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PrestigeAndrei Paris! A city of romance and rude frenchmen! There were those who in time would become disillusioned with the city and the rather rude frenchmen! Or maybe they are just annoyed by all the damn Americans always speaking english at them! Andrei at least has a diffirent problem in that even if he speaks a little bit of french to break the ice the man is still just utterly insufferable in general.

Which is why he is standing on the edge of a streetcorner, balancing on the edge of a sidewalk, his hands in his pockets as he looks about. The man has bought a beret it appears and is trying to look rather sauave while wearing it.. The jeans and T-shirt however really clash with the fresh and fancy look as the man soon is crossing the street and waking across. "Such a beautiful fucking day!" He'll exclaim in english as he walks along, hands over his head. A bag will hang loosley around his waist as he moves then. A man out on patrol!
Ashley Graham "You look like an idiot," someone says in blessed English, though how understandable it is will be up for debate. Because the voice has a slight twang to it. It's Ashley Graham, wearing an off-the-shoulder green dress with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. No tights, since it's getting warm, but nude pumps finish the look. Her hair is pulled up in an elegant French braid. And she's looking at Andrei in disbelief. "Are you drunk?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei pauses for a second as he looks up and down the street then as his eyes shift to finally settle upon Ashley then. "Hey! I do-oh it is you cowgirl!" Andrei offers as his hand reaches p to move to pluck off his Beret from his forhead and moves to step closer towards her. "No, I finally am feeling like a hundred percent. Do you know how many times I've gotten shot at.. and shot the past month or so?"

He'll gesture vividly with one hand hand waving in front of her face as he grins like a madman.. before Ashley will no doubt feel pressure on the top of her head, nothing opressive.. just someting light flopping on her scalp.. and it might take more than two seconds to realize that Andrei was trying to use some slight of hand to sneak the beret on her.

Once the 'hat' is on though he'll stop trying to distract her and move to reach his hands out and try and straighten it on her. "And what if I am? I'm not, but who cares? I'm having a good day!"
Ashley Graham The problem with that beret is that it looks a-friggin-dorable on Ashley. Even if she doesn't look super impressed to have it snuck on her head. But at the talk of getting shot, her look softens. "No, I don't," she says, honestly. "I thought you were out of the bioterrorism business. What on earth happened?" She asks, big blue eyes looking up at him, waiting for his response.
PrestigeAndrei "Oh come on now Cowgirl! You know me!" Andrei recites cheerfully as he places both of his hands on Ashley's shoulders then as he grins nice and big for her then. "A man has to eat! And drink... and generally live in shitty situations!" Andrei mutters as he steps beyond Ashley then down the street as he walks past her.

"Alright now.. lets see. Sense you are here that means you are free right?" Andrei mutters for a second as his hand reachs up to rub at his chin. "So, if your free.. you are free right? Ah fuck it, if you arn't you can just cancel, I mean who cares right?" Andrei offers as he looks back at her waving dismissivly towards her- clearly indicating whatever she was origonally planning on doing was going to be thrown out. "Now.. lets see.. A dinner and a feature? Or.. oh! I know!"
Ashley Graham And then the madman is stalking past her. Ashley turns, blinking at Andrei and she turns to scurry up behind him, her heels click-click-clicking on the sidewalk. One hand holds that beret cutely on her head, to make sure it doesn't fall off in the quick movements. "Waitwaitwait," she says as she follows him. "You didn't tell me how you got shot!" She points out, apologizing in quick French to some Frenchperson that Andrei's quick turn has startled.

"Dinner? Feature? What are you on about?"
PrestigeAndrei "Well this may be incredibly suprising.. but it involved a gun. I know crazy stuff right?" Andrei offers vaugley as he moves to lift his hand then, waving of Ashley's question. There is a slight grin that plays at his features for a second as his head tilts to the side and consider's Ashley's state of dress then. He'll look down at himself then before adding simply. "It will have to be a Cafe. Of course. I should of brought more than clothes I didn't care if I lost." He'll mutter then before turning away and starting down the street a few steps. He might turn to check back to make sure Ashley is following before adding simply.

