At a moment's notice, he'll be ready to draw down and end whatever threat might present itself. At least, that's the plan.
Benny Benny runs after Henrique, "Wait...we should...ah hell." He makes sure he has a good grip on his miniflashlight as he follows Henrique down the tunnels towards the screaming.
Buck Rogers Emma, Chase, Desean:

"Don't! That's where the dead people are!" The fat man pleads, watching Emma. As Chase makes his way through the tunnel without issue, he exits into the catacombs a few meters through the solid stone. It scrapes and tugs at his sides, being a tight fit-- but he does make it, scooting out with a plop into a long tunnel where the stale water comes up to his thighs. Emma makes her way through with the greatest of ease... but Desean, boy does this fella struggle. His balls crush against his thigh, his elbows and knees hit everything, his gut is pressed on heavily. He moves inch by torturous inch, but sheer muscle power and will carry him through, albeit with a terrible mess of scrapes and bruises. At the other end, the homeless man sticks his head in, and screams out, "That's where the dead people are!"


The young man with the rock drops it in surprise at the sight of those red eyes. "Whoah, man, whoah," he says, hands raising in a pleading gesture. "No harm, no harm. I thought you were... I'm looking for my girlfriend, man, she disappeared awhile ago. The cops haven't been any help. I'm running out of food, though, and my flashlight's dead.. can you help me?"


Henrique is gone. You follow him rapidly, through winding tunnels and meandering elevations, past police barriers and streamers and signs warning in French and English to not trespass. Eventually, you make your way to a small chamber filled with urns, and there, slouching and sitting against a pillar, is a pretty young girl bleeding from her hands. She's pale and panting, and Henrique is kneeling next to her.
Emma Once Emma is through, the screaming of the man hits her like a wall upon her back. But it doesn't shake her. Slowly, the red head turns. "I'm- I'm a doctor. It's okay." This is called back, in a very calm way. Expecting horror makes it easy to accept. And no, she isn't a full doctor but the guy doesn't need to know that. From there, the lass would move further in.
James Scott "Good." James tugs whatever it was from his pouch, though he keeps it in the dark, tucked out of view of the other man. "Maybe. Tell me what's going on? If it was infected they'd have torn you apart by now. They smell well enough the lack of light won't stop them from eating." This is going to be a long night in Hell.
Desean Desean comes out of the gap huffing and brushing dust from his torso, grumbling something that sounds like "... charge extra f'this..." and then something that sounds like "... doctors can't help dead folks..." then a bunch of quiet expletives and general bitching under his breath.
Benny Benny steps into the Chamber, where Henrique and the young girl is. She's alive! Which brings a small smile to his face, "Thank goodness we found you. Are you okay?" As Henrique is tending to her, he takes the opporunity to look around the chamber a bit, because he's always paranoid about TRAPS - just like Admiral Akbar taught him. "What happened? Where is your boyfriend?" He asks, while he searches the area and uses his mini-flashlight to illuminate the things around him.
Chase Dalton Chase slips through the tunnel, and performs a visual sweep. He shrugs off the chill of the water, having been through worse on several prior occasions. He listens for anything out of the ordinary, holding up a closed fist to signal 'hold' while he listens.
Buck Rogers Emma, Chase, Desean:

The water is cold and cloudy. There's little light by which to see; the flashlights the group has aren't the best, but they do enough. The tunnels are pale limestone, slick and cracked, with wires and piping seen along the upper areas. It's deep enough that Emma is utterly soaked up to her stomach, leaving the two taller men less affected-- though Desean, by virtue of his dimensions, is forced to hunch over lest his big black head smack into things in the dark. With no map, the trio picks a direction and walks.. it seems safe enough, quiet, chill. Beneath the city like this, there is no light, no sound.

Something brushes against Emma's foot, caressing her ankle in the wet dark deep.


