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Buck Rogers A bear there was, a bear, a bear!
all black and brown, and covered with hair.
The bear! The bear!

Oh come they said, oh come to the fair.
The fair? Said he, but I'm a bear!
All black and brown, and covered with hair.

And down the road from here to there.
From here to there!

"A bear, a bear, a bear," Buck hums to himself, looking out over the glittering lights and twirling amusements of the fair, set in the Parisian countryside to celebrate some local harvest festival. He's dressed to kill, sharp-shoed and sharp-tied, peering over the short head of his companion, Isabel, at the rolling green hills and light woods, and the stretching roads that dive into the darkness of the evening. The ground crunches beneath his feet, well-stomped grass, as he wanders along a series of joined tents and carts. The nearest is manned by a man of a most curly moustache and portly disposition, marked by pinstripes and cap, trading French greetings with passerbys and tempting them with the cotton candy slow-spinning in its machine.

"Glad you came with, sweetheart," the big man says, rolling a shoulder. "Been awhile! How's Kristin, anyway? Seemed like you two were havin' fun in those emails."

The sky is filled with winking stars, and the temperature is coolly within comfortable bounds. The teeming fair grounds, rich with rides and games, abound with people.
Isabel A bear... well, no lions and tigers, but the celebratory atmosphere makes up for it, even if Isabel only speaks phrasebook French. She smiles up at Buck, determined not to be the wallflower for once. Especially since walls are in short supply. "Well... we haven't killed each other yet. I'd call that a plus," she replies, knowing that she'll have to deal with the insecure, eternally adversarial hacker at some point later today. "Thanks for inviting me along, Buck. I've been needing to get out of Paris for a while," she adds, more softly, edging closer for a quick hug around his waist. Since she can't reach a lot higher anymore.
Emma A fair! And it's pretty much on the doorstep of where she lives. And Emma could use a day off from shadowing doctors, studying or practicing on cadavers. Her long red hair is left down to sway around her, the Scottish lass absently rubs a freckled cheek, her big grey-green eyes looking around at all the stuff to see. Steps upon that trampled grasa are light, for the woman moves with a dancers grace. Looking over to James - who is walking with her, there is that normal shy smile. "I -- I'm glad ya decided ta come alon'. I'll even buy ya cotton candy." Her tone is soft, but accent thick. Shaemus - her massive dog is hopping around, excitedly. "Oy watch out Archene ya goofy amimal!" A delicate hand goes to grab at Archene's arm and pull him over and out of the way of her dog. "He be - be excited, nearly plowed'cha inta tha drink stand."
James Scott "You don't have to do that. If anything I should treat you." James offers Emma a warm smile. Apparently the eternally grumpy teen has a sunny side. Take it in while you can. "Well, you did ask me to come. No way I'm gonna turn you down." He's dressed pretty much like he is always, a gray beanie, dark aviators, a light jacket, and a pair of carpenter jeans. With the tattoos peeking out he almost looks more like a drug dealer now than he did back when he actually sold drugs.
Buck Rogers "She's a spitfire," Buck says, turning toward the cotton candy man. A row of multicolored lights hangs above the painted rim of the tent, painting the suit-wearing feral in splotches of rainbow and shade. He slams a hand on the counter hard enough to rattle the ground, flashing a wide smile all full'a teeth. "Two of your biggest cotton candies, bud," he declares. The man stares at him, shrinking back, some unspoken instinct to flinch from a beast snapping its jaws flaring up within him. Buck's spine twists, shoulders hunch, and he leans forward, violating the man's personal space.

"E-Excusez-moi?" A tug at his collar, a friendly smile, eyes darting. "Anglais? Ahh, mm..."

Buck's teeth clench and he growls, lifting his arm. The suit squeezes tight around the muscle, every lethal inch framed. One thick finger shoves itself at the cotton candy, then at Buck, then at Isabel. "Deux." It's one of the few French words Buck speaks. A smattering of local money is dumped on the counter. Buck's overpaying, but the intimidated snack broker barely notices, quickly whipping the duo two especially large servings of the sugary clouds. "Here you go, beautiful," Buck says with a smile, turning from the counter and handing Isabel her treat. "C'mon, I haven't been to a fair in ages. Think they got those games where you swing a hammer to test your strength?"