"Come on Cowgirl, you can't have a date with just one person! Well you can, but then you'd be standing me up and I'd never forgive you!" He'll offer rather impishly, grinning then. "Now, so what kind of movie? Maybe a Comedy? Or a Romance?"
Ashley Graham Ashley is following. It takes two of her steps to keep up with Andrei's one, but she does keep up. "Well of course it involves a gun, but who shot the gun? Why?" She scurries to keep up again, blinking at Andrei as she often does. He's something of a personality, after all, and there's a lot of personality in him.

And then he's asking her on a date. And she's blushing furiously. "You're asking me on a date?" she asks. She's incredulous. Not because he's asking her on a date, but because he'd want to date her at all. Their relationship on the ship was contenious at best. But she scurries up beside him. "Wait wait, what's this about getting shot?"
PrestigeAndrei "Why are you concerned about that? I'm not concerned about that Cowgirl!" Andrei responds amusedly as he moves along the street, burrying his hands in his pockes then before a wry little smile touches at his lips. "No! Wait! I know what we can do. How about a trade, If you want to know the dangerous life of an agent! YOu have to subject yourself to a little danger too. Only fair right?" Andrei inquires as he reachs a hand up to rub at his chin looking up and down the street before sighting a rather.. interesting store.

"There" Andrei moves to point then, motioning towards 'Le Chic Tattoo' Or some other similarly named establishment. "I'll tell you all about it, but Cowgirl?" He'll offer as he turns to face her. "You and me are going to go get some ink work done. You are buying!" He'll offer cheerfully then as he giggles and walks across the street without even looking bothways. Making his way to the store in question.

"You look cute in a beret. I suspect you looked cute in all hats, so I thought I'd ask. Now, let us go!"
Ashley Graham As always, being around Andrei is a whirlwind and Ashley is just trying to keep up. She just watches him with big blue eyes, staring really, as he moves from shot to date to tattoo. Paying she doesn't mind, but the rest? "no no no I can't get a tattoo my Father would kill me!" Ashley claims as she moves to scurry after Andrei. She does pause to look both ways, dodging a small electric car as she finally catches up to Andrei.

"I thought you hated me, after the ship," Ashley says, following along. "And of course I'm concerned. For a lot of reasons!"
PrestigeAndrei "Your father is a killer? Dear god that must make family dinners awkward." Andrei offers dryly as he stops then just before the parlor and looks over at her then before he smirks slightly. "I mean, come on, you've probably been in dangerous situations before. What is the worst daddy can do? I mean besides disowning you!" Andrei teases as he looks through the darkened windows at some of the example art they all have designed.

"I don't got a hateful bone in my body for anyone Cowgirl. I'm a real charmer and a man filled with all sorts of things. Love mainly. Also blood. Now, I'm thinking you would look good with a cute little star. Maybe we but it on your collar bone? Oh.. how do you feel about Monkeys?" A beat then. "If you want to know what happened, consider it a fair trade. Classified information and all."
Ashley Graham "So let me get this straight," Ashley says, once they're stopped outside the shop. She's able to reach out and put an arm on Andrei's arm to try and steady him, to focus him. "You want me to get a tattoo, and in return you'll tell me what's going on?" Classified information nearly makes her drool. Anything they can bring to light about bioterrorism is important. So she looks back ot the parlor.

"Fine," she agrees. "But are we sure this place is clean? Up to standard?" She seems a bit sheepish about all this.
PrestigeAndrei "Wait. You are going to agree just like that? Well shit." Andrei responds then as he turns to look over at Ashley with his wide eyes. "I should of made more outrageous demands! Fuck!" He'll mutter then before he looks back through the window. "Sure yah, couple of operations in uh.. one of those Stan places. Think the Russians went there in the ninties or something. Oh and there was also a few ops in Canada.. and got quite a bit of information on where they might be selling some.. well..."

Andrei grins then as he leans over, lifting a hand up to poke at Ashley's forhead, right between her eyes. "that would be telling!"
Ashley Graham Ashley closes her eyes when he pokes her between the eyes. Just to be safe. Then her eyes flit open again. "You'll tell me if I get some tattoo, then? And I can pick the tattoo?" she asks, wanting to clarify. Because whatever Andrei would pick for her would be ... bad. It would just be bad.