"I was with a tour group," the young man tells you, folding his arms over his torso. "My girl and I, we broke off. Thought it'd be romantic, you know? See all the creepy shit, fool around-- I mean come on, you ever gotten your dick sucked next to a skeleton?" He grins nervously. "But shit, man. We saw those.. those THINGS. All fucked up and dead. Just bodies coming out of the walls." He shivers hard. "We ran. Dropped our flashlight, and got split up in these tunnels. I've been looking for her since. I found my way out, but she never did, so I came back.." The tunnels echo with a clatter of movement.


"Help me," the woman says, throwing her bloodied arms around Henrique's shoulders. She sobs and nestles her face into his shoulder. He blushes faintly, and really should move away from her, but she's so frightened and hurt.. the good guy in him compels him to stay. "It's okay," he replies. "We're gonna get you out of here, and bring you back to your boyfriend, okay? Now.. hey, is that a bite mark on your neck?" As you survey the chamber, you find little more than the urns arranged on stone shelves. There are footprints in a particularly dirt-heavy section leading down another tunnel.
James Scott "So, you left her." James' jaw clenches slightly. For everything that happened the only time he left Emma's side in Raccoon was when they were tore apart. "I don't think I can forgive you for that." The light in his hand drops down slightly, illuminating the teen's legs. For the first real time bits of his armor are showing. "If she meant anything to you other than head you'd both be lost and starving together."

With that James lifts his gun and fires. Maybe if he'd ventured down in civilian clothes he wouldn't have had to do it. Risk prevention is a bitch.
Emma The water is cold, and none to pleasent. Emma would tred through it, muttering in Gaelic - likely so nobody will know what she is cursing. Feeling a little glad her shirt isn't white. Pushing forward the feeling of something across her leg makes her yelp. No, screama little. Jumping away, and slipping in the water more, her red air wet. The first move is to grab onto Chase, her normally warm hands cold from the water. Also, the lass would go to hide behind him, clearly panicked and now all the more soaked.
Desean Desean's fists are clenched, and even moreso as Emma screeches. He searches the water, but of course that's fruitless. Let's see... he could try to pick Emma up, but he's already stooping, and that'd make travel a little awkward. He moves to the place where Emma first jumped and searches around with heavy boots beneath the water, telling her, "Stay behind me," and continnuing onward as long as his feet didn't find anything.
Benny Benny blinks when Henrique says the girl has bite mark on her neck and turns to shine his mini-flashlight towards the girl. "Miss...did something attack you down here? If it did, what did it look like and how long ago did it happen?" He takes note of the footprints leading down the other tunnel, reaching into his jacket to draw a pistol and keeping the safety on for now, keeping it pointed down beside his leg so that it isn't that visible to the other two. He's got a bad feeling about this.
Chase Dalton Chase briefly flinches at the cold, but only just briefly. He grabs protectively at Emma with one hand, ripping his gun from his holster with the other and bringing it to bear in the direction indicated by Emma. One fluid motion by a trained agent of the FBC.
Buck Rogers Chase, Desean, and Emma:

Soaking wet, Emma scrambles back up, cold and uncomfortable. This water is unclean--the splashing got some in her mouth, and it tastes foul. Stirring it with the rapid movements spreads the scent of it around, too, and as Desean searches he finds what it was that startled the pretty girl so much: a boot caught on a sharp piece of metal jutting up from the ground.. and next to it, a partially-eaten corpse, bloated with water, buried beneath the surface.

Oh, and that awful smell as the group splashes and agitates the water, moving deeper? That gag-inducing smell? At least part of the pipes that broke to flood this chamber are sewage pipes. The septic sort of sewage. No wonder the moss on the stone walls looks so sick, pale and wet in the flashlights' glow. Far off, there's a faint blue glow, indicating a lit chamber-- and the faint sound of a gunshot.


