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Chase Dalton It's been almost a month since Chase Dalton, junior agent of the FBC, was attacked by that... that /thing/. He thought the pain in his chest was just soreness from getting smacked around, but it's been bugging him more and more ever since. He's finally resigned himself to checking into the local hospital for a second opinion. Even though he's fine. Really. ...Ow.
Emma Of course, Emma is here. She wears the typical dark teal scrubs, with a stethoscope around her neck. Her long red hair is done up in a braid, which is tossed over her shoulder. The young lass is standing at a nurses station, leaning against it reading over some charts.
Markus Berger Markus Berger is here as well, having planned to actually visit Emma at work for once. He even looks less decked out in black than he usually does, having ditched the jacket and put the shades away for once before heading out. In fact, he is bound to find her any moment now. Maybe.
Chase Dalton "Hi. Checking in?" Chase heads over to the desk, and displays his ID. "Got this pain in my ribs, been going on for a while now. Thought it was nothing, but now.. I'm looking for a second opinion." He ponders lifting his shirt to better indicate the area, but then decides against it. No sense in going Ark of the Covenant on this poor woman.
Emma Emma looks up from her chart when Chase approachs the desk. It's slowly closed, with a small frown. "I'll- I'll help him." Says the lass to the nurse, then looking to Chase again. "Ribs hm? Well, we'll get'cha looked at. Come with me ta tha room an' I'll examin ya." With a hand she motions for him to follow, just catching sight of Markus in the process.
Markus Berger Markus in turn does catch sight of both Emma and Chase and gives a slight wave as he approaches them. "Hello Emma. Bad timing, hmm?"
Chase Dalton Chase nods, and winces as he drops his arms back to his sides. "Alright. Let's get me looked at." He smiles, weakly, and trudges along behind Emma. "So, how long have you worked here?" Anything to keep his mind off of the damn-it-all-to-hell pain in his ribs.
Emma "Well.. maybe ya can help me, if Chase don't mind?" There is a look over her shoulder to him as the door is opened and she motions to a bed for him to sit. "Few months, stilla med student actually."
Markus Berger Markus simply shrugs as he follows along. "Well, I have nothing better to do so I might as well." That being said he hangs back and lets Emma take the lead. Her patient, her problem. Mostly.
Chase Dalton Chase settles onto the bed, nodding in agreement. He takes his shirt off -- hopefully she's wearing protective eyewear, heh -- balls it up and tucks it next to him.
Emma Emma goes to follow Chase, but pauses to look back at Markus. "Aye then, come 'long." There is a nod and smile for him to follow into the room. Turning to Chase a brow lifts, cheeks redden a little as his shirt is off. Clearing her throat she goes to step up to him. "I - I need ta examine ya, so let me know what hurts'n stuff." From there she'd got to examine him, her hands delicate, soft, and warm.
Markus Berger Meanwhile Markus just stands aside at a bit as he watches Emma get to work. Not much else to right about now. For now.
Chase Dalton As Emma examines him, Chase plays the good little soldier, not shying away from her touch; his expression, though, says it all. Tenderness here and there, and-- OW! Yeah, right there. That hurts like a mother. Something is no bueno.
Emma Well, seeing that there is pain Emma steps back and frowns a little, looking from the spot and then up to Chase. "Broken, I'd say. Ya can go by my word, but - but normally we be givin' an xray to ya, which is what I wanna order for ya now, ta confirm that's what it is." Looking to Markus she tilts her head. "Ya - ya doin' okay over there'n all?"
Markus Berger The doctor, not a medical one, simply shrugs a bit. "Sure. Just wanted to visit you, but the timing turned out to be a bit bad. Focus on the fellow there though. Especially since he seems a wee bit familiar. In the negative kind, I think."
Chase Dalton "Go ahead, order whatever tests you feel necessary." Chase shrugs, and settles in for a long wait. "My insurance is good."
Emma Emma eyes Markus, looks at Chase and then back to Markus. "Negative how?" Because, she is curious. Turning to Chase his chart is snatched up. "Gonna order it now." Reaching for the button a nurse is called in, one who arrives right away. The chart is handed to her, the nurse and this lass goes to grab a robe to hand to the patient. "Yer - yer gonna need ta wear this for tha xray."
Markus Berger Emmas question just gets a short smirk as answer as Markus glances over to chase before shrugging and answering properly. "Everytime I see that guy its while I'm heading into trouble... and he is as well. Inherent dangers of his career choice. Doubt I should say much more though, but you know the kind of troubles I tend to get into."