"The Russians? The /canadians/?" The latter is much more surprising than the former. "I knew that Umbrella had a research facility in Siberia ... is that what you're talking about?" She looks so serious. But she's so damn cute in that beret. It's hard to rectify serious Ashley with beret Ashley.
PrestigeAndrei "Listen, Listen, Listeeenn..." Andrei offers rather simply as his hands reach down to rest on Ashley's shoulders and shake her slightly as he laughs then before moving to step away from her and open the door. "You are comitted. Don't chicken out now! If you are picking what and where.. you got to take two tattoos then! Take all the fun out of it for me otherwise." Andrei mutters as he looks inside.

"Oh man, this is gonna be great. You got your passport right?" Andrei inquires then. "No. In a Stan. not an.. beria? Afghaniberia isn't even a real place."
Ashley Graham "No, but if the Russians have this big facility, it stands to reason that there's smaller ones in some of the satalites..." Ashley says, but then Andrei is there with his hands on her shoulders. She just blinks at him, blushes, and then groans.

"At least give me veto power. I get to decide if I'll take two of my choice or one of yours. Fair?" Yes, because she now realizes she won't get anywhere unless it's on Andrei's terms.
PrestigeAndrei "You are a sweet girl, Cowgirl!" Andrei cheerfully offers as he finally moves to step inside the rather sterile enviorment of the Tattoo parlor. It isn't exactly the most perfect of places.. and considering everything he'll look to Ashley then. "So right. You speak french right? Go talk to the girl at the counter, schedule yourself an appointment to meet with the artist,,, and I'll tell you about all the places that Umbrella is now trying to get their big scary monsters too."

"Bet you'd love to know where they re selling them too. Hey uh.. do you think your daddy knows anyone in a high place who can give me a good word and a buttload of cash by the way? THat might be relevant actually."
Ashley Graham "My Father isn't President anymore, he doesn't hold much sway," Ashley explains. She sighs as they go into the shop, and moves up to the shopgirl, speaking quickly in French. She's not fluent, but she comfortably stumbles her way through before turning to look at Andrei. "But yes, I want to know all those things. They said they can take us both at the same time." She flushes again, her cheeks suddenly hot. "You really want this? For me to get a tattoo just so you'll tell me what you know?"
PrestigeAndrei "I partly want you to get a tattoo becuase I like it when you act bashful. Also, I was thinking of getting a cool dragon or something." Andrei responds then as he tilts his head to the side as he looks over to the woman then as he gives a great big smile. He'll then look back to her before offering. "Oh, no, no no. Just that I know of a few.. markets that may or may not exist. Problem is.. you got to get a recommendation from someone powerful.. an with a lot of money. Your father would likley have people who know people who can get me in after all." Andrei offers as he steps to the counter ten.

"So. I was sent to Afghanistan. Learned some information about some trading in a small african kingdom. Learned where they might be trying to sell Bioweapons here in the city.. oh and a few other things. Canadian stuff.. you know."
Ashley Graham "So you need someone to act as your backer undercover or something?" Ashley asks, and almost seems to forget where they are before the tattoo girl nudges the blonde. And then? She is bashful, realizing what she's about to do. "Oh dear," she mutters, and lets the woman lead her back.

"So, wait, wait. What am I getting? And where?" She pauses to look over at Andrei, her eyes slightly wide. "You're picking, right? As long as I have only one?"
PrestigeAndrei "What? No no no, Your picking, you get two now! Or maybe.. sure why not, I'll pick two for you!" Andrei offers cheerfully as he steps in to follow Ashley inside the room, offering a great big grin then as he moves. "Maybe we should get something with a vine motiff? Or a flower? or maybe something cute, like.. oh do you like animals? What is your favorite kind of animal?" Andrei inquires as he moves along behind her.