Your shot hits bone. The man's arm shatters, fractures running through his shoulder, letting out a scream and falling back. He's bleeding heavily, panting, breathing, wide-eyed. "Y-you-you psycho!" He screams, turning, tripping, catching, pushing on, in shock. "Help me! Help me!"


"I - I'm okay," she says, tugging up her shirt and tilting her head to obscure her neck. "Some homeless guy bit me. My boyfriend and I got split up.. hey, help me find him, please? We were part of a tour, and we split off... he wanted to show me something. But these men, they were sick, they came after us. We ran, and I - I got away, but the police haven't helped me search yet, so I came back, and.." She falls silent as that gunshot echoes. Henrique looks to Benny. "Go check it out," he says. "I'll get her out of here."
Benny "Homeless guy? Bit you? Oh crap...Henrique, perhaps you should go check out that possible gun shot because you are the cop with the gun, remember?" Benny says to the Police Officer, hiding his gun by tucking it behind his waistband underneath his jacket and continues to shine the mini-flashlight towards them. "I know first aid and can take a look at that bite, miss. It could be infected and you wouldn't want to get homeless cooties or something right?" He motions with his head down the tunnel where the gunshot most likely originated. If that girl got bit by a zombie, he's going to have to be damn sure that is the case before he takes her to safety risking the entire city of Paris to an outbreak like Raccoon City.
Emma Shivering a bit, Emma, who was pulled behind Chase peeks over his shoulder to see.. the bloated half ate corpse. Her stomach doesn't turn often, but all of this makes it unsettled. "Fucking. Gross." Right out cursing there. "We - we need ta get outta this." A hand goes to grab at Chase's shirt back to tug him back and away. "Thi -- this'll make us all ill.."
Desean "This is fucked," Desean growls, brows crowding around his eyes, sploshing back from the decomposing nastiness once his foot hits it. He fixes a glare at Emma an points back the way they came, "Let the pros handle this shi--" *boom*.

He swivels toward the sound of the gunshot, instinctively ducking his head. Eyes flick back to Chase, asking a silent 'WTF'.
James Scott "Oh, am I?" James' expression is cold as he stalks towards the man. "You didn't think I was a monster, did you? You planned on smashing my head in regardless, didn't you?" He drops to a squat and points the gun at the man's head, and judging from what little of his expression can be seen in the low light, he's deadly serious. "Of course, I could be wrong. But I think it's best you tell me whatever it is you really know before my finger slips again." Those red eyes of his actually start glowing, casting a dull red light where the flashlight doesn't reach.
Chase Dalton Chase blinks in surprise at the corpse, and then flinches at the gag-inducing rankness of the broken pipes. The gunshot grabs his attention, and he tries to keep himself between Emma and the potential danger, cautiously fingering the grip of his gun, safety still on.
Buck Rogers Chase, Desean, Emma:

Emma looks around in the darkness. The rancid smell of shit and stale water drapes the bloated, vermin-chewed corpse beneath the water like a cloak-- dead swollen eyes stare up at her, unblinking, rotting lips peeled back from blackened gums, chipped teeth; through her mind flash visions of all the horrors of Raccoon City. The tight tunnel suddenly feels like a tomb and she can't breathe. She's buried alive, she's going to drown, there's monsters in the dark, and at any fucking second she knows that corpse is going to blink and rip Desean's stomach out and feast on his pouring guts and then rip Chase apart and when it bears down on her, feral and hungry, everyone's dead and it'll be her fault as she's murdered in the dark.

Chase and Desean are fine, though.


"I thought you were one of those zombies, man!" The guy groans, clutching his arm. His face is pale and he's sweating, heart beating a mile a minute, mind filled with fantasies where he heroically smashes your face in and escapes to freedom. "You, what's -- what's wrong with your eyes, man? Oh, fuck, are you infected? Are you one of those freaks from Raccoon City?!" The gun to his head has him hyperventilating.