A small child jealously cries, comparing his own cotton candy to Buck's. He doesn't even notice the snot-nosed, overall-wearing brat, the brute stomping toward the path of Emma and her furry companions.
Isabel "Um... thanks?" Isabel says, conjuring up a nervous smile of her own. She remembers Buck as she saw him back in Denver, months ago. If anything, he's gotten worse. "But could you lighten up a little, Buck? You're scaring people, and they don't need to be scared," she requests hopefully, looking up at him.
The cotton candy serving is big enough that she has a little trouble carrying it. She settles for holding it like a torch, high enough to light their way if it glowed. "Merr-see, mess-sur!" she calls back to the candyman, managing a smile.
Up ahead she can see someone with bright red hair and a large dog, accompanied by a fairly big guy (by non-Buck standards). And the face, under the bright locks, looks somewhat familiar once they step a little closer. "I have a funny feeling that I know that woman," she says, frowning in concentration as she cudgels her brain. "I'm sure I do..."
Silent Night Archene seems, a bit distracted with the surroundings, nothing that can be seen from behind his shades. "Sorry, got distracted by the sight. Didn't think they'd get something like this... so close to the Chateau." He doesn't sound sad at all for such fact. His head turns a bit down as he looks at Shameus, whom he attempts to pet briefly after with some sort of smile on his face.
Emma Emma does have a goal, cotton candy. Normally a fairly good eater, sometimes one needs to endulge. And this is her moment. Firstly, eyes fix on James with a soft laugh. "I guess yer - yer tha one maki' tha money between us two. But I'm happy'ta pay." Shaemus gets a pet from Archene, and a look from his master that says 'calm down'. "Yer never escapin' people." Again there is a soft laugh as a reply is given to Archene. While this goes on, they near Buck and Isabel. Shaemus, who is a head of them barks randomly, happily. "Oy now Shaemus be -- be quiet you!" Her tone is good natured, and her eyes fall on the other two who already have their cotton candy, with a hint of possible recognition.
James Scott "I'll just have to invite you over one evening and fire up the smoker then." James decides with a small shrug. "I think that'd be the only fair thing to do. Treat me and I'll have to treat you back." If his grandfather taught him anything, it'd be how to work a grill. His gaze does move over towards Buck and Isabel, but it seems more focused on the former. Just where had he seen that mountain before?
Buck Rogers Buck curls his finger through the wispy edge of his cotton candy--it wraps around him like a lover's hair, soft and smooth, and with almost sensual grace he brings it to his bearded mouth... and rips into it, the illusion shattered, a wolf tearing meat from a pink and blue sheep. As the sugar wets and crunches against his teeth, his thick tongue reducing it to a powdery smudge that bloodies his teeth in the fair's cacophonous lights. "You're welcome, sweetheart," he booms, reaching out to pat her on the head. His touch is heavy, warm, rough. He's as gentle with his hands as his feet are on the ground. "Recognize 'em? Hell, who you mean?" His head turns, eyes narrowed, following the invisible lines the girl's gaze cuts through the crowds and the grounds. There, in the distance, a group--a tall man, a drug dealer (Buck knows it, instantly; years on the force trains instincts), a sweet ass, and--