"Well getting more information for my investigation work will be quite difficult yes? Now.. lets see.. the first time I got sot was on the Heavenly Abyss itself. It was down on the bottom decks.. where the dangerous Umbrella mercenaries were waiting for us. Saw some massive bioweapons.. stole some very important computer data on experiments. Oh man, it was crazy."
Ashley Graham "No, you pick one or I get to pick two," Ashley clarifies, with some backbone. She remembers those being the rules! "So you pick one, and if I don't like it I'll pick two." Really, him picking will be the best way for her to get out of this whole thing with only one unplanned tattoo.

"Do you have any of that information left? Any of that data?"
PrestigeAndrei "Well why don't we get you a cute little tattoo then? Maybe something involving a flower then, something that reminds me of you. No wait. A bat.. I want you to get a tattoo of a bat. Cause I think bats are pretty cute. Like you!" Andrei offers rather cheerfull as he stands near the door to the room they are about to go into to start the work on the poor little president's daughter.

"I can tell you that Umbrella Corporation recovered the virus samples, but uh.. the F.B.C. is now in possession of both the bioweapon testing data as well as the experimental data itself. I did not make any copies of the information sadly. Did not really have a chance to."
Ashley Graham "Bats are not cute," Ashley says, quickly and easily dismissing Andrei's desire of Ashley's flesh. "Try again."

Still, the blonde in the beret listens while Andrei talks, hanging on every word. She frowns slightly when there's no data to be had. "But what about other data? From other sources? Other companies, other individuals? Anyone like that?" Anyone TerraSave can protest?
PrestigeAndrei "Oh. Uh. Chris Redfield was supposedly on the boat and I saw him shoot at and try and kill me like twice." Andrei offers rather dryly before his face scrunches up then. "THat is bullshit Cowgirl! Bats are very cute!" Andrei's head will shake then before he offers a slight sigh then. "What about a giant Giraffe. We'll have its legs be down on your back.. and then have it go all the way up your body and on your back then! Come on, that would be cool right? Geffory the Giraffe." He'll hold up his hands then, putting them up to his eyes, making a square with his finer then as he looks Ashley over.

"I can at least help you get into the underground Blackmarket here in Paris if you are so desperate for information."
Ashley Graham "I'll take that one please," Ashley says, pointing to one of the photos of previous tattoos. It's a simple black line that looks, at first, like a heartbeat monitor. But then it's clear -- each heartbeat shows a different world site. The eiffel tower. The empire state building. The Chicago ferris wheel. Big ben. It shoudl only take up the length of her wrist. "Will that satisfy you?" Ashley asks to Andrei, pausing before she delves into the Umbrella issue. Though the name Chris Redfield does cause a lift of her brows. She knows that name.
PrestigeAndrei "What, Oh come on! If you ar e chosing it has to be two!" Andrei mutters then as his hands come behind his back then as he looks it over then, the Tattoo inspected on the wall before he nods. "It is rather nice though. It might look good on you. Who knows." He'll lift his shoulders then as he walks slowly up and doown the hallway then, clearly having a hard time as always sitting completley still.

"So, Uh, there is also an underground fight ring.. what else do I know about. Oh yes.. uh, so my team was sent to Afghianistan becuase it seems like Umbrella is starting to sell their weapons to the Mujahideen."
Ashley Graham "The Mujahadeen is still active?" Ashley asks. Yes, because that's her question. The tattoo artist tries to coax Ashley closer, but she doesn't go, just yet. "I thought you were getting one too," she says, trying to encourage him to sit. "We can talk while we get the tattoos." She's really trying to coax Andrei into providing more information.

"Tell me about this fight ring."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will eventually sigh then before he moves to plop down onto a chair nearby Ashley as she wishes of him. It might take him a second or two to make his way over, and he'll make a big show of flopping down, but once he is settled in, he'll close his eyes and nod then. "Well, sort of. There are always the odd person or two. Also, when your backer builds highrises and hotels in the holy land your organization tends to have a bit of cash to spend. So they looked like they are buying Bioweapons. Similiar thing in this small african kingdom that I'm trying to learn more about.. ohand uh, an Umbrella researcher who was going to the Canad-Wait..."

