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Cecily     It's a pleasant enough evening in Paris. Cecily's found her way into one of the shopping districts. She's clad in her usual, though wears a white fox-eared beanie on her head that does make her stand out a bit, and makes her more recognizable. The 'fox' has also thrown a jacket on to keep her from freezing in the cooler autumn weather, though from the looks of the window she's gazing into, she might be shopping for a new one.
Hunni      Lacking a beanie but plus a faded hoodie of bright orange with a white symbol on the back, Hunni walks beside the fox-eared woman with a smile. The asian seems to be in no great hurry as she wordlessly steps up behind the other woman and wraps an arm lazily around her waist. Curious perhaps as to what had caught her eye.
Cecily     Cecily seems to enjoy the warmth of her companion moreso than that of her coat, what with the cool, breezy weather. The window she's gazing through is certainly a far cry from 'high Paris fashion' and looks more suited to the average citizen, especially with the colder months approaching. She snuggles into Hunni's side and smiles, "Just thinking I might want a new jacket... It's cold enough at sea but there's got to be something better for going around town in that isn't our FBC greens..." she nods to some trenchcoat-styled women's wear.
Hunni      "The French seem to bask in the cold," Hunni murmers, shifting a little so she can sling an arm around the taller woman and smile sidelong at her. "I personally could stand a little more sun and tropical weather from time to time...without the tactical gear and immediate threat of death. Just to mix things up." The trenchcoat? It gets an approving nod, she could see herself in that, or Cecily for that matter.
Cecily     "Well it is October..." Cecily replies, hugging the arms around her and smiling. "...if we wanted tropical weather, we'd take leave somewhere else this time of year... perhaps a nice beach in Australia?" she asks playfully. "Or somewhere in South America, even... but work keeps us too close to the cold places for the time being..." she sighs quietly. "Yes, a little less immenent threat of death..." her eyes closing. "Meanwhile all the information I've been trying to hunt down keeps eluding me..."
Hunni      A quiet nod, the asian woman scratches lightly at her cheek. "Vactions just don't seem to work out, do they?" she comments absently. "Not lately anyway. For the city of 'romance' we've done an awful lot of work and not nearly enough romancing." Her flirtation fades however at the other woman's comment, Hunori chewing her bottom lip. "Something will come up," she comments softly. "I'm sure we'll get there."
Cecily     There's a small nod from the 'fox' woman and she turns slowly. "Well, obviously we should do more of the romancing... before we're packed back on the carrier and shipped off to fight Umbrella commandos or terrorists that turn into the walking dead.." Cecily sighs and rests her head on Hunni's shoulder. "Is this the sort of life we've chosen for ourselves? Live through one disaster only to throw ourselves back into it to try and keep more from happening...?"
Hunni      "Maybe," Hunni comments, perhaps a little blunt but certainly honest as she links her fingers with the other woman's own. "We didn't choose Racoon City, but we did choose to stand and fight. Whatever happens now?" Those fingers squeeze. "At least we're together, right?"
Cecily     There's a soft sigh, and a nod. She gives those hands a squeeze, holding tight. "Wouldn't have it any other way. Wouldn't be able to do this without you..." Cecily looks up, opening her eyes and pecking Hunni on the cheek. "...doubt I'd have gotten out of Raccoon City without you, either. ...and to think... we've seen things people wouldn't believe.. and still don't.." she chuckles quietly. "And I wouldn't have dreamed I'd visit Paris. Tokyo took long enough to save up for," she grins, looking a bit happier.
Hunni      "I'd hope," Hunni giggles, standing a little on her toes to bring herself up to height for a proper kiss planted on Cecily's nose. "That Tokyo was worth the effort. I seem to remember you enjoyed that particular firearms might have even got yourself a keepsake of some sort, come to think of it."
Cecily     "Oh yes! I did. More than a couple keepsakes. I was surely on a budget, but.." Cecily sighs, mood perked up a lot more now. "...bits and pieces and custom parts are cheaper than full builds, certainly... integrated all the things into my two favorite firearms, I did.." she chuckles. "My little PDW wouldn't be as lovely without them now, that's for certain," she nods, "Let alone the MG36. It's a good thing we're government agents now..." she says quietly, "I'd hate to have to relinquish my military-grade weaponry for civilian life. Maybe that's one of the reasons I took the job?"
Hunni      A little swat comes, lighthearted but felt none the less on the woman's backside. "I was refering to me," she mock-pouts at the American before shaking her head with a grin and releasing the taller woman's hand to step forwards, continuing their shopping walk. "I mean, the guns were good, but..." she trails off, looking back over her shoulder. "Even if they go into battle with you like I do? They don't have the option of taking you out to dinner."
Cecily     There's a widening of eyes, a squeak, and a blush as the Asian woman gives Cecily a gentle spank. "A-ah..." she trembles, hiding her face against Hunni's shoulder. "...I wouldn't call you a mere keepsake...!" she pouts, closing her eyes. "...a... keepsake is like a trinket you wear around your neck or put on a mantlepiece..." she smiles. "...cute as you'd look bound and hanging from the ceiling..." she teases, toying with Hunni in words instead of action. "No, far more valuable than a souveneir... and far more important to me than something I could lose so easily as a locket or a hairpin or a stack of photos in a cigar box." Then she grins, "...and none of those things have the option of taking me out to dinner, or helping me try on coats, either."
Hunni      Well now, the sniper might have actually blushed there for a minute! Grinning back, she leans up yet again for a kiss, this time taking the woman's cheeks in her hands before she releases her face and looks back towards the window. "Sounds like a plan. Maybe we'll find one similar that fits my height, have ourselves a matching pair...then we can find some obnoxiously romantic restaurant and enjoy our semblance of time off?"
Cecily     The kiss isn't a sudden surprise, but it still makes Cecily's eyes widen nonetheless. Especially the way her face is grasped by the other woman's hands, cradling her cheeks. She sinks into it, arms hugging tight around Hunni's waist even after it breaks. She looks to the window and laughs at the last sentence. "All that would remain is to find you a hat as cute as mine..." she says playfully, nodding to the door of the clothing shop. "A long, warm jacket with a hood, perhaps? Rain is a thing."
Hunni      "If you suggest rabbit ears? I'm going to swat your behind again," Hunni promises, winking over her shoulder as she starts to move into the store properly, kicking off their search for jackets into more then just idle chatter. "I always did think black was my color, or maybe a deep grey."
Cecily     Cecily weighs her options, then takes the bluff, grinning, "So no rabbit ears?" she asks playfully as she follows her wife deeper into the shop, which showcases an array of outerwear. "Grey might be nice.." she suggests, her own hands slipping into her pockets now. "A deep red for me, perhaps? To go with the black I always wear?" she queries, staying close to Hunni. "...though I'd swear I feel a touch of deja vu from saying that.."
Hunni      "I do like red, although I usually reserve it for dresses on myself. Something a little more exotic or fancy." Idle musings shifting to visulizing at Cecily's words, the asian turns to face the other woman. "Well, sounds like we should try a few things on, no? See what suits us best?"
Cecily     The 'fox' grins, "...a red dress for you... or a red... exotic..." she considers, having passed a lingerie shop not too long ago. She taps her chin, then comes back to the present and blinks at Hunni. "Ah, yes, of course. Black and grey for you... black and mmm... deep crimson for me?" Cecily suggests, clasping her hands together. "Though I'm alright with avoiding wool, love... it always smells funny in the rain..." she sighs.