Chase Dalton Chase nods, and quickly changes into the hospital gown, stashing his clothes nearby. "The sooner we can get this diagnosed, the better."
Emma Emma knows very well what messes Markus can get himself into. So there is a second of silence, her grey-green eyes move from him to settle on Chase. "Ya - ya mean Zombies? That is said to both.
Chase Dalton "A little bit of this, and a bit of that." Chase responds, shrugging as he settles in and waits for the X-ray. "I wonder if, this time, I'll glow like a Christmas tree." He ponders, with a grin.
Markus Berger "Hope you don't. If you do then you for sure have a problem. Anyway, Emma. I'll talk with you later once you aren't as busy." With that said Markus swiftly and quietly leaves the room again to go and lurk around nearby.
Emma "So ya have had ta deal with Zombies too huh?" Emma asks Chase this after waving goodbye to Markus. "An' ya - ya won't, not like yer havin' a CT scan."
Chase Dalton Chase nods. "Yeah. Not just zombies. Did some work here and there. Punks wanting to get away scot-free from robberies, domestic violence situations turned for the worse, all kinds of fun. Before that, I was in with the Marines when we rolled into the 'stan back in '01." He makes like he's holding a rifle, dials in the sights, and pops off a few shots.
Emma Knowing there is nothing ther to shoot at, Emma still looks at the invisible targets, mostly because it is bringing back some memories. "I've-- I've had my fair share too." Words are soft, slow. "Outside of zombies, when they came'n all, I was kidnapped too by some gang members. Honestly, I think they werd worse." Looking down to the chart, it's a move that suggests pain, anz quiet unsaid horrors.
Chase Dalton Chase exhales, and settles back, closing his eyes. "Yeah. Zombies don't have brains, humans do. Humans are orders of magnitude worse. I can agree with that." He glances up at the ceiling.
Emma Right then the nurse comes in with a wheelchair. "Looks like yer up." Emma says, as it's time for the xray. "Tha results will be handed over right away, you'll be brought back here then we'll go from there." She won't discuss zombie stuff around the nurse, it seems.
Chase Dalton Chase hops down off of the bed, and settles into the chair. "Let's roll." He points. "Heigh-ho, Silver! Away!" He glances back to the nurse with a grin.
Emma The nurse gives Chase a strange look. Emma laughs. "We'll see - see ya in a few minutes." The nurse shakes her head in an amused way and then goes to push him off towards the xray room. All in all, it'll take a few minuteS. While waiting, Emma goes back to the nurses station to finish some paper work.
Chase Dalton Some time later, Chase returns to the exam room, complete with X-rays which are delivered to Emma. "Here's to hoping it's nothing too serious."
Emma Emma takes the xrays to examine, and speeks with another doctor - Dr. No-nonsense, as he is the advisor. After a few minutes she comes back into the room and looks at Chase. "Broken rib, yer - yer gonna need time ta heal. Now we can wrap her torso if yer perferin' but that's not common practice as much. Mostly, it's rest, no trainin' and pain killers till it heals."
Chase Dalton Chase offers a shrug. "I'm flexible. Wrap away." He responds, glancing between the two medical types. "Whichever one allows me to heal, and gets me back in top form."
Emma "You got then, Carrot Top." Says Dr. No-nonsense, looking at the patient, then Emma, then leaves. He has a grumpy impatient air about him. Going to grab the wrapping she would go motion for Chase to lift his arms so she ca wrap his torso. "Yer gettin' a prescription for pain killers, an' ya gotta not get inta a fight, or push yerself. Doctors orders are to rest, rest, and then rest more." He's given a bit of a smirk.
Chase Dalton Chase nods. "Pain-killers I can do, rest I can do. Easy. Fights... we'll see." He shrugs, as the wrapping begins. He relaxes, and closes his eyes.
Emma Unlike many doctors, Emma's hands are warm and soft, her touch being gentle. It takes a few minutes to wrap, some tape is then placed on it. "'bout a week or two for this. An' 'bout that fightin' ev - ever seen a red head mad? More frightenin' than zombie." Of course, it's a joke. "Yer not gonna heal if yer gettin' inta trouble. We will follow up in - in three weeks, ta make sure of the progress. Yer needin' ta take it easy till then."
Chase Dalton "Copy that," another nod from Chase. "Taking it easy. I can do that." Probably spend some time at the gun range, do some yoga, something like that. Easy. "See you in three weeks."