Umbrella Surveillance System
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Desean Desean steps out of the back of a dark SUV, dressed crisply in a black suit and a deep red tie, and not looking terribly comfortable with the ensemble. It's tough to tell if the swagger in his step comes from actual swagger, or simply bad hips. A toothpick bounces across his lips as he clears his throat and gazes up at the looming gates of the chateau.
Emma Emma is not on the grounds. She is outside of it, riding Peachy, her horse. That long red hair is down, swaying around her, and at her side is Shaemus, her massive dog. The galloping of the horse can be heard as she begins to head towards her home. Having seen the SUV come up, and knowing not much for company comes this way, the lass is curious. Shaemus barks, as if announcing their arrival if the sound of hooves did not.
Markus Berger Doctor Berger, who doesn't remotely look like what one would expect from a scientist even during their freetime, has been told that someone would be arriving today although without any specifics. Its the reason why he is heading through the gates of the Chateau from the direction of the grouns.
Desean Desean's only reaction to the approaching hooves and paws, aside from turning his head, is a brief clench of his fist. He swivels subtly back to the gates on Markus' arrival and plucks the toothpick from his mouth to ask, in the very definition of baritone, "Mister Night?"
Emma Pulling upon the reins, Peachy comes to a halt. Emma is a good rider, she grew up riding horses on her families acerage. A hand goes to sweep the long red hair over her shoulder, to keep it in place. With a gentle kick to the horses backside, it begins to slowly walk up to the two men. Shaemus, gives the newcomer a curious look, but mostly he is heading to Markus, barking and jumping about wanting some attention.
Markus Berger The doctor briefly looks between Emma, Shaemus and the new arrival as he gauges his priorities. In the end Shaeamus wins as Markus crouches down to pet the dog. Of course the new arrival also gets a reply and a wry smirk after a moment. "Not really. I'm Doctor Markus Berger. Night isn't around currently and if he is I haven't seen him so far. Now, who are you anyway?"
Desean Desean takes the correction with a barely audible grunt, glancing to Emma to remark, "Guessin' you're Emma, then." Back to the doctor: "Ma bad, man. Desean Butler. On contract with mister Night to do personal p'tection f'yall." His voice comes with the rasp of a pack-a-day smoker, and it's safe to say that the toothpick he's kicking around with his tongue is there in place of a cancer stick for the time being. "Y'all got any other security aroun' I can meet with? Figure out all da protocols an'at."
Emma As it stands, the trio are standing at the gate to the Night Chateau. Markus and Desean are talking. As for Emma, she was out riding, and thus, is sitting on her rather large horse, Peachy (who to note dislikes pretty much everyone but her, so they are all getting as much of an evil eye as a horse can make.) Once near them, her brows lift a touch. This stranger knows who she is? Quickly eyes move to Markus, questioning. Shaemus had moved to sit beside Markus, going to lick his hand. Meanwhile, his master is curiously regarding the newcomer. "Yer - yer who? Ya know who I am?" Her accent is thick, Scottish, but kind and sweet. "Personal security? Like yer a - a bodyguard'n stuff? We need one?"
Markus Berger The doctor just shrugs again as he looks at Emma and then Desean. "You got to ask Night to get an answer to that question. Thats the answer to both your answers by the way since its his place." With that said he immideately goes back to petting Shaemus.
Desean Desean lifts a hand just barely from his hip, toward Emma, in a defensive gesture of absolutely minimal effort. "Jus' got assigned," he replies. "Got names an' a location. Thas' it. Guessin' this Night dude has the details." He slips a little notebook and a pen from his back pocket, asking with the enthusiasm of a bored toll booth operator, "Any enemies? Threats? Been followed?"
Chase Dalton The roar of a high-powered crotch-rocket cuts through the air. Chase soon appears, rolls right on up to the group, hops off of his bike and sets the kickstand. He offers a wave to Emma, and a nod to the others gathered.