"Oh, uh, right," Henrique says, looking down at the woman. Guiltily, he disentangles her arms from around his neck, letting her slump down. He coughs. "You, ah, keep an eye on her-- I'll call in backup and investigate." He should wait for backup before investigating in general, but his embarrassment and desire to look heroic in front of a beautiful young woman has him acting the fool. Armed, he rushes off down the tunnel, into the darkness. The girl looks at Benny. "T-Thank you all for helping me. My name is Samantha. I'm -- I'm American, so is my boyfriend. We're part of TerraSave. We came out here as part of a team-building exercise, we got this really rich donor after that disaster on the ship.." She babbles nervously.
James Scott "Now, that isn't nice." James manually pulls the hammer back with his thumb, it's not something he needs to do, but he's sure the guy holding his broken arm appreciates it. "But you don't have to worry. I'm not a zombie. Zombies are simple, all they want to do is eat." He flicks his gun's safety on and tucks it away, producing knuckles that would be shiny out on the street. Down in the catacombs they're dark and heavy, the weight of what they're for loud and clear in the silence.

"But you don't know anything. So I guess there isn't any point in leaving you alive, is there?" He slips the brass knuckles on, opening and closing his fist as if getting used to them. If he knows anything he'll spill it. Not that it'll save his life.
Emma Emma is having a shitstorm of problems lately - no this isn't including the sewage. First the near kidnapping, Now this. It's to much, the lass starts to shake. She can't breath, the world is closing in. The memories. The horrors. In a sense she looks like death. Soaked and cold on top of it all, her option is to run. Run from this horror. Letting go of Chase, and without word to Desean, she takes off through the water, the splashes luckily masking her tears. The direction she took was to the shooting. It's an innocent move, the fiel just wants to get away. But little does she know she could very well be running into more death.
Benny Benny nods to Henrique as he goes too to investigate the gunshot, "Be careful. Holler if you need backup." He tells the officer before he's out of sight and then turns his attention back to the pretty young Terrasave girl, "Your welcome Samantha, now listen very carefully and tell me everything that happened. I'm going to examine that bite mark on your neck, okay? It is important that i check to make sure it isn't serious, because the human mouth believe it or not carries hundreds of nasty germs." He puts the flashlight into his left hand, then reaches over with his right hand to lower her shirt from her neck covering the wound if she lets him. "Your both with Terrasave, eh? Rich donar? Wow, that's nice of someone to back you guys. So what's their name if I may ask?" He doesn't like taking advantage of the girl while she's in a traumatic vulnerable state, but information is valueable and he's in the information business now after all. IT guy to the rescue!
Chase Dalton Chase takes off after Emma, trying to keep up with her. He keeps his weapon at the ready, scanning the area as he passes through, looking for threats to drop. He tries to keep up with Emma, though with each couple of steps he feels like he's losing her. It's dark, and the flashlight he has only covers so much space.
Desean Desean crashes through the water after Emma without an ounce of hesitation. He steps on the gas too, swiftly at her side and reaching grab the hood of her hoodie to slow her roll (if he can). "DamncrazywhitegirlrunnintowardthegunshotFUCK!" he sputters out in a blur of roughly mashed syllables, placing himself between Emma and the light-slash-danger if he manages to catch up with her, otherwise barreling after her without pause.
Buck Rogers Chase, Desean, Emma:

The crazy white girl books it in a real hurry. Despite the water reaching her stomach, she accelerates through adrenaline-fueled panic and agitation, a shark in the water that disappears toward the glowing corridor at the tunnel's end. Eventually, Emma finds the water level falling, and the floor slopes upward, leading into a narrow junction that cuts right through the stone and exposed foundations into a chamber. That chamber has a sleeping bag, a portable television hooked up to a generator, a mini-fridge, and a human body stripped of all of its flesh, which currently hangs out drying on a line like wet clothes. Past that is a connection to another chamber-- the holy room where James looms over a man slowly bleeding out.


