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James Scott Well the fair was a bust, so James decided he'd invite Emma to the Pantheon. He'd been once or twice, but always alone. Thankfully he seems to have quickly acquired a new pair of Wayfarers to replace those aviators that got crushed. But he doesn't really appear all that dressed up, combat boots, cargo pants, a black Ramones tee-shirt, and a simple gray beanie. It couldn't be more early 00's unless he was wearing a trilby and white skinny jeans.
Emma On her way here to meet James, Emma was listening to her ipod. So engrosed within the music she nearly walked by the building. A last second look saves her, so heading to it she pulls the ear buds out and then turns the music off, tucking it all away in her coat pocket. "'ello James!" Greets the red head, upon seeing him, with a bit of a smile. "Like tha - tha new glasses."e
James Scott "Hey there." James smiles at Emma, hand coming up to offer a lazy wave as she approaches. "You look great." He walks on over to meet her about half way. "Sorry about the way I was acting the other day. I may be just a little overprotective. And jealous. But I like to think that's part of my charm." His smile turns into a teasing grin and he steps in to give her a quick side-hug if allowed. "So, you ready to go?"
Emma "I do?" Emma looks down, shrugs, and looks back up. "Thank'ya." There is bit of laugh to hus apology, with a big smile. "Yer - yer fine, ya act like that ta any guy who even looks my way, gotten used'ta - ta it really." The side hug gets a quick return. "Aye, that I am. Ya know yer way 'round?"
James Scott "Of course you do. You always look beautiful though, so it's nothing new." James looks back over at the grandiose building in front of them. "So I figured I'd like to take you to a place that's almost as stunning as you. I've been here once or twice, this your first time?" When accused he raises his hands in a playful sort of defense. "To be fair, it's not every guy. Just the ones who try to hit on your. Which is a lot. Or grab your butt, in that big guy's case." He never actually caught Buck's name, and apparently isn't aware that he got famous off of his survivor story.
Emma "Yer bein' very flatterin' today." Emma says, eyeing him a little. "I - I've been here before, aye. But I always like comin' here." When he mentions it isn't everyone arms cross with an 'on really?' look. "It's every guy, ones who.. grab'me ass or not. Some don't even flirt'n yer gettin' angry." She sighs a touch. "Buck seemed'ta like ya though."
James Scott "Nah, I don't have a problem with that guy we fought with in Jack's. It just so happens that I don't like a lot of the people we both know." James lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug. "And I'm not trying anything, those were just compliments. I can keep it to the bare minimum if you'd prefer." He tucks his hands down into the spacious pockets of his pants, "He doesn't seem too bad. Other than the fact he likes to kill." James had been around enough killers, so it's not like he wasn't experienced in the area.
Emma Emma laugs and nods. "Okay. Yer welcome ta flatter me, what gurl doesn' like ta be flattered." He is given a grin, but it tapers off a little. "Can I ask ya somethin'?"
James Scott "You can ask me anything." James allows with a nod. His gaze moves back onto Emma's face, waiting for the question.
Emma "Why me?" Her question is simple, and straight forward. "Wh - what is it about me that is so drawin'?"
James Scott "You saved me." James says simply, not missing a beat. "Not just literally, but I'd still be the same person I was if I'd never met you. Hell, I'd probably be worse." His right hand is removed from that pocket, now used to rub at the back of his neck, gaze averted and a blush creeping it's way across his features. "At first it was just how beautiful you are. But then I really got to know you." He finally manages to look Emma in the face again and shoots her a grin, "As if the deal wasn't sweet enough, you have Shaemus too."
Emma Emma looks dumbstruck, she didn't know what was to be said but for some reason that was more than she though. "James I - I just was there, ya saved yerself. By bein' strong." Modest as alwaya, but her cheeks are red.
James Scott "But you were there when I needed it. Thank you." James flashes Emma an honest smile. "So, wanna go check this place out?"