Emma Shaemus seems to like the attention. Emma, for her part, is watching, she is quiet - perhaps a little more than normal, and has been keeping to herself more than normal to. Which likely means, spending her time with the animals more than around others. With the questions from Desean eyes are fixed on him a moment, those grey-green orbs showing how tired she seems to be. "Define threats?" Her tone still retains that kind shyness. As Chase pulls up her horse steps back some, simply responding to his arrival. To him, there is a wave, and small smile. "'ello Chase."
Desean Desean turns to the sound of Chase's approach, then glances to Markus and Emma to gauge their reactions, remaining still otherwise. Emma's question brings a simple response: "Shit that wants to kill or kidnap you."
Chase Dalton 'Like yesterday,' Chase thinks to himself, casting a glance to Emma. "Hi Em. Who's your friend?" His gaze shifts to Desean. "I don't think we've met." He offers a hand.
Markus Berger Markus briefly looks towards the noise only to offer a brief not to Chase before Desean gets his attention again. "You will not like the answer. Enemies, Umbrella Corporation. Threats, none right now aside from the former if they get any funny ideas. Followed... not as far as I know and I'm pretty happy about it."
Desean Desean scribbles briskly on his pad and gives Markus a quiet nod while he slips the little book back into his pocket. His hand reemerges to meet Chase's - a catcher's mitt of a hand, laced with callouses and scars from old breaks. "Desean," he offers by way of greeting.
Emma There is a sudden tension when this new guy brings up kidnapping. The hands holding onto the rains, grip tightly to them a second, as if in fear of letting go will repeat the past, even with all the people here. Looking down, the lass sighs a little. It's not been long since she was nearly kidnapped yesterday, not that really anyone was told, outside of Chase, who was there to witness it happen. After a second those grey-green eyes move up, to focus on Desean and Markus. "There be danger 'round every corner." Words are so that they may almost be hard to hear. Looking to Chase there is a small shrug, from the red head that still sits upon her horse. "New -- new bodyguard, it seems."
Chase Dalton Chase shakes the hand, a friendly sort of firm, not like he could crush anything of Desean's either way. "Chase Dalton." He leaves off the 'FBC' bit for now. No clue how folks here would react if they knew his pedigree. "New bodyguard?" His attention returns to Emma. "What happened to the old one?"
Desean Desean barely grunts and barely nods, then pitches his toothpick out into the road and reaches for a pack of cigarettes, stepping off to the side to light one up and slowly take in the surroundings, eyes alert even if his posture is not.
Markus Berger Markus glances over to Chase and frowns slightly. "Heaven of the Seas. Did not survive the local BOWs. It was gruesome." And that is about all the doctor has to say about that. After all, thats something he wouldn't want to be reminded off.
Chase Dalton Ah, yes, the Heaven of the Seas. Good times, that. "Ah. My condolences," Chase responds, offering a dip of his head in respect.
Emma There is a small shake of her head to Chase, then Emma dismounts the large horse in a smooth, easy manner. The red head lands on her feet light, then goes to grab the reins to keep the steed close. "Th -- there wasn't 'nother one. Guess it was felt we needed one." Maybe she does, doesn't mean she'll like it. Looking to the new guard as he smokes, and then Markus the woman bites her lower lip a little. "I - I need ta take Peachy in quick, we could all go in'n talk if yer wantin'." There is a small nod for them to follow, as she goes to head through the gate.
Desean Desean pulls in a quick hiss of air through his flattened nose as he stubs out his cigarette and moves to follow Emma.
Chase Dalton Chase moves to follow as well, leaving his bike out front. He adjusts the position of his small-of-back speed-holstered M9. Not like he's planning to use it, just feels naked without it. Safety's on as well.
Markus Berger The doctor swiftly does follow as well. After all, if he hadn't been told that he was supposed to be out here he wouldn't have left the chateau in the first place anyway.
Desean There's a contradiction to Desean's movements as he follows along. From the shoulders down, he's just lazily swaggering along. But his eyes move quickly, counting each entrance and egress, examining nooks and crannies, clinically studying each room, uninterested in the grandeur of it all -- all business.