Said man crawls back away from you. His bloodied hand rises up, claws at a wall, smears crimson over a faded swastika painted in the stone. The black lines are stained red. "I - I can show you the room where those things come from," he offers, smiling in pain. "Off near the blanket pile, man, there's a little alcove-- real low near the ground, there's this hole, right? You have to get down and crawl into it, go legs-first. You drop down into a lower tunnel. There's a whole bunch of freaky shit in there. Please don't kill me. I'll show you! I'll show you!" You can hear footsteps. Heavy. A man, running up the tunnels you previously were at. Too fast to be undead.


The girl slips one arm around you as you pull her shirt away from her neck, leaning away to give you more room. "Umm, Wilson? Something with a W... William?" Her eyes drift down, lips parting. She's breathing shallow. She shifts a little as you examine her, wincing, and her free arm holds you tightly. "Umm.. is he going to be okay?"
Buck Rogers Benny:

The distraction of the conversation is enough. A small blade is in the girl's hand, and she drives it down at your neck with sudden force! It's only your finely-trained reflexes that prevent that from being truly awful-- as it is, it misses the artery, and slides down to embed in your shoulder. The pain unfurls like a blossoming fire, the sweet scent of blood coming from the fiery stab wound.
Emma This is like a nightmare. Hanging flesh?! "Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck!" Emma shakes, needs to get out of here, and can't go back the way they came. Not now. Knowing the other two are following, drowning in panic, the lass moves forward to the next chamber.
James Scott "Look at that, you got blood all over the the Svastika." Apparently James knew that the symbols on the wall were less German and more Asian. "Sounds like help is coming. But the question is, is it for you or me?" Apparently agitated now he brings his foot forward in an attempt to smash his boot heel into the man's face.

About this time more people start to make it into the room. He really hadn't counted on there being this many people down in the catacombs. Just once he'd like a job to go well.

Those red eyes of his cut towards Emma, though he doesn't know just who it is yet. "Hold it there!" A hand is raised and those orbs smolder in their sockets. The last time he looked like this was when he killed Ricky.
Desean Wherever that gunshot came from, they've gotta be getting close to it. Desean can't have Emma running right into a stranger with a gun, so he gives it everything he's got, huffing and puffing huge gusts of wind as he attempts to catch up and pull in front of Emma. A string of hissing expletives and slurs, mingled with his footfalls, echoes off the walls around him. "Don't shoot, boss," he bellows down the hall toward the voice.
Chase Dalton Chase follows up beside Emma, sweeping his weapon along, making sure not to point it at Emma (duh). His adrenaline is up, he's ready to jump on anything that wants to have a go at Emma.
Buck Rogers Chase, Desean, Emma:

The decomposing and drying skin crawls with insects. Scurrying rats swarm and scatter, nipping at the most delicate parts, wetting themselves in the pool of blood that gathers beneath the hanging flesh. The chamber's littered with newspapers, magazines, pictures-- of people, of Raccoon City, of the Umbrella trials. The room is empty right now, the TV muted but casting light and shadow over the pale, damp walls. It's a room of macabre simplicity, filled with delights-- and Emma, at its head, gets a front row seat to what happens in the bigger adjacent room, filled with religious imagery.


There's a sickening crunch as your boot smashes down on the guy's face. Once, a hit like that would have been dirty, broke his nose, maybe knocked him out-- but as you are now, and the anger you feel seeing him, you don't know your own strength. The nose shatters, alright; it shatters because his face has caved in, eyeballs bulging out of destroyed sockets as he bleeds from every orifice there. He's damn near pulped, grotesque -- Emma can see the eyeball that flops to the side and rolls on the ground, still attached to the optic nerves. Simultaneously, Henrique rounds the corner, panting. He takes one look and raises his gun. "On the ground! Put your hands behind your head or I will shoot, now! Now!"