"Shaemus!" He's a landslide, all lethal momentum and terrible sound, parting the mortals around him like so much chaff; his face brightens, and he swings down to a knee, holding up his cotton candy for the dog's delight. "Aw, who's a good boy? I thought you woulda died! Good boy." His free hand really digs in behind the dog's ears.
Isabel "Shaemus?" Isabel murmurs, blinking as Buck runs off to pet the doggie. But now that they're closer... "Emma?" she asks, seeing the redhead's face now. "Oh, wow... you survived, too?" She hurries to join the newly-formed group, awkwardly holding her cotton candy in one hand and trying to hug the redhead with the other.
Silent Night "I already live peacefully in the countryside Emma. I'm doing close enough for now." Archene chuckles quietly. He looks at Buck... speeding, towards Shaemus. He looks from his to Isabel. A light smile staying on his face as he observes the conversation. It was good that his friend met an old friend, the same can be said about Emma meeting Isabel.
Emma Shaemus lifts his head and spots Buck. Yes he remembers the guy, and bursts into a run to greet him with bouncing and licking and woofing. Ella passes a sideways glance to James. "M - maybe, I do enjoy some good BBQ." And to Archene she smirks a little, but is then hugged and grins, returning it back. "'ello!" Comes to happy greeting. "Yer safe! An' with - with cotton candy, yer will right?" She asks Isabel, and looks briefly to Shaemus and Buck.
James Scott "Of course they survived. If I can help it nobody is getting near them." James doesn't really recognize either of them, despite this he remains calm. Maybe it's all the combat training that's keeping him even. "Too bad people haven't figured that out yet though. You'd be surprised how many asses you have to kick following Emma around. It's almost like nobody has any common sense."
Buck Rogers With a triumphant roar, leonine and fierce, Buck lifts Shaemus up from the ground. He twirls him in the fair's soft glow, dancing beneath the stars, spinning with an unrestrained jubilance. There's Buck, grinning; there's Shaemus, the wind flailing at his gums, the entirety of Buck's cotton candy being sucked into his mouth. They spin like this, the world ignored, existence shrunk to one perfect point--a man and someone else's dog. Two rotations, three, four, five, oh such a good boy, and the drool-covered sugar mound is left on the ground next to the dog, who keeps licking at it. Buck straightens his back, claps his hands on his thighs, and dusts some fur off his suit. "That'a boy," he praises, listening to the feast and the breathing comingling. He musses the dog's hair, and steps toward Emma. There's a bend, his hand grasping at her booty, and with a flex of his arm he scoops her right off the ground like an airplane. "Hello, nurse," he declares. "You got the cutest dog." He stares right down at her, squeezing her against him so she doesn't fall. The others are ignored.
Isabel "There's plenty to share, Emma. If I ate all of this I'd burst my britches," Isabel replies, stifling giggles and hugging Emma a bit tighter. It's been forever, and the redhead had made a good impression on her even if they hadn't known each other long. "How are you? I see you're at the fair with friends..." she adds, looking around at the man with the shades and the guy talking about kicking asses.
And suddenly Emma is snatched up off the ground, Isabel barely seeing the huge shadow looming over herself and the redhead in time to let go! "Buck!" she protests, laughing. "Put the nurse down, huh?"
Emma Shaemus is in heaven. Never before did a person LIFT him up and spin him. At his size, most people aren't crazy enough. Expect Buck. Emma is about to reply to Isabel when... she is lifted off the ground via her butt! Her. Butt! There is no better way to make the shy red head go so furiously red. Swept up she looks down to Buck with a mixture of surprise, shyness and some humour. "Yer - yer bein' an arse! I'm a doctor dammit!" Cheeks are so so SO red. This lass is half unsure on how to react! "Ya - ya able ta put me down? I dun wanna fall."
James Scott James' jaw clenches when Buck picks Emma up by her ass. Let's add him to the list of people without common sense. He reaches behind himself, almost like he's debating grabbing the gun that's tucked away there. But Emma may not like it if he shot that flesh mountain, so he holds his hand this time. This time.
Buck Rogers "You went and graduated nurse school?" Buck grins down at Emma, her smaller body tucked into the crook of his arm. "Congratulations, beautiful. I knew you had it in you-- moment I saw you, I told myself, that girl's gonna do great." At her blush and mention of falling, he adjusts his hold on her, fingers digging into her rump as she's held even firmer against his torso. She's not falling unless his arm is cut off--an earthquake couldn't dislodge that massive limb. His possessiveness is beyond casual, inflicted without any sense of shame or self-consciousness. His other hand rises up and scratches her head like he did the dog. "Good girl. Be proud of yourself." He looks toward James, then Archene, and extends his free hand toward the former. "Any friend'a the doctor is a friend of mine. Name's Buck, and that there's Isabel. You two from Raccoon, too? Don't look local."
Isabel "Buck, you're gonna tear her pants if you keep that up," Isabel says, nudging the big man in the side. "And we're in public." She glances aside to James and Archene, not sure what they're making of this, though she doesn't miss that hint of a reach behind James's back. "He doesn't mean any harm," she says hastily, meaning Buck.
Emma Well, upside, she isn't falling, downside that hand is gripped further into her back end. At this point it's likely that Buck can feel the heat - as in blushing, coming off her face. Clearly the poor, shy lass, is not used to someone so.. forward. "Goin' ta school ta - ta be a -doctor!-" Is her protest, big eyes looking to the others a moment then back to Buck, Shaemus hanging around happily accepting attention. "Ya know, I was - was gonna go get cotton candy. Can ya put me down now so I can get some? Promised James'n Archene some."
James Scott "Well that makes one of us." James' hand moves away from the gun, but there's an unmistakable glow coming from behind those aviators. It's almost like his eyes are glowing. When the hand is offered he takes it in his admittedly smaller one. While he may not be as strong as Buck it's clearly obvious he could crush a skull or otherwise kill a man if he so wished. "Born and raised in Raccoon." So much for happy James. It was good while it lasted.
Buck Rogers "Hell of a grip you've got," Buck compliments, his own crushing to an almost painful degree. There's no trace of sarcasm in how he speaks. "What'd you play in school?" The crowds of the fair mill and move about them, unconcerned with the group--Buck's sheer size draws attention, as does his unusual attire, but for the most part no one cares about the random few. They're too busy playing bumper cars in the distance, or karaoke, or -- ding! -- Buck's eyes twitch to one side, following the sound of a bell. He fuckin' knew it! That test of strength game with the hammer is here. It's out of sight, but somewhere on these grounds..