Emma Peachy was put back into her stall in the stable, and then the group goes inside the Chateau. It is big and fancy. Emma is used to it now, she never grew up in such a big place either but after many months of living her, it's home. They all head into the living room, it's a nice laid back but cozy place. The lass had made sure some drinks were brought in, along with some baked goods. Some she made. Taking the armchair, the lass sits, resting back. Beside the chair is her guitar, idly a hand moves to move the neck of it out of her way some.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile swiftly sits down on his usuall spot on one of the couches, leaning far back on it as he just sits there and looks at Desean and Emma both. "So... any questions?"
Desean Desean reaches into his jacket for another toothpick, chomping down as he takes up a spot by the door. In reply, he says, "Probly plenty, but we'll get to 'em. Kinda all depends on how close Night wants y'all watched."
Emma Emma is watching the two men as they talk. "How - how long ya been in security?" Asks the lass of Desean, eyes going to fix on him. A servant comes in, and puts a tray of the coffee table, with some drinks and some baked goods. She reaches over to grab a glass of water, since her return from that mission the day before, she hasn't had much of an appetite, along with being a little more withdrawn. "Did Tricell send ya here, too? I am wonderin' how we were deemed ta be needin' bodyguards."
Desean Desean replies to the first bit, in the usual low baritone that carries easily, "'Bout eight years now since I got all certified." And to the next, "Yea, 'sall above board wit' Tricell. They din't tell me why. Job's a job." He straightens up at Archene's entrance, asking, "Mister Night?" The big lad's dressed in a crisp black suit with a deep red tie, well groomed, but subtly uncomfortable in such formal attire.
Silent Night "The answer for that, is very simple Emma." Archene Night comes into the living room in a sharp suit and shades - his usual clothes for when he has been doing something actually business related. Believe it, he works at least once a week! "No one can foresee everything that will happen at all times. Markus already met trouble on his cruise, and given your most recent activities. It is better to be cautious and have someone to be the backup, just in case, you get into an unlikely sticky situation." He smiles at Emma for a few moments, his brow furrow slightly, but not long after he is already addressing Desean, "I saw your files, and I'm glad to see you already became acquainted with both Emma and Markus." Which he clearly calls in a rather friendly, "If there are any questions you wish to ask, feel free to ask them." He smiles lightly.
Desean Desean bobs a brisk nod and slips a little notepad from his back pocket. With a click of a pen, he says, "Well, detailed stuff I can go over with the rest of the team. For now, though, How close a watch you lookin' for? An' what about priorities if Markus and Emma are in different places?"
Emma A slight turn of her head, and Emma is regarding Archene with a lifted brow. Normally, this would get a smirk, however there is a frown, for the red head gets what he is saying, and even if she won't admit it, may actually have a sliver of truth to it. There is a sigh, and a sip of her drink. Whatever 'activity' she was recently on, well, nothing was told. All there was is a girl who looks slightly more like a shell right now. So nodding to Archene again, her own grey-green eyes fix on Desean, curious over what he may ask.
Markus Berger The doctor simply gives a wave to Archene from his place on the couch. "Hey Arch. Guess it was just a matter of time until you drag someone here to keep an eye on us." With that said he quickly goes back to being lazy as he keeps leaning back into the couch.
Silent Night "It almost sounds like I'm trying to spy on you like that." Archene chuckles quietly, "It is just someone to help you two stay safe." He grins slightly at Markus before turning to Desean, "In regards to the distance, unless they are out to do something potentially dangerous, keep them in sight or at least, stay by their current building. In case of private properties they may wish to visit alone, Emma's University or Markus' Labs. No further than that, if they wish to keep you closer, they may contact you." He takes note of Emma's behaivor with a light sigh before saying, "And I hope that neither of you try to ditch him, if possible. Please, make it known if you must stay too far from him, so that there are no false alarms of any kind." He smiles at Emma, then at Markus.