The predatory girl gets a wild look in her eyes. "You don't understand," she says. "You can't try to stop us. We're doing this for a good cause! No one's listening! Everyone's dead and no one's listening! We just need a little more, and then they'll know..." She swings again with the bloodied knife, missing, slashing the air-- a quick bit of kung-fu sees her wrist twist away and the knife scatter, before a solid kick to the side of her head sees her knocked unconscious in one solid blow.
Benny Benny is surprised when the flashing blade of the Terrasave girl slams into his shoulder, while narrowly avoiding getting stabbed in the throat by her knife due to his cat-like refelxes. He cries out in pain, but his years of training kicks in as he quickly moves to her blind side, raising his hands up in a defensive posture, while throwing a snapping round house kick to the girl's face. The kick lands solidly as she crumples to the ground he follows up with a knife hand chop to the girl's arm holding the knife, the jarring impact shocking her muscles as well as the nerve causing her to involuntarily drop the knife as it goes flying in the air against the wall. "Fuck me! That wasn't very nice. Why do I always find the crazy one's..." He feels blood flowing down his shoulder and he puts a hand over to apply pressure. Then he starts running down the tunnel towards where Henrique went, to warn the man and back him up in case there is more trouble! "It's a Trap! Wait for me!" He yells down the tunnel, towards the officer and hopes he will be able to get there in time.
James Scott "No thanks." James calls over to Henrique. "I'd watch your back, I'm sure he has an accomplice. Probably his girlfriend, assuming she even exists." The teen turns to look at Henrique, those red eyes flashing. "Bastard was waiting in here, planned on crushing my skull." Those disdain filled eyes move to the corpse, nose turning up in disgust. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm done here. You can pretend you never saw me, right?"
Emma Emma is still, frozen. Soaked to the bone, that long red hair around her, reflecting her pale skin all the more. Jaw is dropped, grey-green eyes are wide, and filled with horror. This lass is a gentle soul, a kind soul. But now, what wraps around her is horror. True, true horror. When James kills - no, murders the man its as if the last of whatever innocence she may of had is ripped away. Torn unwillingly. Feeling the depth of the religous symbols, the sense of death and torture.. well, all grace is gone. When the newcomer comes in she starts some, but nothing can be done now. Arms don't raise, there is no willpower. The walls have fallen upon her, unyielding in their sharp metophoric edges.

There is a weak step back as her body shakes, overcome with unwanted emotion and reality. There is a push pass Desean, but it's Chase that gets the finally. By him, her mind stops. Halt. Refusing to process anymore. Seeing the rolling eye, the inward face, and all else is what's left in her mind now. A mind unwilling to revieve more. With a few tears, tumbling down her freckled yet pale fale, it's to Chase her body falls, as this young Scottish lass, faints.
Chase Dalton Chase barely has time to react, but react he does, and in a rather nice fashion. He catches the collapsing woman with something less than a conscious effort, cradling her in one arm while continuing to sweep the room. He glances over to Desean, and then back to Emma, his attention focused on her and her well-being.
Desean Desean keeps himself between Emma/Chase and the others across the way. "Les' get 'er out, man, fuck this," he insists to Chase, ushering back toward where they came into the catacombs. His eyes flicker back toward the grisly scene, and he keeps a flat hand out toward it in a vaguely placating gesture.
Buck Rogers Chase, Desean, Emma:

With Emma fainted, the group is now faced with a face-stomping red-eyed devil and a solitary cop on one side and a room full of bugs, rats, and death on the other. Backing out might be the smart move, here-- it'd mean a second trip through the nasty water, but at least going in that direction they know how to escape.


"Sir! On the ground, or I will fire!" Your explanation falls on deaf ears-- there's no way whatsoever he's going to believe you're not the bad guy. His finger rests on the trigger.. and he opens fire in a blind panic. Click, click, bang bang.