He'll consider as he looks over his arm. "I want a cool dragon here. Like a chinese thing. Can you do that?" He'll ask the woman that is supposed to be attending to them. "Ask her ot do a cool chinese dragon! Oh.. and I suspect that the fight ring here in paris is meant to show off not just mans skill.. but the genetic experiments that Umbrella corporation is doing.. showing off their bioweapons."
Ashley Graham Ashley translates. It goes back and forth for awhile, but the eventual solution is 'just some G-d damned dragon' and the French artist seems content with that. So she starts to go to work on Andrei's arm. "So is this our date?" Ashley asks as she moves to take her own seat and offer up her wrist. She does look sheepish, and tenative, about this. But if it'll keep the man talking, she'll do it happily.
"Why would they be fighting and demonstrating bio weapons here in Paris unless they meant to sell them here?" she asks, perhaps a touch abruptly.
PrestigeAndrei "Of course they mean to sell them here Cowgirl." Andrei offers rather cheerfully before he'll squeak as the buzzing and needle is pressed against his soulder. He'll look over then and.. he'll sniff. "Just to be clear here.. this is nothin, I'm not crying. I'm not crying.. but if I am crying.. it is becuase I'm thinking about a friend of mine that you don't know who is dieing. Thats right, dieing." Andrei mutters as he tries to keep his obvious squirming to a minimium.

"This is so not our date. You are joking right? I still got to buy you dinner after this. Then we have to go see a movie. Then we'll go kiss on a bridge and get one of those cute little padlocks."

Another little squeak before he looks to the artist at his shoulder, blinks and shakes his head.
Ashley Graham Kiss? Ashley should probably bring it up that she can't imagine kissing this man, mad as he seems. But she doesn't, not just yet. "Okay, so this is not a da--oouch!!" She suddenly roars as the process on her wrist begins. She quickly snaps her hand away and glares at the tattoo artist. But after a brief look at Andrei, knowing he has information she likely wants, she forces her arm back ot the artist. She'll do it. But she won't like it.

"I know you're not crying, Adrien," she says, defaulting to the name she knows him best by. "And if you are? I'm sure you have good reason for it. You've been through a lot."
PrestigeAndrei "Worst part was Stadler got all the damn credit." Andrei mutters. "And Wesker got all the damn credit too. Fucking silly that too. I always questioned where he got his information from. Either his source was that crazy terroist woman who saved my life like twice.. or his source convinently ended up dead, right?" Andrei putters on and on as he grumbles under his breath, eyes drifting closed as he sniffs slightly as he just sits patiently and quietly in his seat for the first inking of is tattoo to no doubt be finished.

He might have to be here several more times before he finished unfortunatley.. considering how dragons worked.

"What kind of man takes a girl to a tattoo parlor on a date? I mean that would be like inviting your lover on a cruise knowing it would be filled with undead horrors!"
Ashley Graham "Leon didn't invite me on that cruise," Ashley says, a touch defensively. But she lets the rest of it go. All except one thing. "Who is Wesker?" She obviously knows Stadler, but this is a new name for her. And before he can argue, she starts to drive the point home.

"Come on, I have a Frenchwoman driving a needle into my wrist right now for you. You can tell me about one person, can't you?"
PrestigeAndrei "Who? Oh Wesker. Yah sure, whatever. He was this really weird dude. Really gives me the creeps. Knew where they were storing bioweapons and had a team of us go down there before the bombs went off to extract some data from a server. You should of fucking seen it." Andrei mutters as he shakes his head then. "Crazy shit that." He'll mutter as tries to keep a very straight and rigid posture. He has quite a bit to endure still.

"Whatever you are getting like one line. I got to get fucking inked.. and the deal was for two if you chose by the way!" Andrei snorts. "Not my fault!"
Ashley Graham "You said this was fine for one," Ashley says, calmly. Her own sanity seems to be her guard in protecting her from having to get two. She's focused, though.

"So this Wesker, he sent you down into the Heavenly Abyss? He was your handler?" In truth, that doens't interest Ashley much. Because if Wesker was Andrei's boss, that means Wesker isn't a terrorist. Right? RIGHT?