Desean Desean takes in the information with a stiff nod and a scribble on his pad, putting it away after. "Anything you'd like me to wear or carry?" he asks. Indeed, he's entirely unarmed, and though his jacket is big enough to cover his frame, it doesn't seem to be concealing anything. "Not much of a gun guy, but some folks like havin' their guards armed."
Markus Berger The doctor gives a brief shrug as he slowly gets up from the couch. "Sure thing Arche. As for what to carry... I think Arch can provide you with something. I meanwhile will see you all later since I have some paperwork to handle." With that said the doctor quickly leaves, although not without quickly snatching some of the available food and a drink as he does.
Desean Desean gives Markus a quick nod and mentions, "Good meetin' you."
Emma "Aye, I get it Archene." Emma says to him, after looking to her guitar, which is resting against the chair she sits in. "Though, I need'ta say, per - perhaps Markus needs it more, given that he tends ta run into more trouble." Lets forget her recent mission, or the brawl in the bar, or trying to be kidnapped again. "But yer full of good intention, ya'know, so I'll not push." It's making a promise to a friend. Looking to Desean there is a small shake of her head. "Yer likely not needin' weapons, least 'round me. I usually always here or tha hospital or uni."
Silent Night "Just wear a bulletproof vest in the least, and some clothes that won't make you stand out." Archene nods at Desean before nodding at Markus and giving him a wave as he leaves. He looks again at Desean, "In regards to weapons, however, if there is truly a need to use any, I can provide you one from my Armory."He then looks at Emma before smiling lightly at Emma, "Emma, please. Markus haven't gotten into trouble a handful of times since I met him." Well, two of them well very large scale incidents, but no one is counting. He sighs slightly before saying, "But thank you for accepting. He is more in case something unusual happens in the usual places, or you have to go somewhere unusual on a short notice." He smiles softly at her.
Desean Desean takes a moment to assure Emma, "Ain't gonna be in your way any more'n I gotta be. Jus' listen if I start barkin' at ya. Won't do it unless there's good reason." A nod follows Archene's words, and he follows up with, "Aight, las' one for now - Want me stayin' nearby overnights? Or is night watch covered?"
Emma Emma nods a little to Archene, and then looks to Desean. "Gotcha." Says the lass softly. Suddenly the phone in her pocket goes off, it's a text. Her phone is opened to read it, and there is a frown. "Darnit, I need ta call my school mate'n help them with some work, I need ta go, I'll see you both after." So with that, she'd duck out, with Shaemus following behind her.
Desean Desean gives Emma a quiet nod as she goes, returning his attention to Archene after.
Silent Night Archene nods, before looking at Emma way, just saying, "Stay well, Emma."

He then continues, looking at Desean, "Given the distance from the Chateau to nearby establishments, you may stay here on the nights you are required to pay attention to them until unexpectably late. In general, the nights are just in the Chateau, and for something to be done here, they'd need to invade it. And these two don't stay out until too late too often. So little for you to worry about. If, on ocassion, they stay out for the night, you are expected to stick with the one that isn't within the Chateau. In the expectional circunstance that they are both out, in different location, you are to stick with Emma."
Desean Desean listens quietly, faintly nodding, scratching down mental notes to augment the ones in his back pocket. "Understood," he replies at length. With a brief look around and a clearing of his throat, he says, "Think that covers the major stuff. We'll work out details as we go." A meaty, calloused hand emerges from his side for a shake, and he adds in an earnest tone, "'Preciate the work, boss. Anythin' you need beyond what we've gone over, don't hesitate."
Silent Night Archene smiles at the man's earnest words as he shakes his hand firmly - That certainly wasn't the hand of some beauty product model, "That does cover most," He nods before saying, "And if you require anything from equipment to personel backup, contact me or Tricell immediately. I trust you alreayd have both numbers." He smiles before withdrawing his hand, "For now, I must read some reports. If you have any in regards to either of them, please send them to me."
Desean "You go it," replies Desean, tapping the sleek earpiece he's wearing to indicate he's in contact. "Gonna get a lay of the land for now." He adjusts his jacket and starts back toward the entrance, wishing, "Take care."