You're a kung-fu ninja, and you traverse the dark tunnels faster than anyone else did. But you don't get there in time to stop Henrique from opening fire. The shattering sound of the bullets does tell you which way to go-- you'll reach there shortly, enough time to see one dead body and maybe a second.
James Scott "Woah, you two stop." James barks at Desean and Chase. It isn't a request, it isn't a friendly suggestion, it's an order. That flashlight he had is shone over towards them, his hard expression dropping when he catches sight of Emma. "I can't let you leave with her like that. Which one of you fuckers decided it'd be a good idea to let Emma come down here knowing good and damn fucking well she's a Raccoon survivor?" Henrique who? "Do you have any fucking idea how much therapy it took for her to be able to go out and function almost like normal again?"

Yes the teen is pissed off, his grip tightening to the point his knuckles lose all their color. "Now what, you're going to drag her out of here and play the fucking hero?" Those brightly glowing red eyes move onto Chase now. "You know that girl you're carrying right there is my literal world right? If you'd have let anything happen to her.." Words fail him and his face turns the same shade as his eyes. It's a wonder something inside his head doesn't burst from the sudden spike in his blood pressure.

But it looks like something else burst instead. As he was blowing up on the pair the officer opened fire, the first bullet whizzed past and embedded itself in the wall. But even for the man with the Devil's own luck the line has to be drawn somewhere. For James it was as he turned to face the gunman, a bullet found it's way under his right eye and passes all the way through out the back. "Wha-?" The teen stares at Henrique with his one good eye for a second that feels like an eternity, before collapsing. Goodnight Moon.
Desean Desean doesn't look like he's in any mood to comply with James' command, be it an order or a friendly suggestion or a commandment from on high. He does pause and turn, however, prepping some sort of retort, but that's cut short by the dual crack of the gunshots, and he dips his head low again.

"GO!" he booms just as James collapses, gaze intent on Chase and Emma, looking like he might just shoulder check them right back to street level if they don't start haulin' ass, chop-chop!
Emma Luckily, Emma is out. All she is doing, is laying there, in the arms of Chase. Dripping wet, skin cold, long re locks dangling. Really, it could be hard to tell that she is even alive, with how limp her body is. But it's the small sight of breathing that proves she lives but for now unresponsive, even if she looks like she too was near dragged through hell.%
Benny "Henrique, the girl she stabbed me and said her boyfriend, they were trying to...oh shit!" Benny exclaims after running like a ninja whirlwind through the tunnels, then bursts onto the scene just as Henrique opened fire on James, blowing a hole through his head. His own gun was extended outwards, but slowly drops as he realizes what has just happened. He glances towards Emma who is fainted in Chase's arms, then towards Desean, the giant Godzilla like man who's as big as Buck almost but has never seen before until now, then to Henrique with the smoking gun and finally to James who is laying on the ground with one less eyeball. "SHIT! That's James! He's not the guy that we're after, it's Samantha's boyfri..." Then he see's another body on the ground, laying near where James is now with a caved in face, caved in skull and in a position where his brain processes what most likely happened. " why...fuck, why?" He slowly walks over to where James is laying, kneeling down now and swallows, putting his finger over the man's pulse.
Buck Rogers Everyone:

Henrique is panting. The handsome young cop has never shot someone before-- but what is he to do when he comes upon an armored man stomping an innocent person's skull in, and then sees him start to yell at other civilians? He warned him! He warned him! Both hands on his gun, he drops his arms, shoulders sagging, heart too fast for him to calm. Seeing Benny's panic makes him curse in French, holstering his weapon. "He murdered an innocent man," he says, reaching for his radio once more. "I ordered him down--but then he got aggressive with the others.. hey, you all there! Stop!" He yells out toward Desean and the moving group, but doesn't give chase. "Oh, sweet... " He backs up and radios this in. A full police response is imminent.
Chase Dalton "Alright, let's get you out of here," Chase says to Emma, carrying her toward the exit. He signals acknowledgement of the order to Desean. "Moving!" He calls as well, making his way back to safety..?