"Are you alright, Adrien?" she asks, more gently. "I know it's likely been a lot for you to deal with."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then as his lips twist into a visible frown then in response to Ashley. "What do you mean through a lot? I'm fuckin fine. Great! I get so much time off and get to do whatever the fuck I want now. Stadler doesn't even bother keeping track of me! But uh.. I don't know who thought I would a good fit for this sort of thing. Just a job now at this point."

He'll grunt now then as he lifts his free hand to jab a finger at her. "Whatever. You an weasle your way out of this deal. Fine, I'm just giving you all the information you want on a platter and you also get treated to dinner and a movie.. and also get a cool tattoo out of it and get to hang with a real cool dude. Whatever, you know." Passive Agression comes out to play today it seems. "Anyway.. uh.."
Ashley Graham That makes Ashley sigh. "Adrien?" She asks. Apparently that's the name for Andrei that's stuck with Ashley, just now. "i'm thrilled to spend time with you," the blonde admits, and her tone is easy and honest. "Just ... the whole bioterrorism thing puts me on edge. I'm sure you understand that. It was a lot for me too, you know. Not just for you." She bites the lower right corner of her mouth, as though she feels guilty about the whole thing. "I'm sorry if I was interrogating you. I didn't mean to."
PrestigeAndrei "Listen man. Guess what I've learned Cowgirl? Everyones suffered through that shit. I don't go around spouting it off to every person I know or meet right?" Andrei mutters as he grumbles then as he moves to rest his hand at his side then as his eyes drift closed, listening to the buzzing then as he continues to speak rather grumpily. "You, Wesker, That asian girl. Oh.. who else? Stadler? Fuckin Seargent Cheerleader. Everyone is like. OH god I've been to Raccoon city. Oh no, I've been caught on a scary boat. Ridocolous alright? Shit is scary. We all go through it.. and listen right.."

Andrei will grow rather dark then. "There are people who survive.. and people who thrive and live. I'm that fucking person."
Ashley Graham Andrei has her full attention, and once he's done? Ashley frowns, deeply and compassionately. "I know, Adrien," she admits. She knows that he's surivived some funky shit, and she's surivved the same shit. It's like a connection or something, right?

"No one wants to make what you've suffered seem less," the blonde says, and she reaches over from her tattoo cubicle to Andrei's, and to set a hand on his arm reassuringly.
PrestigeAndrei "No, no you don't understand what I'm getting at!" Andrei grunts as he lifts his and then to again poke at Ashley as he looks at her fairly annoyed. "People act like its all high-minded.. stuff. They go and claim they survived this or that so they have what it takes. That they suffered.. and thus it makes them stronger. Thinking like that gets people killed in disaster situations. I've learned that quickly." Andrei will take a second then before he just shakes his head then before sighing softly.

"Listen alright? The difference between someone like me who gets through situations.. and someone like you who just survives.. is that unlike you. I've made some hard decisions. I've killed people.. on purpose. I've left people to die. All to protect myself and my missions. Easy stuff to do really." Andrei mutters under his breath as he leans forward. "Whatever.. honestly. I digress. You are cute, Cowgirl, do whatever you want."
Ashley Graham "I've told you once before, but maybe you didn't believe me. I've killed people too," Ashley says. She's afraid and sahsemd of this truth enough that she drops her voice to tell it to him. She's pale in the telling of it, even if that little statement is all she offers.

"Do you want me to be proud of you for doing that, for killing people to survive?" She shakse her head. "I just mean ... why are you telling me this?"
PrestigeAndrei "it means that people do all sorts of things to survive. Some kill to protect themselves. Others do horrible things to stay alive. I've done things that I've not needed to do.. just to complete a mission. I roped you into dangerous behaviors.. with little concern for your saft- why am I saying this? Probably becuase I'm frustrated." He'll look over at the needle in his shoulder then before he snorts. "That would explain why I'm getting angry."

Andrei will take the time to try and relax his body then before he finally offers. "Just it aggravates me sometimes. People like that.. so serious. If you dwell on it.. that shit gets to you. It drags you down. It isn't.. well nevermind.. anyway, you've killed people eh? Must of been really jackasses to piss off someone as cute as you to earn that bullet to the head." Andrei mutters under his breath as he leans forward.