"Sorry, sweetheart," Buck non-apologizes, giving Emma's rump a final squeeze. He bends down at the hip, knees flexing, to gently ease the poor girl onto her feet. His hand leaves the cushion of her ass and trails upward, resting on the small of her back. "I gave my cotton candy to the good boy," he says, growly voice going a little sing-song at the end, and the tone perks Shaemus' ears and makes the big canine shake his head and trot over. "So I gotta buy another, too. C'mon, my treat. Then we'll go play us some games!" He turns, directing Emma to move with him, comfortable and confident. "Hey, kid, uh -- don't know your name. Grip man. You look like a pretty good shot. Do me a favor, help me win these girls some'a those prizes?" A lean of his head to a few booths down from the cotton candy-- a spindly man overseeing one of those rigged target shot games to win stuffed animals and the like. "Ain't a fair if a pretty girl don't walk off with a bear bigger than her head. Can't do it without ya, I'm a lousy shot."
Silent Night Archene just watches the whole affair, just shaking his head as he, Buck, hugs her. When asked, he replies, "Was working at Raccoon when I met these two." Otherwise the man is pretty much just listenning to the whole conversation as quietly as he comes.
Isabel Isabel steps forward to help Emma steady herself as she regains her feet. "Are you all right?" she asks in a whisper, with a worried glance at Buck. The man's stronger than he knows, she's sure.
She blushes as talk turns to the idea of winning prizes. "Um, Buck, I do need the practice," she says a little sheepishly. "Not that I mind company, but..."
Emma There may not be any way any time soon Emma will not be red. Once on her feet she looks down, shyly, and puts a hand on Isabel's arm, with the offer to steady herself. "Th - thank ya, I'm okay." There is a small smile, a look to Archene and then James and then back to Buck. "Ya - ya dun need'ta do that." Because, why win prizes for her, for them!
James Scott "Archene's the better shot. I prefer to get personal. Like you with that chainsaw." James is finally able to place Buck, he cut through all those lickers. "But I prefer my hands. Especially since I can't walk around with my bat anymore." He hasn't agreed to go along with anything, actually he looks more like he's ready to fight. With the hand shaking out of the way he hooks a thumb inside the front of his jeans, hand resting atop his brass knuckle belt buckle.
Buck Rogers Buck's hand slips from Emma's back, balls into a fist, and slams into his opposite palm in one fluid stroke. The cracking sound of his knuckles and fingers smashing skin flares loud and fades fast. "I knew it!" The fist opens, one finger extended, wagging at James. "I remember you. Baseball kid from the water treatment plant in Raccoon." He's laughing now and reaches over to smack James jovally on the shoulder and upper back a few times, heavy hand lingering. "I remember you. You're a badass; I had my doubts, but when it hit the fan, you stood up like a man. Glad you lived, superstar." A squeeze of his shoulder, and then Buck lets go, walking toward the cotton candy-- and along the way, long arms stretching out on either end to herd Isabel and Emma with him, unless they fuss. "Alright, alright. Another round o' toothaches, and then we'll go shootin', baby girls. Win me a bear. Seriously, my aim sucks."
Isabel "It's nothing," Isabel replies, with a smile for Emma, tinged with sympathy. "I think your outfit's okay, too," she adds, looking the redhead's clothes over quickly. Just in case.
Then that crack of fist into palm draws a faint wince, and she looks up at Buck and James. "So you've fought together?" she asks, looking at the smaller man curiously.
But then she's being herded along, blinking in surprise. "Um, okay? I think we can do that..."
Silent Night "Could always keep an allumium bat on your back and say you are on your way to a baseball game, with some friends." Archene chuckles briefly, "But I'd love to get Emma some prizes. Might as well get one to all of the ladies." He smiles at Buck, at the ladies, he'd smile at James too if that wouldn't make like he always has a smile stuck on his face. He looks at Buck, "Thinking back though, you were the one those things kept focusing on. Made very easy to shoot them down back then. Thank you." He nods quietly.
Emma Emma jumps when Buck slams his fist, but it turns out to be not of anger. Her eyes move to James, with a bit of surprise. Cheeks still red the red head regards Isabel with a grin. "Is - is it now? Wearin' white pants may of been a bad idea." There is a bit of a chuckle, but then their whisked away. "I - I can be a decent shot.."
James Scott As Buck's hand comes down onto Jame's shoulder the teen jerks forward, causing his aviators to fall off and find themselves under the feet of a passing couple. His jaw clenched James straightens up some, his red slitted eyes coming into view. "Well, looks like I can't stay any longer now. About how I figured coming to this thing would turn out."